2014/01/23 10:54:30

Planning a day trip to Isla need help from the experts

H has never been, last time I was there was about 15 years ago. Best way to get there still by Ferry out of Playa? And when we do get there, rec's for a golf cart rental place for a full day? Also, is Bujos (sp??) still there? I can't recall, how long is the ferry trip? Thanks in advance all:)
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Ferry to Isla Mujeres is from Cancun. Playa ferry goes to Cozumel. There are golf cart rentals everywhere, and they all charge about the same price. (Can't remember what it is though, sorry)
2014/01/23 11:28:31
OH CRUM. For some reason I thought there was a ferry from Playa too!! Well good thing you told me!!! Tx:)
2014/01/23 11:29:51
Vancouver Sundog
Take the ADO bus from PDC to Cancun, then a quick cheap taxi to the Puerto Juarez ferry


Our fav. golf cart place is Ciro, a few blocks from the ferry but there are lots to chose from for about $50 a day - be prepared to leave your DL and definitely buy the MAPCHICK's maps

CARDENAS. On Guerrero

CIRO’S. Ave Guerrero. Tel & Fax: 011 52 99 88 77 05 68 e-mail: carloscicerom47@hotmail.com

EL SOL. Ave. Juarez. Tel: 011 52 998 877 0791

FIESTA GOLF CARTS. Next door to the HSBC bank on Medina. New carts.

GOMAR. On Rueda Medina & Av. Madero

INDIO´S. Ave Rueda Medina,, edificio cielito lindo. cel phone direct with owner 9982-153716. calle it Äpache reserve at: apache_islamujeres@hotmail.com

ISLANDER. On sandy road leading to Nautibeach condos. They have the fabled six-seater carts, but only drivable during the day as they have no lights. 500 pesos. Reference thread: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-...

ISLA MUJERES GOLF CART RENTAL. You can reserve your cart ahead of time and have it delivered. Also have it picked up. Website: http://www.islamujeresgolfcartrentals...

PELICANO'S http://pelicanosgolfcarsrental.com/

PRISMA. Ave. Rueda Medina. Tel and Fax: 011 52 998 877 0938 Email: jesuscontrerasb@hotmail.com
2014/01/23 14:43:27
Printed and packed:) You rock!!!!![;)]
2014/01/27 12:56:02
In December we booked and paid online. http://www.islamujeresgolfcartrentals...
Turned out it was Ciro's. Great service. No problems.
Just checked credit card bill. Billed us as quoted.
When we returned cart. The Ciro's guys took us back to our hotel.
Bet they would deliver you to ferry as well.
Happy planning!
2014/01/27 13:28:16
Watch out for Canadians when you get there!! They will get you into trouble every time!![sm=y-cool.png]

Just kidding Sundog[sm=devilsmoking.gif]
2014/01/27 14:30:49
Laura Mapchick
It's not necessary to reserve a golf cart in advance.
2014/01/28 12:13:08
we rented a golf cart for 50.00 a day when there last summer......Cardenas rental---good people! It's a great way to get
around..Taxi's also were very cheap...there is a large grocery when you head south and get hast the airport and
past the ball diamond.
Also a fun little bar that serves daily food specials---the Soggy Peso! We made other stops that were fun, just can't
remember all the names!
2014/01/29 07:50:13
be prepared to leave your DL and definitely buy the MAPCHICK's maps

What's up with that? I don't leave my DL to rent a real car anywhere....I sure as hell wouldn't leave my DL to rent a golf cart....
2014/01/29 13:41:59
Laura Mapchick
But wahooligan you have to leave your credit card with a real car ;) Not the actual card but you know, they swipe it.
The drivers license thing is no big deal, they give it back when you return the cart, it's their only collateral you'll return the cart. We've been renting carts forever, you always get your license back. No worries!
2014/01/29 14:06:29
Laura Mapchick
Islamujeresgolfcartrentals won't do a one day reservation. They work on commission, they aren't an actual golf cart shop.
2014/01/29 14:10:28
Vancouver Sundog
I don't leave my DL to rent a real car anywhere

Even the golf cart rentals in Akumal often request your DL

Thus I bring an old one or laminated copy
2014/01/29 14:10:45
I bring an old one too.

About 7? years ago El Sol cart rentals on Isla would allow us to leave a $20.00 caash deposit instead of our license so you might want to check with them.

2014/01/30 06:57:47

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