Introductions please

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Iowa Tom and Ann
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RE: Introductions please 2011/02/26 20:22:59 (permalink)
I can't remember everything you asked but I'll give it a try!

1. Ann and Tom

2. central Iowa

3. We just returned from five wonderful weeks and trip #3. Already looking forward to next year!

4. snorkeling, Xcacel Beach (may have spelled that wrong), the bar in Chetumyl that has fish soup with your beer, the lady who makes sopas in the Pueblo, the Sian Ka'an Eco tour, EVERYTHING

5. Sol and a good margarita

Akumally Molly
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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/01 13:11:46 (permalink)
Joan, Cliff, Cieara and Danika
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
On our way on Thursday for our fourth trip to the Riviera Maya, fifth to Mexico.
My favourite drinks are caipirhina, paloma and a simple g&t. Hubby prefers a really good rum straight up and beer.

Can't wait to get to paradise
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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/06 15:39:45 (permalink)
Been here over a month an missed this thread LOL

-Claude - NockOn
-Originally from Victoriaville, Que now living in Halifax Nova Scotia.
-It will be our first time in Mexico in 5 days.
-Love to Explore and go on Adventures.  Love to Snorkel and when at home I'm an archery nut.
-Like a cold beer and the occasional fancy drink like Daiquiris and Margaritas.

Italy 2005
Gran Bahia Punta Cana 2009
Budapest Hungary 2010
Gran Bahia Coba 2011

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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/06 17:17:35 (permalink)
Tanda50=Tom and Annette.
We live in a coastal town in extreme Northern California.
Making our third trip to Akumal in November this year. We have also been to Puerto Vallarta.
Favorite thing is chilling by the ocean in Akumal with a cold cervesa or whatever somebody has just concocted in the blender.
2nd favorite is sitting in our boat at the lake (inland-out of the fog) with an ice cold cervesa.
I think I already addressed the favorite drink question above.
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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/10 10:48:17 (permalink)
farmer_steve38 here from southern Minnesota. I have not been on this forum for quite some time so I need to reintroduce myself. I'm married, travel alone, 49 years old. March 15-22 will be my sixth trip to the Riv Maya area. I have stayed at the El Cozumel twice, the Occidential Grand,Grand Sirenis and this will be my second trip to the Iberostar Parasio Beach. As far as experiances I really have enjoyed the Xcret park, and the snorkel trips to Planacar reef. Bu ti look forward the most to the &35 massages in Playa! As good as the $150 resort ones!
If anyone is staying at the Iberostar March 15-22 and wouldn't mind meeting a new friend please drop me a note here or at yahoo as farmer_steve38 there too. Here is wishing all of you a great trip!
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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/12 09:24:57 (permalink)
Justinator & wifey Brenda,

Sacramento, CA
1997 Ramons Village, San Pedro, Belize
2005 Playa Del Carmen
2010 Tranquility Bay, Northern Ambergris Caye, Belize
2011 May 2, coming to Akumal
Snorkeling, exploring the area
Rum punch and strawberry daquiris
Of course cerveza!
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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/17 11:10:42 (permalink)

Screen name UTpowhnd and soon if the site lets me in, catsmeow.esy. We live In Utah.
Have been to Akumal twice 2009, 2010 and Cozumel three times 2009 x2 and 2010x1. I wish we knew when we were coming back. We Love to dive. Our favorite drink is "The akumalic" at the La Buena Vida Club

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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/20 10:57:20 (permalink)
Time to introduce myself :

Born and raised Bluenoser living in Nova Scotia Canada

Screen Name Jim/Carrie after me-Jim and my wife-Carrie

Our 2nd time to the Mayan Riviera is fast approaching

We plan on visiting the ruins and absorb the culture in the towns as well as snorkel, maybe scuba

Margaritas on the rocks for me but Carrie likes whatever Jose (her favorite bartender) makes for her

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you have been taking
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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/28 15:39:27 (permalink)
1. Saintrem
2. San Francisco
3. Visited Cancun/Cozumel a few times on cruises, including shore excursions. Going for my first land-based trip in two days.
4. Snorkeling
5. XX Ambar
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RE: Introductions please 2011/03/30 08:38:02 (permalink)
   Long time lurker and now finally a member, Live in the Midwest and been to the Roo 5 times now, glad to be a part of this fabulous community[:D]
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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/01 14:58:22 (permalink)
Brand newbie to the LocoGringo site: !
To get involved, I thought to include my highlights as per this intro request~

1. Ken (login name -- Ke11y)
2. Bethlehem, PA usa (by way of New Jersey 20 yrs)
3. Been to area 10 times--from Cancun to Tulum --Akumal the best
4. Love the Cenotes, Snorkeling, Beach Bars & Chillin on Beach
5. Dos XX & Margaritas

Thanks everyone--PS.. starting to plan my trip for 1st week in July !!
Love it !!

