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Car rental experiences, what's yours?

Hey everyone.  We have always loved Easy Way for car rentals. But I wanted to know what your experiences have been with other smaller rental car services.  We love to support the smaller local business. 

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Hi Kay,
Isis (PDC) is great.  Edgar who is related to the lady who runs the Isis on Cozumel is just as honest and trustworthy as she is.
They deliver to the airport/condos etc.......
2016/05/03 12:23:27
We have used America Car Rental four times now and have had good experiences. Their prices include everything (except tire & glass and roadside assistance, if you want it). We usually end up paying about $220-230 for a week. Professional and relatively quick pick-up from the airport and minimal time with paperwork at their office. Even quicker when returning the car.
2016/05/03 15:16:28
We try to come to Akumal 3 or 4 times a year and have used several companies... Nothing comes close to the personal service you get from Edgar... From dropping off the car at our condo, (with a full tank of gas).. answering questions right away when we had them... and picking the car up... When he says he is going to be there at a certain time he is... He goes above and beyond for his customers.
2016/05/03 19:47:37
Akumal Addict
We have booked with Edgar for our trip in August!  He has been fantastic, so without any hesitation, I would definitely use Edgar with Rentadora Isis Playa!!  We re renting 2 cars for 3 days, and they will deliver to our villa and pick up our rentals!
2016/05/05 13:03:08
We love www.cancunrentacar.com (aka American, Caribbean).  We have used them many times without issue. They pick us up at the airport and take us to their office to get our car.  They are always there, always on time.  I especially like that all of the insurance you need is included in the price, they offer a 0 deductible and give you a tourist card to use in the event you get pulled over. They will pay for the first 2 tickets.  
2016/05/05 15:28:08
el gran chico
We've rented 8 times.
Alamo once - first time and didn't repeat.  Car had seen better days.   Tried to get us to do a time share presentation while we waited for our car.
Easyway 5 times - generally good experiences.  Didn't like that the cars never had a plate on them (temporary sticker on the back window instead).  Paperwork often was long (often seemed like they were surprised I actually showed up for my reservation).   
America once - maybe we got them on bad days (or maybe CivicDriver above got them on a good day?!) but both the pickup and dropoff at the airport took FOREVER.   Paperwork took a long time too.   Tried to get us to do a time share presentation while we waited for our car.  The car itself was great.
Isis 1 time (this year) - the new reigning champion in our books.   Agree with the posters above dealing with Edgar.   We met his greeter at exactly the place outside the airport he gave us, who then directed us to where Edgar had the car and the paperwork mostly completed (just needed to sign/initial a couple of places, inspect the condition of the car, run the credit card through, get us a card to get out of short term parking).  We were southbound on 307 in about 5 minutes (no exaggeration!).   Similar experience on return.
Haven't tried Avant personally but I hear from others it was similar to our experience with Isis.
2016/05/06 12:16:48
We used Avant in April when we were there. The service was excellent. The car pick up and drop off were at the airport. They do not have an airport building but they have a driver meet you. The process was very simple and convenient. I did a lot of price shopping and with all insurances they were the cheapest at the time. I communicate with Maribel Morales via phone but mostly via email. The response time was very prompt. I would use them again. I had used American the year before but the shuttle to their facility ate up a lot of time both ways.
2016/05/06 15:10:03
Good thread. Nice to read what is available for future reference.  We've never rented a car there.  Generally just bike, walk, taxi,  or colectivo everywhere with USA Transfers to and from Airport to Akumal.  
2016/05/07 19:27:05
santa rosa arturo
i just returned after 11 days around Tulum...Rented as always from Easy Way (8th trip) - this trip, the car sucked....Drivers Rear view mirror barely had a reflection in it,   no horn,  horrible suspension, realized after leaving the lot........the other couple renting a home with us also got a Easyway car, and it was leaking tranny fluid alot.   They were able to get a replacement.  I Called from rental house and was told no replacements for my car..  
Took car back at end of rental, asked for small concession because we almost got into 2 wrecks due to no horn, and was told maybe next time i could get a discount.   I told them NO MORE NEXT TIME....Jesus was always a gentleman and good about things like this, maybe someone should have a talk with counter reps.
If you are going to rent with them,  CHECK HORN, MIRRORS, EVERYTHING BEFORE LEAVING THEIR LOT...they lost a good paying customer with a crappy attitude for their beaten up cars.
2016/05/09 14:12:09
We are thinking about renting a car for our fall trip. This would be a first for us. But, we pay almost $130-$150 for RT transport to the are, seems like the freedom of a rental car would be great! Thanks for this thread. How do I go about booking a rental car reservation?
2016/05/14 11:50:30
Hi RU, good to see you, it's been a while. To rent a car all you need to do is go to one of their websites and reserve through the website. They will contact you once you make the initial inquiry. As far as who to use just pick one from the reviews on LG. We started out with Easyway years ago but had to stop using them. Then tried a couple of the airport agencies, Hertz and Avis, they are very expensive but you do usually get newer cars. Then we started using American/Cancun/Caribbean (all the same agency). Cars were OK but usually had a few miles on them, usually 30-40K but a couple of times much less and about the same price as Easyway. Never had a problem with them once I convinced the timeshare guy in their office that I wasn't interested. I think next time I go down I might give Isis in PDC a try. I haven't seen any bad reviews on him and it looks like he will bend over backwards to keep your business, and Crunch and Tomas like him a lot. What better recommendation can you get? Only other recommendation I can give you is to purchase all the liability insurance they will sell you (particularly liability) so ask how much that will add when you contact them. You don't want to have an accident down there without adequate liability coverage.
You will love the freedom having a rental car will give you to get out and explore more of the area. Have a great trip.   
2016/05/14 14:03:16
el gran chico
To rent a car all you need to do is go to one of their websites and reserve through the website

