2005/01/14 12:39:15
Sunburned Gringo

Introductions please

Hey there fellow Loco's
I'm pretty new to this site but it seems to be a great group of people who all seem willing to help each other out with info on the Mayan Riviera, so lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

Sunblock !!!!!
We don't need no stinkin' sunblock!!
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Sunburned Gringo
1.Sunburned Gringo aka Kevin
2. Spokane Wa
3. only been once[:(] going back in late Feb
4. snorkeling and relaxing
5. a big frosty cerveza
2005/01/14 12:41:59
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
1st time will be in 37 days
2005/01/14 12:43:08
alice in az
I am "Alice in Az." or Alice Gartell

I live in Tempe, Arizona

My husband, Chuck and I, have been visiting Q.Roo since about 1986. At first we had little kids and no money, so we visited maybe every 2-3 years. Then it got to be once a year, and for the past few years our kids are grown, money is a little easier, and we have gone twice a year. Except that this year, we went last July and have not gone back. : (

Favorite activity -- do I have to pick just one? My husband -- who never walks at home -- loves to walk along the beach, doing a "titty walk" to check out the territory, just for scientific purposes.

I love getting a massage on the beach, exploring little villages and ruins that are new to me. I also have made children's literacy a major part of my life. I have been helping Hekab Be Bibioteca for about 6 years now, and have seen huge changes in its development as a focus for literacy in the area. That expanded into providing books for 6 little libraries in the region. And now I am on the board of directors of a great charity "Books for a Better World", and am responsible for buying children's books in Spanish for 53 little libraries in central america. So, it won't surprise you that I like having a little "library adventure" on each trip, exploring little libraries and schools all around, and that one of my favorite things to do is to be a lazy bum on the beach, reading novels! I also adore snorkelling.

Favorite drink -- hmm -- mango kalaans, pina coladas, and for non-alcoholic I like the apple cider soda pop, called manzanita. Yummy!

this was fun,
Alice in Az
2005/01/14 12:47:48
Been to Mexico many times since 95 first time to ABR.
Snorkeling and beaching
2005/01/14 12:51:27
Grasshopper aka Heika
Ionia Michigan
visits???hmmmm lets see...[8|] Every Day thru LocoGringo![:D][:D][:D]
really in person only once but leaving in 23days, 18 hours and 9 minutes
snorkeling and much needed r&r at the water basically look forward to doing nothing for two whole weeks[:)]
pineapple juice and coconut rum[;)]
2005/01/14 12:52:54
lil red
1 mdynes - michelle
2 red deer alberta canada
3 once but again in mar 25-apr 8 ABR
4 lying on the beach
5 (forgive the spelling) tequila sunrise
2005/01/14 13:05:23
Craig in WI
1. Craig in WI...aka Craig Carlson
2. New Richmond, WI
3. 6 times since 1998...returning sometime soon
4. Snorkeling, happy hour, ruins, happy hour again, laying on the beach drinking something refreshing and alcoholic, Did I mention happy hour?, visiting all sorts of restaurants and enjoying the food and drink, happy hour...now where was I? Probably at happy hour.
5. Margaritas, shots of tequila, and cerveza
2005/01/14 13:08:03
1. Kevin
2. St. Paul, Minnesota
3. 1 so far....2nd in 27 days...
4. lying in the sun
5. cola w a twist of lime.....
2005/01/14 13:08:48
pdxbrian is the LG name brian is the real one, I am coming down with my wife Lori for our honeymoon. Truth is we got married last July but did not see the purpose of going tropical in the summer, plus we dated for twelve years, so this has been a long time coming.

We live in Portland, OR which is also very beautiful, but only in summer.

This will be our first time to Mexico and thus our first time to MR. We are so looking forward to it. From reading all these threads and through other sites, if the MR meets even a tenth of my expectations I may be moving here, or at least I will dream of moving here.

My favorite activity will definetly be snorkeling. Second favorite will be lounging on the beach reading novels in between snorkeling. And lastly in a category on its own will be drinking fruity tropical drinks while lounging. Due to the pervasive nature of this activity I did not think it fair to rank it. I mean how can you rank sleep. YOu know you love it and have to have it but still....

Hey Alice minor tangent here. Is the library interested in english books?? I am bringing five books in a series and was going to leave them there. Would they want them or only spanish books. I was thinking that us LGs visiting may go to the library to get something to read.

Favorite drink is definetly red wine. BUT this is not much of a lounge on a warm beach kind of drink. For Hawaii I went with Mai Tais and those were darn yummy, almost too yummy, oh my aching head kind of yummy. But not being a big drinker when not on vacation, I am willing to explore new varieties and flavors, but definetly looking for something tropical. May go with the margaritas, but those may be too cliched.

2005/01/14 13:16:57
1. pamela_tejas
2. Texas
3. approximately 15 times since 1991; going back most likely in Sept
4. snorkeling; beach time
5. favorite drink for the beach - Superior or DOS XX; favorite bar drink - margarita or mojito or smooth straight sipping tequila
2005/01/14 13:20:27
1. Barry and Angela aka sandinmytoes
2. Gunnison, Colorado
3. 3 -- leaving on Tuesday for trip #4[:D]
4. Laying in the sun, drinking, eating, snorkeling (I hope...it's my first time for that! [:o]
5. I like 'em all but my husband is a cerveza man!
2005/01/14 13:20:32
Sunburned Gringo
great posts everyone....keep 'em comming
2005/01/14 13:22:48
1. Skippy aka Kevin
2. Loveland, Colorado
3. Every year since 1995
4. Diving, people watching, generally being lazy.
5. A few gallons of Bohemia beer.

It's nice to talk to everyone on this board about one of my favorite pastimes, hang'n in the Roo!!!

21 days and I'm There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skippy in Colorado
2005/01/14 13:29:13
Shirleybird aka Holly Budd
south of Springfield MO. Close to Branson if anyone comes this way you are invited to stay.
2 times in 98 &99 My friends go every year for 20 years so get updated through them.
SNORKELING and exploring new beaches and beach bars for salsa and ceviche!
Have to do margaritas in the afternoon. Wine with dinner & after.
Leaving in 28 days.
2005/01/14 13:42:00
#1 Fulerzoo - otherwise known as Todd or "who was that guy??"

#2 I live in extreme SE Minnesota on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

#3 I have been going to Mexico for 20 years. Multiple times to Mazatlan and Xtapa. Most recently, 2 times to Xpu-ha and the last time to Akumal. Going back for the second time (Tankah) this winter at the end of March.

#4 I like road less traveled. Exploring the unknown jungle path. Snorkeling the edge of the reef. Searching for a place to fish. I'm out at dawn and in bed early. My trips usually turn into self guided eco-tours.

#5 Anything in moderation - I need to be up at dawn the next morning!!

The Roo Zoo
2005/01/14 13:42:23
Hi from pi og Peter Ib
From Denmark -Europe.
Was i Mexico in november, Acapulco on a buissinestrip.
Last time in Quintana Roo was 9 years ago, before that I stayed in Playa Del Carmen 4 months each winter.
Been to Mexico 8 times.
Snorkling, diving, hammocks, chairdiving.
Superior is my kind og beer
2005/01/14 13:49:01

Christie aka footballmom (2 teenage football players in the family)

small town S of Portland, OR on the way to the Oregon Coast

2 visits to Akumal, 1 to Puerto Vallarta, a possible return with the girlfriends in the fall but not till 2006 with the hubby. Everyday in my mind and via Loco Gringo.

I love snorkeling HMB and Akumal Bay, and visiting with the wonderful Riviera Mayan people. The are the friendliest people on earth.

Can't beat a Lol Ha Margarita! A cold Sol in the heat of the afternoon is good too!
2005/01/14 13:59:33
Lazaro aka Laz
1st time this May
It will be snorkeling, frying on the beach, and exploring (ruins, cenotes, local bars & restaurants)
Favorite Vacation drink is Booze!

2005/01/14 14:04:03
Hey there!

1. LG - bda - Brenda
2. I live in Weyburn Saskatchewan Canada
3. This was my second trip to the Mayan Riviera
4. lying on the beach
5. Strawberry daquiris
2005/01/14 14:16:23
Hola Kevin

Rose = Rose (by any other name)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One trip November 2004. Would like to go back in May or June, if possible

Just love being there and letting each day unfold without too much planning. Of course, sunrise over HMB

Pina Colada at La Buena Vida
2005/01/14 14:21:10
estevan, saskatchewan, canada
havent been yet but we leave 02/17/2005 we come back on 03/03/2005
very excited
2005/01/14 14:21:27
Hey Rose,

I have family in Toronto. I think in Missassauga(sp)? Cousin played on Youth Canadian Basketball team. Went to Ohio St. for BB and now is in Europe.

2005/01/14 14:24:29
1. Olivier Kunckler aka OK.
2. Toledo, OH pearl of the rustbelt.
3. Been going to Mexico since 1991 -- various parts, but Akumal is my favorite. Probably June/July.
4. Scubadiving. Xaac, in particular is fantastic (could live down there). Or a night stroll on a Tulum beach with my wife and number 5 below.
5. Herradura Añejo.
2005/01/14 14:27:21
1. Sherry (&Jeff)
2. Santa Cruz, CA
3. 7 to Riviera Maya, about 35 to Mexico, returning in 7 days!!!!!
4. bum on the beach, snorkling
5. Virgin pina coladas
2005/01/14 14:30:28
Joanne of Tony and Joanne

Chicago, IL.

'99, '01, '03, '04, and looking forward (not the long wait [:(]) to Oct. '05 for 14 days![:D]

Snorkeling, being on the beach all day, exploring the area, just being there is enough! [:D]

Presidente Brandy, Margaritas, and white wine.
2005/01/14 14:37:37
Tony and Joanne
Joanne here. That was me above, forgot to log in[:@]
2005/01/14 14:39:34
1. Ann aka Anniesgothergun
2. Prior Lake, MN
3. Going for the first time in 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never even been to Mexico before (except Nogales for a day, which hardly counts). Thought I'd do it right the FIRST time! :-)
4. I don' t know yet but I'd say snorkeling is a safe bet. Unless I do really well fishing!
5. I'm with Grasshopper. Pineapple juice and coconut rum.

Claim to Fame: starting the LG get-together for the 27th at Lol Ha, which has now grown to mammoth proportions!!!
2005/01/14 14:59:23
1 I'm Bill
2 Live in Western Massachusetts. Rural college town great place to live about 8 months of the year.
3 I've been to Mexico a lot but not much recently. I did a couple of trips in the mid 80s to Yucatan including Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Akumal, Coba, Tulum, Progresso and Merida . Closest I've been since is Cosamel a couple of years ago. February 19 we have a week in Akumal and 4 days in Merida with my wife and 15 year old daughter. I'm wondering how much the place has changed in the last 20 years.
4 The reason I think the area is great is because you get the combination of great snorkeling, beaches, jungle and ruins and if you get to Merida a great Mexican City. I'm also very interested in Fishing on my own or with locals in their pangas.
5 I love a real Margaritas not the frozen ice stuff but a strong one made with real limes, contreau, good tequila and served up like a martini.
2005/01/14 15:06:48
Joe AKA WannaBeach

Darnestown, Maryland

Been to various parts of Mexico many times but Riviera Maya is special.

Lazing around in the ocean or pool

Chelada would be my fav. drink down there.
2005/01/14 15:14:43
SteveP \ Steve Patrick
Columbus Ohio
Twice a year, sometimes more since 95\ Back in June!
Nothing beats a cervasa looking out over the blue water.
2005/01/14 15:16:08
1. Needabeach: Karen
2. Littleton, Colorado
3. 4 times Return daily via locogringo.com
4. Adventure-Things I would never do at home!
5. Cold Cervasa
2005/01/14 15:22:55
1. Lily62 really Karen
2. Rochester NY (Upstate)
3. First one will be in April
4. Will see (sure it will be everything)
5. Merlot and Diet Coke & Captin Morgans
2005/01/14 15:42:07
Two Rivers
1. Two Rivers aka Cheryl
2. Small town in Oregon
3. 2 visits to Akumal, 3rd trip begins March 16th
4. Favorite Activity, Snorkeling
5. Favorite Drink, La Cueva de Pescador's Margaritas
2005/01/14 16:28:16
Pirate Past 40
1. PP40 = Kevin
2. Indianapolis
3. several
4. snorkeling
5. margaritas
2005/01/14 16:41:17
#1 Billiam aka Bill or William

#2 Charlotte, North Carolina

#3 Four times...Honeymoon Cozumel (1986), Along the coast (2002) All over the penisula (2004), Akumal (2005)

#4 I'm in tha same boat with Rose, watching the day unfold and see what it brings. If snorkeling is in the offing even better.

#5 Montejo
2005/01/14 16:51:47
Hi. I'm Jim from La Crosse, WI. Before the new list serve was set up, I communicated under the name Jim from Wisc. When I came back on after the change, I decided it sounded to derivative of Craig from Wisc., so I came up with something different.

My wife and I have traveled to Mexico 5 times. I'm 52, she is not. Once to Puerto Vallarta (which we enjoyed) and 4 times to the Roo. We never returned to PV or anywhere else on the Pacific Coast of Mexico because the beaches in the Roo are so white and stay cool (because made of ground coral) unlike the sand beaches on the Pacific, and because water cleanliness and visibility is so much better for snorkeling.

On our trips to the Roo, we stayed in Playa twice and in Akumal twice, although we spent time in Akumal when we stayed in Playa too. Our favorite activities are snorkeling, being out of the cold and snow doing whatever else we do, and exploring new places - restaurants, beaches, etc. We return in 11 days, 18 hours (using the countdown timer I got from reading on this list serve.
2005/01/14 17:03:25
jimbo = Jim
Small town in south-central Wisconsin
Been to Cozumel twice, Playa del Carmen twice, and second stay at Akumal commences in 17 days and approximately 21 hours.
It's a tie between a real margarita made with good tequila and fresh lime juice, a mojito, an anejo rum neat, an anejo tequila neat, El Presidente in a snifter, and on and on. It all tastes better on vacation.
2005/01/14 17:15:08
Kat in SAT
1. Kat in SAT
2. Texas
3. Been to the area 17 times since 1979 and returnng again May 2005
4. Sunning, snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring new places
5. Jamaica
Good tequila
2005/01/14 17:34:15
1. bluesky78676 aka. mel
2. Wimberley, Texas (hour outside of Austin)
3. first time to Akumal was October 04...next trip? A.S.A.P.[8D]
4. snorkeling, hammock on the beach, exploring new beaches, restrants with sandy floors!, happy hour at La Buena Vida...
5. love the Pina Coladas at LBV and the margheritas at Cueva del Pescador, but also love Trida tequila-the slow sippin kind. Didn't sip any tequila while in Akumal....my toenails just grew back from a bad experience where a "friend" challenged me to shots of his "Pucker" vs. shots of "my" good tequila that he could not believe was good enough to sip. I learned a valuable lesson about mixing cheap, nasty liquors with good tequila! OUCH. I've been aprehensive ever since to get back into my sippin mode![:(]
2005/01/14 17:36:23
1. name or LG board name - Kay
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country - Akumal Mexico
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back? I don't leave, am I allowed?
4. favorite area activity - emailing everyone.
5. favorite vacation drink - I don't go on vacation to drink I am too busy helping all of you go on vacation. But my normal favorites: horchata (rice drink NA), good wine, rum punch, and vodka w/mineral water. Tequila makes me wild, so be forwarned.
2005/01/14 17:39:38
1. JVMAN or Jeff, Vickie, Matt, Abbie, Nathan
2. Fond du Lac, WI halfway between Milwaukee and Green Bay (still a Packer fan)
3. My 4th trip to Paradise is one week from Monday!!! Jan 24, 2005
4. Snorkeling in Akumal Bay, laying on the beach
5. Pina Coladas or Rum and Coke
2005/01/14 17:42:38

Great idea!!

1. Teri aka Sunseeker
2. Grand Junction Colorado
3. 4 times to MR, I think.( actually I constantly, so I don't have to think)
Many times to Mexico and did most of the Yucatan ruins in the early 70"s. Now
you know I am proud to be over 50.
4. diving, ruins and beaching it.
5. mudslide
2005/01/14 17:55:06
crazyweech .......rob
since 1996 each year and twice last year and again in feb always to tulum
favorite activity....doing nothing and watching the magic unfold
drink....don julio chilled straight up
home town rhode island
2005/01/14 18:15:59
Ann, maybe put the Lol Ha gathering on the LG calendar as an event. Makes it easier to know the time and place in case somebody missed the thread. Seeya,
2005/01/14 19:22:13
1. Log-in: karenandsteve Real names: you guessed it, Karen & Steve (wildly creative I know)
2. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
3. 1 trip to Akumal so far.....more to come guaranteed!
4. Snorkeling, napping on the beach, exploring!
5. Daytime drink - cold cerveza Evening drink - Margarita on the rocks at Lol Ha!
2005/01/14 20:07:48
I used to live on Park Ave in Ra cha cha. I worked for an ad agency that worked on... you guessed it Kodak and bausch and lomb business. I loved living here but this was in the early 80's.


1. Lily62 really Karen
2. Rochester NY (Upstate)
3. First one will be in April
4. Will see (sure it will be everything)
5. Merlot and Diet Coke & Captin Morgans
2005/01/14 20:15:47
1. cja aka Chris (the male kind!) and Chantal
2. Canada's capital city - Ottawa
3. Once to the MR, second time coming up in 28 days (will be first time to Akumal)
4. snorkling, doing nothing, drinking
5. Anything with rum
2005/01/14 21:11:55
Kim, a.k.a QRoo1990

Aliso Viejo, Orange County, CA (halfway between LA and San Diego)

Trips to Riviera Maya in '90, '93, '95, '97....Making my long-awaited return (trip #5) on 2/12! Other Mexico destinations include 1 trip to Puerto Vallarta, 2 trips to Cabo, and countless trips to Northern Baja. I love Rosarito and Ensenada for weekend road trips! But NOTHING compares to the Yucatan Peninsula!

Snorkeling in cenotes and the ocean, exploring Mayan ruins, Lazing on the beach and swimming in that turquoise water!!

Superior cerveza & margaritas[:D]
2005/01/14 21:16:26
Been to 2 other places in Mexico on a Cruise/lst trip to Riviera Maya will be our family trip in July
We're looking forward to Snorkeling, tanning, eating and drinking!
2005/01/14 21:28:01
Pequeno Besar
Pequeno Besar ( Little Kiss ) - Diana

We live in the farthest reaches of northwest Washington, on the edge of Olympic National Park aka "The National Rain Forest". The east end of our county gets 13 inches annual rainfall, the west end gets 12 FEET annual rainfall. Hence the allure of the Riviera. It's beautiful here, but we watch it with long underwear and a whole lot of microfleece on!

We had been going to Akumal annually, but last year was awarded a 7 day Carribean cruise....of which we continually berated the shortcomings of the BVI's and Bahamas compared to Akumal. By day 3, I had Happy Hour down pat, but wished daily that we were in RM.

Given where we live, fish and the pursuit thereof is a large center of our activities, and we follow thru in Akumal. We fish, snorkel, seek out the fish market at the south end of Tulum, try various fish dishes in various towns/cantinas, etc.
My second favorite thing is eating the tropical fruit. But I'm sure you knew this about me by now.
We are like Fullerzoo....off the beaten path, always find/have an adventure!

Favorite drinks...pina coladas, Mexican beer ( what the heck - try 'em all! ) and rum fortified smoothies!

This is a great board - it makes me feel in touch with the RM, even if I have to live it vicariously through someone elses trip report!

Counting down the days - 76 to go!
2005/01/14 21:49:45
Nancy Terry
we live in Lawton, Michigan
5th trip to Mexico first to Akumal
Snorkeling is our favorite activity
Drinks? Usually a fruity tropical something or other shortly after arrival then mostly diet Coke
2005/01/14 22:01:39
Dawn in WI
1. Dawn (in WI)
2. Madison, WI
3. My husband Rod and I celebrated our anniversary in Mexico last year, so we've decided to bring the girls (ages 8 and 12) along this year for a family vacation in Akumal. We'll be there from March 19-27.
4. We're looking forward to snorkeling, but haven't done it previously. Sailing and kayaking, too.
5. Coconut and Mango Rum! If that's not available, the darkest beer that can be found!
2005/01/14 22:11:00
Sunseeker meant to say she is constantly on this board so she doesn't have to think. as a retired teacher, I should be checking my work. don't turn me in to the english teacher.

2005/01/14 22:15:35
ADK Gringo
1. ADK Gringo, Jim (& Michelle)
2. New Jersey, Central
3. 2 visits so far, next March 2005
4. "Real" Relaxing, meeting people, beach bar hopping, cenote exploring
5. Mojito, but will be meeting Don Julio this year.
2005/01/14 22:20:01
Jx2 or Jeff and Julie
Small town on southern Oregon coast ( wow theres 3 more here from OR)
Cancun(1) PDC(3) exploring everytime. Next trip(cant know yet)
Snorkling, Lazing on the beach, Titty Walks lol exploring new areas.
Victoria cervaza, De samador con stoli (screwdriver).(sp)?
2005/01/14 22:56:54
OOPS obviously that last post was me.[:D]
2005/01/14 22:58:46
Jeff in AZ
Jeff and Kathy Sun Lakes, Arizona we make four trips to Mexico every year we visit the Pacific side November and March we go to Puerto Vallarta and Huatulco, and Akumal June and September We love just sitting under a beach palapa sipping a drink and hearing the sounds of the ocean.
2005/01/14 23:01:59
Connecticut AKA Jennifer
Waterford, Connecticut
Have been to MR once and will be back again in April.
Favorite activity is anything in the sun.
Favorite drink, anything cold in the sun.
2005/01/14 23:14:19
The Hawk
Is this the Department of Homeland Security?
How did you find me here?
Didn't I fill out all the forms at the airport?
Darnit Marco, this spyware you sold me sucks.
Yea, yea I've arleady heard your "I killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die" routine Marco.
Go back to painting your toenails.
Whats this? Where am I from? Welllll, uh, Parts Unknown.
How many times to Mexico?
You mean legally right? How many times you got me down for?
Wait a minute. I want to talk to my lawyer. You got a peso for a call Marco?
You are not going to represent us Marco. Remember how much money it took to get us out of the last mess.
No,no. There was no property damage last time.
What do you mean 'just a little' Marco?
What arre you smoking? Keep your snorkle shut.
Never mind him he's had too many Petron shots.
Come with you? Uh, where we going? Downtown?
No, Marco. I don't think they are going to let us stop at a bar.
.....A little later.....Hey you guys, I got to go. Would you stop at that bar?

The Hawk
2005/01/14 23:23:11
Iguana Mama
Craig McColloch (I am a female)
St. Charles, MO
Have been to Puerto Aventuras 4 times, Akumal 6 times (I think)--going back in June
Scuba and snorkeling are my favorite activities
Favorite alcoholic drink is pina colada: favorite non-alcoholic is the apple soda
2005/01/14 23:30:00
happy@los suenos
1. Happy or happy@los suenos
2. In the capitol of Idaho
3. once before to Akumal, 2nd trip begins Mar. 17,05
4. I can't pick a fave. I love just watching the sea. I love how the colors go from blue, to aqua, to purple. It is indeed a jewel!
5. I found myself very fond of pina colodas last time. But maybe I will give the Marguarittas a taste.
2005/01/15 00:51:00
Hawk, You are too funny! You and I have the same warped sense of humor! Our minds work the same you and I. A typewriter ribbon of enchantemant and excitement running in one ear and out the other! And we couldn't/wouldn't be without it. I detect the same warped sense in other abiding here.
2005/01/15 01:42:36
Ohhh Shirleybird...to be sure...soon you will be part of the most warped group that are similar to ...let's say cigarettes...or cocaine...You will get hooked by the warpedness and you will find yourself unable to work....locogringo.com will be on your computer and...sure, you will only look once in the morning and maybe once before lunch...and soon, you will be like Rose. posting non-stop STOP NOW....I can't give you better advice, perhaps Rose can. Oh yes, and the Hawk is so interesting (pbhaaaaa) and Marco Antonio is so sexy (well, yes, he is) But, they are all a smoke screen to entice you into this web of locogring.com.....run don't look back....or.....you will be one of us...
2005/01/15 02:00:18

You are having better luck controlling your smoking than I am at controlling Locogringo.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello, my name is Rose and I'm an Akumalic (Sorry Akumalic!)!!
2005/01/15 02:04:40
DMurray407 aka Deb
We will be going to Akumal on Tuesday (YAY!) for the 2nd time-the first time was in Aug 2002
We (that would be myself and hubby Rich) just enjoy hanging out and snorkeling.
My favorite drink is a nice cold Coka and Ricardo enjoys an occasional cervesa.
2005/01/15 02:18:14
Needa & Rose...I too am an Akumalic. Hic up. Hic up. But I don't vow to give it up or even try to quit because I recognize who I am. AND I LOVE IT. 28 nights!!! Yes it's the sense of humor and comrades. How is the saying "One for all and all for one" We all believe and hope to return. Ancient tribal instincts?
2005/01/15 02:24:46
Ya, We are all in a serious situation. I understand that you have have a much longer and more serious addiction than myself. OH WELL...I'm on week three of cigarette withdrawl and my jaw is sore from chewin gum...Got a NICOTINE gum going right now...That will make you see stars...
2005/01/15 02:52:47
Marco Antonio

If you didn't make me laugh so much, I'd hurt you!

