2019/05/06 11:37:22

Adios Mis Amigos!

I posted this on facebook last week, but I wanted to post here for those who do not use Fb.
After my father died last year, I took the time to reflect on my own life. I knew changes needed to be made. I have lived half of my life in the Riviera Maya, so the decision was not easy to leave Loco Gringo, but necessary.
Oh rest assured it is business as usual at LG, Katie and the crew are are still there with passion and dedication to continue the legacy and with a new manager, making it their own. I have been so blessed to work with amazing people over the years.
I could have never imagined what LG would become to so many and the friendships that were created from a little website started back in 1996. 
I write this with a heavy heart. 
It has been a great journey, thanks to all of you.  
Now, on to the next adventure, vaya con Dios. 

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Seems like the end of an era Kay, but I hope your new adventures are wonderful.
2019/05/06 12:29:23
Kay you will be missed, here is a little blessing for you
May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. 
Cheers   Greg
2019/05/08 09:32:08
Thank you Greg that was beautiful. 🙏🏼
2019/05/08 17:14:50
old Irish blessing. Good Luck we love the ROO.  Greg 
2019/05/08 20:18:26
All the best on your next adventure, Kay. LG is an amazing place to meet people and learn about new places to visit. Thanks for your time and love of Akumal.
I love this picture (a few years ago) of a gaggle of LGs.

2019/05/09 06:43:59
Best of luck on all your new adventures! And Thank You for all the travel, new friends and fun that we have experienced since first logging on to a little site called Loco Gringo many years ago!
2019/05/09 07:41:05
Thank you, Kay, for everything!  We stumbled across LocoGringo in 2005 and it reignited our passion for Mexico.  Ever since, LG has been an invaluable source of information in preparation for our yearly returns and has also help to create many friendships that have continued for over a decade.  Good luck with your future endeavors!
2019/05/10 09:23:01
el gran chico
Best wishes, Kay!
LG was key for us changing from AI people to condo stay people and all the associated adventures.   We booked our first non-AI trip with LG about a decade and a half ago and ever since the RM has been our "go to" place in the sun.
2019/05/10 12:21:53
Kay, thanks for your help over the years, hoping the future brings you much happiness and contentment.
2019/05/10 16:15:32
Hi Kay,
A few years ago we had been scammed by a VRBO property, lost our money, had plane tickets ready to go, etc., etc.  I will never forget how I wrote to you; and you had us set up in a beautiful, affordable condo within an hour or so.  You had said something like, "Girlfriend, don't you worry about a thing.  Just get down here as planned and have a relaxing vacation."  It was definitely one of our best experiences.  Thank You.  Just wanted to say that it really meant a lot to me.
2019/05/10 19:31:06
Oh, Kay
You will be so missed, and yet, we all wish you well.  Sometimes life turns a corner and where it takes us we could never have imagined.  It was because of this website, and all the amazing people you attracted that helped us find our paradise.  Thank you for all the advice, and help over the years.  
Teri A
2019/05/12 06:23:06
Thank you Kay for your many years of joy LG has given us all. Follow your passion and enjoy what awaits you.
2019/05/12 07:33:12
Hi Kaye, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done over the years.  I love this site and your podcast.  You are an inspiration to the rest of us.  Take care and all the best in your travels.
2019/05/14 08:51:02
Craig in WI
I'll never forget what a wonderful friend and resource you've been over the years.  Change is hard, but growth doesn't happen without change.  May your travels be as easy and smooth as you've made them for all of us.  Vaya con Dios, mi amiga.
2019/05/30 19:15:46
 I popped in to see the forum, thank you for all the kind words.    

I have been so touched by all the wonderful comments on the impact that LG has had on your lives, the friends we have made, and the discoveries people have made while vacationing in the Riviera Maya.   Truly it is wonderful to know a company can do such good. 
I just finished a program on Small Island Development regarding tourism, and am studying Social Impact at UPenn.   I am even administrating a new private forum for sustainable island tourism with members from around the world.  So I am keeping myself busy.    
Although Akumal is in my rear view mirror right now, I do not know where I will end up.  I am in the process of selling the house here in Houston, and where I will go from there remains to be seen.  
My very best to you, and you can always catch me on facebook. 
Lots of love.
2019/06/13 14:33:28

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