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Access to Akumal Bay

Hello everyone!  It's been a really long time since I've logged on and posted here.  My family is now living in Akumal pueblo for the next few months.  So if anyone has any questions about pueblo life, feel free to ask away 
So, you will likely quickly gather that since my family is staying in the pueblo, we're on a limited budget.  So, the Akumal that we were used to when coming here on vacation years ago is a little bit different world than what we once knew.  All of that being said, we've observed that getting onto Akumal Bay is WAY different than it used to be.  Once you pass through the arch, there are huge shipping containers lining the path in front of Mexicarte on the right where the dirt road leads to Lol Ha.  The only way to get to Lol Ha, Mexicarte or the Dive Center (if on foot) is to walk through the lobby of Hotel Akumal Caribe.  All foot traffic is funneled down to the road (heading toward Half Moon Bay) and is directed to enter through the "puerta principal" where it is a $100 MXN entrance fee for anyone that does not have a local ID.
Is this really the only way to "legally" get onto Akumal Bay?  Do we really have to pay every time that we want to go spend the day on the beach with our kids?
I understand that this is totally catered to all of the people that are bussed-in for tours and I'm sure that the money is being used to protect the turtles.  This really wouldn't be a big deal if we were just here for a week (and we were able to budget accordingly), but it just sucks that we are kind of caught in between because we are living here but not actually residents.
If anybody has any useful advice, it would be greatly appreciated!  We just want to be able to ride our bikes over and spend some time on the beach without having to pay $15 bucks every time :)
Thank You!  

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Well. I'd sure like to know also since we will be there in 2 more weeks.  But for now, can you tell me where you take your laundry?  I heard there are 2 places in the pueblo, but that is according to old information on Trip Advisor.  Is Naty's chicken still in the pueblo and are there other places we should try?  We love Tequilaville so that is already on our list.  Is there a good place to shop there besides going to OXXO or Super Chomak?  We'll be in a condo on HMB so we'd like to get some affordable groceries. 
2018/10/22 21:51:33
That is the only way unless you are buying food drinks at Lol Ha and then you can enter that way without a fee.
Not convinced that money is going to help the turtles, but that is what they say at least.
2018/10/23 06:34:13
el gran chico
" ...  entrance fee for anyone that does not have a local ID"
There was talk when this started there would be an exemption for certain groups such as people on longterm stays.   Since I am not one of those I sort of lost track of where that went (if anywhere?!).
"  ... huge shipping containers lining the path in front of Mexicarte"
I was hoping this would be something of a stopgap solution and something a little more in character for the area would be the permanent solution.  Sounds like the shipping containers will be there for the foreseeable future.  
2018/10/23 14:19:07
Mayan Boar
9KrazyCats, as far as the groceries are concerned, I would suggest you stop on your way south on 307 at Chedraui across from Puerto Aventuras on the way (right side of highway).  Good selection overall and easy on and off access to Akumal. 
Input on beach access pretty much summed up by others and no change that I know of.  Just returned from Akumal on October 13th.  Hope you have an enjoyable trip.  MB
2018/10/23 17:51:31
Thanks MB.  We may do that.  We use USA Transfers and usually just want to hurry up and get to the condo, but we'll see.  We never rent a car and always bike or walk that is why I wondered if there was something in the Pueblo that we could bike to for something different than Chomak has.  
Crunch, I think last time we went to Akumal in 2015 we also had to say we were going to Lol Ha to eat and then we were able to go down the path.  Not sure what shipping containers are going to look like.  I'm thinking big massive ugly things. :) 
2018/10/23 21:07:51
I had heard that some of the HMB condos would have access bracelets for their guests, but have not gotten that confirmed by anybody.
All the fences and stuff are butt ugly, but I am still looking forward to going.
2018/10/24 06:36:46
Those Containers ARE Butt Ugly.  We take a transfer down - something
like Cancun Valet maybe ?  and includes 1 stop [for approx. 1 hr.] which
we use for Chedraui [like mentioned before] then travel straight to Playa
Caribe.  Either walking or renting a golf cart from Augustin  - You tell
security dude your going to Lol Ha . Then just go to the beach  - Works
every time - Actually a few times we actually DO sit on the outside deck
porch at Lol Ha and have breakfast [The Best!]  When we drive the golf
cart we take that back road next to Super Chomak - then don't really need
to chat to anyone.
2018/10/25 13:22:19
Dollar, I am not familiar with the back road by Chomak, but I am familiar with Lol Ha breakfast. YUM!  
2018/10/26 20:50:44
Bret and Yvonne
Double post.
2018/10/27 08:37:05
Thanks Bret!  Nice map of it.  Also shows the Akumal Trail I've been looking at.  We'd like to walk it this trip. 
2018/10/27 13:33:50
el gran chico
Not sure what shipping containers are going to look like.  I'm thinking big massive ugly things. :)

