2015/11/15 12:13:28

AT&T customers - Great news for your Mexico Vacation

Beginning November 13th, AT&T will begin supplying free roaming in Mexico plus 1GB of data to use while you are there. No more expensive phone calls or fooling with unlocked phones, Mexican sim cards, etc. YEE HA!!!!!
Here's the announcement.

"Don't listen to what they say. Go see." ~ Chinese proverb
"When you see, you will know" ~ Old Thurman proverb

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Whale, you are just flat awesome. Crunch just read this to me from her kindle and I just now jumped to the computer and added this to our plan just in time for our trip to Akumal on Thursday. It was easily done on-line.
Right now I am still in disbelief. 
So, we obviously can just call the US by dialing 1+ the number, according to AT&T, while in Mexico.
Absolutely incredible.
Muchas gracias!
2015/11/15 15:58:40
De nada. Wish I was going with you to try it out. Have a great trip.
2015/11/16 00:11:40
Tomas--Hope it works for ya!
2015/11/16 00:20:35
Tomas--Hope it works for ya!

Gracias, Frank!
Looking forward to the "experiment".
2015/11/16 07:10:42
Mio Maya
This is great news indeed. Although, I've been looking on AT&T's site and can't find where to add this on:( Crunch, do you guys remember where you found it?
2015/11/22 10:16:41
I too was unable to find it on the web site. I found it by just googling it and then logging in to my account from there.
Called Mom Sunday morning from my beach chair here in Half Moon Bay and the reception was incredible. You do have to hit 001 and then the number. The only remaining part of my little test is to wait until my bill arrives and make sure I did not get charged for my 15 minute call. 
One interesting little note is that my phone did not switch over to TelCel network like it used to. It just stayed on ATT.
2015/11/24 08:52:06
This is great news indeed.  I hope it bandwagons with Verizon and Sprint following suit.
2015/11/24 09:44:43
el gran chico
"One interesting little note is that my phone did not switch over to TelCel network like it used to. It just stayed on ATT."
That's because it's connecting to Iusacell's towers now (which AT&T bought earlier this year http://about.att.com/stor...tion_of_iusacell.html) and not Telcel's.  From the look of it Iusacell may be rebranding as AT&T Mexico (http://www.iusacell.com.mx/) .  
BTW "001" is code to indicate international call in Mexico to USA/Canada - actually in 2 parts "00" (like 011 to call internationally at home) plus "1" (country code for USA/Canada).
Tip - if you store a contact in the format "+1 212 555-1212", most phones will convert it automatically for you, whether you are at home or roaming in a foreign country.
2015/11/25 23:32:46

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