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Re: Morning Breakfast Club 2019/03/18 13:21:09 (permalink)
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Good morning BCers!
Beautiful day on deck.  High temp of 55F.
The trip to Nashville to was very nice.
Lil doggie was a bit nervous at first.  But when SC was waiting at the end of the drive. 
Cudi was happy to see her girl.   Later in the afternoon, we all went to PetSmart.
SC needed food for the birds.  I needed dog food, cat food and new halter for lil doggie.
This was Cudi's first experience with PetSmart.  Pretty much any store.  She loved it! 
She is usually very scared of anything new.  A pretty young woman met us coming into the store.  Ask if we needed help. 
I told her we needed new halter and leash for Cudi.  She told Cudi,  Oh...sweet baby I've been waiting
to play dress up with someone like you all day!  Off we went to the collar and leash aisle.
Where the pretty lady proceeded to fit Cudi with just the right halter and a new leash. 
Lil doggie was looking cute and she knew it.  LOL  Garnered a lot of attention from customers and staff.
Left the store feeling pretty special.  As we made our way back to the car.  We met a family with a little girl. 
They were speaking Spanish.  The little girl wanted to see the Perro.  SC spoke to them in Spanish. 
Saying it would ok.  The dog is very sweet.  The girl was delighted.  Cudi was delighted. 
It was a love fest for a minute or two. 
The BF had made our dinner the day before.  Left us a delicious chicken pot pie. 
Had a wine sauce in it. Instead of the usual gravy.  Was very good.  Need to get his recipe.   
On Sunday we went to brunch at a fancy restaurant.  Valet parking ...the works. 
We had spicy chicken and waffles.  Plus a carafe' of mimosas.  All yummy!
When I tried to pay the bill.  SC wouldn't let me.  She said Aunt Sandy sent had sent her a visa gift card
and told her to take me someplace really nice for lunch.  Wow!  That was so nice of my little sister. 
Really enjoyed the whole experience. 
After that, it was time to go back to the apartment to gather up the dog, our belongings and drive home. 
Cudi must have been worn out.  She slept the whole way home.  Didn't even ask for a pit stop.
Made it home around 6:30 p.m.  Once home thought it was strange that the cat did not greet us. 
But SJ said he had not seen her since early morning.  As the night went on...I kept whistling for her
every once in a while.  Around midnight...still no cat.  So I started checking rooms with closed doors.   
Found her locked in the downstairs guest room.  Don't know for how long.  Bless her heart. 
She was so hungry and thirsty.  SJ is in trouble!!! 
Maple,  such a fun birthday party of Oriana.  Love the cake! 
MB,  hope you are thawed out by now and have a lovely tan.
Loving the pictures.  Please keep posting.
C&C,  Congrats on booking the return trip to Roatan.  Also on getting a bit of a refund on taxes.  Nice!
BeachBilly,  hope you had a good time and some St. Patty's Day luck at the casino. 
Bernie,  glad you were able to get Andrea's curtain rods installed.  A cold beer on the porch is
always very nice. 
Well better get moving here.  The day is passing fast.  Spent way too much time right off the bat
helping SC fill out NCAA basketball championship brackets for a contest at work.  No money involved...just prizes.
SC knows nothing about it.  Not a fan.  But she knows her mama is a big fan.  She was waving the "help me" flag...
before my first cup of coffee.  So I gave it some thought and best guesses.  We shall see how it goes down. 
Have a great rest of the day everyone!  Hugs   
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Re: Morning Breakfast Club 2019/03/18 18:32:02 (permalink)
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Tatt loves Victoria beer.  I prefer Sol.
Mapes, those grandgirlies are so cute!  They grow up so fast.  Enjoy while they let you.
PJ, sounds like SC has found herself a keeper!  So nice that you can spend time with your daughter...I miss Monica terribly, facetime just isn't the same.   No Kauai trip in the future for this year, as we already had 2 trips booked before we knew about the big move.  Most flights from here are at least $800/each and have 3 layovers.  12-14 hours, ugh!  They do plan on coming home in July though, so that will help.  Her husband still doesn't have a job and she's still waiting for her license to transfer, they've now been there 5 weeks.  They seem to be enjoying their extended "vacation" though, so I guess I shouldn't worry.
Bernie, you work too hard.  My husband doesn't even do all that (although I wish he would)  He's still adjusting from working night shift, 6 nights a week for over 15 now working day shift, Monday-Thursday, 5 am - 5 pm.  He does like having a 3 day weekend every week though.
Twirls, how are your bruises?  I remember how easily you bruise.  I'm so glad you have Chris there to help with things.
Bobski, those were some beautiful photos.  No wonder you love your skiing!
We have a really good friend, who was our favorite waiter here in the Quad Cities, that moved back to Mexico City last year when his 20 year old son was killed in a motorcycle accident there.  We've kept in touch, and he is in Cancun for a month, visiting his brother.  So he is driving down to Akumal while we are there to spend the day with us.  I'm really looking forward to seeing him again, he's a great guy.  Also looking forward to spending time at ABR with 4 Wheeled and his buddies, always a good time with them.  19 days away.
MB, how long are you staying? Your photos are beautiful, I really enjoy them.
Hoping everyone is having a great day.  My daffodils are popping up!
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Re: Morning Breakfr ast Club 2019/03/18 20:05:36 (permalink)
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Good evening.  Another beautiful day here. Set the alarm and did a shorter walk this morning as I needed to be at La Bahia to meet up with Tracy and Buzz.  We had a nice time and compared notes about our many travels and stays in this area.  Got back around 11 and had a BLT, ice tea and some fried potatoes.  Mostly lounged and read on patio and then went pool side around 4-5:30 in the floatie.  Then did another walk about and shower and here we are.
Yesterday was great as well.  Long walk.  Did the res gringas at Que Onda para llevar. 

