2019/03/08 10:37:05

Fishing Charter-Rick's?

Hola Loco Gingos!
We've been going to the Riviera Maya area for around 20 years but haven't taken a fishing excursion yet. I'm actually looking for a little more information on Captain Rick's in Puerto Adventuras.  In my initial research last year when we came down we had planned to go with them because they combined fishing and snorkeling but we ran out of time so I thought I would book in advance this year to lock it in.  I decided after I reserved a boat to look into a few other options in case there was something better or different and discovered there was some drama with Captain Ricks regarding the Federales and impounding their boats at some point but that has since seemingly been rectified. This and some other significant issues obviously caused some bad reviews on TA (which I'm not a fan of but it has its uses on occasion) and their responses seemed rather deflective and cryptic so now I have reservations about my reservation :-P. I also found it odd that my "deposit" to hold our reservation was the full cost of the charter.  Anyone here have some insight or background?  I searched the forums here already and any content on this business is pretty dated. 
I wouldn't worry so much but we are bringing some friends down new to the area AND this is to celebrate my son's 16th birthday so I'd like it to be a nice event without issue.  
Thanks in advance

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The "deposit" being the full cost of the charter sure doesn't seem right.  We were never charged that back in the day when we used to do the charters.
2019/03/08 12:18:35
I have not been in touch with Capt Ricks in a while, and payment in full seems a bit much.  Our concierge may be able to help locate another charter for you if you want.  I knew the original Capt Rick, sure do miss him. 
2019/03/08 15:00:59
 I knew the original Capt Rick, sure do miss him. 

I was wondering if Captain Rick was still involved.  All of the review responses come from someone named Glenna. I'm asking them about the deposit so I'll see what kind of response I get. Thanks for the offer Kay, I'll let you know. 
2019/03/08 15:37:58
Vancouver Sundog
I have been to PA a few times in the last few months and am part of the PA Facebook page.
There are  a lot of issues in PA with the gate entrance and Captain Ricks (all his boats have have closed tape/signs) - more political / not federal
Use the local Akumal fishing boats or other PA boats - NOT  Captain Ricks
2019/03/22 22:13:19

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