2014/04/22 18:17:01
juan rojo

Xpu Ha , Living The Dream

We went to La Playa Beach Bar at Xpu Ha in March and had a fine day . There was an entry fee out by the highway of 40 pesos that was refundable after spending 125 pesos at the beach bar . This was normal enough although the entry fee was an occasional thing in the past and seemed to be permanent now .
People seeking a quiet private beach to sit on their own blanket could simply view the entry fee as a parking fee if they choose .
There is now a second beach club just south of La Playa that was new to us at least , called Living The Dream .

There are swings on the ocean side and beers were thirty pesos , as at La Playa , as an example of costs .

The palapa is a good size and while I didn't check about food there is a menu over the bar .

There is a kite board business out front called KSM and maybe they are all one big thing , this facebook page makes it seem so .
I don't know for sure if you could access this place through the Bonanza Campsite , one driveway south of La Playa , but we could do this several years ago for a simple parking fee . The minimum spend thing at La Playa is very easy to do wiothout feeling ripped off in any way but there is a new place to try for variety .
There was also a nearby ,"satellite" , beach bar for patrons of the Xpu Ha Belair collection resort on the north point with an accompanying dedicated shuttle van . A nice feature for those patrons . This third bar may may serve the public for cash as well .

Please be happy always

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Thanks again, Juan for the info. We love the "original" La Playa Xpu Ha Beach Bar & Restaurant, may have to check out the new place next trip.
2014/04/23 05:37:00
Did they have any loungers and umbrellas?
2014/04/23 06:52:18
Sounds nice, hope to make it to Xpu-Ha this next trip.
2014/04/23 07:36:22
I didn't see any loungers or umbrellas there BUT La Playa Xpu Ha does. We bring our our own beers, umbrellas & what not to Xpu Ha & bought a cubeta from the new place since our beers apparently had holes in them :)  & they came down to us to check in & see if we needed another.  Very cool!  La Playas music is getting a little too loud for me the last few trips.  
2014/04/23 10:29:46
Oh no.  Hate it when they get the music too loud.  We have enjoyed that beach club, but would like to try the new one if they have some shade.  
2014/04/23 12:48:49
juan rojo
As Gals mentions , I didn't notice loungers or shade but they are also included in the 125 pesos spend at La Playa . La PLaya was good for music on our visit and the snorkeling was prety good for a roughish day through some nice coral close enough to shore . We rescued someones lost Mares snorkel from the reef , win win ! As I was shaking all the sand out of it a little long legged  starfish swam out and that was a bonus .
2014/04/23 22:43:48
there is lots of shade in the bar area under the Palapa :)  It's a cool comfy space 
2014/04/23 23:07:03
Sounds good.  And seeing the starfish?  Awesome!
2014/04/24 06:46:04
We snuck in the back way to Xpu Ha in March and paid a fellow about 40 P and drove down this narrow road and parked a few steps from the beach beside some ruins. We found a fantastic beach and we ended up pitting in at the beach bar for the rest of the day eating and drinking.
It was a fabulous time..very casual and relaxing.
I will return next March 2015..
2014/04/24 11:37:22
Cabin Boy
Thanks Juan for the info..Will check it out when we head back to CRT.
First time I could log on since the forum has changed.
2014/04/24 12:30:32

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