You are correct (sadly)

2018/10/29 07:56:33
oh wow...that is awful and really takes away from the charm and beauty of Akumal. Thanks for posting the picture.  Now I won't be shocked when we get there. 
2018/10/29 23:13:01
You still will be LOL.  Seeing in its entirety is still shocking.  Once you get beyond the arch area to HMB though all is good. And in the evenings town is still great.
2018/10/30 06:34:33
I will be down is Dec on HMB and see what my condo says about a free pass for Akumal Bay. I will check in here when i get settled and ask the question.
2018/10/30 17:43:12
Yeah...you are right Crunch.  I'll still be saying.."what the heck!"  We'll be there Sunday late afternoon so I'll find out then. 
2018/10/30 21:44:15
Such a drag.
2018/10/31 17:47:05
The Mexicarte side of the shipping containers is not any prettier.  They attempted to pretty them up by putting posters of area attractions, but, it just looks like you left a beautiful resort town and walked right into a dump.  A nicer looking substitute can't be that difficult to make happen.  We are trying to pull a travel group of family and friends together to visit Akumal, staying at ABBWR, sometime next December, but, I honestly don't know if I want to bring them into town. I go on and on about how beautiful that special place is, and how welcoming the people are, how safe I feel there, but, that wall of shipping containers contradicts everything I have told them.  How can I convince them that Akumal is a safe and wonderful place and then try to explain why this wonderful place and the welcoming people feel the need to have that eye sore.  It's clear they are there to maintain security, so, if it's so safe, why would they need that?  I just hope something changes before next year.
On a side note, if I owned Mexicarte or Buddha Gardens I would be bent.  You have to know they are there, really know they are there, or you would never think to walk through the HAC office to find them.  
2018/11/01 04:14:34
In the past when staying on HMB, we get up early and go to snorkel Akumal Bay around 7 AM before tours get there.  Is the gate only open/manned at certain hours?  Is there a fee box or a live person taking money?
2018/11/03 13:39:44
We were there in June and, yes, we we're still shocked by the shipping containers even though we knew they were going to be there.  The "We're going to LolHa!" pitch at the Caribe reception desk worked everytime... never paid the entrance fee.  Of course, most of the time, that wasn't a incorrect statement?!  We also walked in through the rear of the Dive Shop several times with no issue... we did dive with them early in the trip so I guess they recognized us after that.
I do hope the powers that be come to their senses and do something about the containers.  But on the complete opposite end of the spectrum... what Taverna has done to the area directly across from the containers is simply awesome!!
But considering we're heading back in June... I suppose the fees, containers, tour groups and bouys aren't all that bad. 
2018/11/14 13:59:27
I'm not sure why people have suddenly become enamoured of shipping containers.  I've seen them used in our town as storage and they are butt ugly.  I've even seen discussions of building houses out of them.  From what I've read, it actually more expensive to make a shipping container look pleasant than it is to just build from scratch, and of course changing them requires a welder, while a wooden building even a non-carpenter like myself can do at least some work on it.
It's really sad that a beautiful location is being uglified because someone wants to use shipping containers.
2018/11/16 13:56:54
It is muy triste. However, still loving it. The razor wire on top is quite the touch.
2018/11/16 17:40:18
hey texasdan, is there a panadaria in the pueblo?
2018/12/09 10:07:56
the shipping container is now covered by a stylish bamboo fence. will get a pic tomorrow.
2018/12/10 14:27:55
No bracelets for free entrance either if you are staying on HMB.  We rode the bikes to the back street and told them we were going to Lol Ha and went for breakfast and a walk down the beach.  Only went that one time in 2 weeks.  Didn't want to bother with it. If it wasn't all blocked off we would have shopped at Mexicarte and ate at LolHa more often.  Plus the people (tour operators) hanging out around the area were really pushy.  I will still go back again though.  The things we did and places we went were still worth the small inconveniences. 
2018/12/12 23:23:59

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