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Sian Ka'an tour operators


there's a lot of different threads regarding Sian Ka'an on this forum, but I hope you don't mind if I start new one...
Could you please suggest, which of many tour operators offering day trips to Sian Ka'an is worth of recommendation? Which type of day trip to this places is the most remarkable (birdwatching, ruins, nature, sunset, etc.)?
There're so many agencies which I've found on internet, that it's really hard to make decission. After initial selection, I've chosen the following:
1) Visit Sian Ka'an (www.visitsiankaan.com),
2) Centro Ecologico Sian Ka’an (www.cesiak.org),
3) Sian Ka'an Tours (www.siankaantours.org),
as all of them seem to be very long in this business and are operated by local communities (or cooperating with them).
Which one of above offer the most interesting trips to Sian Ka'an? Are there any other agencies I should consider too?
I've also found quite interesting (but also much more expensive) alternative, i.e. wild dolphins tour ( http://www.pescamaya.com/sian-Kaan-ecotour-wild-dolphin-encounter.html). Has anyone of you did it? Is it worth of extra money?

Best regards, Bartek
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I'm looking forward to this answer also. They all sound good and I want to get the best bang for the buck for a birding tour.
2013/12/31 15:57:51
I always go with your #3, Community Tours, for birding, and other tours too: http://www.siankaantours.org/en/birding-and-natural-history-tour/
2014/01/03 10:53:32
heather k
My husband and I went with cesiak.org. They were fantastic! Absolutely the best tour type of adventure we have done down there. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable. We booked through the "Bike Hostel" in Tulum. Saved a few dollars that way.
2014/01/03 16:53:25
thanks for all your replies :-)
I think I'll make decision while we're already in Akumal. There's no need to make reservation now. We'll watch the weather and our mood. We will talk to other people at ABR too.
2014/01/05 10:35:00

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