2015/09/30 14:15:01
Fred in Montreal

All-inclusive for Disabled

Can anybody recommend an all-inclusive in the Playa area that is truly wheelchair accessible? I mean *truly*, as in bathroom, shower, etc. I know some of them say they are, but when you get there, not so much. Thanks!

Playa Animal Rescue


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Check with Iberostar Quetzal/Tucan in Playacar. They advertise having wheelchair accessible rooms and it is a great place to stay. They will move you around in golf carts if need be. LG had them listed, so you can book through them.
2015/09/30 15:57:23
Fred in Montreal
Thanks Grump!
2015/09/30 17:46:45
I can't tell you what is, but I can tell you one that is not...and that's the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum. Took my mom there in May. Our "accessible" room had a raised tub/shower combo that she couldn't get into at all. We requested a room change every day for the first 7 days of our trip before we finally gave up. 
I'm just back from the ABBWR, but didn't have mom with me, so I didn't pay attention. I know there was a ramp down to the buffet. The shower could be wheel in, but I think the door would be too narrow. Having been recently remodeled though, maybe they have an accessible room. They are very quick to answer e-mails, maybe you can get some details from them.
2015/09/30 19:44:32
Mayan Boar
Pretty sure ABBWR has the facilities you are looking for.  Ask LG about the accommodations; they will certainly know. MB
2015/09/30 19:50:37
Hi Fred
It's almost funny how many definitions there are for wheelchair accessible.
For me "truly wheelchair accessible" means a bathroom with a roll in shower. Ideally the sink is at the right height so that I can wheel under and reach the taps. But mainly I need the shower and can make do with the rest.
Since I use an electric wheelchair the size of the resort isn't a concern. And while not every entrance may not be accessible there is usually an alternate way in or around stairs.
I've stayed at all of these and would be glad to give more specifics in answer to any questions. 
Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal. + Only a king size bed.
Iberostar Paraiso del Mar/Beach +
Riu Tequila ++
Riu Palace Riviera Maya +++
Sandos Playacar Riviera ++++
Barcelo Tropical/Colonial ++
Barcelo Maya/Beach ++
Gran Bahia Príncipe Akumal ++
Gran Porto Real +
The Royal ++
Some of the bathrooms in these have been built with a wheelchair in mind and others retrofitted, all with varying degrees of success. the number of +’s is my ranking of the bathrooms only.
Ask away here or send me a pm or email.
2015/10/01 12:40:53
Fred in Montreal
Thank you, ladies!
Paul, I really appreciate this. It's for an old friend of mine whose son is coming down. I think he's in good shape (an ex-paraOlympic athlete) but full wheelchair access is essential. I may contact you for specifics soon! Thanks again!
2015/10/01 12:46:30
please do Fred. i can dig up pictures in addition to details when asked direct questions.
2015/10/01 13:00:18
cape cod ann
I believe the Grand Palladium added some accessible rooms on Colonial recently. I stayed in a Colonial Mayan suite with a wheelchair bound person before these changes and it was workable. The resort is very large and golf carts would be needed for some parts of it but we made it work. There is also a ramp on the beach.
2015/10/06 17:50:09
cape cod ann
I found this on the Palladium's website under Grand Palladium Colonial
"We have deluxe handicap accessible rooms, with queen bed, bars on the toilet and in the shower, no bathtub, are equipped with a bank of special bath. "
I will try to get a pic
2015/10/11 19:17:21

i looked into this hotel in 2011 with ann's help, and emails from the hotel at the time confirmed the washroom wouldn't work for me, so i'm glad to hear they've made some changes! 
so i asked a live rep on their website a couple of questions ....if they had specially designed rooms for wheelchair users and, did the washrooms have roll in showers.
they answered yes to both and seemed to understand what i was asking.
i'm going to write them again for more details.
pictures would provide the best answers.
2015/10/13 09:46:06
cape cod ann
I got this from the resort this morning:
At the colonial side, all the standard rooms located on the first floor of each building have a shower and no bath tub and there are only in colonial side and are 8 rooms we have totally designs with handicap bathroom.

All the resort is equipped with ramps, the only stairs you will find are at the beach access and stairs going to the 2nd or 3rd floors of each building and just one step on the ground floor of each villa, but a ramp can be provided.
I got this from Ana Lgfuna Torres. I am still awaiting pictures
2015/10/13 11:34:06
here is the reply i just received:
Thank you for your preference in Grand Palladium Resort & Spa and will be a pleasure hosting you in our complex.
We do not have pictures but I can describe it as is the bathroom.
It is a large room that has tubes to grasp it.
 It has movable shower, besides having everything within reach from his wheelchair.
these rooms only have them in standard rooms and they are very few, so I advise you to make your reservation time and again to contact her observation system, since everything is subject to availability and cannot guarantee it.
I am at your service for any of your questions or comments
best regards!

Tania Solano
Reservaciones/ Reservations
Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resorts & Spa.
while the English may not be perfect, the message in both replies seems the same.  roll-in showers!  yeah!
2015/10/15 12:16:20
cape cod ann

2015/10/16 18:02:57
that's a nice bathroom!  
i think that sink might be height adjustable. and the bar beside the toilet probably flips up.
the big drawback to accessible designs like this, is the elimination of counter space. i don't know why they can't add some but overall it works.
thanks ann!
2015/10/17 11:15:08
Hello, I am new here. I am going to Barcello for a week in April. The travel agent booked everything even though she had not asked beforehand about my handicap.
I am a paraplegic that truly needs the wheel in shower and grab bar by the toilet.
Does anyone have experience in Barcelo with accessible rooms?
Also are the beds really high?Thanks, Murrey
2018/03/14 17:18:14
Got a room at the Tropical, apparently they do have Accessible bathrooms. I just wish there were pictures to see exactly what they mean. I do hope to post some. Bed height is another big thing f your a paraplegic and older.
2018/03/23 13:12:40
Hi Xwheelerx
just saw your posts today or i'd have replied earlier. i've stayed at the Barcelo Colonial, which is the same price point as Tropical just booked by different travel companies.
from memory the bed height was good for me but i use a power chair...top of my cushion is about 23"
i'll go through my pics and post some tomorrow of the room and resort.
itsa big place and fairly flat but you'll get some exercise 
2018/03/23 14:32:37
I am a old para, 69, been pushing the chair for 45 yrs so i don't need a lot of exercise. I use the power chair here around town. Thanks for your info Paul. That height should not pose a problem. 
2018/03/23 21:22:02
these are the bathroom from 2010. they may have remodelled since then but that should be a plus 

here is the beach in front of your section of the hotel  the sand is hard enough to wheel on amongst the palms. there is deeper soft sand right when you enter but with a run at it and a push I got thru.

from the lifeguard tower looking south to the pier at the original Maya/Caribe section

pool area

2018/03/24 14:05:23
Paul, have you been to Puerto Morelos?
2018/04/18 10:05:28

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