Has LocoGringo ever considered adding car booking to its accommodation booking business?  
2016/05/15 14:39:10
WE religiously used EasyWay many times in the past and had good experiences.  However, our past two times with them, were far from good.  The cars were terrible, the staff was rude, and they attempted to rip us off each time.  The last thing is the biggest offense.  Since then we have tried American and Avant.  Both were great experiences, with Avant being my favorite so far.  We were able to pick-up and drop-off the car right at the airport.  Such a huge time saver.  In fact, we had a change of heart minutes before leaving for the airport on our last trip.  We decided to stay 3 more nights.  WE called Avant and they said no problem, except that they needed that particular car.  They had us leave the keys in the car and they swapped it with another all while we played at the beach.  And they gave us a nicer car for the three days at the same rate.  I will use them again in the future.
2016/05/18 10:59:46
I had an excellent experience with Avant also. New Jeep Patriot for 15 days. Drove as far south as Chetumal over towards Calakmul and beach roads around Mahahual and Bacalar. I never trust any of the agencies to remember your itinerary for Arr and Dep so I make sure to remind them at least a few hours or more before we meet up. They were waiting at airport both on ARR and Dep. Paperwork was fast  and checkout even faster. I feel like the other rental companies are doing YOU a favor and not giving the customer service we expect. Sounds like Isis has been pretty good.  Will definitely use Avant again.
2016/05/22 08:38:53
Vancouver Sundog
I have used America for all my rentals except for Cozumel, mostly for quality of the vehicle, cost (get a quote in pesos and save much over the others that ONLY quote US$), multiple dropoffs (ISIS and Avant want 25-30$ + for dropoff in Akumal) 
I do ask the others  (ISIS, Avant, Easyway) for quotes but they are always more - ISIS is  30+% more 
While I have never had timeshare sales  pressure in the America office, I have had delays in the pickup so take a cell phone and call them (not perfect but I save 150$ plus so I will bear this pain)
Dropoff at the America office is very easy and quick
As their office is just past the airport, it saved me a fine/bribe from  a motorcycle cop who tried to scam me  after the  airport overpass  (I said no airport - going to Cancun - I will take the ticket - he waved me on)
2016/05/25 19:59:44
Always and still using Easyway.  Always VIP service.  I've never had a bad car.  I have had them replace a car mid trip due to expired tags but it was painless. I've never had a bad experience with them.  I've also never reserved on line.  Always by phone and email my details.  I also tip well for good service anywhere, anytime.
2016/05/31 11:03:40
Snce there are a couple of threads on this issue,thought I would post on both (sorry admin)
Anyone had any experience with Europcar ? https://www.europcar.com/location/mexico/cancun
As I mention earlier,we rented fro Easyway for many years but went with Avant last year and were very happy. Our traveling companions have been looking and found Europcar and the rate on their website is WAY to good to be true. $178 for a VW Vento for 3 weeks? Can't find what it includes or does not include. Looks like you have to reserve before you get a REAL rate.
2016/08/19 12:05:00
Looks like you have to reserve before you get a REAL rate.