You are too funny amigo. Now please don't tell 'em about that girl in Reno.

I remember your exact words!


Oh, BTW does Needa know about that week-long poker run?

Back next week ya'll.

Marco Antonio
2005/01/15 03:09:18
1. Joan, aka Damselfish
2. New York, New York--It's a helluva town.
3. The MR, three times in the past three years. Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, too often to count, beginning in the late '60s.
and builing Maya temples on the beach with my grandchildren.
5. Hear, hear OK! Herradura Añejo--but will settle for Reposado in a pinch.
2005/01/15 09:59:15
1. mxco4me aka Terri

2. Superior, WI, on the shores of Lake Superior

3. This is my first visit to the Riveria area. I travel to Cozumel several times a year to visit friends and dive. This year we decided to give the Tulum area a try for a few days. The information you guys have provided has been wonderful.

4. Scuba diving in the morning and then spending a hot day on a hot beach with a hot man and a very cold beer. What can be better than that.

5. I think I'll have to say Sol. It's my favorite and I can't buy it here.
2005/01/15 10:08:42
Sunburned Gringo
Is it just me or is this thread kicking some serious butt!!!!!
Nice to meet all of my new friends, can you imagine a HUGE gathering?
Loco GringoPalloza or Invasion of the Loco Gringos
2005/01/15 10:15:53
MinnJim-Jim Jason(wife is Jan).
Northern Minnesota (Pretty clever board name, huh?).
March wiill be our 2nd time.
Finding the perfect beachbar.

Hey NancyJo, my brother lives in Lawton. His name is Jeff.
2005/01/15 11:30:16
1. Whale aka Jim
2. Centennial, Colorado
3. 2 to RM last April and November
4. snorkeling and exploring
5. Margaritas made with high quality tequila reposado. Haven't tried them all yet so still haven't settled on a favorite but Patron is up there.

2005/01/15 11:36:02
aka Pat (wife Glory)
Going to Mexico and MR since 1989. Glory's first trip ever to Mex was to HMB 12 years ago and she fell in love with it. Now we own in Cozumel.
Snorkel, find a new beach/bar, be awed daily by the great views!
Usually a Pato Marg and Glory has the juice of the day
2005/01/15 11:41:59
turtle girl
1. turtle girl aka Kim
2. Halifax NS Canada
3. 3 times to MR with #4 (1st to ABR) in April
4. snorkelling, R&R, people watching
5. margarita (no contest!)
2005/01/15 11:53:44
1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

Call me "Lor". It's short for a hard-to-say (for the average norteamericano) Hungarian name. My dearest wife is Joanne (er... she's actually my ONLY wife). She's all Italian.

We live in the hectic San Francisco Bay area.

First visit to Riviera Maya due to arrive in 22 days and about 3 hours, (where's that countdown thing somebody mentioned?) planning to stay 5 nights in a cabana on the beach near Tulum.
We've been to San Jose del Cabo and La Paz several times over the past 27 years. We try to stay out of Cabo San Lucas because it's overrun by the mindless people. Baja is relatively close and we only get to schedule vacation time together in short visits far apart. Our last trip together was 6 years ago. We love Mexico. Been wanting to experience the Riviera Maya for a long time, but knew it would need more than a couple of days! I'm sure it would really need a couple of months, or years, or maybe it will be a couple of lifetimes!
I myself have been going to Mexico starting as a teen with my parents. Even took a few lessons back then in bullfighting from a matador we met in the the grand Plaza de Toros in Mexcio D.F. It was interesting as a kid, but can't accept the concept anymore. My first honeymoon was in Mexico City. Driven all the main highways, seen almost all the big cities and the little ones in between, but not south of Taxco, yet. Will never forget driving across a raging river on a railroad bridge in the jungle north of Mazatlan at three in the morning because the road was washed out.
I'm secretely hoping we might stumble on a humble little affordable pied-a-terre somewhere around Tulum.

Looking forward to the beach, the ruins, the highways and the byways and off the beaten track, meeting the people, seeing the sky, breathing the air, hearing the surf and the palms, getting tan again, getting all salty and sandy and wet, running naked on the beach, the beach -- la playa -- playa... ...
(I just noticed what it says if you take the last letter off 'playa'.)

Cerveza fria during the day and Herradura Anejo in the evening.
2005/01/15 12:14:10
Well dang! My DSL went down the moment I sent it and somehow my post got put in under Guest. I am certain I was logged in as WildHorse while I composed it.

Call me "Lor". It's short for a hard-to-say (for the average norteamericano) Hungarian name. My dearest wife is Joanne (er... she's actually my ONLY wife). She's all Italian.

We live in the hectic San Francisco Bay area.

First visit to Riviera Maya due to arrive in 22 days and about 3 hours, (where's that countdown thing somebody mentioned?) planning to stay 5 nights in a cabana on the beach near Tulum.
We've been to San Jose del Cabo and La Paz several times over the past 27 years. We try to stay out of Cabo San Lucas because it's overrun by the mindless people. Baja is relatively close and we only get to schedule vacation time together in short visits far apart. Our last trip together was 6 years ago. We love Mexico. Been wanting to experience the Riviera Maya for a long time, but knew it would need more than a couple of days! I'm sure it would really need a couple of months, or years, or maybe it will be a couple of lifetimes!
I myself have been going to Mexico starting as a teen with my parents. Even took a few lessons back then in bullfighting from a matador we met in the the grand Plaza de Toros in Mexcio D.F. It was interesting as a kid, but can't accept the concept anymore. My first honeymoon was in Mexico City. Driven all the main highways, seen almost all the big cities and the little ones in between, but not south of Taxco, yet. Will never forget driving across a raging river on a railroad bridge in the jungle north of Mazatlan at three in the morning because the road was washed out.
I'm secretely hoping we might stumble on a humble little affordable pied-a-terre somewhere around Tulum.

Looking forward to the beach, the ruins, the highways and the byways and off the beaten track, meeting the people, seeing the sky, breathing the air, hearing the surf and the palms, getting tan again, getting all salty and sandy and wet, running naked on the beach, the beach -- la playa -- playa... ...
(I just noticed what it says if you take the last letter off 'playa'.)

Cerveza fria during the day and Herradura Anejo in the evening.
2005/01/15 12:23:53
Don & Dani
Rochelle, Illinois
14 days to 1st visit
Scuba, Horses
2005/01/15 12:39:43
susiej = Sue and Bob (just not feeling creative when I posted my first message and ended up with susiej)
Littleton, Colorado - Karen and I are from the same town. Also noticed Whale is not far from us and several posters from up in the mountains or down south.
Been to PDC 5x in the past four years and Tankah last July. Planning on a month in June
Love to go to the ruins and explore after reading about them; snorkeling and laying in the sun without 24 seven year olds standing next to me asking for help, a bandaid, the bathroom pass, when will we go to lunch, etc.
Don't drink a whole lot but do enjoy filling my mug up with gin and tonic so I don't have to get up too often.
Can't wait to go back!!!
2005/01/15 13:07:14
1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

myhappyplace aka Vikki
just moved to Dallas from Vegas by way of Cincinnati
Have been traveling the Maya Rivera since 85 and still love it
sunrise walks on the beach
dos, Dos Equies por favor senior
2005/01/15 13:45:11
1. Marsh - new member to board but not new to Akumal
2. Toronto, Canada
3. 5 times to the Akumal area since 1997, including one full month in 2001. Just sent Locogringo an email today hoping to book for two weeks in April. We have been to the West coast of Mexico twice.
4. snorkelling in Half Moon Bay and walking the road into town.
5. Dos XXX!
2005/01/15 15:08:23
Hola Marsh(a)

Welcome to LocoGringo Board - you're going to have fun here. Whereabouts in Toronto do you live? I'm in Etobicoke. The sun is shining - it's a Canadian miracle!!!

2005/01/15 15:13:46
Snow Bunny
We are from Fairbanks, Alaska. Last week it was -44F with thick ice fog! Now it is -10F with two new feet of snow overnight! [X(]

Have been to PDC and Cozumel on our honeymoon December 2003 and loved it. Now want to explore the mainland, looking for our paradise to retire to eventually.
2005/01/15 16:48:18
Hawk and Marco,

We also offer bailbondsman services if you need 'em! We don't have pull in the US but hey we know the 3rd world.



Is this the Department of Homeland Security?
How did you find me here?
Didn't I fill out all the forms at the airport?
Darnit Marco, this spyware you sold me sucks.
Yea, yea I've arleady heard your "I killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die" routine Marco.
Go back to painting your toenails.
Whats this? Where am I from? Welllll, uh, Parts Unknown.
How many times to Mexico?
You mean legally right? How many times you got me down for?
Wait a minute. I want to talk to my lawyer. You got a peso for a call Marco?
You are not going to represent us Marco. Remember how much money it took to get us out of the last mess.
No,no. There was no property damage last time.
What do you mean 'just a little' Marco?
What arre you smoking? Keep your snorkle shut.
Never mind him he's had too many Petron shots.
Come with you? Uh, where we going? Downtown?
No, Marco. I don't think they are going to let us stop at a bar.
.....A little later.....Hey you guys, I got to go. Would you stop at that bar?

The Hawk
2005/01/15 17:20:41

I used to live on Park Ave in Ra cha cha. I worked for an ad agency that worked on... you guessed it Kodak and bausch and lomb business. I loved living here but this was in the early 80's.


Kay, my sis lives in Rochester (we're both originally from California). when I get her down your way I'll have to have her meet you. She can talk to you about the diff between living in Ra cha cha versus in Akumal - and maybe we can get her thinkin' about moving down there[;)]
2005/01/15 17:26:45
1. SeaBabe
2. Colorado (near Boulder)
3. First went in 1995, have a British cousin who lives on Cozumel. Planning to go back this April.
4. swimming in flat see-thru sea
5. Mojitos
2005/01/15 17:29:59
This is Sue & Steve know as lillflower
We survive in Hudson, Wisc. -25
We are going for the first time in 9 days. Whoo Hoo
Favorite activity would be planning this trip. Locogringo has been a great for getting a good education. We will have to return several times to check out all the places I have learned about.
Favorite drink would be just about anything wet and cold.
2005/01/15 17:30:12
Kim in STL

2. I say I'm from ST. Louis only because no one would know where Bonne Terre is unless you have ever been diving in the Bonne Terre Mines, an old St. Joe Lead Co. mine that has been flooded for diving...kinda famous..LOL...in the process of building a new house in Farmington MO...still the boonies, but I love it...

3. Started out in Cancun, 1982 on our honeymoon...got sick of vacations there or moved south....first to Cozumel then various places along the coast...been several times to the Pacific, and many times to other islands...but keep coming back to the Roo because we know a good thing when we see it...been to the Roo at least 15 times and going back this March

4. My favorite "Do in the Roo" is snorkeling, exploring, shopping the grocery stores for local things....yes it's crazy but I love to cook and work on my culinary skills....runs in the family..my oldest son is a chef...

5. mint juleps...or when in the Roo...mojitos...or just plain old bourbon and branch...hehehe[;)]
2005/01/15 17:49:31
Ann in Dsm
1. Ann
2. Des Moines, when I have to work, Casa del Perro Feliz, Tankah when I don't
3. Every year since 1986 and usually 3 or 4 times a year. Used to camp at Xcacel, met my husband there, honeymooned there for 7 weeks, in 1995 we moved up to XPu Ha and then rented Sam's little hotel rooms. Back then it was really cheap and we have a seasonal business so we had the time, we always drove down ( still do) and used to stay for 1 1/2 to 2 months at a time. Those were the days!! Now I have to work more.
4. Just being there! Also, kayaking, diving, snorkeling & seeing my friends.
5. Fresh squeezed orange juice and good Margaritas- not at the same time though.
2005/01/15 19:31:17
lynnette in chicago
Great way to "meet" loco gringos! I answer to Lynne and hubby is Bob. We live in the far, far NW burbs of Chicago. We have been going to Mexico since we honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta in '87. Now that I am an akumalholic we will be alternating trips twice a year between Akumal & Isla Mujeres. Love them both.....it's a Gemini thing. Our favorite things to do are being beach bums, snorkeling, getting up VERY early to catch the sunrise (Lynne, anyway), trying new restaurants and regional food and photographing the incredible beauty of the Roo. Bob likes Mexican cerveza (Leon comes to mind) and I trade off between margaritas and pina coladas.... Gemini's like change. Our next trip is in April and I have to try a really great sipping tequilla.
2005/01/15 19:31:22
pdxman here, aka...Jim
From Portland, Oregon...I see several other Oregonians here!!
We have been coming to Akumal, and the Yucatan most winters since about '95.
The fave thing about Akumal...diving, snorkeling, touring ruins, drinking a frosty margarita on the beach...not necessarily in that order[8D]
Love the L.G.s
2005/01/15 21:06:53
Tony and Joanne
Hello everyone. Tony or Vato loco (when at C.O.A) Chicago,Northwest side,10 min.From O'hare. 5x, and that includes the vacation with our friends(that Joanne didn't count) . We will be back where we belong in Oct. for 2 weeks, celebrating our 25th anniversary. Beach time, building ruins that we have seen in the sand, exploring ruins. visiting the Hekab be Biblioteca with supplies and a donation, driving the roads to beautiful locations Tullum, Coba. and of course the locals. CERVESA at C.O.A. , that will be Corona Familiar in quarts. After dinner, espresso. Then Presidente or tequilla.
2005/01/15 21:51:12
CapeCod, Mass
4 visits, going back in March
beaching, ruins, exploring and relaxing
2005/01/15 21:53:56
1. Cenote2004 -- Andrew
2. Washington DC (30-something degrees here today....Riviera Maya it is not!)
3. None yet -- first time is a month away!
4. Hmmmm....looking forward to exploring ruins, snorkeling
5. Oh my.....too many to list! I'll take the easy way out and say an enormous margarita! [;)]
2005/01/15 22:15:17
Encantado Senora Kay,
I was born in 'Ra cha cha' . Haven't been back in several decades. Have done a lot of photography tho', some professional too. Will send in a graphic trip report when ours is done.
Best wishes and thanks for this message board.

I used to live on Park Ave in Ra cha cha. I worked for an ad agency that worked on... you guessed it Kodak and bausch and lomb business. I loved living here but this was in the early 80's.
2005/01/15 22:28:14
I am a newbie to this site and I just want to thank all of you for the vast amount of info. My wife and I, along with two friends, will be down in Akumal at the end of the month.

1. Bozone
2. Bozeman MT
3. Zero visits - 9 days and counting
4. Don't know yet (see #5)
5. Margarita or anything with rum
2005/01/16 11:00:19
ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Hey there fellow Loco's
I'm pretty new to this site but it seems to be a great group of people who all seem willing to help each other out with info on the Mayan Riviera, so lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

JAN aka Jen
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Just got back from first trip to Mexico (hope to have trip report posted later today)
Watching the sunrise from our balcony
Margarita's...It's been 5 days since I've had one...HELP!!
2005/01/16 13:47:34
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
We have never been to the MR, but are going March 20th!!! Can't wait!
I don't know what my fav. activity will be, but usually it is "soaking up the sun!"
I love my strawberry margarita's and daquiri's!
2005/01/16 14:22:03
Michelle aka Michelle
Barrie, Ontario CANADA (city one hour north of Toronto)
Leaving Tuesday January 18th - 1st TIME TO THE ROO!!!!!!!!!
Will advise favorate activity upon return...
Favorite Drink - I'll try anything - WHAT IS A MOJITO?
2005/01/16 15:22:14
ORIGINAL: Michelle
Favorite Drink - I'll try anything - WHAT IS A MOJITO?

Michelle - OK gave a good description of a mojito on another thread:

A great rum-based drink, originally from Cuba.
Much better with Cuban rum, such as Havana Club Tres Años (aged white rum), but in a pinch Bacardi Light will do.
* 1 table spoon of crystalized white sugar (the coarser the better)
* 5 fresh mint leaves
* mint twig for decoration
* juice of 1 freshly squeezed lime
* 2 oz of rum
* ice
* optional: water to taste for the long drink version

In a thick glass, gently crush the mint and the sugar with a pestle, in a circular motion. The sugar will become pasty as the mint gets crushed into tiny bits. The back of a teaspoon or the end of a wooden kitchen spoon can be substitued for the pestle.
Add lime juice and mix well.
Add the rum, and ice.
Stir, and decorate with mint twig.
You can always adjust to taste with more lime, more sugar or, in my case, more rum.
2005/01/16 15:55:47
1. "Lola" (my dog's name) aka Jen
2. Denver, CO
3. I've been visiting RM since I was 10 yrs old (thanks to adventurous grandparents). We will back again in May with friends and family to celebrate our wedding reception.
4. SNORKELING and exploring
5. Mexican cerveza, margaritas and pina coladas

To Bozone...I met my fiancé in college at MSU-Bozeman is a great town! We miss it a lot.
2005/01/16 16:01:00
1. snyde aka Dave
2. NW Minnesota
3. first time .... Tulum in March
4. can't wait to snorkel
5. haven't had it yet.... want one of those funny little drinks with the umbrella in it
2005/01/16 19:01:10
Linda in Houston
1) Linda Jones
2) Houston Texas
3) Visited Cancun in 1981, then Cozumel for the next few years.
Discovered Akumal in 1986 and have returned once or twice each
year ever since.
4) Snorkeling is favorite activity, close 2nd is getting to know the
wonderful Mayan people.
5) Pina-colada at Lol-Ha
2005/01/17 02:21:37
This is so interesting..Linda..What was it like in '86..What was Cancun like in '81. First time we got out was about 92. If I only knew then what I know now...oh..oh...I could have been Needa-Trump[:@]
2005/01/17 02:59:30
Palmbeachphil, phil from palm beach of course
about a dozen trips since 1987
scuba diving and fishing also exploring ruin
cerveza especially modelo negra
next tripo feb7 to xcalak, first time that far south
2005/01/17 05:21:04
1. Dakley (combination of our dog's names Dakota & Harley) aka Judy
2. Oakville (about a 1/2 hour west of Toronto)
3. Have been to Cancun twice, '86 & '97, Cozumel '92, the Roo '03, '04 and in March '05
4. relaxing in the sun, snorkelling, people watching, practising my spanish
5. definitely cold, Mexican cerveza & margaritas
2005/01/17 10:41:04
Hi Kay, Right now were getting some snow they say 2 ft. I don't think I would miss living here.... Oh yeah Kodak is my life for now and I did work for B&L years ago. Park Ave is still the same (All different types of people). I still have to go to Parkleigh every so often.

I used to live on Park Ave in Ra cha cha. I worked for an ad agency that worked on... you guessed it Kodak and bausch and lomb business. I loved living here but this was in the early 80's.


1. Lily62 really Karen
2. Rochester NY (Upstate)
3. First one will be in April
4. Will see (sure it will be everything)
5. Merlot and Diet Coke & Captin Morgans

2005/01/17 13:23:46
1. Andrea
2. Marshfield, Wisconsin
3. 4 times since 1999 - wish I had discovered it sooner. Planning #5.
4. Snorkeling, the Mexican & Maya people, helping the libraries &
scholarship program and finding the road less traveled.
5. That wonderful Iced tea that goes so well with the pescados del ajo I
always get for lunch at COA ~ then El Presidente, later.
2005/01/17 13:59:13
ORIGINAL: palmbeachphil

Palmbeachphil, phil from palm beach of course
about a dozen trips since 1987
scuba diving and fishing also exploring ruin
cerveza especially modelo negra
next tripo feb7 to xcalak, first time that far south

Hey palmbeachphil:
We were in Xcalak a couple of years ago, and had a great time diving and just hanging out.....totally laid back!
Since you're a diver, I hope you can get in a trip to the Chinchorro Banks. It was the most incredible diving...200'+ visibility, giant barrel sponges big enough to swim INTO, unbelievable !
And be sure to stop in at Costa de Cocos have a drink, and say 'Hi' to Dave Randall, he's a great guy.
Have fun.
2005/01/17 16:42:34
Up North Mark
1. Mark
2.Lake Nebagamon,WI
3.zero times,!st in 24 days
4.Snorkeling,zzoning on beach.
5.Margaritas or anything with rum in it!!!!!!!!!!!!![8D]
2005/01/17 17:27:47
Heidi in CO
1. Heidi in CO

2. We live in the foothills near Golden, CO

3. We have been coming to the Mayan Riviera area once or twice a year (with a few exceptions) since about 1989...so...I would guess about 16 times. In terms of Mexico, I've also been to Puerta Vallarta and Mexico City a few times. We also have been to a lot of the islands in the Caribbean and Hawaii several times. Can you tell we're beach people?

4. Favorite activity is snorkeling or diving and general hanging on the beach. Hanging out with Barry the Barracuda and the tortugas on Akumal Bay.

5. A GOOD Margarita (not the frozen kind) on the beach or a Negro Modelo (also on the beach!)
2005/01/17 17:45:15
Linda in Houston
Back in 1986, Akumal was so thick with tall palm trees, you could
hardly see anything else. This was before Hurricane Gilbert & before
the palm tree blight cleared the taller palms. For a few years it
looked pretty barren, but now the other palms are plush, just not
as tall as the blighted ones.
There was nothing on Akumal Bay past where the ABR is now, just
raw beach all the way around the south point of the bay... really
beautiful. The Lol-Ha was there as well as another restaurant where
the CEA is now.. I think it was called Zaci or something like that.
The ABR was a much smaller hotel & not all inclusive, the Las Casitas
condos were there (original ones), the Villas Maya Bungalows were there of course, but not the hotel part. The 2 dive shops were there as well
as Super Chomak Grocery. Everyone gathered at Lol-Ha
Beach Bar for happy hour just like now.
Of course, there were few fishing boats in the bay compared to now.
Half-Moon Bay was only about 1/4 the development it is now.
The highway was only a very narrow 2 lane road at that time with
6 foot drop offs and no shoulders. Very little development past
Playa del Carmen, just a ribbon of asphalt thru the jungle. Puerto Aventuras was already in operation though & we wondered for several
years how it kept afloat, so ahead of its time.
Cancun in 1981 was just a few large hotels on the strip, the last on
the beach being the original Sheraton. We took ferry to Isla Mujeres that year too and wow how it has changed.
Akumal was magical then ... and it still is.
2005/01/17 18:28:45
Thanks for the story Linda. Why didn't you buy all of Half Moon Bay? Would of only cost a few pecos. Shoot..hindsight
2005/01/17 18:57:39
XamachDan aka Dan Hazard
Issaquah Washington- just east of Seattle
I go down about once a month- I bought a little resort at Km 32 on the Boca Paila-Punta Allen Rd-Very remote and Quiet-I have been building a new restaurant and it is beautiful- great Mayan builders- nice beachfront with 2 cabanas for rent.
I'll live down there for good when my daughter gets a little older.
Snorkeling, fishing, and everything else that goes with being in the Sian Ka'an.
Favorite drink- chilled shots of Gran Centenario Anejo Tequila!
2005/01/17 23:59:30
Ann in Dsm
Needa, here's what it was like South of Akumal. XelHa was there but very cheap and basically just a cool place to snorkle & the only place to buy a hamburger south of Akumal. We used to kayak in there to the river. Xcacel & Chemuyil were thriving campgrounds, Ciudad Chemuyil was not built & was a place we'd go to watch birds or go to the cenote. Tulum had 3 to 4 restaurants. The beach road was under an amazing palm canopy and had about 7 small hotels & camping areas. Tankah had not yet been developed, the old coco road was the only way in & you had to go in at the ranch entrance by the little ruin by the road. When they did put the road in & sell the first lots they were around $20,000 a lot. Phone calls were made at the Larga Distancia or you went toPlaya or Cancun to make them. Same w/changing money- usually we did it in Cancun until Playa got banks. Also Tulum was the only gas station until Playa. Hey Linda, remember conch & ceviche at the old XPu-Ha restaurant? And yes, it is still magical!
2005/01/18 00:07:57
XamachDan, I want to be there too! Hope to take a day trip ther from akumal. Where?
2005/01/18 00:12:59

We're planning to take a little road trip down to Xamach Dan's place and stop in for lunch on the way to Punta Allen...Let me know if you'd like to caravan!

