2013/03/24 16:32:10

Way too many choices!

After pouring over my Mapchick maps, looking through all of LG's things to do and see, and reading all of your suggestions, I have decided that in order to possibly do all the things we want to do, we'll have to extend our vacation. Like maybe by a year or two! lol I wish. Given that we only have a week, guess we'll have to save some things for return trips!

We've decided on ruins, beaches, and snorkeling trips. Now I'm really stuck at which cenotes to check out. We want to do some near PM, since we're actually staying north of PDC. Siete Bocas looks really interesting, as do a few others. We're looking for one to hit for snorkeling on the way back from Tulum and there are so many! I like the cenotes that are more underground than swimming holes, and without having to zipline or rappel to get in. Seeing some fish would be a plus, but the formations of stalactites and stalagmites would make us more than happy. I've been looking at Grand, Dos Ojos, Aktun Chen, LaHabna, and Rio Secreto. All of these look like they have some cool formations from the pics I've seen, but then some of those pics may have been from divers, or the dry cave walks. Also, there are some big variances in prices, so I'm wondering if the more expensive ones are worth the extra price. Are any harder to find, easier or more difficult access to the actual water? We'll have a rental car, so unless the roads are really bad, that won't be an issue. Any pros and cons on any of these cenotes, or suggestions for other ones would be greatly appreciated!



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Aktun Chen would fit your requirements and it is easy to get to.
2013/03/25 06:58:34
All that stuff to do just means that you'll be back, multiple times! We're to the point now where we get there, and do almost nothing at all. [:)]
2013/03/25 09:04:34
Thanks, Crunch! Aktun Chen does look like one we'd enjoy and I like the fact that it's not as crowded as some of the others.

Sandy, I'm already planning the next trip in my mind! The more you know, the more you go, right? [:D]
2013/03/25 21:00:52
Aktun Chen would fit your requirements and it is easy to get to.

Crunch, you're a master of your craft.  Digging deep to up your posts.
Guys, does Siete Bocas really charge $30usd/person?!  Are kids free!?  Any color on the easiest cenotes near Puerto Morelos?  Best for kids?  Mrs. Tricky thinks that the little one couldn't handle Aktun Chen...
2018/05/10 09:33:06
el gran chico
Been to both Aktun Chen and Kantun-chi (closer to PdC).   Enjoyed them both.
2018/05/10 12:42:17
Mayan Boar
Tamie, visited Aktun Chen the first year they opened and loved it.  It has evolved considerably since and family members that were down years later thoroughly enjoyed it.  Apparently a restaurant onsite now as my housekeeper in Akumal told me her husband is a chef there.  Perhaps someone that has been there recently can confirm. Have fun.  MB
2018/05/10 17:57:59
I love Rio Secreto!
2018/05/11 13:48:37
Any color on kid friendly cenotes on la ruta thereof?  Have costs really increased to Xcaret levels?
2018/05/12 08:36:49

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