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RE: Morning Breakfast Club 2014/03/31 07:42:03 (permalink)
Morning Clurks.

Gmade..sorry to hear about your husband. Please tell him Bosco says hey.

tacos el pastor
YUM Where are you guys getting mex now?

Badger..get yee to an WiFi connection and check in.

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RE: Morning Breakfast Club 2014/03/31 09:02:57 (permalink)
Happy Moanday BCers!!

The sun is shining on the mountain.
Temps in 70s expected.

gmadeb, So sorry....((Hugs & Prayers))

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RE: Morning Breakfast Club 2014/03/31 09:13:33 (permalink)
good to see ya back , Deb, sorry to hear of your trails and tribulations.
sucks when life gets in the way of a good time , all the best to Kenny
for this next round of the battle.
stick around , like crunch said we're here for you.[:)]

ah , the last day of March , spitting nuisance every where , silly month
knowing she's on her last legs and refusing to go quietly...[:D][:D][:D]
well I got news for ya, your outta here in , ah......16 hours so do what ya gotta do and be gone.[;)]

there I told her off......[;)]

ya think Badger succumbed to the elements ? or fast tracked it to the sand and surf?[sm=mexi_hat.gif]
he may have had my issues , getting on site was a PITA yesterday....[:@]

having issues with the video so the following pics will have to suffice for now.
these ladies ROCK

not your typical belly dancers huh?
those costumes are lit up in blue neon , hope to get the video
up so you all can experience the piece. truly something to behold......[sm=love.png]

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RE: Morning Breakfast Club 2014/03/31 10:48:42 (permalink)
Good morning y'all. Happy monday. Thanks for all the well wishes, I really appreciate them. Well, it's really strange being at work today. Only myself and one other gal in the entire building. Good thing we like each other. Super depressing not seeing all the familiar faces though. No idea how much longer I'll be here. Need the insurance more than ever now. Kenny is getting a new pain med today for nerve pain, which i hope gives him some relief. He's not sleeping much or eating. I told him the doc said eating and keeping hydrated is the most important thing now to keep him going, but when he's hurting, he doesn't much feel like eating. Maybe Badger got tired of telling us about his wonderful weather every day and is waiting until the sun finally shines in his neck of the woods.
Hey Xel, let's get together for a marg at Tio Pepe some time!
That's it for today.

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RE: Morning Breakfast Club 2014/03/31 11:05:45 (permalink)
Morning all

So sorry to hear of your troubles, Gmadeb. Seems like everyone has been through rough times lately. We are getting to that age, unfortunately.

I thought I had some guys coming this AM to move some dirt.[8|] Hubby dumped a load as close as he could get with his tractor but it has to be hand shoveled in behind the waterfall to build it up to level with the sidewalk behind. Yea, I finally started working on this 3 year (to date) waterfall and pond project again. The pond has been full of water since last year. GF gave me some decent sized fish from her over stocked pond last fall. I believe they grew quite a bit over the winter.
Its supposed to start raining later today with several days of rain expected. I hope all the dirt doesn't slide down into the pond. I might have to go out and start doing what I can to finish the dirt work but I am sore from moving concrete blocks into place.

Hope all is OK with Badger! And the rest of you!
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RE: Morning Breakfast Club 2014/03/31 17:16:52 (permalink)

Very windy today and my car told me it was 80 degrees. Nice! however, when I go to work tomorrow, it will be 34 and windy.

Badger is MIA! [sm=mini terrorise.png]

Twirls be careful girl. You have a vacation coming up.

Have a good week!

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RE: Morning Breakfast Club 2014/04/01 00:54:35 (permalink)
Sorry folks, this thread was getting so big it is slowing down the forum as well as taking up too much space.

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