2019/03/25 16:07:05
Isla Nut

Farmer's Market??

I saw a video on you tube that said there is a farmers market downtown Akumal on Wednesdays & Saturdays. Is this still true? Can anyone give us an idea as to where and what time exactly it is? Also, do any of you have a favorite grocery store over the others? We're staying on 1/2 Moon, but will visit the other side & town.

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The Farmer's Market is on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  It's right by El Publito Grocery Story and the basketball court.  Unless it's changed.  We were last there in June.  I'm sure there are several that can answer this correctly.
2019/03/25 18:29:36
el gran chico
You are correct Gem.  BTW, it is not big.   It's pretty much a guy with a few tables but the produce is terrific as is the price.
"what time exactly it is?"
Not sure there's any official time but I'd estimate he's set up by 8am and leaves when he's felt he's sold enough (say, a little after noon).
"do any of you have a favorite grocery store over the others?"
Chedraui in Puerto Aventuras.   About 10 minutes north from 307/Akumal access road.   Good selection.   Pretty good prices.  Long store hours.  Quick/easy to get in and out of.   We get everything else besides fruit and tables here.
"downtown Akumal"
Quite a juxtaposition! ;-)
Just to be clear the market is in the arch area.  Some people might think "downtown" is the pueblo (across the highway).
2019/03/26 14:27:21
Bret and Yvonne
There are also a couple of stands on the second block median in the pueblo. I’ve found they have a little more selection and are open days that the other is closed.
2019/03/26 20:47:27
Isla Nut
Thanks guys! That's so helpful. I can't believe we're actually going! Starting to get real! 
2019/03/27 13:45:42

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