2005/01/18 00:19:43
XamachDan, do you want to adopt me and the Hawk?? We are ready to leave the snow! Your place sounds like heaven. If anything, I would like to spend some time there when you are open for business. And to Ann and Linda...I am too jealous of your lives to even talk to either of you.!! Ann, is this the point that your dad got the Tankah property? What a great legacy...whew Keep these stories coming...I am thinking it needs it's own thread...Someone start it!
2005/01/18 01:04:41
1. kootenaytravellers-James and Robyn
2. Nelson, B.C., CANADA
3. First time going to the RM
4. Too much to decide on right now-looking forward to good food and drinks, beaches, snorkeling and one day of flyfishing
5. Gotta be the marg with cerveza a distant second. Although I do like the sounds of this sipping the Tequilla thing.

Love this site. Found it most helpful.
2005/01/18 01:28:06
Sunburned Gringo
Welcome to the boards my neighbors to the North, would you like to borrow some snow?
2005/01/18 01:40:25
ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Welcome to the boards my neighbors to the North, would you like to borrow some snow?

Had -18 for a week, and then it snowed 40 cm (15 inches) today. Looking forward to March.
2005/01/18 02:05:14
Linda in Houston
Ann & Needabeach,
We visited Xpu-Ha beach at I think entrance #6, it was called
Bonanza Beach, with camping and a small row of basic rooms.
There was no other development for as far as the eye could see.
Never ate there, just enjoyed the incredible beach & jumping the
Ann, is this the same beach area your friends own? At the highway
entrance to Bonanza Beach was an incredible restaurant with Yucatan
dishes, I think owned by that same family. So sad to hear of their loss
the other day.
Used to visit Xcacel beach at night to go on turtle walks with the
college professor & students from university in Chetumal and got to
know Pat Quattlebaum, the turtle lady quite well. Will never forget
my first time to experience a mother turtle laying her eggs, covering
them and lumbering back to sea.
Chemuyil Beach was truly "the most beautiful beach in the world" as
the sign said, especially when still flooded with towering palm trees. Do you remember the grilled seafood platters they served right on the beach with lobster, conch, fish, shrimp?
I'm glad I was fortunate to experience the area before all the rabid
development... but somehow, it still holds its magic.
Sure wish I had thought to buy some property back then...
shoulda, woulda, coulda....
Needabeach, The local Mayan population lived along the road heading
into Akumal Bay, about where the Hekab-Be Library is now. The government started building the little cinderblock houses at what is
now Chemuyil Pueblo and forced them to move there, far away from their beloved Akumal Bay. Some moved back to Akumal, but were forced out again, so they started building their homes across the highway & that is how Akumal Pueblo began.
Ann, please correct me on some of this if needed. It is just what I
have observed & learned from locals & ex-pats others over the years.
2005/01/18 03:01:52
Irene in NJ
1. name or LG board name : Irene aka "Irene in NJ"
2. place you live ie: Old Bridge, NJ (central, 10 min, outside of New Brunswick)
3. number of visits...: 1st visit to Mexico was Cancun in 92, 2 visits to Akumal, 1 visit to Tankah and planning the next in 10/05 to Tankah again.
4. favorite area activity : snorkeling, lying on the beach, reading, snorkeling, eating local cuisine, snorkeling, kayaking, walking the beach, did I mention snorkeling, searching out flora and fauna....star gazing......
5. favorite vacation drink : Dos XX prefered indulgence and an occasional Margarita on the rocks, sans salt.
2005/01/18 09:50:51
Gale in KY aka Gale
Walton, KY USA aka Northern KY aka South side of Cincinnati
Only been once..will be going back as soon as I count my pennies!
Tulum..would love to venture down to Xcalak next time..beach bumming and all that goes with it!
Margarita, Coco Loco, Carribean Sunrise was good too.
2005/01/18 11:13:38
Gale in KY
ooopps...forgot that pesky login...
The above is me!
2005/01/18 11:28:04
QRoo and ShirleyBird,
I will be there Jan 29- Feb 5 and again March 22.
Here is where we serve drinks and food now and a picture 2 weeks ago of the new restaurant- should be finished by Jan 29http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v202/XamachDan/restaurantsmall.jpg[/image]
2005/01/18 13:12:56
2005/01/18 13:17:12
2005/01/18 13:23:18
Maybe this will work
2005/01/18 13:30:27
2005/01/18 13:35:25
2005/01/18 13:36:33
1. name or LG board name roxygirl aka michelle
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
vancouver, bc canada
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back 1st visit this coming May 2005
4. favorite area activity snorkeling/scuba diving, horseback riding, bask in the sun
5. favorite vacation drink tequila sunrise, chi chi, corona
2005/01/18 13:40:30
2005/01/18 13:42:27
Ok I give up for now
2005/01/18 13:43:41
I'll just use this
2005/01/18 13:49:47
happy@los suenos

QRoo and ShirleyBird,
I will be there Jan 29- Feb 5 and again March 22.
Here is where we serve drinks and food now and a picture 2 weeks ago of the new restaurant-

Dan, Is your place easy to spot if you are on the highway? About where is it located? We will be down March 17-March 27 and plan on coming down to Sian Kaan one of those days. I would love directions on how to get there. Thanks
Senora Feliz
2005/01/18 15:08:59
happy@los suenos
PS Your links do work to the pics. Great!
2005/01/18 15:11:06
richard in carolina
I am new to Loco Gringo.
found the site and made reservations thru them for a house(villa(
in south akumal.. I have been to cancun and Isla Murjuis but first trip to

We are from Columbia South Carolina
Going down in May for a week.
Loojk forward to doing lots of snorkeling and ruin hopping.

2005/01/18 18:53:51
richard in carolina
Oh forgot favorite drink Margaritas on rocks

unstand the we dont have real tequlia in states so we will have to try
some of theirs.
2005/01/18 18:55:46
ORIGINAL: diggs59

Don & Dani
Rochelle, Illinois
14 days to 1st visit
Scuba, Horses

Hi Don and Dani:
Are you leaving on the 29th as we are? Where are you staying? We'll be at the ABR for 10 days.

Angela (BunkeeBurns)
2005/01/18 19:21:20
ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Hey there fellow Loco's
......lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

1. Angela aka BunkeeBurns
2. Aiken, SC
3. First visit to Akumal coming up at end of January; second to the Riviera Maya. We
stayed at the Sunscape near Tulum in June of 2003.
4. Snorkeling
5. Don't really have one; prefer something non-alcoholic
2005/01/18 22:37:46
Senora Feliz,
Just follow the Boca Paila Rd from Tulum 32 Kilometers and you will see the sign for Xamach Dos on the left.
Hope you make it there.
Dan H
2005/01/19 00:42:44
Xamach Dan,

The pictures are incredible! Unfortunately, we'll miss you since we'll be there from 2/12-2/21. We are planning to drive to Punta Allen though, so I'm wondering if Xamach Dos will be open? I'd love to stop in for lunch and a drink...

2005/01/19 00:47:33
Hey Dan:
So curious. How long ago did you get your property? Anything of interest available that can be built on?? I know that Tulum has a lot of building permit problems..did you have any problems? Enlighten me oh wise property owner.
2005/01/19 00:48:47
thanx for the tips pdxman
2005/01/19 03:08:54
thanx for the tips pdxman i hope to make it to the banks
2005/01/19 03:10:08
Ann in Edm
Ann in Edm - Ann in Edmonton
Alberta Canada
3rd trip back to Akumal
favorite things to do - in the water - snorkeling, diving[:)]
favorite drink - if there is alcohol in it - it's a favorite[;)]
2005/01/19 07:59:45
Hi Everyone,

Steve and Dena Smith
Denver Colorado
Been down there 8 times
We like diving, exploring, relaxing and meeting new friends
Good sipping tequila for me and the fruity drinks for Dena
2005/01/19 10:07:29
Lori from KC
1. Lori in KC - Lori
2. Shawnee, KS - burb of KC
3. Visiting since 1998-at least a dozen trips. Currently we make it twice a year. Next trip March 2005
4. Diving-Xcalak and Akumal
5. SOL
2005/01/19 11:53:54
happy@los suenos
Visiting since 1998-at least a dozen trips. Currently we make it twice a year. Next trip March 2005

How very lucky for you Lori! Twice a year!
Where is your thumbnail pic taken?
2005/01/19 14:35:36
happy@los suenos
Where is your thumbnail pic taken?

I guess I was having a flash back from my younger days haha, I looked back and there was no thumbnail pic by your name. So never mind.
2005/01/19 14:41:46
Hi... I am late introducing myself....but

LG Name is AlaskanGringo.. Vicki
We live in Ketchikan, Alaska a small island of 15,000 people with 30 miles of road, as far south as you can go and still be called an Alaskan!
We have only been to Akumal once, just a month ago.....OMG.. feels like forever....We are going back in April, to do things we missed and find land to buy, I hope!
My favorite drink is Don Julio... sip it, slam it, mix it or share it! But, I didn't have time to try others... .so that will be my next mission, trying some of these favorites!
Favorite thing to do........Beach, Snorkel, Sunrises, Moon and star watching, talking to the Mayan people and drinking whenever I want, eating whenever I want, sleeping whenever and doing whatever whenever! This is a family board, right!

2005/01/19 14:47:51
Tappy (Tam)
Louisiana (near New Orleans)
only been once but going back this summer
snorkeling and relaxing /shopping and sightseeing
Margerita and/or Sol

Love this board....lots of good info !!!!
2005/01/19 19:05:12
I just signed up on this forum. My family and I stayed at the Bahia Principe Akumal in June 2004 and are now hooked on the Mayan Riviera. I grew up I L.A. CA and the Pacific and have been to Puerta Vallarta. Forget that!! We love the Caribean and Mexico. Now that we have extended family interest, we have been looking into a Villa. Anyone out there have experience with this, and what are your thoughts???
2005/01/19 19:16:02
happy@los suenos
ORIGINAL: happy@los suenos

Where is your thumbnail pic taken?

Lori, I guess I was having a flash back from my younger days haha, I looked back and there was no thumbnail pic by your name. So never mind.
Okay so there is a disappearing photo by your name Lori. It is of a Palm Tree and what looks like a long bridge. Where is that taken? Thanks so much.
(Really, people, I am quite sane. Haha)
2005/01/19 22:02:14
The new restaurant will definitly be open-ask for Gary-The hardwood floor is going in this week- I will post a picture when I get back. Actually last Sunday there were 16 people eating and drinking at the tables on the beach. I think you will love it there.[;)]
2005/01/19 22:10:08
Thanks, Xamach Dan!! Very much looking forward to stopping in...I'll be sure to ask for Gary! And thanks for posting all the pictures! Xamach Dos looks incredible!!
2005/01/19 22:13:33
I closed the property about 4 months ago- quite a grueling process only because I didn't know what I was doing. Luckily my friend who knows the Boca Paila Penninsula knew about this property and helped me make a deal. There were a couple of realtors in the beginning who did not know what they were doing and tried to sell me Ejito land ( communal land )
Let me know what kind of land you are interested in- I will check it out next week.
I think the Sian Ka'an is the best place by far. It seems a long way down now..... That new bridge looks pretty big for just a dirt road.....
Anyway I know the process now.
I'll help in any way I can.
ORIGINAL: Needabeach

Hey Dan:
So curious. How long ago did you get your property? Anything of interest available that can be built on?? I know that Tulum has a lot of building permit problems..did you have any problems? Enlighten me oh wise property owner.
2005/01/19 22:34:38
Thank you so much for the info. I'll be pm-ing you!
2005/01/19 22:43:28
1. name or LG board name

Steve N

2. place you live ie: state/territory/country

Aurora, Co.

3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back

In the past 4 years: 18 - next will be either late Feb, or certainly for our next clinic in mid-March

4. favorite area activity

Doing the work of our NPO, visiting with friends, SCUBA, nuttin at all...

5. favorite vacation drink

una Piñata, gracias
2005/01/20 01:57:44
Lori from KC
Still not sure if you wanted to know where my pic was from or not, but I'll tell you anyway [:D]

The picture is at Casa Carolina in Xcalak. This is your view from your room each day. Ahhhhhh!
2005/01/20 10:46:55
happy@los suenos
ORIGINAL: Lori from KC

Still not sure if you wanted to know where my pic was from or not, but I'll tell you anyway [:D]

The picture is at Casa Carolina in Xcalak. This is your view from your room each day. Ahhhhhh!

I don't blame you for being confused, LOL! I certainly was. Thanks for letting me know. Mucha Bonita!
2005/01/20 11:33:58
South Florida
first visit feb. 9th
spa-ing, snorkeling, chilling. touristing!
tequila in all forms [8D]
2005/01/20 13:25:07
1. Scrapper AKA Beth
2005/01/20 17:15:21
Guffey Colorado
6 times
stay at playa blanca
be there feb. 13
snorkel city[:D]
2005/01/20 17:19:02
Sorry about that! Will try again!

1. Scrapper AKA Beth
2. Tulsa OK
3. None yet - planning our first trip May/June 2005
4. Hanging out at the beach, snorkeling, touring the area and getting to know the people,
drinking - especially good tequillas and Mexican beers -and eating!
5. beer during the day and Margaritas at night - LOTS of H2O inbetween!
2005/01/20 17:23:59
cactusman AKA John and Kathy
Jonesville, MI, 1 1/2 hours west of Detroit
I've been to Cozumel 3 times and Playa once in the mid 90s. Kathy and the kids (5 total, but only 3 still at home) will be traveling outside the USA for their first time in late October/early November.
Looking forward to the ruins, snorkeling/ diving, exploring, and meeting the Mayan people
I'm a tequila man, and Kathy will be nursing those ice cold cerveza
This is a great site, with wonderful people. We will be down Oct 29 thru Nov. 12, 2005. Hope to meet some of you then, and others on future trips.
2005/01/20 20:53:24
1.Lexhawk a/k/a Mike
2.Iowa (the Hawkeye state)
3.2 x's to Cozumel, 1st time to Akumel in March (60 days and counting)
5.Cerveza (cold is preferable, but I'm flexible on the brand[8D])
2005/01/20 22:25:41
Mark in STL

I am fascinated by your stories of the Riviera Maya before all the development. Thanks for sharing your stories. I really feel I missed out on something special not visiting the area 20 years ago.

It saddens me to read your account about how the Mayans were forced to move because of development. At times I wonder if their lives were improved or worsened by the massive invasion of tourists.

Was it you that posted a picture of Chemuyil Bay on this site quite some time ago when it was still lined with tall, curved palms? Chemuyil Bay is still beatiful, but it must have really been special before the palm blight. If it was you that posted the picture, please do so again.
2005/01/21 00:54:58
Akumal Angela
Stillwater,Mn. And a cabin where it was quite cold when
we were there last weekend,minus 30 degrees...

Looking forward to my second trip to ABR in three weeks.
Love the snorkeling,and since have gotten my diving certificate.

I'm sure the blue water will be much warmer than the iron pit mines
of Northern Minnesota where I did my test out dive...

Can't wait to have a cocktail or two,as long as it's by the water...
2005/01/21 14:46:40
Lori from KC
Akumal Angela,

My sister-in-law lives in Stillwater MN. She is your State Senator. I hear she is creating quite a stir in St.Paul. Have you heard of her?
2005/01/21 15:02:48
name Trish
Boston, MA (It's 10 degrees right now and a foot of snow is on the way[:(])
We're taking our 2nd visit to Tulum in April, but been to cancun twice (1st in '85 and second in '96 decided then that we were never going back. not our scene at all. LOVE the RM)
Beach, beach, beach -anything on the beach;swim. snorkel, sleep and read
We (my hubby and I) love negra modelo. I also indulge in a few margaritas and tropical drinky things when on vaca. Hubby can't do the liquor - we dont have enough bail money for that!
2005/01/21 16:25:34
1. Flash 03 (Annette from Iowa) Earned my name from my first trip to Mexico. (Too many Cervezas).
2. Eldora, Iowa
3. Went to Cozumel once and going to Akumal in 58 days!!!
4. When in Cozumel we rented Jeeps and visited the bars on the other side of the island. What I remember of it, was very fun.
5. I'm a beer woman at heart, but love the tropical drinks too.

March 20th can't come soon enough. Right now the weather is 23 with freezing rain. I was just introduced to your website and find it absolutely facinating the responses you get. See you in 58 days!!
2005/01/21 16:34:22
1.GA.peachieJC, aka:Julie

2.GA, as you could guess!

3.First time in Mexico ... 19 days, 8 hours (Feb 10) to Tulum...hopefully to return often!

4.Sunbathing, relaxing with a little drink with an umbrella, snorkeling and exploring the area is my plan!

5.'Ritas, Coronas, and hopefully Sex On The Beach...the DRINK...get your minds out of the gutter!!! (Ok, that wouldn't be bad either...) [:D]

Hope to get to know some of you and learn something about where I'm going in the next 3 weeks!
2005/01/22 03:32:46
...and hopefully Sex On The Beach...the DRINK...get your minds out of the gutter!!! (Ok, that wouldn't be bad either...) [:D]

I've heard that both are pretty good ....at least that's what I've heard!
I'm sure you'll have a great time there Julie.
2005/01/22 11:29:19
1) redsoxman a.k.a. Rich Hubbard (although my wife Andrea logs in sometimes under this, so if it's a sappy post about Jimmy Buffet that's her, not me.

2) Los Osos in the beautiful Central Coast of California. Maybe you've heard of Morro Bay or San Luis Obispo? We're just about smack in the middle of LA and SF off of Highway 1.

3) Visited in '95, '97, '99, '01 and '02. Right when we were getting into the groove of going each year, my wife's birth-mom's husband died three months after our last visit. They went with us on every trip, so we're sort of in a transition stage right now. Hit Florida the last two years (nice, but not nearly as great as QR). Aruba is this year, then our good friends have us booked for Hawaii in '06 and Costa Rica in '07, so it looks like the earliest we'll be back will be '08. And if that happens, the wife has been making noises about going all the way down to Xcalak.

4) Favorite sea activity is laying on the beach.....

5) ....drinking an ice-cold Corona.
2005/01/23 00:28:05
Dallas, TX
Been to Maya Riviera 2 times and going 3rd time in June.
Snorkeling & chillin
Beer & Tequilla
2005/01/24 18:20:09
Mark in STL.. No, it wasn't me that posted photo of Chemuyil Bay
with all the tall palm. My computer skills are limited & I don't know
how to post pictures.
I wish whoever posted it will do so again!
Been offline for several days. My daughter had heart surgery 1/19
and I have been busy with her and her kids.
2005/01/24 22:51:15
The name is Steph (and Brock who just has me ask questions).
We are from Salt Lake City, Go UTES.
We stayed at AI in Puerto Aventuras a couple of times. May will be our first trip to Akumal and HMB.
I love snorkeling, Xel Ha is great (without the crowds) and rallying around on the old beach cruisers.
Give me a nice cold cerveza with the occasional pina colada thrown in. I also really love a good Jaeger shot eery now and then. Do they have those in Mexico????
2005/01/24 23:16:02
1 mndr aka Mindy
2 Peoria, IL (you know "Will it Play in Peoria")
3 8 times in the last 10 years Cancun twice - Cozumel 1 time, Playa
once and the rest in Akumal (my favorite)
4 sitting on the beach with a good book and a . . .
5 cold chilada (thanks Kay)
2005/01/25 15:01:49
Hey! I'm a newbie to this site. I'm gettin' obsessed with Mexico...anyone else??? Looking forward to sharing what I can and learning lots from the expert gringos. [:D]

1. Tara (aka beachnut)
2. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
3. Went to MR March 2004, second trip in 60 days!!! (March 27-April 3)
4. Lying on the beach, snorkeling (Yal-Ku was awesome)
5. Virgin pina coladas

Hey, Yvonne! All of my family is in St. Albert. I saw in another post that you're going to the Palladium. You will LOVE it there. We're headed to Bahia Principe Tulum this time.
2005/01/25 19:05:43
1. name or LG board name
mbresso (Mike and Mary Bresso)

2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
San Francisco Bay Area -- need I say more?

3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
Three (3) times in the last same number of years -- we'll be back either this Fall or Spring 2006 (we're getting married in May, 2005 so "have" to go to Europe...shucks, huh?)

4. favorite area activity
Snorkeling, getting spashed by the waves in Tulum, meeting fun fellow travelers like ourselves and climbing the miradors at La Buena Vida, soaking up the rays with a good book

5. favorite vacation drink
Standing (until too many:) Tequila SHOTS - duh!!!!!
Sitting or Laying: Pina Coladas
2005/01/25 19:52:12
Felisa aka Faith
Chicago, IL
Just got back from my first trip on Saturday, 22 - just might be going back in March or April
Snorkling and stumbling onto the beach looking for a palm tree to nap under after...
Margaritas! and maybe a couple of Sol.
2005/01/25 20:55:57
Puerto Vallarta(1988)/Ixtapa(1992)...Cancun(May2005)
Seaside with a brew, my toes in the water!
Ice cold Corona
2005/01/25 22:11:36
Bill Karaffa
Boulder Junction Wisconsin
4th trip this March
Snorkeling, diving, lying on the beach and eating, not necessarily in that order
Coka Lite
2005/01/26 00:01:29
My turn ! [:)]
1. name or LG board name : Totote
2. place you live : France (Normandy)
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya : 1, last Christmas; and when you are going back : hope soon, missing the beach and the sun already...
4. favorite area activity : laying on the beach, and standing in the water and feeding the fish. I love when they take the bread from my fingers !
5. favorite vacation drink : the choice is too difficult ! Bloody Mary maybe.
2005/01/26 13:33:38
rita in socal
1. Name: Rita
2. Live in El Segundo, in sunny (not today!) Southern California
3. Been visiting Mexico since the early 70's, 1st time to Cancun was in '75 (gorgeous & uncrowded!), Akumal 5 times since late 70's. Hopefully going back this June, yeah!
4. Snorkeling, soaking up the sun, exploring the area, meeting the wonderful people, playing in the wonderful sand!
5. Margaritas, Margaritas, Margaritas, oh yeah, sippin good tequila!
2005/01/26 13:48:25
2005/01/26 21:54:17
Hi I am marybeth from Rhode Island...we have been to cancun, Cozumel 3 times playa del carmen and in a couple of weeks Puerto Adventuras....
Favorite place Cozumel reef Club (resort and Jungle jims Buggy Tour)
lpaya del carmen too many places and things to do!!Loved it, Can cun I like to visit for 1 night only, and Puerto Adventuras i dont know yet but i will report back to everyone. We usually go with a large group this year it is 25 people. favorite drink(s) Dos Equis and slammers of course served by a cute cabana boy...my husband is taking a nap...come to think of it he is always taking a nap...maybe thats why I hang out with cabana boys(only kidding)

Quote: What a long strange trip its been...[&:]
2005/01/26 23:00:39
Deb Reed
Fairbanks, Ak

Been once last August - it was hot, returning March 10 - 17.
Sitting on the balcony with my sisters drinking beer and playing dice.
Playing on the beach until 5am waiting for it to cool off enough to sleep.
Dinner at a beach bar every night.

