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Airport Meetup Question

Long long time lurker, first time posting and have an airport meetup question. Friend is arriving Terminal 2 on domestic flight from Guadalajara (originating USA). We arrive Terminal 3 and will need to pass through immigration and customs, and based on past experience it could take 30 minutes - 2 hours. Our flights arrive within 15 minutes of each other. Where should we meet? This is our friend's first time to travel internationally. Mapchick airport map doesn't show domestic arrival information but assume T2 baggage claim is on east end of terminal. We're picking up rental car and driving to Uxmal so not possible to meet at hotel. Considering having her stay put at T2 and having rental shuttle take us there to pick her up. But she should have plenty of time to meet us at T3 if she can get past the fence. Anyone have ideas or suggestions? We also need to determine missed/delayed flight contingency plans.
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At terminal 2 Mapchick suggests The Meetup Place. She could stay there and you could, as you said, have your shuttle driver take you there. It is on the Terminal 2: Immigration and Customs part of Mapchicks arrivals map. http://www.mapchick.com/arrival.pdf looks like a convenient place to me. Where are you staying at Uxmal? It's in my favorite top three ruins, the other two being Calakmul and Palenque. Also everybody should grit their teeth and see Chichen Itza at least once. I don't put it in my top three because of the crowds and the vendors.
2017/07/19 12:21:48
Mayan Boar
Hi Whale.  Check out the Yucatan Times.  Just posted article on getting rid of vendors and hawkers at Chichen Itza. Been a very long time since I have been there and that was non-existent at that time. I agreement with your assessment on favorites.  My top 3 as well.  MB
2017/07/19 17:43:20
Thank you! We have a reservation at Hotel Uxmal Resort. Wanted to stay at Firefly but closed for maintenance for our dates, and Pickled Onion doesn't have AC as far as I can determine on their website. Do you have other lodging suggestions?

Really looking forward to Uxmal and Ruta Puuc. We've been to CI, Ek Balaam, Tulum, Coba and Muyil on previous trips.
2017/07/19 20:38:43
Th only place we have stayed at Uxmal is The Lodge at Uxmal. It's a little more expensive than the other places nearby but entirely worth it in my opinion. When you pay so much to get there it's nice to be able to walk out of your room and walk about 200 feet to the main gate at Uxmal. And the grounds, pool, bar and restaurant are immaculate. 
On the other hand, Hotel Uxmal is only a mile and a quarter away and you will have a car for that short trip. The Puuc route is great and don't miss Loltun caves at the Eastern end of the Puuc route. Also if you have time, maybe on the way down, I highly recommend a stop at Sotuta de Peon. It's not a Mayan Ruin but is a still working Hacienda that processes sisal. If you are there on a weekday you get to watch the entire process from harvesting the sisal agave to baling it up and making rope out of it. We enjoyed the tour so much we took our friends back a year later. 
One of my great memories from the Puuc route was that when we were trying to go from Labna to Grutas Loltun we got lost in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road. I decided to ask for help even with my extremely limited Spanish. The first person we saw was an older Mexican gentleman walking down the road leading a donkey. He looked like a picture from National Geographic, all white peasant clothes, big, but torn, sombrero and sandals. I figured that maybe we could communicate with hand signals if my Spanish was not sufficient, so I said "Donde Esta las Grutas Loltun".  I was beyond amazed when he replied in perfect, unaccented English, "Go down this road to the stop sign, take a left and then go about three miles to the curve, go right till you come to the main road then go left and you will see them". I thanked him profusely and drove on, still in too much amazement to ask him where he learned such good English. You never know!!!  
2017/07/20 01:43:01

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