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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/14 21:08:13 (permalink)
Long time lurker.......not sure why I haven't joined before.
Trip # 6 to the Barcelo coming up this June! YAY!! We are a group of family and husband, myself, our grown kids (sorta grown), our good friends and their sorta grown kids.
We are from Tennessee......just outside of Memphis
Last year was our first time to Akumal and we loved it!! We had lunch at Lol ha which has the perfect palm tree in front of it.....
My fav thing to do is sit on the beach.....under a palm tree.......drinking anything with mango and rum
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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/15 14:05:37 (permalink)

just joined, we are marc and Nelda, from Slave lake Alberta Canada and yes we still have snow.

We were in akumal last February and it was awsome.

favorite pass time snorkling reading sunning drinking eating, not specificly in that order we tend to mix it up a bit.

We have been to
riviera maya 4 x and now planning for two more akumal visits some time in the 12 months.

Awsome place, looking at long term stay in the future.
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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/19 12:56:23 (permalink)
Welcome Akumalation!  You will find lots of nice folks and handy info!  Enjoy!
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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/19 19:14:54 (permalink)
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
4th trip 5/2/2011
Any activity on the beach!
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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/20 18:21:57 (permalink)
Welcome Nate! You are going to get the chance to meet many, many Lg'ers down for the AASB! Looking forward to meeting you


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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/21 11:49:03 (permalink)
victoria,bc Canada
our first time to the Yucatan was in 2004 & have being back a number of times
snorkeling , exploring new places, meeting new people along the way
we have being to other places like the Dominican Republic, Antigua, australia, hawaii,
but we always come back to the Yucatan
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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/21 15:35:32 (permalink)
Hello all!

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello from sunny southwestern Ontario.

Great site - love the webcam!
Morning Dive
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RE: Introductions please 2011/04/26 15:31:06 (permalink)
buenos dias..hello..hola from BC Canada

I like snorkeling, diving, fishing, Canucks hockey, motorcycles
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RE: Introductions please 2011/05/21 15:57:15 (permalink)
Danbury, CT
4 times to Mexico( Riviera Maya)
1st time to Akumal
Anything cold on a hot day


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RE: Introductions please 2011/06/01 17:34:12 (permalink)

Momita & Greg from Glasgow

can not wait for their first visit to Mexico

Just another 5 days and here we are Mexico
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RE: Introductions please 2011/06/02 11:23:57 (permalink)

Amara and Dave (AmaraHappy)
Pacific Grove, CA
Mexico 7 times, Akumal, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, La Paz, Bucerias, Puerto Vallarta
Margaritas and Pina Coladas

We've gotten so much good information from this forum since 2008. The forum lead me to ABR. We stayed at ABR in May 2008 just after the fire. It was one of the most amazing trips we've experienced.
We just returned from our first trip to the Grand Palladium, and we're looking forward to going back in October.

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RE: Introductions please 2011/06/02 13:29:52 (permalink)
Ahhh, just saw this... I like to do everything backwards apparently...[:D]

Janet, will be travelling with my teen boy, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and after the winter/spring we've had, I NEED sunshine and sand!! Have never been to Akumal. Traveled all over Mexico as a kid with my parents, but as an adult have only been to Mazatlan and PV. Favorite area activity... easy... anything outside, in or out of the water, as long as the sun is shining :)

Vacation drink... anything cold, wet and with alcohol! lol
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RE: Introductions please 2011/06/06 11:24:39 (permalink)
Hello all, hopefully I am posting this right!

I originally joined LG when I was planning a vaca back in May 2006.  Based on the advice of this board, I ended up at ABR on my first vaca with my boyfriend, and we had the best time!  Now we are getting married (in a few days!!) and I just booked our honeymoon...a return trip to ABR for a week in December, we can't wait to get back, and into that water! 

1. Shawna, Delite540
2. RI, USA
3. 1 trip May 2006, going back to ABR in December 2011
4. snorkeling and Mayan ruins
5. anything fruity, or anything with Rum...bonus points for fruity rum drinks!!!
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RE: Introductions please 2011/06/15 09:49:45 (permalink)
Mocha2 (We had a chocolate lab named Mocha, she was our baby.)
Fort Worth, TX
We have been to Mexico 11 or 12 times. We usually stay in PDC, but last year took a day trip to Akumal and this year we are staying in a condo in HMB
Laying on the beach
Margaritas. [;)]
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