2019/02/11 11:53:34

HI-golf carts

Posted this on the Isla section as well-
Anyone rent a golf cart on Isla recently?  How much for 24 hours?  Were you happy with the price?  cart?  Service?  Websites don't seem to be real "price list" friendly.

headin' south again soon!
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Rented 3 times - Last time was Thanksgiving '18.  They will
try and sign you up on the ferry, also guys will try and sell
to you once off ferry.  Or you can get off ferry cross the street
and there is a place right there.  They hold either your credit
card or driver ID - Can't remember.  In Akumal I know it's like
$35 - $40 day. Isla I think is maybe $60 or $70 per day depending
if you want the 4 seater with all seats facing forward or the 2 back
seats facing to the rear of the cart. As I recall not much of a price
difference [if any] if you reserve up front or just walk in.  I'd make
sure to rent before 11:00am  - otherwise they will run out of rentals.
2019/02/11 13:25:56
Thanks!  We've been debating on a golf cart, or just use the taxi's to get around when we need to.  They are very reasonable too!
Speaking of the island, anyone been to the Soggy Peso lately?  Is it open to the public?  I recall a sign a couple years ago or so, saying that it was closed to the public except for certain hours or something to that effect.
2019/02/14 06:53:57

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