2019/01/22 15:05:43
Bret and Yvonne

Laundry or laundry service

Is there a laundry in Akumal or PA?

Next trip not planned yet 
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There used to a laundry service by the arches - you would drop laundry off there and they would take it over to the pueblo. Now I THINK you have to take it to the pueblo. Maybe is VSD is watching this thread he can answer the question for us!
2019/01/25 10:01:42
I think barata might be talking about Mulgrew's lavanderia which was next to El Pueblito, the small store across from the Chomak. That has been gone for some time now, pretty sure there is one over in the pueblo.
2019/01/25 16:24:44
there is a couple of laundrys . One as you go up the hill by Tequilaville and one across the street .
2019/01/26 08:55:00
Vancouver Sundog
correct. One a few doors up from Tequilaville.
Two across the road
2019/01/26 11:01:07
Just back, we took our laundry to the first place you come to, on the left just passed the overpass. They did a great job. I was worried cause John took a really nice shirt in. I've had bad things happen in Mexican laundries but everything was fine.
2019/02/11 10:20:33
Bret and Yvonne
Thanks everyone!! we ended up just bring it all home. Maybe next time.
2019/02/13 19:23:55

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