Dos XX
2005/01/26 23:49:04
That sounds so nice, Deb! Pulling all-nighters in the RM is a blast [:D]!
2005/01/26 23:51:51
We are leaving for the Palladium Grand in 3 days! Still looking for a phone # for The Fat Cat catamaran tour - thinking of doing it. Also looking for someone, someplace to see the stars through a telescope. Anyone have ideas? Thanks a bunch:
Deb in Pittsburgh (brr)
2005/01/27 12:06:42
Guest...check out this link for Fat Cats...I was looking last night & found it! No phone number, but you can email them! Have fun!

2005/01/27 12:59:49
1) Sandman and his lovely wife Karen
2) Cheeseheads from Greenbush WI
3) We have never been to Akumal before, but will be there for 10 days in March. Have traveled extensively in the tropics.
4) Snorkeling, exploring, ruins,.......drinking & eating??
5) Cerveza and tequila
2005/01/27 22:54:27
1. Jaybird
2. Fraser Valley, British Columbia
3. 3 so far. Next trip is march 19-26 in Tankah
4. Reading on the beach
5. Margarita[:D]
2005/01/28 23:51:27
1. UGoGirl (aka Jean)
2. Maryland, USA
3. This will be my first visit!
4. Beach walking is my personal favorite, but I'm sure I'll find something new by the end of our trip.
5. Another new to find out!

This is a first for me in traveling ... My daughter went to Cancun 2 years ago and still talks about it, so when my husband won this all inclusive trip through his work -- needless to say, I'm excited and can't wait to experience Mexico. We're staying at the Riu Palace and the online pictures are gorgeous.

Any tips for a first-timer a definitely welcomed!
2005/01/29 10:39:44
1. Tami (tcdc135)
2. Kansas--aloooong way from anysoft white sand beaches!
3. Returning to Akumal for 2nd trip in April. Bringing kids this time (12 & 13 yoa)
4. Beach and snorkeling
5. not picky! Frozen and fruity or ice cold corona w/ a lime
2005/01/29 20:55:15
1. Hans
2. Netherlands
3. visited QR only once in 1990, just me and my wife. will return to Tulum with our 3 kids (7, 10, 11) in May
4. snorkeling, beach, explore the country, eat & drink (in any particular order)
5. cerveza & margarita
2005/01/30 08:38:16
1. The Gringo Kid
2. Mexico City (but yes, I am proud to be a gringo)
3. 8 or 9 visits, for pleasure and work (really!)
4. scuba diving, running & swimming, getting a butt-tan!
5. Limonadas con agua mineral, pina coladas, cuba libres
2005/01/30 20:09:09
over 200 replies and counting[:D]
Good job you crazy bunch of gringos

I almost forgot to email about my cooler
2005/01/30 21:29:36
Sunburned Gringo
OOPS /\ that was me[&:]
2005/01/30 21:30:32
GM y Rodrigo
Hola Gringos Locos,
We're new to this & just figured out we should introduce ourselves:

1. Rodrigo & GM Garcia
2. We moved from sunny AZ to Portland, OR mid 90's. B4 that, Rodrigo was born in New Castle, England, raised in Mexico City. GM Colombian-American raised in AZ.
3. Rodri lived in Cancun, then Playa 1987-89. Re-located from MX to USA 1990 & just went back to the Roo (last X Mas) for 1st time in 14+ yrs. GM, on the other hand, had never been past the borders of Nogales, Tijuana & Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco). Fell in love with the Riviera Maya & going back with Rodri in March 2005!
4. ACTIVITIES: Snorkeling, waterskiing, anything involving H2O, beer, shopping & good food/service
5. VACATION DRINK: anything in a pinapple or coconut shell
2005/01/31 21:22:19
Dripping Springs,TX
sleeping in a hammock
2005/02/01 21:51:24
1. Name = Douglas Evans (Svenski is nickname from snow ski instructing)
2. Place you live: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
3. Number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back: Going there in November 2005 (2 weeks)
4. Favorite area activity: Snorkelling, drinks under a palapa, talking with the locals
5. Favorite vacation drink: All cerveza's, Margaritas.

I enjoyed the posts here so much, I just had to sign up.

Alice, I have been to Puerto Vallarta several times, and I enjoyed seeing the school in "Old Town". It is my desire to obtain books on primary reading and the sciences, and donate them to the local schools. Our next trip is to Puerto Morelos in November of 2005 (staying at a friends guest house - he lives there in the winter) and I was wondering if primary reading books in English are any good to donate to the schools? I may be able to find some in Spanish but it will take more effort.

It is a long range goal to live in the area for a few winter months each year myself, and I would consider doing some basic science demonstrations or lectures to the kids at the school (free of course). I have done some of this already in schools up here. I have discussed this idea with my wife and she is thrilled, but we could use some direction on what to bring with us in the way of books. Seeing your post on the subject was enough for me to sign up! Thanks!
2005/02/02 15:36:04
DenAnn - Dennis & Ann Dore
Hubbards, Nova Scotia,Canada
First time to ABR (11 days & counting) We've also been to Dominican Republic (twice).
Cuba, Puerto Rico, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen
We love to snorkel, which is why we chose Akumal as we had heard great things about it.
We also love exploring the beach and surrounding area and lazing under a palappa with a frosty drink and a good book.
Favorite drink, pina colada, banana mama, whatever.

Way too much snow here, need sun and heat!
2005/02/02 18:31:33
1. lindar
2. BC
3. Been there twice, going back in April
4. Beach
5. Whatever they're serving!
2005/02/03 00:23:08
1. Beachcomber AKA Karen & Russ
2. Salt Lake City, Utah
3. Leaving May 1st for our 3rd trip to the Riviera. We have always stayed in Puerto
Adventuras but we are very excited to try HMB.
4. My husband enjoys the fishing both deep sea and a casual fly fishing excusion in the
early morning hours. I enjoy Mexico...I love the people, the music and especially
enjoy exploring new places.
5. a Margarita is my choice, a cold cerveza would be my husband's. The local bartenders
have nick named him "2 beers" (one for each hand.)
[:)] I can't wait to hop on a plane bound for the Riviera Maya.
2005/02/04 00:34:46
Hi I'm a rookie. First post anywhere. Joined because I loved reading about all your adventures.
Edmonton, Alberta
First time will start in 37 hours!!!
WE fell in love with Mexico last year in Puerto Vallarta
Love Paloma as a beverage!
2005/02/04 01:30:24
1. A.J. Better known as Alan amongst other things

2. I live in a small village called Somersham in Cambridgeshire ,England

3. I have never been to Akumal/Maya . Have been all over Europe and my kids are getting to be inquisitve teenagers and told me we were going to Mexico.
4. My son wants to fish and dive, i want to see the pyramids and tulum,
my wife just wants peace and my daughter wants to swim with dolphins..so i guess Akumal will fit the bill well

5.beer ,beer, and more beer.
2005/02/04 11:52:09
1.WIDave aka Dave and Julie
2. near Madison Wisconsin
3. Not been to Akumal but we are planning a trip in October, have been to Cozumel 2 times and Isla Mujeres.
4. Exploring the towns, trying different foods and relaxing on the beach.[8D]
5. A margarita as big as your head![:D]
2005/02/04 19:15:13
name or LG board name barbj
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country ///boca raton florida
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back //may 25?
4. favorite area activity //beaching .5. favorite vacation drink
2005/02/04 22:34:32
opps left out how many times 8x....i was a loco gringo for many years but then something happened to my log in etc...and had to re register ...oh well.....
2005/02/04 22:38:25
3.5th visit in March 6th will be in August
4.South of the Tulum Hotel Zone
5.Pina Colada
2005/02/06 01:40:45
1. Michael
2. Too close to St.Louis
3. Once...but it aint the last
4.I love it all !!!!!!!!!!

Just back from fisrt trip to PDC and and like many,many many more folks,planning a return visit pronto.
2005/02/06 05:28:30
Stonecold - aren't you a wrestler?????????????????
2005/02/06 08:27:48
Hi there,

Kevin & Angela from Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
late 30's - no kids
Going to Akumal Feb 12-26, 2005 - staying at the ABR
Our first time to Mexico (been to the DR before)
Enjoy a great beach, snorkeling, and relaxing
Beer & rum favorites
2005/02/06 11:37:50
Welcome to the board Kevin & Angela.
2005/02/06 11:56:06

3.5th visit in March 6th will be in August
4.South of the Tulum Hotel Zone
5.Pina Colada

Welcome aboard Michael (Tstar)[:D]
2005/02/06 12:23:16
Thanks jx2. Look forward to being on the board.
2005/02/06 12:41:06
Hey SG, Did you just return from Grand Palladium?

If so, how was it? Any do's or dont's?
2005/02/06 22:54:58
Vagabundo de Playa
Dickie--Vagabundo de Playa
Crystal Lake IL USA
Planning our first trip in June ( wife and I are 40 - 7 & 10 yr old daughters )

Beach & Salt water!- I grew up 12 miles from the Atlantic and my Dad always said, "Salt Water is good for the skin and body"

Cerveza, Margirita,Planters Punch, Daquari's--you get the picture!

LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2005/02/08 00:04:01
Hi VdP - don't forget about it also being good for the soul!!!

Welcome to Loco Gringo Land - it's a wierd and wonderful place!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005/02/08 11:09:08
How rude of me to just stop by and start posting without saying hello!!
My name is Whitney and I live in So. Cal.
We first found PDC about 4 years ago, and compared to Cancun, it was HEAVEN. But that was 4 years ago.
On that 1st trip we found Akumal and I just about fell apart. TODAY THIS is HEAVEN!!
So we've been about 5 times in the last three years. We are hoping to buy something there too.
As far as beaches go I love Tulum beaches the most, wide and short walks to the beach, but I also enjoy electricty in the morning, so Akumal is about my fav. I can relax for HOURS upon end there, like nowhere else.
We do a LOT of ruins. Feel free to ask....esp about Ek Balam..WOW. But my favorite thing is all about a sunburned back from snorkeling :o)
and then a burger and pina colada at Lol Ha.
What a great board! What a great site!!
2005/02/08 16:24:14
Welcome Whitney - great to have you onboard!!!
2005/02/08 16:31:19
lil red
welcome aboard whitney...ask you your opinion...which is beteer for you, xacaret or xel-ha?
2005/02/08 16:37:21
I actually love both! Xacaret is an ALL day event...costly but worth it. beautiful beach front if you are lucky enough to make it through the park in time for sun or sunset...
incredible turtle breeding grounds there ---HUNDREDS of them....a butterfly farm you can walk though, a zoo(which i find a bit depressing) dolphin experience and show, maya village, ruins, scale models of most of the ruins in Q.Roo. an underwater river which you float down in a life vest....it's cool if you have fins, and you can rent them there. Bring a towel and some dry clothes to change into afterwards. There are two sides to the river, one is decidely better than the other..if you can ask someone what the older side it, go with that one. The new one has a cool trip though the maya village, but the rest feels artificial. top off the night with the INCREDIBLE show featuring the history of the Maya. Fire hockey (just as it sounds) live music, a ball court demostration and dance! It's fabulous and has a cast of HUNDREDS. i have no idea where they come from. Personally I like the first half the best, but if you are a fan of dance stay for the second half which is more traditionaly mexican. Totally worth the price of admission, but do plan to make it an all day event. The restaurant on the left hand side as you go in past the entrance and the food court is VERY good with some traditional mayan and mexican food.

Xel Ha is strickly for snorkeling, and it gets pretty crowded and touristy, but again, it's worth the trip. Much cheaper than XaCaret, but much more focused on one thing...the snorkel. The fish are waiting for you as you step into the water. Another beautiful beach front area to lounge in...plenty of places to do that...on the lagoon, on the beach, in hammocks and lots of beach chairs. You can make this an all day event, but you can take in plenty in two hours.
Lockers to rent so you don't have to worry about your stuff.

A very cheap alternative is Yalku in Akumal. 6.50 a person....no lockers, no hammocks, but totally worth a trip. Again the fish are just waiting for you!
Just travel lighter to this one and plan to spend an hour or two.
when ever i bring this place up i HAVE to mention that two years ago we did see a crocodile on the center island there. he never came in the water, but it was kinda freaky. about four feet from head to tail. the manager said he never bothered anyone, and i heard the exact same thing from a dive master in PDC, although I have never heard anyone else talk about him...so i don't know if it was a one time event or, hopefully they humanely got him out of there. What i would have given to have a water camera with me that day!

Hope that's not too much info, and I hope it helps!

2005/02/09 03:39:26
So rude of me to take advantage of everyone's wonderful graciousness and not introduce myself...
Debbiedoes MX...Deb (actually my family are the only ones who call me Debbie. It always reminded me of the "Debbie Does Dallas" flick. By the way I'm a bookkeeper not a porn star) HA!
My husband and two kids 19 & 17 live in S Williamsport, PA which for all you baseball fans is the "birthplace of Little League" The World Series is played about a mile from our house. Crazy that time of year...
I've only been to Cancun once last year by the grace of God and Spirit Airlines making a huge mistake of not giving us the complimentary drink coupons I asked for but instead flying us to Cancun.
On the first trip I was so taken by the water I knew I'd be back...Taking my hubby, sister & bro-in-law in April (18-28)
But instead of staying in Cancun we're venturing out to find new horizons for next year.
Sure wish I wouldn't have booked our condo before I found this site.
Snorkeling, Sunsets, Sunrises, Sleeping(not!), Sitting on the beach w/wo a book but definitely a cold cervesa in hand & that other "S"word...
sipping anejo w/wo sangrita, Dos XX, pina coladas when I'm trying to keep my wits about me
2005/02/09 09:17:10
ORIGINAL: DebbiedoesMX

By the way I'm a bookkeeper not a porn star) HA!

Either are welcome Debbie.
2005/02/09 09:59:26
Thanks CJA but I could've really used the money from all the royalties to buy property in RM if I was the star!!! EH?[;)]
2005/02/09 10:07:37
lil red
thanks whitney....it does help a lot...
2005/02/09 16:11:52
Atlantic City Area, NJ
1st timer to LG & PDC in May/June
snorkeling, "beaching it"
Absolute & Seltzer w/ slice Lemon & Lime
Cool & Refreshing w/ a kick
2005/02/11 12:59:28
1. Newbutt aka David Newman
2. DFW
3. 3rd adventure will begin 3-5-05 at Riu Playacar
4. pool bar[8D]
5. pina colada w/dark rum

2005/02/11 20:17:17
Hi Whitney,
Haven't been to Xacaret yet,but plan to check it out in March. We've been to Xel Ha once & loved it. We spent the whole day there & did'nt see half of it. I also like the food there. (anything was better than the Moon P.) I'd go back in a heart beat. Don't know if I'm brave enough for Yalku. Croc's are one thing,but I take a lot of photo's & would worry about my camera.

Question: do you know if you can just show up & pay at the gate(either park) or do you have to have a reservation? I read somewhere you can catch the bus for a $ or 2 & just walk in for the road.
I also read if you can find out what days the ships are not in port,the parks are not as crowded.

2005/02/11 20:43:55
Hi David,

I have never seen Yalku crowded. You can get right in at the gate for 6.50 a person.
don't expect the same scene at Xel Ha...no lockers or lounge chairs, but without a croc in the water you can stay in there for hours.

XCaret is the same, just show up, with about 50 bucks to get in. This is seriously an all day event...Now the the cruise ships are not stopping in Playa I have no idea if they do a lot of those Cruise ship day trips out of cozumel...I'm sure they do. But even if it's busy I have not seen it overwhelmingly crowded. You always have elbow room. We are not fans of getting up early on vacation, but Xcaret is the exception.

We always rent a car so we don't really deal with the collectivos (buses) but I have no doubt you can catch one at least to to road, if not to the entrance. Maybe someone else will have more experience in that area!

Have another great time!
2005/02/12 01:56:55
Been down 6 times or so
looking at that turquoise water..or being in it
2005/02/12 11:05:21
1.murphygoode, aka laurie

2. menlo park, ca (45 min. south of san francisco)

3. been to mexico ~ 10 times, including 4-5 times to Qroo. will be in isla mujeres & merida in march with husband but not kids!


5. margaritas made w/fresh lime juice, no syrupy mix
2005/02/12 23:11:43
couldn't help but notice how similar our profiles sound! (mine is right after yours.) just curious -- do you live in southern or northern CA? where in Q.roo do you most like to go?
enjoy those margaritas,
PS: blue is my favorite color, and i could be happy forever just staring at the many gorgeous blues of that water!
2005/02/12 23:21:59
Jomoty (our kids names combined)
aka Kathy & Denny

Taylorsville, UT

Been to different parts of Mexico but first time to Akumal and the Roo was last June. That was absolutely the best!!!! We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and was fortunate to meet Heidi from Colorado, her hubby and daughter. Hi to Heidi and family! It would be great to see you again sometime in the "Roo". We are counting down for our next visit this June.

We love to snorkel, beach-bum, explore new areas etc. etc.

2005/02/13 14:13:26
The above Guest is me. Sorry.... I thought I logged in. But is sounds like I'm in good company with a few of you. Maybe I turn into a "Guest" as the 2nd hour approaches.... he he
2005/02/13 14:17:06
Hi All!

I go by "letterdude"...I'm a mailman. My name is Mark and I'm from Kelowna, British Columbia. My girlfriend and I will be heading to the Mayan Riviera on February 18, 2005...woohoo1 First visit, for me.

I'm really looking forward to snorkelling and checking out the ruins, as well as meeting folks - both local and visitors.

If it's cold and refreshing...just put it in front of me! Cheers!
2005/02/15 09:18:34
Going there for first time april 20 (can't wait)
When ever we travel I like to get as much info as I can before we go (this site is fantastic and everyone is so awesome)
I'll let you know what my favorite drink is when we get back
2005/02/16 14:50:19
ColoGringo.. a.k.a. Ken
from Loveland, Colorado, just north of Denver, front door to the beautiful Rockies!
Heading back down to Riv on 3/1 for my FIFTH visit, this time with a big group of friends!
Fave activity.. whoa, that's tough. Probable snorkeling in cenotes (just religious!) followed closely by meeting the myriad of fun folk from all over the world!
Pina coladas at 10:00 a.m. - can't do that at work! :)

Staying at the Palladium Kantenah.. anybody have any reports on it? Any folk headin to Riv from Colorado (or thereabouts) the 1st week of March? Let's meet for margs!
2005/02/16 15:04:58
Laurie/Murph - I LOVE your expression "Beach Trance". It sums up the feeling PERFECTLY! May I borrow it to use in the future?
2005/02/16 20:34:14
Sunburned Gringo
Hey ColoGringo, looks like my group will just miss you guys, we will try and leave a few drops of alcohol. Check the all inclusive board for some trip reports or you can PM me if you have any specific questions. Have a good time.
2005/02/16 22:31:08
Auburn, California
It will be our first time to Akumal in June
Snorkeling, lying in the sun, being with family
2005/02/17 00:39:38
1. Cathy aka Lakeside
2. Upper Peninsula of Michigan
3. 4 times to Mexico
4. Anything as long as I do it in Mexico
5. Cervesa!! Mucho Cervesa.
2005/02/17 13:41:01
1. Momto3
2. Buda, Texas - just outside of Austin
3. 1st time to MR this coming June - several times to Cozumel many years ago - pre-marriage and kids
4. Don't know yet - probably just beaching it
5. Got to be ice cold cerveza
2005/02/17 16:07:53
Oops - I just introduced myself without being signed in.
2005/02/17 16:09:22
Hi My name is Brenda AKA Brendarella
I live in Oklahoma
My husband and I have visited Playa del Carmen 4 times, we go each year
and once to Cozumel
I love the Ocean & Beach
Mojito. Lots of mint. Getting ready for a big trip to Playa del Carmen area in June. and again in September.
Love to live there.
2005/02/17 18:28:56
maria & dorado dave
central pennsylvania
8 times r.m.- we don't count cancun in 97-we were to young to know better.
snorkeling, fishing, exploring the road, meeting people.
cold superior and aged tequilla.

next trip 02-23-05 are we there yet?[8|]
2005/02/17 22:43:16
dorado dave
Log on complete. Enjoyed our short time as guests. Really love this site.
Any information on the fishing this week? Akumal or Puerto Aventuros?
2005/02/17 23:37:45
Hi there!
* Belem AKA Belle
*Houston Texas
* I was born in Mexico, so I go back about once a year.
* 2 times to the MR, 1st time to Tulum and Akumal
* Horchata, agua de melon, michelada, TEQUILA!!!! [:D]
2005/02/18 11:59:29
2-Indianapolis, Indiana
3-Never been, can't wait to go on July 30th
4-Relax and take it all in! [:D]
5-Margaritas and shots of tequila...YUMMY!
2005/02/18 21:48:41
1. Christy - Txaggie
2. Houston, Texas - If you have the balls to drive here, you can drive anywhere!
3. 1 time AI Iberostar Paraiso Beach; last year Akumal Caribe -no contest, Akumal is the way to go!
4. Snorkeling, lying on beach, visiting with locals
5. I love mexican beer, especially Leon Negro and Montego. Wish we could get it imported here to Houston. Of course, margaritas are always good too!
2005/02/18 23:45:00
Sunburned Gringo
Good to see all the new members, welcome aboard

I was really just looking for an excuse to brag that I will be there tomorrow[:D]
2005/02/19 20:18:18
Sunburned gringo,

Brag away!!! What is the first thing you are going to do when you get there. I am jealous!!!! [:D]
2005/02/19 20:23:09
Mount Pleasant SC
About to make my 13th trip since 1998.
Love working with CEA and VIDAS. Most of my trips are work related but I am not complaining. I have met the most wonderful people and I love the area. When I am not working I like to hang at the local spots or snorkel. Xel-Ha's lazy river is one of my fav relaxations too.
Favorite drinks...chiladas, michiladas, margaritas. But the absolute best is an ice cold beer after a salty snorkel...nothing better than that.
Hope to see some of you on one of my trips.
2005/02/20 11:09:50
Hello everyone!
1. sevenvalleygal aka Laurie

2. Central NY state (near Syracuse...go Orange!)

3. Our first visit!

4. snorkeling rules!

5. tough one! Since we're in Mexico..margaritas!
2005/02/20 15:43:25
Sincere thanks to all on this forum...have really helped us prepare for trip!

-Lee's Summit, MO (KC suburb)
-Mayan Riviera virgins.....until 5/20 at the Palladium (probably not PC to say Mayan and virgins in same sentence, huh?)
-Looking foward to snorkeling, Tulum ruins and most of all.....relaxing.
-Ice cold cerveza and margaritas

2005/02/20 16:37:40
I'm very new to site - just found it yesterday! (still trying to figure out how it works!)
Leaving in 40 days - going to Xpu-Ha (Copacabana)
Would love to have as much info as possible...
like to lay on the beach, snorkel, drink, drink, eat, drink, etc...
Want to try tequila in Mexico!
I'm really psyched - been to Dom Rep. 3 times, but never
to Riviera Maya...
2005/02/20 19:26:28
dorado dave
topless fishing? cheap trick, sorry. any fishing reports from Puerto Aven.?
We are uptight americans who think that only 20-somethings can put on
speedos or go topless on the beach. we do not believe in evolution or
freedom of expression nor the beauty of the human body in it's many forms
and colors. we are narrow minded and arrogant. I shan't go on about our strong points.
we fish the M.R. every chance we get and long for input. Any fisherman out there?
[;)] just kidding in the main body. don't freak.
2005/02/20 20:19:15
Welcome Caralyng. If you have any quesgtions on how this site works, just ask away and you'll get lots of help. And if you have any specific questions on Copacabana, just start a new thread and ask away. In case you're not sure how, just click on "new post" and give it a name with meaning like "questions on Copacabana" and ask away.
2005/02/20 20:23:33
1. Angie aka rackburt

2. Jackson, Mississippi

3. 4 visits so far and leaving in 2 days !!! woohooo [:)] (sorry, I just had to get that out) [;)]

4. Looking at the ocean, looking under the ocean and looking at a frosty#5 being handed to me with one of those beautiful smiles [:D]

5. Decisions, decisions, I guess I'd have to say a good old fashioned cerveza, Corona please (it's become a cliche' but I remember when it wasn't) Oh, and a close second, third and fourth would have to be a good mango margarita, some fresh OJ and some good local coffee. These can come in any order and they're just as good- [8D]
2005/02/21 22:19:03
richard in carolina
Richard in Columbia SC
Only been to Cancun, Isla Murjures one time.
Snorkled Isla Murjures, nice be not that great.

