2014/08/11 09:31:59

New lodging options on Akumal Bay.

Many of you may have heard of or seen Villa Tajkumal over the years on Akumal Bay, its before Las Casitas, the only house on Akumal bay. Well they are converting to a bed and breakfast starting in October.  Fab location of course, it really is a romantic option, and a new concept for Akumal. 
The Prana Bungalow is my favorite, one of my BFF's stayed there a couple weeks ago, during her family vacation and she loved it.

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Wow! Very cool. We have always wanted to stay here, but obviously can not afford it. Now maybe we can!!!!
2014/08/11 12:45:42
Oooh....looks nice
2014/08/11 16:59:26
What a great price for that location, we will seriously consider this place in the future.
2014/08/12 05:23:47
Looks nice! Odd that they call it a "bed and breakfast" when the breakfast part is over at Lol Ha LOL. Nice little beach walk to breakfast works for me and the prices are great, I think.
2014/08/12 07:27:33
water baby
Another beautiful option to think about-
2014/08/12 13:57:52
Isla Chica
Great choice!  Maybe for next year!  
2014/08/13 10:39:05

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