2018/08/02 08:52:20

RIP SolMan

Andy Anderson, otherwise known as SolMan passed away yesterday in Akumal Bay.  It is suspected he had a heart attack.
Andy has been an avid fan of LG since the late 1990's and recent writer for LG.  
Andy was married to Maggie the Cat here on the forum, her real name is Katherine.  We extend our condolences to Katherine and all of Andy's friends and family. 
RIP SolMan

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Thanks for letting us know, Kay. He was one of the good guys. So sad. Big hugs to Kat.
2018/08/02 14:56:31
SolMan for many years was the tropical weather expert here on LG. I know that myself and many, many others relied on his expertise, especially while on vacation in the area.  We'll miss you, Andy.
2018/08/02 15:55:50
So sad. I read that in one of the Tulum papers on FB but they didn't give a name. Rest in peace Andy. My condolences to his wife and family.
2018/08/02 18:21:55
Such a nice guy and he and Kat were so happy together.  Such a sad thing to happen.
2018/08/03 06:42:02
Oh no. Terrible news. RIP Andy. Condolences to family and friends.
2018/08/03 21:17:57
OMG...what a shocker!  RIP Solman. I always enjoyed his posts.  
Condolences to Katherine and his family. 
2018/08/03 22:10:16
What a shock! Solman has been a valuable an well respected member of the forum since 2006. Every time there was a storm on the horizon people would log onto the forum and check out Andy's excellent insight and weather knowledge for the latest information. He will be greatly missed by all of us. Andy was extremely happy for the last few years of his life having met the love of his life in Maggie (Kat) whom he had known through the forum for 12 years, and they were finally married in Akumal this year. He loved people and would do anything to help anyone. It appears that when he passed away, he was doing what he loved, snorkeling with others in Akumal Bay.
Rest in Peace Andy. Kat, you have my deepest condolences. May the memories of the happy times you shared bring you smiles forever until you meet again.
2018/08/04 01:03:58
water baby
This is really sad news! I always knew I could count on SolMan's knowledge about the storms in and around Akumal. His posts will be missed by those who only knew him from the forums for sure. Condolences to his wife and family.
2018/08/06 10:18:48
Such a shock and sad news for everyone!
Maggie, especially you, and all of the family are in my thoughts and prayers.
 Hugs from the LG "Old timers".
Jerry aka La Luz.
2018/08/06 15:30:41
Sad to read this SolMan was an outstanding guy.
2018/08/06 20:50:33
Farewell Solman, I will miss our yearly discussions about the weather, and won't be able to think of hurricanes or tropical storms without always wondering what your thoughts are.  I guess if there is any consolation to him passing, at least he was where he wanted to be, doing what he loved.  Prayers go out to Kat for peace and comfort.  
2018/08/06 22:47:33
My thoughts and prayers are with Katherine and his family.  While I never had the honour of knowing him face to face, his posts on the forum were always informative and I could tell he was a great guy.  I can't imagine what Katherine is going through, but I hope she can get through her sadness and be able to remember the happy times.
2018/08/10 06:53:49
I put this on the BC a few days ago, but the news about Andy made me very heartsick and so very sad for Kat. 
I was fortunate enough to meet both of them in April, when I went on my trip with Holly. I am so happy for the time I was able to spend with them, and the times we were together I could see what happy newlyweds they were. I even had a bit of a conversation with Andy at Casa Cenote, and he told me that Kat was the best thing that ever happened to him.
2018/08/10 14:30:07
Lovely post Catalina.
2018/08/10 18:02:40
My condoléance to all is fammily, It has been many year that i come to check LG what Solman was telling about forcast a few days before our trip to Riviera Maya, what a shook . We are going next week and will have a tought for you.
2018/08/11 03:08:22
RIP SolMan! Andy, you will be surely missed!
Also, Maggie, Kath and I are sorry for your loss. Hugs!
2018/08/14 08:52:18

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