Never to Akumal... Be there in May. Cant wait. Taking the whole family.

Love snorkeling, margaritas, Seafood,and most types of music.
2005/02/21 22:38:51
Asheville, NC
first time will be next week (early March 05)
chillin' on da beach
beer, what else?
2005/02/22 12:57:17
1. John/Carmen
2. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
3. will be 1st time in Dec./05
4. want to snorkel, sightsee, relax on the beach and party[:D]
5. us Canadians will drink just about anything
2005/02/22 13:13:38
[:D]Name: TexasHoney - Kimberly
Residency: Texas....
Havent been yet, trip planned for June 05
HHHMMMM, still making up my mind.
Anything frozen with lots of alcohol
2005/02/22 16:09:59
dorado dave
Hello Kay,
My lovely bride and i are visiting in the area 2-23 thru 2-27.
will stop in akumal for snorkeling. w/say hola to the
Loco-Gringos if we make contact. Great site. thank
you and your lovely husband.[:)]
2005/02/22 18:45:43
1. theratpackdoll aka sasha

2. i'm from hawthorne, ca

3. i've been to akumal with my family 2 times, and we are suposed to go back in june after i graduate. i hope that it really does happen cuz its been entirely too long since my last visit. i feel like i'm going into withdrawals or something lol.

4. i just love to sit around and do nothing, with the sun beating down on me, a tree shading my face, a gentle wind flowing over my body, and the light, steady sound of waves coming onto the shore. ah, yes. beautiful. oh! and snorkling takes up a lot of my time there, also.

5. hhmm...even though i am not technically aloud to drink their just yet, i have to say either a pina colada(of course) or a corona with lime. such a cliche, i know, but wonderful none the less.
2005/02/22 20:07:36
1: yellowcake aka Nancy

2:Minnetonka, Minnesota

3: Akumal, stayed at villa La Luna couple years ago. So far only my body has returned to Minnesota.

4: Snorkling, exploring, hanging out, eating and absolutely nothing

5: Mayan Coffee at Lol Ha and agua de sandia at the loncheria
2005/02/23 07:58:01
1.) Aja a.k.a Ajavu
2.) Fayetteville AR
3.) going to soliman bay next summer for the 1st time.
4.) cant wait to snorkling,eat,get a great tan and do nothing.
5.) not sure yet but cant wait to find a great drink while im there.
2005/02/23 18:53:03
Hi everybody, been visiting this site for years but only recently was able to register !!

Name - rjfitz AKA Ann
From - Huntington, Long Island, New York
Visits - Been to the Roo 6 times and can't get enough !
Favorite Activities - snorkeling at Yal Ku, drinks at La Buena Vida (aka "The Skeleton Bar" to my 6 year old daughter), watching the sunrise over HMB, lunch at Cafe del Mar on Xpu-Ha beach
Favorite drink - do I have to choose only one ? Leon is my favorite local beer, otherwise a good margarita or rum punch will do
2005/02/23 19:16:08
Welcome all you recent new Locogringos!! You'll love us all in no time!
2005/02/23 19:40:11
Lockey - Ian to my friends!

7 years since I was last in Mexico, returning this summer with my 15month old son and wife.

Live in the NE of England where it's cold and snowing heavily right now.

Looking forward to some top enchiladas and many cool cervesas!

Hello to you all!
2005/02/24 17:02:31
I dont have a name yet but will see if OhioAndy will work

Um- I think I just answered this one too - Cleveland is the city

5 visits total - last one in January of this year 2005.

Activity for me is diving - just getting OW. For us - any kind of "adventure" that takes us off the beaten path. Also - eating local.

Mojito! no question. but I don't restrict to Vacation time.
2005/02/24 17:44:42
Well, I've been a "lurker" for years, but am out of the closet, now!!
1. Screen name - AlwaysDreamin (because that's what they call me at work when they catch me on this board!)
2. We're from Texas, near Houston
3. My husband and I have been to Akumal 6 times, hoping to make it 7 this fall in late September.
4. Favorite drink - anything my husband fixes for me!! Actually, my favorite drink is an early morning Bloody Mary, sipped while walking on Akumal Bay looking for sting rays.
5. Favorite activity - sorry, can't pick just one! Top three picks would have to be (1) snorkeling in front of our casita on Akumal Bay, (2) Delivering toys to kids in the pueblo and school, and (3) Eating pizza a Pizza Leo's!!
2005/02/24 18:04:46
I guess it's about time I introduce myself, even though I've been around since Kay and Gary started this website.

*Graydogmom - I own and raise Weimaraner dogs - the gray ghosts, as they are known, thus the name.
*Live in Marietta, Georgia (a northern suburb of Atlanta)
*Been going to the area since '82 - attended several Locogringo parties and met the infamous Chuck & Alice, Lori in KC, and of course, Kay and Gary. Been and stayed in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal (Oasis Akumal, mostly - we love the waiters/bartenders), & Xcalak. Next trip probably First week of Dec. to Merida/Celestun & then, Akumal - this month's spotlight was perfect.
*Favorite past-time is finding new cenotes and off the beaten track restaurants and eating fresh seafood on the beach (our favorite place used to be Xcaret when it was totally undiscovered...it was magnificent and the Blue Parrot in Playa when it had winding paths lined in conch shells and coconut trees on the beach - sooooooo many memories!)
*Favorite drink is anything w/tequila.
2005/02/25 11:15:26
From nashville, Tennessee
It will be our first time May 12th
Lying on the beach
Pina coladas and anything else with rum in it!
2005/02/25 15:01:56
1) Kathismom (but also Max's mom) sometimes known by my name of Sara
2) The people's republic of Boulder, CO
3) Cancun club med 2 times, St. John virgin islands 3 times, Provo, Turks and Caicos 3 times - dilema now is where to go for 10nights south of Cancun with the teenagers..
4) horseback riding on beach, scuba, snorkel, eating, reading and relaxing.
5) beer!
2005/02/26 11:18:43
1) Linda L. (so I don't get confused with the other Linda) Summer is a nickname from many, many years ago when my hair was long and blonde with a lots of Summer Blonde
streaks from a bottle. [;)]

2) Toledo, Ohio--OK's city of origin

3)OK, so now I'm showing my age [X(], but heck, the older ya are, the more great vacations ya have under your belt-right? Mexico and me: 1974-Acapulco for honeymoon and still married to Rick 1976-returned to Acapulco 1979-Cancun. It was just being developed and Sheraton was pretty much the last strip resort. 1980-Cancun again. It had already grown a lot in just a year! 1999-Cozumel on a cruise, so does this count? 2005-Cancun and Playacar. I know a lot of people dislike Cancun, but I just have to see it again. I know it's Vegas-like now, but love the resorts and restaurants and will be happy to be on the beach at FAGCB soaking up the rays! Staying at the Riu Palace in Playacar and plan to do lots of day trips. Also love the "old Mexico" feeling I found in many places years ago and expect to find again in Akumal. I'm a teacher, so can't wait to get to Akumal and donate to the school and library.

4) Husband loves to dive, I love to snorkel. Love standing in the ocean with no one around, but God and me. We expecially like to try new places to stay-anything from nice resorts to condos/villas to small, local "cute" places. Also like experiencing MANY new restaurants. Did I mention buying lots of local art and crafts?

5) My "party hearty" days were left back in the 80's, but still enjoy homemade Sangria, Banana Coladas, Rum with pineapple-orange juice and splash of grenadine, and any new specialty drinks we come across.

Nice to meet everyone! [8D]
2005/02/26 15:09:44
1 - BigSky aka John
2 - Helena Montana
3 - Just returned from 1st visit one glorious week
4 - Laying on the beach, swimming, people watching
5 - 3 star (Rum, Amarreto, OJ)

2005/02/27 16:28:16
Hello all! My 1st post[:)]
1. moe
2.North (yikes) of Minneapolis, MN
3. Been to RM & Cozumel 3 times (so far - can't wait to go back!!)
5.gotta love those Stawberry Pina Colatas!!!
2005/02/27 17:16:55
Hey sunburned gringo. Names Diane from Crystal Lake, IL been to Cancun, and Aculpulco. First time mid-August. Love reading, snorkeling, sleeping - of course after some tropical fufu drinks! AHHHHHH......Need help in finding non-mega resort, clean, fun place to stay. Any suggestions? There will be 5-7 of us. Im liking the condo/villa idea. Also like the Hotel Club Akumal Caribe bungalow idea too. Actually I love 'em all. We just got 2.5 inches of snow (yuck!!) last night. Have a good day![;)]
2005/02/28 11:17:18
My wife and I are debating Akumal or Playa del Carmen. We've heard the swimming in Playa is better and that Akumal coast and beaches can be less clear. Any preference for one or the other?
2005/02/28 20:18:09
Beach Bum 4ever
1. LaTanya or newly known as Beach Bum 4ever[:)]
2. Stafford, Tx
3. I will be going to Akumal for the first time in May, but I spent the last 3 years vacationing in Puerto Vallarta and I'm looking so forward to the beaches because I was told the beaches are better in Akumal.
4. Snorkeling & Reading
5. Dr. Pepper[:D]
2005/03/01 10:31:37
1. Beachykeen (Jenny)
2. San Francisco, CA
3. Going to Tulum in May! First time to Riviera Maya!
4. Probably will be swimming, snorkeling, and scuba
5. Rum punch or a cerveza
2005/03/01 16:03:01
happy@los suenos
My wife and I are debating Akumal or Playa del Carmen. We've heard the swimming in Playa is better and that Akumal coast and beaches can be less clear. Any preference for one or the other?

Guest, you would get better response if you would make a new post with this as the title.
PS Akumal is far better then Playa. Playa is just a mini Cancun. Lots more boat traffic at Playa.
2005/03/01 20:09:56
1st visit to Riviera Maya will be April 2005
snorkling and pool bar[sm=kiss.gif][sm=kiss.gif]
frozen friuty drinks with rum,rum,rum!
2005/03/01 22:01:01
Captn Midnight
Captn Midnight
Thunder Bay, Ontario
1st timer..end of March
2005/03/02 07:57:07
Katy, TX
May will be 3 for me (Akumal this time). Cancun and Playacar so far and just keep moving south.
Not Working
Coffee (Nothing like Mexican Coffee)
2005/03/02 12:07:16
Cool question.
Paul Fewster. Hamilton Ontario Canada.
Lived and worked in San Miguel Cozumel back in the 80's. Had to leave after Hurricane Gilbert since the reefs got so beat-up.
Been to the Costa Maya about twenty times since.
Future plans- opening up a bar/ restaurant in St. Kitts and Nevis, should happen this summer.
2005/03/02 12:27:23
Ltsgotomx Mark

Trips: 1st trip to Riviera Maya area going to the BPT May 31st. Made many trips to the Sea of Cortez Rocky Point. Cozumel once a couple years ago.

Location: Phoenix, Az

Favorite Drink: Cervesa
2005/03/02 14:59:55

1. credrudy
2. Arvada Colorado
3. This our first vist to Akumal. We were in Matzalan in 1979 for spring break our senior year in HS
4. Snorkeling, Reading, Drinking, and baking in the sun
5. Cervesa

We arive at BHT in about 55 hours
2005/03/03 10:10:27
1. Brian
2. Colorado Springs, CO
3. About 3 times, going back in May
4. Snorkeling, getting off the resort & having real Mexican food
5. Chelada / Mojito
2005/03/03 10:54:32
Hi Yall.. I'm Britney and no I am not british or anything like that. I am a Texas gal never lived any place else. I'm 21 and almost been married a year this coming May. Been to Cancun numerous of times as a child and a honeymooner and been to Playa Del Carmen for a day trip and Cozumel and am now looking for something a bit quieter and relaxing..Never been to Akumal but think its what the doctor ordered.. My fave drink is strawberry daiquiris..That's all I can think of since I am not too experienced yet exploring this big old world compared to some of these members on the board.. Looking forward to finding all the information and exploring the ruins at Tulum...
2005/03/03 17:51:10
1. jhorne451 aka Jean

2. Scottsdale, AZ

3. Never been, going for the first time this July, 9-16, staying in Soliman Bay, extraordinarly excited

4. I imagine it will be the snorkeling, followed closely by a good book and a hammock

5. Gotta go with Margaritas or a cold cerveza
2005/03/04 21:51:59
Grand Rapids Mi
Have been to the Play Akumal area 5 times
Snorkleing and enjoying the surf
Cold Cerveza[8D]
2005/03/08 13:02:45
Gamble in KC
My name is John Gamble and my lovely wife is Brittany. We live in Kansas City, Missouri. We have been coming to the Mexican Riviera area every year since our honeymoon 12 years ago. To Akumal specifically for the last 10 years. Brittany loves to sit on the beach and read while I prefer to go diving. Her favorite Akumal drink is a margarita, especially one after another. Mine is an ice cold Montejo cerveza. Can't wait to get back. Only 5 more weeks.
2005/03/08 23:10:09
North Shore Lake Superior
10 or more, on the Locogringo board since '98 (Thanks, Kay)
margarita rocks or Leon Negra

I can't believe I'm risking my "New Member" status for this!
2005/03/09 11:06:45
From Pittsburgh, PA
On our way to Playa del Carmen end of May. Have looked at the website several times and thought we should register.
2005/03/09 13:05:51
Sunburned Gringo
Wow!!!! This thread is huge, I had like 4 pages to catch up on.
2005/03/09 16:45:43

I'm from Robbinsville, New Jersey (Princeton area).
I just recently turned 24.
If you can believe it, I have vacationed all over the Caribbean, yet I have never been to Mexico! This May my boyfriend and I will be taking our first vacation together to PDC. We are thrilled and counting down the days!
2005/03/09 18:39:57
are you guys going to be there in first week of november?? You seem to know all the good stuff. let me know.[:)]

243 days and counting. Its cold in kansas
2005/03/10 01:10:06
kansas city we are from salina, we love Akumal too. We will be there in November. Have fun[:D]
2005/03/10 01:11:57
when will you be in the area??[:)]
2005/03/10 01:18:45
My name is Barb Shirley and my husband is chad. Our first time in Akumal was in christmas 2003. we are absolutley in love with it, and are in the process of planning our second trip in november. We love the margaritas and the mai tais. Turtle bay bakery is high on our list as is snorkeling and just tanning
2005/03/10 01:23:07
1. lovemexico - aka Diane
2. Crystal Lake, IL
3. Been twice, Aculpulco, Cancun, coming to Akumal August 10[:D]
still need to count how many days.
4. What I like to do in Mexico? Everything. Loved Chichen (sp?) Itza
look forward to Coba, Tulum, happy hour (yahoo! Im with Craig),
sampling all the restaurants, meeting and greeting tourists as well
as locals!
5. Favorite drink - I love 'em all, except tequila shots (had a bad experience[:'(]
you know the college kind[8|])
2005/03/10 09:23:24
Hi Everyone!

My name is Jim and my beautiful wife's name is Amy.
We live in Northern Lower Michigan.

We are planning a trip to Tulum and Puerto Morelos in June for our 15th anniversary.
Leaving our 3 wonderful children with their Oma & Opa for a week.
This is our first trip out of the country together and we are looking forward to relaxing on the beach and doing some sight seeing.

Favorite beverages are dark beer, margaritas, and wine. (not at the same time though...)

Thats all for now!
2005/03/10 11:16:54
Randy Clark
Randy Clark

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Five visits since 1983. Last trip was August, 2004 for two weeks in Akumal.

I usually take a road trip adventure every day to a different beach, restaurant, cenote, ruins, whatever, but enjoy scuba diving and beachcombing the most.

Sol Chelada, the pause that refreshes.
2005/03/10 18:14:28
holy toledo. Did you see that Sunburned gringo now has more than
10,000 nits? amazing. think of all the traffic wandering through this site.
2005/03/12 23:20:49
My name is Gary. I live in Highlands Ranch Colorado. Just got back last week and have been in Mexico off and on since Nov.. I've been traveling to Mexico since 1978 and still have not found anywhere like the Roo. I like Diet Cubas and spend way too much time fishing. Next trip back? As soon as I can get my laundry done and sharpen my fish hooks. Nice to see all the new members on this board. Bombero
2005/03/13 00:28:11
1.DryHeat aka Frederick
3.1st trip in 90 day's
5.Mucho Mas Beer
2005/03/13 18:11:56
mayaheart aka Lisa
I live in Alberta, Canada
I just had my first visit to the Riviera Maya. Plan to get back there real soon - like this fall.
Favorite activity - snorkelling, relaxing on the beach with Margarita in hand!
Favorite vacation drink - Lime Margaritas!! Keep 'em coming!
2005/03/14 17:56:05
Hi I'm Suzanne aka Reggaesue
I've been to Cancun a few times but will be visiting Akumal for the first time in about 5 weeks!
I love Beer & Pina Coladas!![sm=kiss.gif]
2005/03/14 23:22:46
Hi - my name is Linda and my fiances name is Karl. Both in our early to mid 40's and in pretty decent shape. I am a project manager and he is a civil engineer. We are in Connecticut.

I just joined the forum about a week ago - so a real Newbie. Lots of friendly and helpful people here. Thanks so much for all the direction.

Neither Karl nor I have ever been to Mexico, but what better time to join in the fun but on our honeymoon.

After looking at a few places, we've confirmed our honeymoon stay at Desire Resort and Spa beginning June 10th (87 days). We've never tried one of these lifestyle resorts, but I've read many reviews from pleased, if not overjoyed, vacationers. So we're looking forward to having some great fun and enjoying each other.
2005/03/15 09:02:40
Judy and Joe from Michigan. We are a couple of recycled teenagers!
We've been around the board since 2000, but went by other names on the old board and just got around to registering again.
Been to Mayan Riviera 5 times since 2001 but that's not near enough!
I (Judy) found out on our first trip that I'm allergic to tequila so rum is my usual beverage and DH usually sticks to bloody marys or other vodka drinks (when he runs out of the Jack Daniels he takes with him).
We probably won't get down again until January/February, 2006 as we will probably take out Fall vacation time to go house hunting in Southern Georgia or Northern Florida.
2005/03/16 11:33:03
Hi, and thanks for the warm welcome so far.

1. MWC -- Martha
2. Connecticut
3. 1 as young marrieds, 2 with kids ... going for our 4th trip in midApril.
4. Snorkeling, and anything on the beach.
5. Cheladas, margueritas.
2005/03/16 11:50:01
OK, here goes... I don't usually do these chat things; three kids, I'm too busy. I think I've always been afraid that if I start I'll get addicted. But I am so excited about our first trip out of the country together, I had to join in in all the chit chat on this forum. So, that said, I am AJsunny, aka, Amy, Thor's wife earlier in the introductions. We live in Northern Michigan, my favorite area is right here, except this time of year- winter can leave anytime now, but during the summer, there is no better place. It is beautiful here. Fave drinks: White Russians, Margaritas
Well, gotta go, littlest one is "helping" mom on the comp!
2005/03/16 15:55:24
KJ a/k/a Ken
St. Charles, IL
Been diving in Cozumel since the 80's and hanging in Playa del Carmen just as long. Never made the journey down the road to Akumal (I was young and didn't know any better). My maiden voyage to Akumal & Tulum will begin April 25, 2005.
Looking forward to a little fishing, diving, a lot of photos both above and below sea level and many evenings of food and drink (O.K., maybe I'll start drinking before the sun goes down on days I don't dive). Favorite activity has to be diving, but spending time with friends ranks a very close second, if not equal. Favorite beverage: cervezas frías y tequila.
2005/03/16 18:02:04
My name is Ryan ( Moey is my nickname)
I live in Barberton, Ohio
I have been to RM 2 times, my wife and I are leaving for the Akumal Beach Resort on April 30th
I have to say my favorate thing to do is chill on the beach and sip on cocktails
My favorate drinks are Beers and Tequila Slammers
2005/03/16 18:53:35
1. Magpie
2. Guelph, Ontario
3. First visit two years ago, going back in 22 days and already looking to
book something for next year.
4. I love to walk on the beach, people watch and do nothing if I feel like
5. Cold beer and a decent glass of red at night if I can find one.
2005/03/16 19:01:54
cjanerun - aka Shelly

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Acapulco twice, but going to Tulum March 23-30, 2005 for the first time with Hubby Tim!

Explore, have cocktails, lay in the sun, have cocktails, snorkel, have cocktails, meet the locals, have cocktails with them!

Red Stripe Light when in Jamaica, Corona Light otherwise, and don't forget the lime!
2005/03/18 10:18:33
The name is Riggsie


1st visit to Mexico will be April 30 - May 7th - 25th Anniversary
(Married at 18!)

Snorkeling/Site seeing/a party here and there

Mia Tia's on Maui - but now Kahlua or Margs!!!!! Corona for hubby.

It's Noon Somewhere!!
2005/03/18 12:01:37
HI!!!! i am new to the mayan riviera and this message board, but my sister helene and i did manage to leave a wake of laughing folks behind us when we left akumal in february........

my name is holly(anjuli) .....presently live in new york but home is colorado, USA and will be returning home soon....only one visit to akumal, but i'm going back to maya tulum for my yoga retreat, and then to stay at akumal for 5 days.....

snorkeling, sunning, eating, laughing, meeting new people, and dancing were my favorite activities while there... i was with mi hermana helene.....

i will be without her this next trip, and will miss her.... luckily she is going down with her boyfriend to isla mujueres in april.....

favorite vacation drink? hornitos, of course!!!!!

you can view a few pix of our trip on the message board entitled "wild night of dancing at lol ha...." (i'm the "devil in the green dress") and in the photo gallery under ..."akumal - holly and helene's excellent adventure"..... we had a great time!!!!

great to meet you all!!!!! hollyanjuli
2005/03/19 10:15:35
1. Yankee....AKA....Tammi

2. Nova Scotia, Canada (Born and raised in Wayne, New Jersey)

3. We have not been to MR yet, but in 21 sleeps we will be ON OUR WAY for our first time!!! and soooooo looking forward to it!!!

4. We plan on doing a few sight-seeing activities, i.e. Tulum, PDC, ATV jungle tour...etc...but just looking forward to some R&R on the beautiful beaches!!

5. My husband is practicing "uno cervesa porfavor" and I am going to stick with my usual tropical fruity drinks....and try TEQUILLA for the first time!!!

[:-] 21 SLEEPS and 1 GARBAGE DAY TO GO.........!!!!!!!!
2005/03/19 14:41:00
Massachusetts-The Home of Champions
This is our 3rd visit
Relaxing, followed closely by eating Mexican food!
2005/03/21 14:11:51
[X(]Damn, forgot to sign in again!!! (See above post).
2005/03/21 14:13:57
Tatt (TattoodAngel67) don't ask...lol
married to Gem, going to ABR for honeymoon
2005/03/21 20:25:50
1. Alaina (& Pete)
2. Houston, Texas
3. This will be the first of hopefully many
4. Will have to give you an update on this upon our retunr
5. Corona Light, Apple Martinis, anything with an umbrella in it.

