2014/12/16 12:13:30


You all know Loco Gringo is legit. We have a forum where you can ask pretty much anything to check us out, PM other members, etc. This is NOT necessarily true for other booking options.
We were just contacted by a woman who has been scammed to the tune of a 5-digit figure for a New Years reservation at a top notch villa, represented as an exclusive hotel. She has some 18 people in her group. Imagine the airfare fiasco on top of the rental scam! This makes me wonder how the global pay-per-page listing sites screen their property "owners/managers" to verify that they are legit?
So, while this may sound like a shameless self promotion of locogringo.com just know that we ARE for real and have been since 1996. If you go elsewhere, even to a global rental conglomerate site, you better make sure the listing you want to reserve is for real too.

Mad to live, mad to love, mad to create. Be one of the mad ones.
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amen to that , have it around here too......numbskulls.....
2014/12/16 13:17:51
How sad that this happened to someone! I too vouch for locogringo.
2014/12/16 16:24:15
shape shifter 47
You can't go wrong with LG....
2014/12/16 17:14:51
How sad for that woman and her friends. I've also used LG in the past.
2014/12/17 08:38:08
Isla Chica
LG Rocks!  
2014/12/17 09:00:30
Just got another email from some guy asking about a place in Puerto Morelos on VRBO rented from the "owner" sent the money to someone and never heard back.  
He wanted to know if I had ever heard of the facility or the owner.  I had not. :-(
2014/12/18 11:44:02
Why would someone do such a scam? She calls the credit card company and reverses the charges. The seller gets charge-back fees on top of losing the money. It's just a pain with airfare and everything, but then she can use the refunded money to get another hotel.
Unless she did a bank transfer!
2015/01/30 11:59:28
Isla, I deleted your comment about the spam because I deleted the new member and their spam. I don't want any of the other posters on the thread to think your post was referring to them.
2015/02/21 12:35:27
Isla Chica
2015/02/22 10:56:06
Well, those rental scams are on my nerves right now! I hate it when the legitimate companies are being dragged to this kind of issues. Because of scams, some people find it hard to find a brand that can be trusted. Good thing Loco Gringo is legit!
2015/05/21 05:04:52
Timeshares are never a good purchase, and timeshare owners need to be cautious about this. There are lots of timeshare scams. There is a good article: 

2015/10/06 10:58:50
Guys, just a FYI.  A client of ours from years ago booked through V-R-B-O for a place in Akumal.  They were taken advantage of their money gone, and no rental.   They contacted us, and I am happy to say they are here now, we hooked them up. 
Be careful who you rent from.  Those bigger sites people can throw up listings and say they are an owner, when they are not even involved with a place. 
2015/12/07 16:13:57
My husband and I are moving to the area in the upcoming weeks and were wondering of websites that post long term rentals besides craigslist? Any help would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU
2016/01/13 16:16:38
Got this in my inbox today.V-R-B-O Bombs To One Star Rating, by Eric Mason When the #### hits the fan it tends to get spread around. A lot!
I have just been having a look through consumeraffairs.com’s page for  V-R-B-O and things really don’t look good for the company right now. 
So much so that the company has received only a one star rating (from 496 votes).
I get the impression from reading the comments that this rating would be lower but one star is the lowest vote possible.

Have a read yourself – https://www.consumeraffairs.com/online/vrbo.html-----------------We actually get asked this question at Loco Gringo:Q. Why should I use Loco Gringo if I can book with a place directly on a rental site like V-R-B-O, AirBnB, or Home-Away?  A.  Well, it’s a common misconception that booking with an owner is easier. That’s not always true.  When you let Loco Gringo to assist with your trip, you have our entire team who are working on your behalf. We work with the owner to ensure you have a great experience. And here’s an inside tip: we’ve personally checked out every property we rent. We also know most owners and managers personally. We may know about some extras to ask for from the owner.  The owner may not offer up those little extras to someone booking directly with them. The owners love our guests.  Oh yeah and we don't charge you any booking fees!  
2016/04/30 13:16:55
LG really is the most carefree trustworthy agency we have ever used.  And we have done those others mentioned also.  When we have the choice we use LG.
2016/04/30 16:45:00
LG really is the most carefree trustworthy agency we have ever used.  And we have done those others mentioned also.  When we have the choice we use LG.

Awww group hug!  Thank you.
2016/05/02 12:45:31

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