2018/09/18 09:46:29

Snorkel groups?

I was just out on the Akumal Dive Center web page. It states that no commercial snorkel groups are allowed in Akumal bay. Is this true?
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Pretty much... when is the last time you were in Akumal?  A lot has changed.
2018/09/19 05:12:36
We were at the bungalows last March, right when they put up the barricades - exciting night.  At that time a few snorkel groups were still coming in, and the dive ship was still doing snorkel tours.
2018/09/20 11:30:40
We were in Akumal 9/1-9/7 & didn't see any snorkel groups...
2018/09/20 14:31:14

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