This will be our first trip and we are really looking forward to it. We have invited 6 of our nearest and dearest friends (two of whom are also in the picture) to help us celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Will be staying in Tankah.
2005/03/22 16:12:06
Indiana Pam
Indiana Pam
Derby, IN (River Rat!)
1st time to EDR this fall, can't wait!
Anything water and sun!
Frozen Margarita[:D]
2005/03/23 11:12:21
Molalla, Oregon
Haven't been to Mexico yet going in June to PDC
Went to St John and St Croix Jan 2005 Will be going to Bonair 3/2006.
2005/03/23 11:35:36
Also our favorite drinks are any kind of Rum fruit drinks also any dark beer, margaritas and pina colodas, in St John we had these Rum martinis and oh boy, those were different, I guess we are experimenters, and not all that picky about what we drink, just always keep it cool and don't over drink, then yulk, you feel like crap and you don't remember half of your vacation, lol. Drink lots and lots of water!
Our favorite thing to do is snorkel. We are hoping to find some really great snorkeling spots near PDC, we will go to Cozamal, or is it Cozamel? Anyway, we heard snorkeling is great there. We have all our own equipment, including wet suits so we are ready. Snorkeling in St John was wonderful, saw lots of fish, turtles, nurse sharks(7 to 8 ft)baracodas, hugh crabs and star fish, etc. Hoping to see some bigger fish in Mexico. Going to Bonair in 3/2006 and hear the fish there are really big. plus lots of iguanas and flamingos. St John had a lot of wild donkeys and goats and a few pigs, very fun. Well, I hope this tells everyone a little about me. IM going to PDC with my husband of 17 years and our 2 teenagers, boy 16, girl 17 plus her girlfriend, 17. We rented a villa in Playa Car I across the street from the beach, with a big pool. We also have friends that are going to oAkumal the same time we are going to PDC, didn't know they were, found out by accident, so now we are going to have a party at our house one day. We are all looking forward to this trip, we are tired of the wet and cold here in Molalla, we live on the Molalla river so its stays rather damp even though we get lots of sun, well, I should take that back, Oregon doesn't get lots of sun this time of year, but anyway, can't wait to be hot.
2005/03/23 11:47:01
1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

Looks like I'm the new kid on the block, well, at least for the moment:

1. Sportmodel
2. Mississippi
3. Cozumel, 1982 & 1985 (diving); Akumal, 1988 (honeymoon); Akumal, 1991, 1994, 1997 (or 8, can't remember); Soliman Bay, 2002, 2004 (50th birthday!)
4. Snorkeling & chillin'
5. Cervasa! Then again, Margarita's aren't bad, either.
2005/03/23 12:00:27
Guess it would help if I logged in!
2005/03/23 12:01:13
joan in mn
Hi, I am Joan from northern Minnesota. Boy, is this forum ever a whole lot nicer than trip advisor!
I have been to the Riveria Maya one other time - 4 years ago. My husaband and I stayed at the Eldorado to celebrate our 10th anniversay. We absolutely loved the resort! We thought the snorkeling was the best! The margaritas were our favorite drink!
We are coming back April 16th - 20th, and are staying at the Oasis Akumal. This time we are bringing our children with - 11 and 7 years old. Can't wait to introduce them to snorkeling and the ocean! Would love to hear from anyone else staying at the resort at the same time!
2005/03/24 10:41:05
Hi, I'm Julie and I live just west of the Twin Cities area
I've been to QRoo 10 times in the past 3 years, and just recently took my 4 sisters down there. We had a fabulous time!! Now they understand WHY I go down there so much!! :)
Planning on going again in May
Relax with a Margarita or Dos XX, although I do enjoy snorkeling, and meeting new people.
2005/03/24 11:02:35
1) Harry
2) Oyster Bay, New York but in the process of moving to Saratoga
Springs, New York
3) I have been to Cozumel twice for the diving but this will be my first visit to Akumal.
4) SCUBA diving, enjoying time with my family (not in that order if my wife reads this).
5) My favorite drink on a Mexican vacation is a margarita -lime -on the rocks, but I am always willing to try something new.
2005/03/24 11:05:58
Susanne and family(husband and two youngsters)

Jersey shore ( Allthough we lived in Denmark until 7 years ago when USA wheeled us in)

This will be our first time to Mexico after 7 years of exploring USA ( just celebrated state number 30)

Vacation, vacation, exploring new places, hiking, waterrelated activities and just hanging out

How about a cold danish pilsner

2005/03/28 12:24:31
Bob and Lisa Kerslake from Mill Creek(Seattle), Washington.
Our three girls, Monica, Melani and Mali usually travel with us.
I first visited Akumal in 1980. Have stayed there about 20 times since.
Our next visit is this Saturday 4/2.
Our favorite area is just hangin out on Akumal Bay. Usually spend a day or two day at Xcel Ha, Tulum, Coba or Cancun. We mostly stay away from the crowds.
Favorite activities are reading a book on the beach, scuba, snorkeling, and making friends at the beach bar. Oh yeah, and eating at El Pescedore!
Favorite drink is fresh squeezed margaritas from the beach bar, the best in the world!
2005/03/28 13:32:37
1. oceanaddict/Michelle
2. Grand Rapids, MI
3. Been to Cozumel and Cancun, 1st time to Riviera Maya - April 20 Yeah!!!!!
4. Diving and Laying around drunk on the beach
5. A Maitai or if they can't make them (some can't) than anything fruity with lots of rum!

I can not wait to get back into the warm sun on the beach with a drink in my hand. Life will be sooooooo good. Hope to run into some of you down there.
2005/03/28 17:48:15
My name is Karen and I live inWisconsin. This was my 2nd trip to Akumal, staying at Vista Del Mar. Can't decide what my favorite activity is, I love every minute of it all. Dancing on the swings at La Buena Vida and not falling off is a big plus. Drinking and soaking up rays....way cool.
2005/03/28 18:48:21
Hi Folks:
AlbertaAnnie, AKA Anne, Kermit(hubby) & Captain Destructo(daughter)
On a farm, North East of Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Never been to Mexico (but sure looking forward to it)
Sun relax, sun AI, sun hubby happy, sun teen happy
Pina Coloda[:D]
2005/03/28 20:21:17

kim & tim from ohio
1st time to mexico
leave in 33 days...
first trip anywhere without kids,,(besides honeymoon)
want to be a beach bum and snorkel
hear the mango daquiries are great at sunscape

new at posting, but had to try you guys are great..thanks for all the great info..can hardly wait to get there....want to hear more about akumal......[:D]
2005/03/28 22:31:41
[:)] Hello
name Terry and Lisa
Basalt, Co. just outside of Aspen.
We have been going to Mexico since 2000 and love every place we have been although I could do without staying in Cancun again. MR is by far the best place to vacation. Very relaxing and a feeling of being in no hurry.
We are leaving April 18th for our next trip to MR and can't wait.
Love walking the beaches and exploring the ruins, checking out all the little mom and pop places to eat.
Best drink? all of them.
2005/03/29 17:30:47
Okay so i see i'm not the only one who forgot to login. Must be the thin air here in Co.
2005/03/29 17:46:05
1. Faireone- Lori
2. Ventura, CA USA
3. 2 and going back in Sept 2005. 1st time staying in PDC and 1st time
ever for my boyfriend Craig to the Yucatan.
4. Shopping and ruins
5. tequila sunrise[:D]
2005/03/29 17:47:38
btw, new here and love the forum. Much better than tripadvisor.
2005/03/29 17:48:50
1. Kevin
2. Colorado (always a cheesehead at heart though)
3. 0 visits to Akumal, going in 55 days!
2005/03/29 18:00:16
Hi, I to think that this board is full of great stuff.
To introduce myself I am Deb from Savannah, Georgia
We are going to Playa in June (cannot wait) it has been 4 years since our last visit and will be our 5th visit. I am just the biggest fan of the Rivera Maya its the culture that seperates it from all other islands in the Carribean. This year we are bringing our four year old grandson and another couple (my best friend and her husband since the 8th grade) they are bringing their 5 year old. My favorite area is the ruin area's they are so full of mystisum and unknown. Humm vacation drink favorite depends on the time of the first drink - but its the buzz that I like the best! Rum and sun go hand in hand
ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Hey there fellow Loco's
I'm pretty new to this site but it seems to be a great group of people who all seem willing to help each other out with info on the Mayan Riviera, so lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink
2005/03/29 20:46:25
1. Dawn
2. Oshkosh, WI
3. Been to MX about 3-4 times since 1987
4. Love to relax in the sun and have a few drinks. This year I'm going to start snorkeling.
5. My fav drink is Margs on the Rocks.

Yummy - Only 7 more days to vacation in Akumal.
2005/03/30 16:55:44
NW Colorist aka Ron
Seattle Wa
5th time this May
7 anejo Havana Club
2005/03/30 17:58:39
1. name or LG board name
awoehler on LocoGringo -----> Adam

2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
St. Charles, Missouri USA

3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
1... and only one. My wife and I went to Club Maeva Tulum for our honeymoon last june and fell in love with the area. We are going back in June for our 1 year anniversary. We'll probably go evey year.

4. favorite area activity
snorkeling. we did so much of it. i can't wait to do more.

5. favorite vacation drink
Corona with a shot of tequila in it with lime
2005/03/31 13:58:27
Login Sharie aka Sharie (ooohh, wasn't I clever)

Mokena, Illinois

First time to MR (or RM however you choose it seems)

My favorite activity is anything that doesn't include work!!

My favorite drink is anything served to me on a lounge chair pool or beach side!..(That what my husband loves about me..I am sooo easy to please)
2005/03/31 15:03:06
1. Sun lovin senorita
2. British Columbia, Canada
3. None yet, planning to visit some time this year. How can I resist that unbelievable water?!
4. Beaching it: laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, snorkelling, shell searching
5. Sangria or a Miami Vice (half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri... WOW)[:D]
2005/04/01 13:31:48
1. Jalynne
2. California
3. The closest I've been was Cancun, once, around 1985. But I'm going to Puerto Aventuras in 10 days and it's all I can think of.
4. Balance between lounging with book, snorkeling, ruins!
5. I won't play favorites with drinks, it hurts their feelings.
2005/04/01 17:11:15
Rand J from Boise
1.Rebecca & Jack

2.Boise Idaho

3.Never been to Mx.

4.Will be going this July (honeymoon)

5.Really looking forward to relaxing on the beach with something cold to drink.

6.I'm a Corona with lime and she is a tall Mojito
2005/04/01 18:37:49
happy@los suenos
1.Rebecca & Jack

2.Boise Idaho

Welcome fellow spuds! You will love Mayan Riviera!
2005/04/01 20:30:28
New Jersey
2 , 3rd time will be in May
banana daquiri
2005/04/04 11:49:37
Travel Monkey

Orange County, California

This is our first trip to the Rivera Maya - we have done Mexico on our side of the coast as well as Caymen Islands - I'm all for the tropical vacations! I hope that traveling to this beautiful spot of the world will become a yearly tradition

Enjoy snorkeling and adventure trips

nothing beats water
2005/04/04 12:23:33
1. Laundre a.k.a Laura & Andre
2. Northwest suburbs Mpls., MN
3. Going next year! Feb. 2006 Many times to Mexico, first to the ROO!
4. Beach, snorkling, exploring, beach, eating, beach.
5. Margaritas- in moderation!
2005/04/04 14:09:31
Cherie from Chicago
Cherie from Chicago - Cherie & Bill
We've been to Mexico several times on several cruises - to Pacific side too. Have stayed at Iberostar Quetzal 2x in PDC. We will be staying at the Akumal Beach Resort in July. We enjoy snorkeling, relaxing, eating and drinking - not necessarily in that order!
Favorite drink - Margaritas!! Especially the yards at Carlos y Charlies in Cozumel!
2005/04/04 17:37:06
Ed from VT
First time in Mexico
Looking forward to snorkeling in the beautiful blue seas and laying on the beach to warm my frozen bones.
Wife & I are occasional drinkers, unless it's party time...she likes Slammers...then watch out!

I'm a definite Newby to this forum stuff (I'm PC challenged) and everyone has been great with all the sharing of experiences in the great state of QRoo. You've all made it sssoooooo easy to plan our trip! Muchas gracias Amigos!!! To AJSunny & Thor, et al: My wife & I will be in A/RM in 77 days...we can't wait!! We're celebrating our 25th. First time out of the states for a vacation. Want to hook up and hang with a couple old f--t gringos?
2005/04/04 21:42:36
Ken & Sandra
From Calgary,Alberta, Canada
1st trip to ABR last November
Hpoing to return this November
Gotta love the beach
2005/04/05 00:01:04
1. Paula and Mike
2. Dallas metroplex
3. This will be our 3rd trip to Mexico (second with each other)
4. My fave thing to do is hang out by the swim up pool bar!!! [8D] Mike's is to take photos, walk the beach to make sure all the topless women have sunscreen. [:D]
5. cerveza por favour ...... mucho cervezas!!!!!! <hic!>
2005/04/05 14:18:23
First time to Mexico is this July
Looking forward to just hanging out!
Margaritas by the sea! Over ice with salt, of course!
2005/04/05 19:03:55
Sunburned Gringo
I havent posted in a few weeks and this beast of a thread keeps growing, so I thought I would just add another +1 to my post total [:)]
2005/04/06 14:21:35
Hello All!!

Names: Gary and Leila (pronounced Layla, like the Eric Clapton song)
Where are we now: Living in Virginia
This will be our first trip to Akumal. Staying at the ABR May 20-29. It is an early 1 year anniversary trip Woo-Hoo
Planned activities: relaxing, drinking, snorkeling, eating, repeat . . .
Fav drink: oh I’ll try anything once, but I love those margaritas – on the rocks no salt

Also, just want to say thanks to all those who have posted here at LG. You have provided a wealth of knowledge and some excellent stories!! Love this site!!

2005/04/06 15:17:12
My screen name is LaPlaya Girl (aka. Cindy) because The beach is my favorite place to be. I live in Fort Bend county right outside Houston, TX. I had visited the yucatan in the early 90's and introducted my husband, Steve, to it in '96 or so. He's now hooked! We think about being in the Roo almost everyday! We have been together about 4 times, I've been 6, and to other areas of Mexico, Belize, & Bahama's. Akumal area is Best. We love to snokel, sail, or sit around listening to Jimmy Buffett and make Boat drinks! We pride ourselves in staying Off the beaten path. We rent a 4X4 and go exploring. We both enjoy going to the ruins and finding places with no people to snorkel. By far the best drinks have Tequila! But cold beer is pretty good too! At sunrise on our last day there, every time, I sadly walk to the beach and say goodbye to alittle piece of heaven on Earth.
Just remember,....."It's Five o"clock somewhere!"
2005/04/06 21:08:17
1. Kyle
2. NY
3. traveling to area every April since 2000 (returning again on 4/13) YIPPY!!!
4. snorkeling, relaxing, drinking and eating
5. Corona or Modelo Especial (last year our caretakers introduced us to Modelo and we LOVE it)
2005/04/07 13:28:11
Hi I am Lorraine in LA ---Duh---also known as Lorraine Gish
City of Angels ,of course.
I have been to the Roo four times now. The first time it was to try to recapture the feelig of Tahiti without the pricetag. I fell in love with the water, the people, the food, and the general ambiance. Last year I revisited Tahiti but this year it's back to Akumal!
I love the water and snorkeling. Reading, then more snorkeling.
I wil drink whatever is the most popular local bev, in this case Tequila and cerveza
2005/04/11 23:38:51
I'm PugMom aka LIZ... Of course, we have two sweet pugs, Henry and Ruby...
We live on the Jersey Shore...
We've been to PDC 11 times but next month we'll be staying for the first time in Akumal...
Being A/I folks, we're staying at ABR, of course... We don't tie ourselves to the resort tho', we rent a car and tool around...
I like to relax, read, drink, eat and enjoy being immersed in the sea!..
And I'm an equal opportunity drinker!.. [;)]
2005/04/12 00:36:46
Happy to join the group.

  • Bob - Akumal Bob to some
  • Davis, CA
  • Many - we have a condo in Adverturas Akumal
Spending time on the kayak with my wife - and fishing . I'm not very good with this old computer, but for a a nice cold Dos XX on the beach, it can't be beat
2005/04/12 11:35:10

  • citylineguru / Chris
  • narberth, pa
  • 1st time 6/1/05
  • Tequila sampling
  • Tequila [;)]

Thanks to the LG staff and members for providing such a wealth of info!

I took notice of your name when I registered for this site, and then just saw your intro post ... we have a female Pug too. Can you guess her name?! Ruby! [:D]
Great little characters those dogs are!
2005/04/12 16:41:44
I have been a lurker for the last 4 years. Started lurking when my travel agent gave me the site when we went to the Copacabana.

Carrollton, Texas
Copacabana 2001, Barcelo Maya 2003, 2004 and return June 1, 2005
Favorite activity is laying in a lounger on the beach
Banana Dacquiri
2005/04/13 09:14:39
Dale and vicki
Oak Island NC
one time to Cancun Palace
Fishing and drinking
2005/04/13 12:06:54
Tony and Joanne
Guest, aka Akumal Bob, glad to see your on LG[:D][:D] Say "hi" to Gayle for us!!!

Tony and I will be down at Oasis for 2 weeks this Oct. Will you be down there???

2005/04/13 16:03:54
Hi Tony y Joanne...............yes we are going down in Oct. Probably about the middle of the month. Hope this time is in your plans. We will be there until the beginning of Feb. We look forward to your beautiful sand work each year. Hope there are not too many changes at the hotel. Soon.........Bob[8D]
2005/04/13 23:23:52
Tony and Joanne
Thanks Bob. We will be in touch.......................until then.................Joanne

Hi Tony y Joanne...............yes we are going down in Oct. Probably about the middle of the month. Hope this time is in your plans. We will be there until the beginning of Feb. We look forward to your beautiful sand work each year. Hope there are not too many changes at the hotel. Soon.........Bob[8D]
2005/04/14 00:17:20
OK, here goes!

1. Chris and Audra
2. We live in Virginia Beach, VA
3. This will be our first visit to Akumal/Riviera Maya, we'll be staying at Akamal Beach Resort AND we're 22 days away and counting! WHOO-HOO!
4. Don't know yet...I'm sure we'll love it all! [:D]
5. Margaritas, pina coladas whatever is cold and available! HA! The hubby is all about the beer!
2005/04/14 12:16:12
OK...trying this again to be sure that I am logged in first so I do not register as "Guest" - HA!
2005/04/14 12:22:16
1. Linda and Dale
2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
3. 1st visit was March this year - Playacar
4. early mornings, beach lounging, snorkeling, beach lounging
5. margaritas, mojitas?sp

We're all fired up to do it again but it'll be next year [:(]
2005/04/14 14:00:36
Greencastle Indiana
been coming to akumal area since 2000 7 times
Lay around on beach and check out the beaches
Coca Lite
2005/04/14 18:46:45
OK...I have a question...where would I go to exchange American dollars for pesos? At the airport? ATMs? I know to check the exchange rate before I leave to be updated on the latest...but where would be the best place for the exchange and what about ATMs?


- Audra
2005/04/15 10:02:30
I keep forgetting to login! I just rush right in and post and forget to login! So here I go again...I have a question...where would I go to exchange American dollars for pesos? At the airport? ATMs? I know to check the exchange rate before I leave to be updated on the latest...but where would be the best place for the exchange and what about ATMs?


- Audra
2005/04/15 10:05:52
John in DC
John in DC here. I used to participate here a lot, but have usually lurked on occasional visits over the last couple of years. I'm coming up on my fifth trip to QRoo in the span of about 20 years. Last time down was five years ago, when my wife and I spent a glorious week at Casa Corazon on Soliman Bay. An intervening pale and redheaded child put the kibosh on too much travel to international places with lots of sun.

Now we've stocked up on SPF 3000 sunblock for the offspring and are headed down to Aventuras Akumal on April 30, staying for a week, and flying back on Sunday the eighth. Can't wait, as it has been far too long.

There are seven of us on this trip:
* My wife, the beautiful Jennifer
* The brilliant Ben, the aforementioned pale son and the dandiest four-year-old I have ever met
* Richard, our friend, who is bald and who will be sharing Ben's sunscreen
* Mike, our friend who is a chef so we invited him
* Kristin, our friend and Mike's wife, who is a psychologist, which may be useful
* Max, Mike and Kristin's son who is one-and-a-half and who will most likely grow up to be a stuntman
* Myself, who will be in charge of spotting turtles, iguanas, sea urchins, and the Superior beer distributorship.

It seems like old hat now, having been down so often before, but I think it'll be okay. I promise to drive just like I do at home, pay for everything in dollars, speak louder if locals don't understand what I'm saying, worry incessantly about the weather, and get sunburned on the very first day. Wish me luck! I'll also post a trip report here when I return.
2005/04/15 12:55:18
1. Liz a.k.a. eh_yeah in LG
2. Toronto/Ontario/Canada
3. Mexico visits = 6/ Riviera Maya visits = 2
4. tie between Snorkeling and Chillaxin in hammock drinking cerveza
5. cerveja...i hardly ever drink beer at home, but down south....aaahhhhh...(burp!) [:D]

2005/04/15 14:53:14
Little Rhody aka Pat & Allen
North Smithfield, RI (Championship Territory)
First time in 37 days
Golden Margarita (w/x-tra shot) on the rocks & hold the salt
2005/04/15 18:21:01
Indiana Pam
Pam and Chris/Indiana
1st time coming up at the EDR!
Can't wait to snorkel

Pug owners here also! Her name is Keesha Corona! She got the corona added on when she was 8 wks, she wasn't any taller than a corona and she had her paws wrapped around it licking it! Made a great pic!
2005/04/16 08:33:25
Indiana Pam
hahaha! Have a great time John! Sounds like you have it down pat!
2005/04/16 08:37:45
when did u go to tulum..we knew a bill from Massachustes.in the 70's ..who was camped on the beach..in tulum with u s..a far shot in the dark but u never know
2005/04/16 18:27:21
Hey all this is my first post! just registered today....
1. Wrayzer, real names Geoff Wray
2. From Beautiful Kelowna BC Canada
3. Ashamed to say i havent been yet but am planning on going this coming Janurary!
4. I've been to other nice places so i'd saying laying on the beach
5. Fav drink would have to be hmm i took a liking to Victoria bitter in Australia but since they are few and far between in canada Corona goes down nice.

I'm excited to join the forums and hope to get lots of info for my up coming trips!!
2005/04/17 16:39:22

We will be visiting Akumal May 15-25th. We are[:)] looking forward to to our first visit.

1. Marc and Debbie Vogt
2. Golden, Colorado
3. Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel
4. Snorkeling
5. Beer / Tequila

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
2005/04/18 13:38:07
Unclejohn from NYC. July will be the first time for me and wife in the PDC area. Was in Cancun back in 84, (thats 1984).
2005/04/18 14:24:38
Karen in NYC
1. Karen in NYC
2. Queens NY
3. 1980 Club Med Cancun
1998 IB Tucan
2000 or 2001 Royal Solaris in Cancun
2002 El Dorado Royale
2002 IB Paraiso Del Mar
2003 IB Paraiso Del Mar
2004 4 visits to IBParaiso LINDO
2005 IBP Maya (one more visit scheduled in July)
2005 (hopefully ABR in SEptember)
5. Margarita (freshly made - not from a mix), OR, stolie or absolut on the rocks
2005/04/19 20:14:27
Hi There, new to the board and thought it proper that this be the first thread that I post in[:D] I just returned from a stay at IB Paraiso Beach........absolutely fabulous and can't wait to go back![:)] I've been driving my ppl crazy b/c all I can talk about is Mexico, and now I have ppl to chat with who won't think I'm crazy-which is just great! So, happy to be here and let's get chatting[:D]
2005/04/20 19:54:26

1 I'm Bill
2 Live in Western Massachusetts. Rural college town great place to live about 8 months of the year.
3 I've been to Mexico a lot but not much recently. I did a couple of trips in the mid 80s to Yucatan including Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Akumal, Coba, Tulum, Progresso and Merida . Closest I've been since is Cosamel a couple of years ago. February 19 we have a week in Akumal and 4 days in Merida with my wife and 15 year old daughter. I'm wondering how much the place has changed in the last 20 years.
4 The reason I think the area is great is because you get the combination of great snorkeling, beaches, jungle and ruins and if you get to Merida a great Mexican City. I'm also very interested in Fishing on my own or with locals in their pangas.
5 I love a real Margaritas not the frozen ice stuff but a strong one made with real limes, contreau, good tequila and served up like a martini.

