2017/04/06 10:47:27

Kudos and thanks for the Beach Cam Adjustment

Thanks for the maintenance that was done on the Lol Ha beach webcam.  The image is so clear and I kinda like the adjusted view angle as well.  The water is always nice to see but seeing along the beach all the way to the point is really cool.  Brings back fond memories.

I'd much rather have sand in my shorts than snow in my shoes.
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Id say it is a lot clearer. I just thought it was hazy weather down there. Lol   Thanks !!
2017/04/06 12:20:33
wow.....Look at that Saragassum coming back!!
View is much more clear now!!
2017/04/06 15:27:01
One thing that I have noticed is that you can no longer see the current temp on the beach cam. I always appreciated that as it helped me to know just what the temps were at any given time period. I wonder why they took that off.
2017/04/12 13:23:41
We had to send our cameras to the USA for servicing, and so we were on our backup. And we had to put in a new housing...  As for the temp thing... we need see, it was not intentional to remove it, but its a software thing. 
2017/04/12 14:52:13
Wish the Tulum cam were as clean as Akumal's.
2017/04/22 13:12:42
el gran chico
Akumal cam seems like it has a dirty lens again. :-(
2017/04/30 13:36:30
Yes, either it has been cloudy in Akumal for the last 3 days or the camera needs to be cleaned again.
2017/04/30 14:56:12
Mayan Boar
Thanks LG for cleaning up the web cam in Akumal so we can enjoy all the LG'ers visiting at this time.  MB  
2017/05/01 17:41:11
Thanks so much, it is ever so much better
2017/05/02 15:31:44
Mayan Boar
Hola Jkirk.  Great photo shoots today at web cam. Hopefully you caught them and can post for others to enjoy.
2017/05/03 20:21:50
el gran chico
Yikes!   Looks like the webcam has gone down today. 
2018/04/25 13:19:18
It's working now for me Gran Chico, but was offline or something early am.
2018/04/25 16:17:32
There have been internet problems so yeah the cam drops out every now and again. 
2018/05/07 15:45:13

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