2018/11/09 10:46:58
Beach Bernie

Who will be at ABR May 2019 ?

Anyone else be hanging around May 4th to May 9th ?  Hope to see a few LG folks then.

Weekend at Bernie's
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We will just miss you Bernie! Our dates are May 17th-26th. 
2018/11/09 14:22:13
Shoot, we leave on May 4th.
2018/11/09 14:53:32
Beach Bernie
Well bummer, D at C. Long time no see you on the forums. Maybe I can plan this better another time. Ha !
 Come on, Nipper. You can talk hubby into more diving time,si ?  Sorry I'll miss you guys. 
2018/11/09 16:18:42
we are there from April 6 - 14 and again from Oct 27 - November 7   hope to see some of your there!
2018/11/09 18:13:05
Beach Bernie
Hi Gem. Will be good to see you again. Been a long time. Who will be tagging along ?
2018/11/10 08:08:01
We're there May 3rd to 11th. See you there Uncle Bernie!!!!
2018/11/23 23:12:36
Beach Bernie
Hi Beachey !  Looking forward to seeing you again.
2018/11/28 09:41:45
el gran chico
March 12 to 19, 2019 for us.
2018/12/04 14:16:42
Vancouver Sundog
Will be in the area for April and May - see you all there
2018/12/07 07:56:02
Beach Bernie
Hi El G.C.  Sorry I will miss your time in March.
 I am told there will be a large group of LG'ers staying at ABR in May but I am not on Facebook to see the names.  Maybe Big Serg will stop by this forum to advise.
2018/12/07 09:45:23
Beach Bernie
Now that's the way to cover all your bases, Van Dog.  Way to go Glen & Deb. See you two next year !
2018/12/07 09:47:04
Beach Bernie
Bump to get this back.
Who else ?
2019/01/14 07:25:09
Vancouver Sundog
Tammi started a Facebook Event - what I found
Tammi& Garnet (and half the East coast in Canada):  ABBWR from Apr 24-May 4
Debra and Glen: ABBWR: May 7-9 / HMB for May 9-19th
Treanna/Family: ABBWR: May 3-11
Annie/Fin: ABBWR: May 3-11
Bimmie and Adrianne: May 6- 13: HMB
Beachie and Laurie: ABBWR May 3-11
Mark&Donna: ??
Donna and Ron: ABBWR Apr 24-May 4 
RC and Serg: ABBWR: May 4-11
Deb and Rick K.: ABBWR: May 1-11??
John Strong: ABBWR Apr 24-May 4 
Sandra Sampson: ?
Bernie Beach: ABBWR May 4-9
D@C:]D@C: ABBWR: May 17-26
2019/01/15 10:39:10
Add [link=mailto:Dennis@Cindy,]Dennis & Cindy[/link]:  [link=mailto:Steve@Carol,]Steve & Carol[/link]:  [link=mailto:Mike@Laura,]Mike & Laura[/link]:  [link=mailto:Ryan@Stacy]Ryan & Stacy[/link]: ABBRW May 17-26 
2019/01/21 00:06:51
Noodle Lady
 Hi - Just rediscovered this site.  David and I will be in Akumal forever so hope to see you guys in May or whenever.  We bought a condo and sold our house in California and have been here since July.  So please let me know if any of you guys would like to meet up at Lol Ha for a drink.  
2019/01/21 19:50:16
Vancouver Sundog
welcome back - hope to see you around town - we are here for most of the winter
2019/01/23 10:59:36
Beach Bernie
Hi Noodle Lady.  Many of the LGer's that are at ABR will walk over to Lo Ha for happy hour during their stay. Maybe someone that has a lap top and can shoot you a note. I won't have one. Look for the little yellow or white LG coolers. Would be great to see ya. Bernie
2019/01/30 07:37:15
Vancouver Sundog
time to do a get together at Jungle Fish as well
2019/02/23 09:34:27
Bob in Milw
Vancouver Sundog
time to do a get together at Jungle Fish as well

Here are 3 get togethers to pick from, or do all three like I plan to.
May 8th at Jungle Fish for Ralph's B-day will be around noon.
May 9th at Pescador to eat the fresh fish "WE WILL CATCH" from the fishing derby around noon also.
May 10th for happy hour at LBV 5pm.
Peace, Bimmy
2019/03/14 13:57:59
Vancouver Sundog
Nipper - perhaps some of you ABBWR people can come visit us in Puerto Morelos
2019/03/14 18:26:02
Vancouver Sundog
People are arriving 
2019/05/04 22:01:38
and we just left yesterday! Enjoy!
2019/05/05 10:07:04
Anybody  at ABR the last week of Oct ???
2019/09/22 08:20:51
Mayan Boar
Not at ABR, but October 22 thru 30 in Norte Akumal.  MB
2019/09/22 19:53:18

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