2005/04/21 00:07:25
Can you tell me when you where in Tulum first?
2005/04/21 00:08:15
Lynden WA
11more days until we go to the sun ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Akumal, Casa Sansu 1st time on this side of Mexico
lounging, swimming, lounging,sipping, early morning sunrises(we're on the west coast so we see the sunset over the ocean everyday,I can't wait to see it rise) and coffee,is there any cool early morning coffee shop near casa sansu?
Favorite drink: COFFEE ,COFFEE, okay maybe a margarita or two, possibly cerveza too!!!
2005/04/21 18:07:42
Kelowna, BC Canada (born in South Africa)
A few times to Mexico, but just once to the Roo (so far....)
Lounging on the beach
2005/04/21 20:52:53
Beach Bum
Hi, I'm new to the message boards even though I've been on Loco Gringo for a long time doing research for my latest Mexico trip.
1. Beach Bum (aka-Danielle)
2. Rochester, NY
3. Went honeymooning in MR 2 years ago, been to other parts 3 times, hubby and I are going to the Akumal Beach Resort 5/14-5/21/05.
4. Snorkeling, beachcombing
5. Pina colada
2005/04/22 11:46:41
1) Reubenray (Raymond & Dee Dee)
2) Metairie, Louisiana (suburb of New Orleans)
3) 2 times to Cancun, 3 times to Playa del Carmen area (wife has been several time on cruises also)
4) Snorkling, drinking, laying on the beach
5) Corona for me, everything and anything else[:D] for my wife

We hopefully will finalize our plans next week to travel at the end of June. Always ended up in Alkumal, so why not just stay there this time.
2005/04/23 16:59:05
1) Steve & Paulette aka: u/d (upside/down)
2) Loveland, Colorado, USA
3) Cozumel in 2004... RM (Palladium) May/June 2005
4) Favorite activity is much too personal to mention here[:)]... second favorite SCUBA!
5) Grey Goose on the rocks with a twist.... and a Coke w/ lemon.

2005/04/24 11:17:57
1 - Leeann and Dan
2- Alabama
3- Started in PDC in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1997, Cozumel in 1998, Akumal in 02,03,04 and leave again for ABR in June 05
4 - Snorkeling off the ABR beach and with whale sharks at Isla Holbox
5 - Childa and pina colada
2005/04/24 17:26:37
Welcome chubbs8!
2005/04/25 05:28:11
Caddisman : Dale And Phyllis

Nevada City, Ca a small old goldmining town west of Lake Tahoe Ca.

We have been to Mexico five times, twice to Puerto Vallarta and three times to Playa .This will be our first time staying in Akumal .We are coming down in June for three weeks, but not staying the whole time in Akumal.

Snorkling, exploring the Yucatan Peninsula,Meeting and talking with all the locals throughout the Yucatan. They are great people!!! and getting up early , I know that sounds crazy,and going flyfishing on the beach. My wife will still be sleeping, smart girl.

Ice cold cerveza for me and a margarita for Phyllis
2005/04/25 13:15:36
Hola, fellow gringo's.
I am slowjane, aka susan
I'm slowjane because here in the south, (Tampa bay area of Florida) we move slow.
On the beach I barely move at all
I've been to Mexico 5 times. Roamed about and marveled at the growth each time.
We are going to Akumal, first time, can't wait.
Then on to Costa Maya. We going to Mahahual and Xcalak, hope to get a boat out of Xcalak to Belize for the day.
Funny, I never drink rum at home but boy does it taste good in a frosty cool concoction just after a snorking adventure.
My husband and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary and as of today we have 30 days to go before we leave. It's time for count down.
Here's to the beauty of it all and may it never be ruined like my Florida.
2005/04/25 19:04:46
1. Woolery
3. June '05
4. Somewhere in the sun
5. Beer
2005/04/25 20:36:02
DelrayDave aka David (surprise)
Delray Beach, Florida (another surprise)
(Time for a more creative Login :)
New Member to the board

Went to Riveria Maya for the 1st time March 22-30th and stayed in neat new house on Tankah bay with my wife Lori. We are both divers and had a great time diving at Hidden Worlds Centoes. We did the Robison Carusoe cruise in Akumal as well which was great. Took the long drive to Punta Allen and spent may drinking hours in Zamas and Vita&Bellas in Tulum - great places.

We have frequented one of our favorite places, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras (beautiful,cheap! & 2 hours from Miami) and Costa Rica but really enjoyed our trip to RM with all the beauty and diverse excurions. We'll be back!

Any LG's making their way to SE Florida are welcome to our casa. It's a great little city and central location between West Palm and ft. Lauderdale.

Dave's Drink - TEQUILA (and Beer)
Lori's Drink - Grey Goose and tonic w/ lemon twist

"I'd much rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy"
2005/04/26 11:42:56
Hey Loco's. I'm new to the board. Just posted for the first time on another thread.
New Jersey
6 visits/not going back soon enough/hopefully november or december
lounge on the beach with book in hand/visiting the ruins/staring off in amazement
anything cold and yummy [8D]
I have never been to Akumal and think we're going to book ABR this year....it sounds awesome!
2005/04/26 15:27:14
I am Savannah Deb from beautiful historic Savannah, Georgia
will be visiting the Riviera Maya June 6th through the 14th
cannot wait as I have not been in almost 5 years
this will be our 5th visit to the area and this year we are traveling with friends and we are each bringing our year old grandchildren
2005/04/26 19:13:35

My name is Ed but you can call me Swarth.

I live with my wife Diane in the East Bay area of Northern California (near SF)

We have never visited Akumal but we are looking forward to our first trip in May! (10 days)

We love to snorkle and Scuba (we are also doing a week in Cozumel)

We enjoy virgin Pina Coladas and Margaritas and we will try Chaya as well when we are there!

Many thanks to all you who post here as you have been an invaluable resource for our planning during the many weeks I have lurked here.
2005/04/27 19:21:21
new to all this,found site by a friend,what a great one it is.going to ABR in feb 2006.and im andy by the way.nice to see it's a well used site with loads of good people
2005/04/28 16:10:30
Hello Everyone we are
Troy & Staci
Saint George, Utah
We made our first trip to the Roo two yrs. ago to Cancun
Love to Scuba Dive and Lay in the Sun!
Staci is a Virgin Pina colada, or Sex on the Beach
Troy like's tall cool one [8D]
We are head to HMB the 6th to the 13th of July see ya there![:)]
2005/04/28 19:52:38
Greg and Joanne
Southlake, TX
Second trip the RM , had a company club trip to Cancun last year and loved everything about the RM, can't wait to get to Akumal this year - 42 days and counting - Heading down June 11
Haven't seen much yet
Cap'n-n-Coke!!! (OK, Margaritas are muy bien as well!!!) - actually I guess there isn't much we don't drink!!!
2005/04/29 08:52:57
Pyrofemme - Veronica
Portland, OR USA - originally from Houston, TX
First time will be in 11 days
We'll find out soon about the favorite activity and drink!
2005/04/30 23:59:22
Hello all LG folks! I've been lurking on the new forum site for a while; I was a member of the of the old forums since 2001. Name's Gary, wife's Anne, I maintain business jets for a living (get it - PlaneDoc?) and I live in the Hill Country just north of San Antonio, TX. We made our first RM trip for our 25th anniversary in July 2001, and went back for Christmas/New Year 2003/2004. I love the local cuisine (panuchos, salbutes, pibil, habaneros) and can't wait to get back to Carnitas Merchant in Tulum. It sounds like there are some more great, cheap, local places to sample when we get back this summer! And for me, a little snorkeling, some off-the-path ruins exploring, and some cold Superiors are what frosts my glass when I'm down there in the 'Roo! [8D] Kay and Gary, the Forums in the new format are looking great - hope to get my cooler before we leave [;)]
2005/05/01 13:29:51
When in the summer are you going PlaneDocTX?
2005/05/02 08:52:49
Why don't you snag one of those planes and do a loco gringo flight. Party on the plane!
2005/05/02 17:58:34
Oh if only!!! You probably can't imagine (oh ya yah can!) how often I've dreamed about abducting one of these jewels and having my way with her [:)] Hey! I mean the plane, whadya think I meant?! [;)] Barney, we are set to arrive June 26, depart July 3 - just in time to miss steelerman's and QROO1990's party [&o]
2005/05/02 19:55:51
Hi, planedoc!~ I agree with Kay, let's snag one of those babies! Pick me up in Phoenix[;)]
2005/05/02 20:04:43
2005/05/02 20:40:08
Me too planedoc, I want to go!!! I live in Houston...swing by here too!
2005/05/02 20:44:33
OK, y'all are stirrin' up some powerful "hit-the-Lotto" dreams...[:)] But two tanks of gas for one of those puppies would put us up at Villa Bel Ha on Xpu Ha for a week at Christmas! [&o] Reality check, anyone?
2005/05/02 21:10:36
Planedoc~ Reality checks are a bummer sometimes[&o]
2005/05/03 01:16:38
I guess I could just post an agreement to log a post - hehe I did!
2005/05/03 21:46:05
Travlinmam is my name and that's my game. From Atlanta Ga. Third trip to the Riviera Maya . Countdown is 25 days. We are staying on Playa del Secreto again. You are right this is a marvelous site. Info is right on and everyone is helpful. I have monitored it for years but just registered recently. [:)][:)][:)]
2005/05/05 18:20:42

Toronto , Canada

Been all over the world including Puerto Vallarta and Accapulco but NEVER made it to the Mayan. Still gathering info on the different hotels.

I love to lay by the pool and do nothing but listen to music or read a book (only after my work out though)

I like to drink khalua and milk and frozen strawberry margaritas
2005/05/09 08:08:55
Welcome, Barbara[:)]
2005/05/10 09:04:23
Found this board a couple years ago, lurk on occasion (when I'm prepping for vacations) so thought I'd join in. Hope that's okay.

Board name: valtx (as in Valarie in Texas)

Live in: Dallas, Tx

Been there: Twice as of today, three times as of one week from now. I stay in South Akumal, and leave on Saturday to go again. Can't wait, and this board gets me even more excited.

Favorite area activity: Well, now it's scuba diving, out of the Abyss, next to the Blue Parrot in PDC. Got certified before the last trip, and I'll hit PDC on the way to S Akumal to book dives again.

Favorite vacation drink: When in Rome and all that... Sol Cerveza, muchas gracias. Also quite fond of Malibu and lemonade, but I'll be stocking up on the Sol this time around.
2005/05/10 17:50:41
1. Rugbygrrl5 aka Dawn
2. Chicago
3. Been there once, loved it, going back for two weeks in November
4. I love the weather, the beach, the people, the booze...just about everything!
5. I like it all, but a good mojito is my favorite.
2005/05/13 10:24:22

1. smudge3711 aka Gayle
2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3. In 8 days will be my virgin trip to the MR
4. Snorkelling!
5. Anything cold and frothy!

2005/05/13 12:27:38
Leah in CA
Hi Everyone!

1. Leah
2. San Jose, California
3. First time RM. Been to Cancun 3 times-was married on the beach in front of the Omni Cancun last May, but want to try RM!
4. Snorkeling
5. Frosty cold cervezas, margaritas, lava flows, it's ALL good!!!!!

Thank's for the great website!!
2005/05/13 16:18:42
1. Streckman - Jim
2. Colorado
3. 8 previous visits - Heading down again end of June
4. Beach/snorkeling/tanning
5. Anything my wife brings back or the bartender is serving!!
2005/05/13 16:38:11
Hebron, Indiana
usually go to the caymans, but hurricanes took out the resort, been to Riviera Maya once, love it
going to ABR Nov 05
Love to snorkel, hold up pool bars, read poolside.
Very cold cerveza, margaritas, tequila shots.
2005/05/14 11:08:49
Testing...does my signature show?

2005/05/16 13:12:03
Shedvldog AKA Amie
First time will be in 15 days!!! 1 June -8 June
Relaxing on the beach
Ice cold beer
2005/05/16 15:39:02
COLORADO but really a Texan
I've visited Q.ROO about 15 times.....
Fav place is Tan'kah
I love shopping at the Chedraui in PDC and COZUMEL.......
2005/05/16 22:10:03
Great board!
I've been lurking for a while but now jumping in:
1. debvil , deb
2. Connecticut
3. 1st trip Sept 2004 going back June 2005
4. book on the beach
5. margarita on the rocks w lots o salt
2005/05/17 08:49:00
Kristen..aka houstontejas
I am in houston....go figure, well actually live in Tomball (NW of Htown)and work in Houston.
I have been to Cancun once, last June.....Loved it.
I have a trip planned..37 days!! I can hardly stand it :)
Playa del Carmen June 24-29 staying at the Reef Coco Beach

if anyone has any info or anything about Reef Coco and what the best excursions are down there...please reply!!

I love snorkling and Sol beer and Pina Colodas!
2005/05/17 16:37:35
Hi There
Name: Akumalbaby
Live: River Falls Wisconsin
Like to: Hike, swim, anything outdoors, exploring
I have been to Mexico once (anyone heard of La Pesca?)
Will be going to Akumal in 9 days.
Favorite Drink: Margaritas and Vodka Gimlets
2005/05/19 14:03:45
Redheaded Canuk
1.Redheaded Canuk
2.Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (the Capital)
3.Never been. Going Jan 11, 2005
4.Swimming,eating and relaxing
5.Cold Beer
2005/05/20 08:50:01
1. Chipou AKA Kathy[sm=kiss.gif]
2. Calgary, Alberta
3. Haven't been yet (planning to go in January 2006)[&:]
4. Sitting in the sun (with the smell of the salt water mixing with suntan lotin).[:)]
5. Something cold with an umbrella in it[sm=rolleyes.gif]
2005/05/23 08:30:50
I've never posted to these kind of boards so bear with me. My 24 yr. old daughter and I are going to EDSS on June 4th. We are from Missouri and visited Cancun once, three years ago. So we are looking forward to Riviera Maya. Our favorite is drinking, tanning, drinking, relaxing, snorkeling, drinking, and of course, shopping!! Can't wait to try the Mango drinks. Last time our favorite was Rum Punch!! If anyone knows anything about the El Dorado Seaside Suites, or is going to be there June 4-11th let me know!! Can't wait to get there!!
2005/05/23 12:16:19
Hello Ya'll

1. My name is Pam J.

2. From beautiful state of Tennessee in the USA
(Tennessee river...between the cities of Nashville and Memphis)

3. This will be my families first visit to Akumal. Third time to Mexico.

4. Favorite activity...soaking up the sun, sand and water.
Meeting new people from all over the world.
Look for that next BIG WHEEEEE! Adventure you'll always remember.

5. Rum and Coke with twist of lime, almost anything with Rum.
Tequila no like me.....No, no, no, no, I can't drink it no more..
I'm tired of waking up on the floor.
Well maybe just a shot or two, to be polite...[8D]
2005/05/23 15:42:21
1. Sharen
2. B.C. Rockies, Canada
3. 1995 Xmas - Cozumel - loved every minute. Fantastic snorkelling - water is soooo clear.
1999 Xmas - Cozumel - chose a private condo this time. Great accommodations but not on the water, wouldn't do it again.
2002 Xmas- Puerto Morelos, private condo, on the water. This little town is still a secret - nothing here but the biggest English used-book store and some great restaurants. Very relaxing and inexpensive. Snorkelling on the reef was better than Cozumel! Loved it.
2005 Xmas - We'll try Akumal this time.
4. Snorkelling
5. Very cold cerveza with lime.

Love the lifestyle but it's getting kind of crowded. Hope all the suncreen in the ocean doesn't start killing off ocean life!!
2005/05/26 12:58:51
. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

My LG board name is Mimi, which is my nickname. My realy name is Michelle Hernandez. I'm from Santa Cruz, California. I've been to the Riviera Maya once two years ago and I'm a better person today because of it. My husband and I are returning, this time with a car and a broader sence of adventure. We leave in 13 days and will be in paradise for three weeks. Favorite activities are numerous: meeting amazing people, eating wonderful food that we'll never match at home, playing in the most amazing ocean, snorkeling, resting and laughing, and NOT WORKING.

Favorite vacation drink is easy. A short glass with a shot of Parton to sip on, partnerd with a lime and a bottled water or beer.

Good times.
2005/05/27 12:54:46
1. AKA Monkeygirl
2. Boulder, CO
3. Never been but will on Aug 7-16 2005
4. ??? hopefully snorkeling....
5. Hummm.....drink? beer or margarita
2005/05/28 18:52:40

I just joined tonight. My husband & I stayed at the Copacabana last summer & had so much fun! We were stressed out from work & spent the whole vacation by the pool & the beach. I will never forget how wonderful it was! I fell in love with the area!

> My name is Tami.
> I live in land locked Wyoming. It is very beautiful with the mountains, but heart often yearns for the ocean.
> My favorite acitivity was walking the beach & playing in the water. We did swim with the dolphins-it was wonderful.
> My favorite drink was some sort of frozen White Russian. Yum!

I am excited to have found this site & enjoy reading everyone's comments. I noticed some girls visiting about a "girls' trip". My girlfriends & I always take a yearly "girls' trip". We have already decided the Rivieara Maya is a must! [:)]
2005/05/28 21:42:07
Mississippi Gringos
We are Mississippi Gringos, better known as Mike and Andrea, from northern Mississippi. This will be our second trip to Rivera Maya. Our first was last year when we stayed at Xpu Ha. We loved the area so much that we have decided to make it our new yearly destination. This year we are staying at Bahia Principe Tulum arriving on July 15. Our favorite activity is just relaxing on the beach or at the pool (anything that doesn't resemble work[:)] ) This year we are bringing our 8 year old son who is excited to snorkel for the first time. For drinks, I like beer and an occasional tequila shot (love to try the different brands) and my wife likes rum runners.

We just discovered this board and have already learned alot. Look forward to getting to know some more Locos!!
2005/05/31 12:21:20
1. Gene and Janet ....islandtime and pkflamingo
2. Gulf Coast of Alabama
3. 2 so far. going back to PA end of June '05
4. making my wife believe its her turn to get the drinks
5. mojito
2005/06/02 04:05:11
1. Debbi
2. Santa Cruz, CA
3. 6 +/- going July 12...yeah!
4. snorkeling, Akumal Bay & Half Moon Bay
5. Margarita & Mayan Coffee, everything tastes good there
2005/06/03 18:43:23
Arizona Karen
What a wonderful forum!

I've been visiting the forum for the last year but finally registered.

Arizona Karen in Tempe, AZ (of course)
Never been to Akumal or Riviera but hope to come next summer. Currently it's a tie between Akumal and Puerto Vallarta. My three teen boys are pushing for PV area so they can boogie board and learn to surf.

We've been to different places in Mexico, fortunately, we started from the worst and just keep getting better. We've always gone south of the border to Nogales but that doesn't count. Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) has seen us several times. It's nice that it's so close to us but it really doesn't warrant as a good beach vacation. Our first Mexico beach trip was to Rosarito just south of Tijuana. Such a plightful area (and I'm used to plight as lived in Bolivia for three years as a teen). Last summer we DROVE to Mazatlan (everyone loved the experience, even the full van search by Federales with guns) and stayed at the Estrella del Mar resort on Isla de Piedra for two weeks. I don't know about everyone else, but on vacation we want to feel like we're the only ones there and this was the place for that. Miles of beautiful, deserted beach with a likewise deserted resort. We saw maybe ten people in two weeks except for trips into town. Talk about teen heaven, having a huge resort pool all to yourselves! State of Sonora is a step up from northern Baja and Sinaloa a step above that. If the trend continues, Q. Roo or Nayarit will be another step up. Hey, not a bad way to do it.

Favorite vacation drink: Whatever compliments the great food.

Keep up the great work.
2005/06/05 16:12:25
Hi Everyone~Recently found this site & am enjoying it so much! You all are helping me to pinpoint exactly where to stay when we visit.

Havi2000 is my screen name
Home is Marion, Ohio
I visited Tulum ruins & Xel Ha in 2000 as a cruise stop, Cozumel 3x, we are looking at spring break (last full week of March) 2006 to visit RM
Snorkeling is my absolute favorite thing to do
Excellent frozen maragaritas are the greatest!

We will be bringing our 2 teenage sons next trip, (they have been to cozumel) so would be greatful for any info on what to do, where to stay, & AI reports as this is the best plan with 2 very hungry guys. Looking forward to great info.
2005/06/06 11:27:53
1. Hi, my name is Linda.....the "law" stands for my initials
(No, I am not associated with any aspect of the law!)
2. I live in Kansas City.
3. Been to Riviera 6 times, and am going back June 25...
4. Favorite activity: Definitely snorkeling AND dancing the night away!
5. Favorite drink: Strong margarita.
2005/06/08 13:29:18
1. Hi, my name is Linda. The "law" board name stands for my initials.
(No, I am not associated with any part of the law!)
2. I live in Kansas City.
3. Been to the Riviera 6 times and going again June 25.
4. Favorite activity: Snorkeling and dancing the night away!
5. Favorite drink: A strong margarita!
2005/06/08 13:32:54
Welcome to the board.................you're gonna have an amazing time in here! Everyone is really friendly and the information is ALWAYS flowing!!!!!!! [:)]
2005/06/08 13:37:38
gofred aka Gordon[and Chris]
Been to the RM 7 times, we'll be in Akumal/PDC for 5 weeks starting June 25
Enjoy exploring, snorkeling, beachcombing, beach reads
Dos XX ambar
2005/06/08 21:38:52
ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Hey there fellow Loco's
I'm pretty new to this site but it seems to be a great group of people who all seem willing to help each other out with info on the Mayan Riviera, so lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

I realized I've been posting and I never properly introduced myself!

1. Gopherhead, aka, Nat
2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
3. Two - in Jan/Feb 03 and 04. Stayed at the Barcelo both times. Visited Yal-ku and Tulum. Going to the ABR in Feb 06 for two weeks for honeymoon!
4. Snorkelling w/o a doubt!
5. Dirty Monkey. Yum E.
2005/06/10 07:37:53
Like Gopherhead, I too have been posting and haven't formally introduced myself. My apologies! Anyway...

1. Sarah
2. Jackson, Wisconsin - a little town north of Milwaukee
3. 1st time March 2006 for our honeymoon - we went to Cancun when we first met and didn't like it - felt like I was in LA. Went to PV a few years back - loved the Mexican 'feel' but the water was lacking.
4. Snorkeling for sure. The sun, sand, surf and the warmth of the mexican people. Have been to other islands/beaches and always talk about getting back to Mexico. Haven't found anything we like better.
5. Corona and shots of tequilla. Fell in love with Racilla in PV but doubt we will find it in Akumal.

And thanks to the many here who tolerate and answer some of more ridiculous queries. I've gained so much information and feel like I've been there already.
2005/06/10 14:33:22
Hi My board name is IrishLady cause I'm Irish and that's the name of our boat. My real name is Mary. I've been checking this board for about a year and a half but finally joined.