I'm sorry, but that right there is what I call a "red flag". And that rate is not total. No way is it the whole amount, but I think you know that. You just need to find out about taxes and insurance.
2016/08/19 12:41:16
Thanks Tomas.  They will not give me a written quote for ALL INSURANCES. They direct me to their page for "recommended" extras. I assume this is for our 3 week period,but not specific. Hundreds of complaints at consumer aware.com. They do tell you that they run your CC for $1000.00 US and tear it up when you return if no damage.
$243 for additional driver
$681 for collision
$217 for windshield,lites and tires
$463 for liability
$ 54 fro roadside assitance
I'm going to run like hell back to Avant. Plus you can't beat the airport pick up and drop off offered from Isis and Avant,especially if you have an early departing flight.
2016/08/19 16:48:28
As I read this I still will use Easyway but only by phone reservation.  Once I have talked to someone I know,  from then I communicate by email and ask for personal confirmation as to my arrival.    Yes, they have new people coming onboard.  No, it hasn't been real easy a couple times but I've still had better rates and service than every post I read and the only difference I see, is possibly the personal tipping leading to a long lasting relationship.  Ask BEACH BERNIE.  He will say the same.
I personally don't care who you use.  I'm only posting my experience, and I could elaborate with several above and beyond excellent experiences, but I've probably told them all before.  $$ spread around even in small amounts and personal THANK YOU's and personal interest makes everyone's day...ANYWHERE.
I understand its OUR VACATION but it's their EVERYDAY is Ground Hog Day.
2016/08/20 02:14:52
I have rented from both easyway and cancun car rental, which i believe goes by several other names.
Neither one has ever tried any funny business at the counter, like i have heard sometimes happens with some brand name companies,  but with both ew and cccr,  sometimes I get a nice car, and sometimes a hunk of junk. 
2016/08/25 18:33:39
This will be our 6th year coming to Akumal.  We used EasyWay our first 3 trips with successively deteriorating results.  Cars were always substandard older models and were usually missing something important we asked for (radio, A/C).  We also weren't much for the extra time it took to shuttle away from the airport and the lengthy paperwork at the desk.  Having never been to Mexico before we chalked it up to 'maybe this is just how it is down here'.
 Decided to switch to Avant 3 years ago and it's such a different experience.  Cars are always new, clean, and have all the stuff we ask for.  They meet you with your car right at the airport and help you with your bags; friendly and speak pretty good English ;-).  Paperwork is very fast.  We are sticking with Avant for our 2017 trip.
2016/08/26 09:53:05
Another Avant fan. We have rented from them the last 4 trips and have had GREAT service. Always friendly prompt service. Very nice cars and you take care of the paperwork right at the airport. Cant say enough good things about them. See you in a couple of months.
2016/08/26 18:02:25
Mayan Boar
We used Thrifty for years and developed a relationship with them for a 4 week stay every March.  If we didn't like the auto, they asked us which one?  Always brand new, perhaps 8,000 kilometers and great tires, spare, clean inside and out, everything in working order and  never any problems at all.  They also provide additional insurance when your cross into other states such as Campeche, et al as we often did during our many long travels throughout Mexico.  I really think it gets down to a personal experience, the cost and the vehicle you are driving.  Just my opinion.....MB  
(If anyone is interested in more detail about insurance and cost PM me.  Can't remember off the top of my head, but always keep records of past trips.)
2016/08/26 18:52:05

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