Then I did another walk about to La Lunita before dinner crowd arrived.  Mojito was great as well as staff and view.

I know I posted this photo earlier when I saw this plant was about to bloom.  Shall be watching for something more spectacular.

PJ, yes thawed out and getting a nice bronze.  What a lovely time in Nashville and Cudi is a cutie.  Thought she was a he.
Bernie, glad the curtain party is over.  No way was I upset about anything you silly guy. Quit messing with me or I will get ****ed.
Gem, thanks for update on daughter In Hawaii.  Don't stress out too much  as we all know what that least I found out.  That is one beautiful reunion with your friend.  Damn near brought me to tears.
MapleSryup,  I've never seen a cake that elaborate.  Edible or picture perfect?   Absolutely loved the pic of Ori with the face painting and her expressive eyes.  That is a keeper and framer.
Hey Cindy.  Great news on tax return and driving Ms. Marilyn.
Tonight's view of sunset over HMB.  MB

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Re: Morning Breakfast Club 2019/03/18 21:23:15 (permalink)
Frank, sounds like you have a little experience at the casinos. 

I go like to listen to the slots when the hit! cheap thrills 
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Re: Morning Breakfr ast Club 2019/03/18 21:29:12 (permalink)
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MB, we’ve gone by Que Onde many times on the golf cart but never stopped there. Maybe will do that with our “Kangaroo” when he visits. We plan on getting him a day pass at ABR, but I also want to take him on the golf cart tour. Is Ahmed still working at La Lunita? We met him many years ago when he was at Pescador, then he moved to Turtle Bay and then to La Lunita. Last year, it was his day off when we stopped. Hope to see him this time.

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Re: Morning Breakfast Club 2019/03/19 05:25:23 (permalink)
Frank, sounds like you have a little experience at the casinos. 

I go like to listen to the slots when the hit! cheap thrills 

Yeah, right!
Good Morning Nail Polishers, it's Twosday.
C&C, refunds are always nice, reminds me that I have to find some time this week to finish my taxes.
MB, love the pix!
Twirls, did Ann ever get her new passport?
Bernie, I was in Walmart yesterday and I saw a bottle of Boom Boom sauce for sale, might have to get some shrimp and try it.
Gem, please tell Ahmed that Pablo & Babs say Hi.
PJ, good luck with the tourney!
We actually got up to the mid 40s yesterday, felt great. Not much snow melting yet.

Wag more....bark less.
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