2014/03/09 18:36:20

Let's get together!

Calling all LG peeps in the area to come to a meet and greet at La Buena Vida March 24th during happy hour 5-7pm!
Look for the yellow LG cooler, Canada flag and green Rider gear![:D]
Who's going to be in the area then? Do we need to make reservations? I've never done this before!


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You should post this on the Parties Forum.......
2014/03/10 13:46:31
I'll be there, you don't need reservation, just show up and grab a few tables. Look forward to meeting you guys, maybe we will run into each other before the 24th...[8D]
2014/03/10 21:43:59
Rich from BC
Count us in...Group of four....
See you there.
2014/03/10 21:51:36
We plan to be there greenbush - Its almost time for you! Hope you are feeling better.
2014/03/11 10:23:52
We will be there at La Playa Blanca during the week of March 20-29 ~ would love to meet up with some LocoGringos!!
2014/03/13 23:24:45
Can't wait for the sand between by toes! Hope to meet many of you while in Akumal![:)]
2014/03/16 14:53:44
There's going to be live music at Lol Ha March 21st at 6:30, should be a good time. Happy hour starts at 5 or 5:30, not sure...
2014/03/16 17:30:27
Oohh, live music! Sounds good! We'll be there!
2014/03/16 20:13:42
x diver
DAMN, I won`t be there until the following week
2014/03/17 09:25:27
Hey Bob - do you know if they will have live music other nights? Is there a FB page or anywhere I can check on this? We should be there. Hubs could be talked into fishin' - just sayin.....

Greenbush - hope you are having a great time. See y'all in 6 days@
2014/03/18 10:12:37
I don't think there is going to be any other live music but not positive about that, someone posted it from facebook to me. They do karaoke on most wednesdays at La Buena Vida. Hop to see you guys there.
2014/03/18 23:01:19
Someone??? Hmmmm, I wonder who that random someone might have been??? haha
2014/03/20 20:49:01
Sad to say that we will miss the get together. My hubs had an emergency root canal on Thursday, then things got worse and facilitated a trip to the ER on Friday. I brought him home from the hospital yesterday. We have postponed the trip till this Wednesday. We are cautiously optimistic that he is on the mend. Hasta la vista amigos!
2014/03/23 09:47:29
Do not know if we are going to make it, rob ate some left over pizza yesterday and has been up since 1 am sick. Good thing he only ate 1 piece.[sm=y-cha-ching.png][sm=mini pale anime.gif]
2014/03/24 08:43:24
Greenbush - How is your husband? Hope he is feeling better!!

We are headed your direction tommorow. If I remember correctly, you will be leaving?

My hubs is gaining strength and feeling much better.

2014/03/25 09:38:58
Leftover pizza attack got him good for a few hours but he's good now. Big thunder storm tonight at 7-8pm with rain and lightening, so we dined in tonight!
Our transfer pick up is at 1:30 pm. Enjoy HMB, it is awesome[:)]
2014/03/25 22:20:15
Glad he was able to recover relatively quickly. We arrive at 9 am, with transport, we should get there around 10:30 - 11. If we arrive on time, etc. if we happen to miss you- have a safe trip home.
2014/03/25 22:25:01

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