2017/03/13 13:40:11

With Great Sadness/Tortuga Tom

Our dear Tortuga Tom has lost his battle with cancer. 
 May he forever swim with the tortugas.  Be at peace my friend.  


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Rest in peace Tortuga Tom. The turtles are eternally grateful for your help
Feb 28, 2007

2017/03/13 13:55:09
Rebeccas and my heart are truly breaking.......we were blessed to meet such
a fine man as were all he touched ......RIP ,buddy ......
2017/03/13 13:58:39
So very sorry that Tortuga Tom has passed.     
He was great man with a great passion for the turtles and for his family.
He will be greatly missed here in LocoGringo forums.  
Praying for his family and friends as they mourn his passing.    
2017/03/13 14:05:39
Our condolences go out to Maggie and the rest of Tom's family. Rest in peace, Tom.
2017/03/13 15:17:36
Dear Tom,
Thank you for sharing your turtle/conservation with me, your lessons were so valuable. Thank also for sharing your family with me to whom I wish peace and comfort to....especially Maggie.

Remember we met on the beach, I had just finished a dive and my phone rang...it was my brother telling me my nephew had just been born. I cried like a baby, kinda just like now.

RIP my dear friend.....we'll watch the turtles for you! Just keep providing the guidance, promise?

From Mexico,
2017/03/13 15:25:49
2017/03/13 15:25:55
2017/03/13 15:25:56
2017/03/13 16:03:28
Mayan Boar
Prayers and condolences sent to Tom's wife and family.  Truly sorry for your loss.  
2017/03/13 16:10:17
Man, what a difficult day. Love you, brother. Until we meet again...
2017/03/13 21:04:24
RIP Tom.  You were a good man.
2017/03/13 21:28:47
Still so sad. I met Tom in person, my last trip in 2014, waiting for our laundry to arrive from the Pueblo. We became fast friends and on our Whaleshark Adventure, we were partners. What a nut. Maggie, if you ever need anything, call me or PM me. I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless you for fighting so hard right along with Tom. You are a Saint.
Mucho ❤and hugs
2017/03/14 06:06:57
Speechless, just speechless. I had a great deal of respect for TT. I never met him in person, but in his posts, you could read that he was real. 

Hugs to Maggie and her family.
2017/03/14 06:14:10
So saddened to hear this and wishing comfort and strength for his family.
2017/03/14 06:46:29
From the Feb 2007 LG party on the beach - familiar faces

2017/03/14 08:13:22
I am so sorry 
2017/03/14 08:18:53
Sorry to hear Tom has lost his battle. Our condolences go out to his family, the LG family
and to the turtles of Akumal.
You are already missed!
2017/03/14 08:19:06
Never had the opportunity to meet Tom and Maggie, but as Uphill said, reading his posts, you could tell he was a true gentleman. Thanks for all you've done for the turtles, Sir. You will be missed!
2017/03/14 08:29:19
Tom's Obituary
We will all miss you Tom.  Our condolences to Maggie and the rest of Tom's family
2017/03/14 19:41:07
Prayers to all. Such a sad day.
2017/03/14 20:34:50
What a fantastic obituary. Not often that reading one brings a smile to my face.
2017/03/15 07:03:57
El Mandito

2017/03/25 09:33:03
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Sea Turtle Conservancy, https://conserveturtles.o...e-or-memorial-donation or St Jude's Children's Hospital,  262 Danny Thomas Pl, Memphis, TN 38105
Right to the end, taking care of people and turtles.  
2017/04/28 20:03:29
I have been away from the boards too long and just came across this.  So sorry to hear this.  I did not ever get the chance to meet Tom.  I just saw the Gringos on the Webcam today holding the Tortuga Tom sign.  Now I know why.  Hope everyone there is having a great time and remembering him fondly. 
2017/05/03 13:58:35
Some webcam shots courtesy of jkirk




2017/05/19 10:25:22
RIP Tortuga Tom!  See you somewhere in the universe.  Maybe swim with our favorite Loggerhead, Green, or Hawksbill!  Adios man!  Damn, damn, damn!
Peace and Love,
2017/07/23 20:25:14
It's been ages since I visited LocoGringo. I came here to find something else and just read this post. I had no idea Tom was ill and can't believe he passed away. I will always remember the good times spent on this forum with Tom and all of the other "Loco's"
RIP Tom and hopefully you and Terri have run into each other in Tortuga Heaven.
2017/08/06 14:23:56
I am so terribly sad to read this!  :( I haven't been on here in ages, so had no idea he was ill.  Rest in peace.  
2017/09/14 17:18:02
It's been ages since I've been here. So sad to hear this.
2018/01/03 17:20:40
Tom was a good guy that I was proud to call him a friend. We have chatted online and on the telephone with one another. He was always a very positive person with deep convictions in always trying to make this world a better place. He is missed but never forgotten. He should always be thought of when anyone says LocoGringo, Mexico, Turtles, Conservation, Akumal, etc.
2018/11/14 21:38:56
So true Laz.
2018/11/15 17:51:28
Toes in the sand
Thank you all, finding this still here and pinned to the top made my day. I still can't believe we just passed the 2 year mark. It's wonderful to know the people Tom thought so much of thought so much of him as well. We made the greatest friends through Loco Gringo. God bless you all.
2019/04/06 10:36:52
Maggie! So nice to have you stop by. I still miss him and think of him and remember some of the shenanigans we got into. Wish you would check in on the Breakfast Club so we can catch up.
2019/04/07 08:13:29

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