2013/12/10 19:54:36

Looking for a miracle, any room in the inn for Christmas?

New here, just found you last night! So glad you know the area so well, I still have hopes...
I need to find a place hopefully in the Akumal area for Dec 22-25 or 26 (Playa del Carmen is 2nd option) but have to stay within (small) budget. Any miracles in the area? I am sort of stuck, 1 week away, with no unit secured, no flights booked. Need your experience and help :-P
Details: this one is a last minute trip, no budget for it (as in, I really can't afford $1,700/head at this moment) but I am determined to get there. here is the deal; adult daughter is heading for 5th operation (tumor), not sure when and if we'll be ever able to do a normal outing again, and because of studies she's had 3 winters on a row, she kinda suggested we go somewhere summery. So, trying to make it happen.
I got sooo excited a while ago when a time share offered a credible option for the cost of just 1 night. Sadly, my DD couldn't confirm when she was available, and when I came back with concrete dates checking location, credibility (tripadvisor approved) and details, it had no more dates for us. Also looked at casitas, airbnb offers, and condos, but what I found was either taken, or too expensive (+$200/night)
So, really looking for a miracle, something maybe that someone local knows/have but that doesn't advertise so much, safe and clean. Or a miracle timeshare room that will not cost me an arm and a leg. I know it is ridiculously late. I know it is way better to book 6 months in advance. We don't have that kind of time here. Love Akumal for what I read, and the vecinity. I see access is more complicated than Cancun but the trade off in peace and calmer waters seems to be worth it. Yet, anything in the area will be OK. Then I have to talk to the boss up there so He keeps it sunny, since that's the point of it all.

But yes, trying to find something like 3-5 nights, could be part of someone's home, a B&B, and airbnb, a timeshare that someone decided last minute to rent out -as long as someone in here can tell me it is tested, safe... this is for 2 adults, mom and DD, no pets, no complications...
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You may not be aware of it but LocoGringo is a property booking site with 300 or so properties in the Riviera Maya. Your best chance of finding something this late for Christmas is to contact them with the information you posted above and let them look for something for you. Even they can't always perform miracles but at this late date you really may need one, most everything was booked for Christmas months ago. However they might be able to find you a cancellation or a last minute booking. Doesn't hurt or cost anything to ask. Here's where you start. https://www.locogringo.com/connect-with-us/
2013/12/11 00:03:39
After clicking on Whales link then click on manage your vacation .... Good luck!!
2013/12/11 06:29:56
Ask them (LG booking) about the condos at Vista Del Mar. Very reasonably priced with multiple bedrooms and baths. LG can be heroic about finding things nobody else can. Going through Locogringo booking is probably your best chance. I am super hopeful they will be able to find you something and you can have this special time together.
2013/12/11 06:54:13
warm wishes sent your way....we certainly hope you find what you're looking for, and if you do please tell us about it......
2013/12/11 16:18:36
Not sure how to reply to all, so individual thanks to you, Whale, for your link. No, didn't know that this was a reservation site, as I had a direct link from the tripadvisor people. Back from work now, will look into this. I did get tickets this morning, just to make sure I will not back up simply because of the initial difficulties. Nothing worth having comes easy. So, onwards...
2013/12/11 19:30:57
Done it, I feel bad that I really cannot follow up during the day... I am in the wrong job (and obviously the wrong place :-) they probably won't be able to tell me till tomorrow. But each day I am falling more in love with this place. Such a tiny speckle in the map, yet such a huge forum of loyal fans! That's how I want my life to be, to give a fresh scent, to make good memories, and turn strangers into lifelong friends...
2013/12/11 19:42:47
Thank you, and yes, it will happen! Not sure if this time it will be Akumal, but this fish is now hooked, so with more planning (or should I say SOME planning?) we will be there. For now, I've got the tickets, so we can keep this real.
2013/12/11 19:48:50
@Crunch, I will ask, thanks for the tip :-)
2013/12/11 19:50:22
I am hoping your last minute get away will work for you. One afternoon in 2005, I decided we needed to visit Akumal ASAP (the next day). We had never been there and it was high season. We managed to book a hotel room at Vista del Mar on Half Moon Bay and we were there the next afternoon. We had a room that we could just walk right out onto the sand and, though, it was not even one bit luxurious, we had a great time. We fell in love with the serenity of HMB.

My suggestion is to get in touch with Locogringo and see what is available in the VdM hotel. Good luck and enjoy your adventure together.

2013/12/12 14:38:30
yes, first contact LG booking, then maybe Vista del Mar, or airbnb. If you're renting a car, you might try a house in Chan Chemuyil....not on the beach but across from beautiful Xcacel.
2013/12/13 12:05:24
UPDATE: Yeah!!!

Guys (and gals) I can't thank you enough for all your tips and advice. I am so excited, we were able to find our "inn"! Thank you all for pointing out the obvious, that LG is actually an agent and great at finding a place in this corner of the world. A special thanks to Vancouversundog and Gary for your coaching :-). In the end the fastest response came from LG, so we went for it.

We were lucky enough, barely a week before the trip, to find 2 good lodging options at about the same reasonable daily rate for Christmas: a little bungalow at Akumal Beach (the round ones, just the room, no kitchenette ) which is a short walk from the beach, but right where the majority of the locals and turists mingle; and a casita on Half Bay Moon Bay, right on the beach, lots more privacy, no boats around, with the coral and sea life are right up to the shore.
Because we were not really picky about the facilities as long as they were safe and clean, this was a tough choice. Both were just fine. We decided for the casita, and will enjoy sea life in both beaches (they are very different, though they are next door), but settled for having a little more beach to ourselves. Will make sure to pack water shoes, and rash guards (don't laugh, we are white as paper...) and will post pics post-paradise for you all! Kudos to Scott and Katie, from LG, for their prompt responses which in the end tipped the balance...
But we have fallen in love, so maybe next time is a bungalow, for longer. I just know that there has to be a next time.
2013/12/15 12:57:34
I am so very happy for you!!! [:)]

Have a wonderful time ~ you will love it there!!! [:)][:)][:)]
2013/12/15 15:21:30
shape shifter 47
Glade to hear you are set to go...have a blast, take lots of pics and post a trip report when you get back.....[:D]
2013/12/15 15:43:44
Yet again LG scores and saves somebody's precious vacca for them.
Is it any wonder why we all love Kay & Gary and the whole LG crew??? Miracle workers all. [:)]
2013/12/15 21:05:10
HMB is heavenly. Also, great take out from the tiny restaurant next to the Midway store. Give it a try for cheap and yummy eats.
2013/12/16 06:51:30

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