2. Live in Omaha, NE
3. We have been going to the Riviera Maya yearly for the past 10 years with going twice a yr the past 2 years. We are going to the ABR the end of July this year.
4. Our favorite activity is chilling on the beach and meeting new people. We also enjoy snorkelling, beachcombing and beach reads.
5. My favorite vacation drink in a toasted almond and hubby's is cervazas.
2005/06/11 06:35:08
1. Homecrew - Mark & Janett
2. North Carolina
3. Cancun once and Cozumel once. Now looking at Akumal
4. Relaxing, snorkeling
5. Cerveza
2005/06/11 12:13:42
Stephanie and Brandon
Southern Oklahoma
Longing for our first...July 18 - 28th Honeymooon
Beer and tea
2005/06/11 18:11:03
My Lg board name is ocontraire, from a childhood nickname (mary contrary)
I live in Montreal, Canada.
My husband and I have visited Akumal twice before and our third time will be in 2 weeks. We're counting the days!
I like to read under a palapa, snorkle in HMB and take in the blues of sea and sky--- Doing whatever we want to do while on vacation.
Favorite vacation drinks are a cold beer or an icy margarita. With lots of Lime in both.
2005/06/12 20:35:16
Name: dairygirl aka Kim
Live: on a dairy farm in Nova Scotia, Canada
# of visits: sadly none[:(][:(][:(] Our first trip planned for April 2005 but had to cancel because hubby was unexpectedly hospitalized three days before we were supposed to leave. Thank goodness for trip insurance.
Favorite activity: Living vicariously through all of you--I love reading this board.
Favorite drink: hope to find out this fall when we get to make that postponed trip!
2005/06/13 16:59:48

My name is Pat, the wife is Barbara.
We live in Dallas,Texas
Went to Cancun 15 years ago. Since then we have been to Cozumel 3 times and last year we spent a week on isla Mujeres.
We are making our first trip to Akumal July 17-24.
While therewe love snorkeling, hanging on the beach, visiting all the beach bars, and driving around to find out what is around the next corner.
Our favorite drinks are mass quanities of cold beer and once the sun goes down, margaritas for me.
2005/06/14 22:55:16
1. justagirlfromtx (Michelle)
2. Austin,TX
3. Visiting for the first time in July (Visited Cozumel 2yrs ago)
4. Snorkeling
5. Pina Colada
2005/06/15 08:07:06
>ineedavacation (Mark)
>Savage, MD
>Visiting for the 1st time, July 6 at the Copa
>Beer drinking (me) Sunbathing (wife)
>Beer (me) Frozen stuff (wife)

I also enjoy other activities that include beer drinking.
2005/06/15 21:24:13
pokey stipple
Hi all LG's!!
I confess to being a voyeur on this site for a couple of weeks now and have decided to come out of the closet - you guys are a hoot!

Thanks to everyone for the info that helped us make the decision to book the Akumal Beach Resort in February. I know it's a long way off - what can I say.....I'm a planner.!

LG board name: Pokey Stipple

place you live: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

favorite area activity: laying on the beach half in and out of the surf with my thermas cup filled with any kind of ice cold tropical drink. Don't even mind if the kids bury me in the sand....as long as they don't get sand on my drink!

PS: CJA - LOVE the avatar - I've never seen a sharkman before
U/D - you have the most well written posts - enjoy reading you
2005/06/16 19:56:08
I love your avatar, Pokey! Welcome, from a former 'pegger.
2005/06/17 06:28:30
Thanks Gopherhead - your's has brought a smile to my face as well.
2005/06/17 07:01:14
pokey stipple
That was me - forgot to login.
2005/06/17 07:02:11
. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink
Hi Everyone,
I am mtee short for Mary Theresa, no not like Sister Mary Theresa! That is a whole other story for another time! LOL!

I live in Baltimore Maryland and have been to the Riviera Maya 4 times and LOVED each time! This time I am going to Akumal Beach Resort for Christmas!

Beach and Snorkeling are my favorite things to do.

Favorite drinks include Pina Coladas, Caphrinias, Mojitos and Cuba Libre and trying new ones all the time!

Looking forward to learning a lot about Akumal before Christmas!

This is an awesome site!
2005/06/18 22:41:11
Cateyes8186 aka Robi
Graham, Wa.........the place with the great view of Mt. Rainier
Never been but going on July 5th, 2005.
So far my favorite place is laying on Lanakai Beach looking at the Mokoluas
Hooked on snorkeling. Here fishy fishy!!
Something fruity
2005/06/21 00:09:39
Oops! I guess I should have logged in first!
Cateyes8186 aka Robi
Graham, Wa.........the place with the great view of Mt. Rainier
Never been but going on July 5th, 2005.
So far my favorite place is laying on Lanakai Beach looking at the Mokoluas
Hooked on snorkeling. Here fishy fishy!!
Something fruity
2005/06/21 00:12:49
Hi All,

My name is Frank and my Picture is an Akumal sunset over the jungle. If you want to see me look at Debbi2000's picture, I am the only guy in the picture. As she said, we live Santa Cruz, CA, have been to Akumal and surrounding area many times over many years and love to snorkel. Favorite drinks huh? Well, Margaritas of course, great Agave, Superior, Dos Equis, Tecate, Modelo Negro, vodka collins and great wines...not to mention Carlos 2's 'boom booms' at La Cueva del Pescador

Favorite activities: Finding new deserted pieces of reef to snorkle, sitting at La Buena Vida et. al. and watching the beach go by, playing cards y dominos with Carlos and crew at La Cueva Del Pescador, eating great salsa, telling jokes, playing trivia, reading, listening to music while doing any of the above except snorkeling. Also like body surfing at El Paraiso beach.

Going back soon, 7/12 - 8/2

Look forward to meeting those of you who will be there.
2005/06/21 00:22:39
1. Joan (&Eric) 1wauwanokan
2. Hillsboro, MO (hot and humid midwest summers!)
3. First time to the Riviera will be 8/27-9/4, 1 time in the Baha.
4. want to snorkel, horse back riding and just relax! Rope swing bars look fun! Go over to Cozumel to see my old 7th grade communications teacher who now lives there and gives tours..... www.cozumeltours.com
5. Breakfast sodie (sky vodka, OJ & cranberry juice), miller lite (most fav), martini's, margarita's, pina colada's, gentleman jack and coke, the list goes on and on and on....................
Trying to be patient awaiting departure date!!!!
2005/06/22 13:27:42
Welcome, I just joined as well, some great stuff here and lots of good people.
2005/06/23 00:17:21
Hi! I'm VERY new at this, so hopefully, I can figure out how to reply to this.

1. Karen
2. Austin, Texas
3. Been to Mexico a lot, but only to Akumal one time (2 years ago). My husband, two children (8 and 5), and I are coming back 7/3-7/12 though!
4. We really loved the laid back atmosphere at La Buena Vida and snorkeling!
5. Definitely a margarita (with that fresh lime juice!) Can't wait to have one!

2005/06/23 12:12:08
I'm a little remiss in posting here.

1. Paul
2. Whitby, Ontario, Canada
3. I've been to Mexico once before with my wife and 2 daughters (14 and 7 now). My wife and I are going this year by ourselves for the first time in 14 years.
2005/06/23 12:22:25
If only I didn't do everything backwards!

I'm a first timer, scheduled for November '05!
West Texas
Mayavacation - Terry
2005/06/23 12:48:33
2nJersey aka Chris & Bonnie
Atlantic city nj
First trip to Secrets excellence
Loved it
2005/06/23 13:57:12
Kim in STL
Welcome to the board...I graduated from DeSoto High school and used to work at the couthouse way back when...I live in Bonne Terre not too far from you. You will have a great time in the Roo. We have been coming here for about 25 years now and still find new things to do.
2005/06/23 16:26:20
hello everybody!!
i am going to tankah bay on july with my family, and i am staying at villas las gemelas. does anyone know anything about this villa?? or has anyone stayed there??
2005/06/23 21:39:44
first_time_gringo aka Kevin
Eugene, Oregon
First time August 22
Scuba Diving (hopefully)
2005/06/23 22:33:00
Know right where Graham is, beautiful country. Welcome, Debbi and I will arrive (once again) on the 12th, look for us under a palapa at La Buena Vida watching the beach go by.
2005/06/23 23:41:00
alice in az
what is a mango kalaan?
I have had mago daq and a mango mojito.
2005/06/24 12:54:21
Welcome tpaul, probably run into you there.
2005/06/25 00:12:16
1. Name or LG board name: Iamcanadian
2. Place you live ie: state/territory/country : South Delta (Vancouver) BC Canada
3. Number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back:
First time for us will be August 7 at the Bahia Principe Tulum.
4. Favourite area activity: Anything in around or on the water.
5. Favourite vacation drink : Margarita
2005/06/26 12:31:40
hi Sunburnedgringo
Pam aka Pam
Marlton Nj
snorkling and horsebackriding,eating and drinking
chocolate monkey great for lunchtime
2005/06/26 15:24:30
1. Dawn
2. Washington State (Seattle area)
3. Going to RM for first time in August...I've been to Puerto Vallarta twice
4. I will find that out in just 44 days :)
5. Ice cold cervezas!
2005/06/26 15:39:10
1. cmooresun
2. Tillamook, OR
3. Been twice, once for our honeymoon, and just got back on the 21st of June. We celebrated our 12th anniversary there. We want to go back as soon as possible, maybe bring the kids. I can't wait another 12 years!
4. Pretending I'm in one of those Corona commericals-relaxing on the beach with a drink in my hand and the sun on my face.
5. Tie-Passionfruit margaritas & Rum runners
2005/06/28 14:33:58
1. Goldenboy
2. Germantown, WI (burb of Milwaukee)
3. I was down in the Roo a few years ago, stayed at the Iberostar Tucan, great place, and I (we) are booked for Sept. 10th, 2005, and I a day doesn't pass that I don't get excited about it!!!
4. There is just something to tranquil and amazing about the blue water
5. wow, hard to pick just one. I actually prefer to drink them all!!!! More fun that way too!
2005/06/29 15:38:51
Name : Jill
Place : USA
Vacationed in Riviera Maya ( Sunscape- P.A.) 6/10/-6/16/05
Favorite activity - All activities
Favorite Drink: Tequila, Margaritas, and Corona

Best vacation spot !! I will return to that area. Much slower pace there .
2005/06/29 15:59:32
name or LG board name: My LG board name is AuntieRee1; my real name is Lynnmarie
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country : Oak Lawn, Illinois
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back: Have never been to Akumel...am going in August with family: Super User "SHARIE" is my baby sister!
4. favorite area activity: gonna try to snorkel; otherwise it's beach time evry day!
5. favorite vacation drink: Margarita or something frothy
2005/06/30 21:35:44
Mom, is that you?

Just kidding - my family calls my mom Aunt Ree since Marie is her middle name. Makes me smile when I see you logged on!
2005/06/30 21:56:25
Joined this week.

Board name: Grajan - AKA Graham & Janaki
2. Houston Texas (expat Australians)
3. Popped over from Coz a few times. going to spend a little longer next month
4. Not really checked out the area activities yet - going to try cenote diving and whale sharks. REALLY wish there was some shore diving....
5. Water and lots of it - no booze and no coffeee - dive on vacation - drink at home.

Looking forward to finding out lots here and getting to know the area better as it is such an easy pop from Houston.

2005/07/01 09:12:09
1) Abrake - Adrienne
2) Indianapolis, IN
3) Many, many trips to Cozumel and Isla. First time to the RM except for day trips to Tulum and the ferry from Playa. Can't wait!
4) Food, snorkeling, and not HAVING to do anything
5) REAL margaritas, not the sweet concoctions we have here.
2005/07/01 10:02:28
ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Hey there fellow Loco's
I'm pretty new to this site but it seems to be a great group of people who all seem willing to help each other out with info on the Mayan Riviera, so lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink

Chris & Bonnie
New Jersey
1 time in May 2nd time in may 2006
Sitting poolside soakin up the sun and getting hammered
Tequila slammer, Miami Vice
2005/07/01 10:25:09



2005/07/01 19:05:21
Sun Bleached Blond
1. Sun Bleached Blond aka Gloria
2. From Mid-town Manhattan, New York City
3. Been to Playa more than a dozen times
4. Favorite activity is lying on the beach
5. I love frozen daiquiris
2005/07/02 10:51:01
So here is the introduction, I am a newbie and go by He Drinks Tequila
I reside in Edmonton Alberta Canada
Have visited the area 4 times and will be returning in January 2006
I love to scuba dive in the area
I like the Margaritas and Pina Colada's
2005/07/05 08:10:51
He Drinks Tequila
Told ya I am new, forgot to login, previous message was mine.
He Drinks Tequila
2005/07/05 08:12:37
Mississippi Gringos
1) Mike and Andrea , son Ben
2) Tupelo, MS--we do have indoor plumming/wear shoes
3) second trip will be next week, the first with our son
4)lying on the beach, snorkling
5)shots of tequila/beer[:D]
2005/07/05 17:13:53
1. name or LG board name: sanfrangringo
2. place you live: San Francisco
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya: One- for a friend's wedding, and it was so great we decided to go back to Tulum for ours in January, 2006
4. favorite area activity: lounging
5. favorite vacation drink: Patron Margaritas
2005/07/07 00:19:27
forgot to log in....

1. name or LG board name: sanfrangringo
2. place you live: San Francisco
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya: One- for a friend's wedding, and it was so great we decided to go back to Tulum for ours in January, 2006
4. favorite area activity: lounging
5. favorite vacation drink: Patron Margaritas
2005/07/07 00:21:43
After a few weeks, I'm finally introducing myself
1. locogringo name: jamracar; my name Cathleen
2. Berkeley, CA
3. been to Playa twice before; back again in 2 weeks[:)], including first trip to Akumal!!!!!!!
4. snorkeling and loafing
5. margaritas, yummm![8D]
2005/07/07 22:46:50
Portland, OR
4th, Akumal, Soliman Bay, Xcalak, Merida, Valladolid
Going back January 13, 2006 for our 5th trip, staying only in Akumal and Soliman Bay
Fun and sun
Any drink that is cold!
2005/07/11 01:09:29
1.BANGIE aka Angie
3.Never-but I am going for the first time in october[:D]cant wait!!!!!!!!
4.My guess is snorkeling.I will find out in october.....
5.Mai Tai and lots of beer.....
2005/07/11 02:01:50
Hot Mamma Dirt Leg
Board Name: Hot Mamma Dirt Leg - real world name: Lisa (and S/O Mike)
From: Hot and sweaty Houston, Texas
We're making our 4th trip to Akumal in September. Discovered it by accident about 6 or 7 years ago and can't seem to stop coming back even though we always swear we're going to try some place different.
We are divers so that's our main form of entertainment while we're in the MR, from Akumal, from Paa Mul, from Cozumel - it's all great diving.
My favorite vacation drink - Mike's fabulous margaritas, made from hand squeezed limes, Herudura tequila and a bit of triple sec, gently shaken and poured into a salt-rimmed martini glass - sipped while sitting on my lovely terrazza at Las Casitas.
We've been lurking on this board for years and finally decided to join the great people here - maybe we'll see you in paradise!
2005/07/11 09:33:12
1. Momprof (Karen)
2. California (Northern, inland)
3. Three times to Akumal, going again for a month in October 05
4. Reading at the beach and snorkeling
5. Stawberry Daiqari (sp?)
2005/07/11 11:08:19
1. PrincessasMommy (for my 3 daughters)
2. Just north of Toronto in Canada
3. Visited Riu Palace in 2000, been pregnant for awhile so am returning with our 9, 2 & 1 year old in Jan of 2006 but staying at the Gala Beach
4. Love to just lie on the beach! Had some fun snorkeling last time too!
5. favorite vacation drink - all of them! [;)]

2005/07/13 21:49:36
Hi Louise

Love that avatar. Which one of your babies is that? Whereabouts do you live? I'm in Toronto and am curious where "north of Toronto" is!
2005/07/13 23:00:13
Hi Louise!

As an ex-Torontonian (now living in Burlington) I welcome you to the board!! You are gonna love it here!! [:)]
2005/07/14 07:06:21
Hi, I'm new here.

I'm Sungolf2. We have been to the Riviera Maya ten times and have our next trip planned for Jan. 2006 to ABR.

We live near Chicago.

While in Mexico some of our favorite things to do are snorkeling and finding great, toes-in-the-sand restaurants for dinner.

My favorite vacation drink is the one I am having at the time.

BTW, Rose, I agree! Life is too short to drink cheap wine.
2005/07/14 09:35:30
Hi all
Newbie here!

sunnygrl; real name: Dee, hubby, Russ
live in Chattanooga, TN
only been to Cancun, never Riviera Maya but, God willin' and the creek don't rise (or hurricane!) we'll be there in June, 2006 for 2 weeks!
love to snorkel, sit on the beach, people watch, read
favorite drink? hmmmmm margarita's and beer!

I've visited LG many times over the last couple years. Finally decided to join the fun.
2005/07/14 22:39:28
Name: Dorothy
Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Times in Cancun: 3 1987-Camino Real; 2003 - Occidental Grand Flameno Xcaret; 2004 - Bahia Principe Akumal (returning in 11-05)
Favorite Drink: The Grand Flamenco (from OGFX)
Favorite Activity: Walking south on beach from BPA to deserted beach called Chemyuil Bay. Unfortunately & inevitable they will be building there shortly so I won't be able to have my "ship wrecked on a deserted island" experience. Of course, now I'm just praying there will be a beach after Emily's wrath
2005/07/15 16:38:18
1) kdamman---Kristine
2) Manitowoc, WI (right on Lake Michigan--not the same beautiful blue of Mexico[:(])
3) 2 prior trips to MR--- 1st to Viva Maya ('02), 2nd to Pallidium('04)
4) Relaxing on the beach drinking many cocktails[:D] (anyone with kids can relate)
5) Miami Vice

At this time we (4 couples in our mid to late 30's) do an every other year group trip. When we first started travelling together-- we questioned why the heck we were spending our money on ski weekends when we could be sitting on a beach somewhere instead. Our first foray to Mexico was to Puerto Vallarta in '00 and we had a good time but wanted something different for our next trip---hence the Mayan Riviera. Originally the plan was to go to different locations on every trip, but since we hit the MR we are hooked, so I guess you are stuck with us[:)]

We just booked our 2/06 trip to the CMT and are eagerly looking forward to it, I just hope Emily spares the area!
2005/07/16 00:21:12
1) NightCrawler aka Terri
2) Seadrift, Texas (On San Antonio Bay in the Gulf of Mexico)
3) 1st Time to the MR on July 21st depending on Emily
4) Not really sure since it's my first trip but probably snorkeling, relaxing w/out the kids, eating, drinking, relaxing w/out the kids....oh and relaxing w/out the kids.
5) Fruity frozen drinks, cerveza, & shots of tequila. I want to try them ALL!!

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to keep you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, & enough hope to make you happy.
2005/07/16 20:18:54
1. ABritGal / Jane
2. Toronto
3. 4, and going to Secrets Capri Sep 10
4. Soaking up the sun, swimming, relaxing and chilling
5. Amaretto Sour

[:D] /Jane
2005/07/16 23:47:09
Senior Tortuga
1. Senoir Tortuga aka Daymion
2. Beaver Lake N.W. Arkansas
3. Been absolutely in love with the Roo since 2000. Try to go at least once a year.
4.Hmm, what I like to do there...Hang out with the locals, adopt a beach dog for the week-14 days, stay as far away from the tourist traps as possible, snorkel Half Moon bay, watch every sunrise and sunset, explore the ruins without a guide, and just soak up the magic that fills the people and the land. It's truly some of God's best work.
5.Don Julio, Patron, Tecate(drinks easy in the sun), Sol, and what ever someone buys me at Lol-Ha. :).
2005/07/17 08:53:18
We've been lurking around the board since late 2003, finally decided to officially join the fun...

1. TheBlinnsinIndy - aka Angi & Bart
2. Indianapolis, IN
3. 1st time was 2/04, just honeymooned for 2 weeks there (6/29-7/13), and plan to be back in 4/06
4. snorkeling with the turtles, walks on the beach, relaxing
5. tequila, margaritas, pina coladas, anything really!!
2005/07/17 14:44:31
1. Susan aka Suzanna_Tejas
2. Kennedale TX (near Arlington)
3. 6 time veteran and will be arriving again Sept 23rd
4. Love a good snork!
5. It's a toss up between Dirty Monkey or a Lo-Ha Marg...love em both!
2005/07/17 23:13:59
1. Marc
2. Toronto Canada
3. First time going to Roo (family trip)
4. Hope to enjoy with wife and young kids (5 yrs and 8 yrs)

This is a good site to find information on Roo. Very happy to find it and join the group
2005/07/18 08:15:21
1. Sooz, aka Susan
2. San Antonio, TX
3. First visit scheduled for August 28 - September 1, 2005
4. Looking forward to lounging o the beach and snorkeling
5. Mojitos!
2005/07/18 11:08:01
1. Debbie aka daiseydebb
2. Michigan
3. First is supposed to be 7/27 - 8/3

Thanks for all the info...
2005/07/18 12:36:35
1. halldor
2. London, U.K.
3. 3
4 snorkeling
5. chilled white wine

So very sorry to hear about the storm damage. I'm praying that there has been no loss of life. Would like to know what I could do to help, though I'm in London, England.
2005/07/18 12:42:13
My name is Amanda.

I'm from Northern Kentucky.

I've been to the area 4 times, so far!

Hum, this is a tough one...I guess it'd have to be a really yummy Margarita.
2005/07/18 13:37:42
1. kindred1
2. San Jose, CA
3. Been to Mexico a few times but never to Mayan Riviera, planning to go to Akumal in August
4. I'll let you know!
5. not much of a drinker. Diet coke with lime works for me.
2005/07/18 15:02:21
1. Annarski - Anna
2. Roselle, Illinois
3. Twice
4. Xel-Ha
5. Margaritas at La Playa and tequila shots before dinner - a tradition one of my family members started.
2005/07/18 15:47:54
Coyote57 = Mike & Lisa O'Neal
We try and go down to Akumal every September or October for at least 10 days
been their 7 times. Love it .
We are from Houston, Texas
We love to Scuba Dive and sit on the beach and read.

I love Rum drinks and Lisa likes wine.

Look forward to seeing you down their
2005/07/18 16:09:48
* Beaches aka Esther

* Amsterdam, Holland (Europe)

* 6 months last year (training in entertainment in Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal), this year in March 2 weeks and in about a week I'm going again..

* Sun, Beach and my Mexican boyfriend.. [;)]

* Fresa Colada, Mojitos and a cold beer sometimes..
2005/07/18 17:18:22

Nest Lake, MN

Twice ... back Feb 3.


2005/07/18 20:16:18
I've been around the LG boards since 1999. Mostly quiet the past year or two.

1. Barbara or bjmpac ( originally on Board as Barbara in NC; then Key West, then Miami ,FL)

2. Now : St Pete Beach, FL

3. 1992, 1993, 1999, 2002, 2003 ( I think) and 2004. May and June 2005 was on Isla

4. fishing, beach around Lol Ha; fishing; snorkeling; fishing; hanging with Kay when she has time and catching up on life...eating delicious food and coconut helado and of course fishing

5. drinks.. aqua purificado, gatorade, and good non-alcoholic beer if I can find it. They only sell Old Milwaukee NA at SuperChomak, San Francisco ...bleeeeeeeeeeech
2005/07/18 21:01:01
1. LG board name is Maggie-in MX I go by Katarina-in the US I go by Kathryn
2. place you live ie: I live in Columbus, Ohio
3. I have been to MX about 6 times (if I remember correctly) the Roo will be 2X in Nov
4. My favorite activity is Windsufing and learning about the culture/people
5. favorite vacation drink-I am from the Mid-West-beef of course!
2005/07/18 22:11:59
Coyote............LOVE your avatar!!! [:)][:D][8|]
2005/07/19 08:08:24
I've been a lurker since Sep 2001 (honeymoon and 9/11 didn't wash.....long but interesting story!)
An old acquaintance highly recommended this board for anything "Mayan Coast-ish", and she
wasn't wrong either!

Stargazer AKA Jennifer (or Jen)
Toronto, Ontario (a proud Canadian but a winter/cold weather hater!)

3 visits, since January 2002, next visit planning on January 2006!

Touring the ruins, exploring the countryside, relaxing on the beach,
and most importantly, making new friends! You meet the BEST people down there!

hmmm.....I like a customized Tequila Sunrise....mucho tequila, pocquito Sunrise,
but will try pretty much any funky drink down there, as long as they will
put it into my thermos mug (aka big a$$ sippy cup).
2005/07/19 10:17:49
1. Mdesmond (Marlene)
2. Denver, Colorado, formerly Merida, Mexico
3. Been to Akumal many times, last in Feb. 2005
4. My child thinks of Akumal as one of her homes
5. Rum and coke (the drink of Meridanos)

I love this forum. So many great folks who love the people, ambiance and mystery of Akumal area. Many beach lovers in their 50's. Rock On.
2005/07/19 12:42:41
not so plain jane
Not So Plain Jane
Austin, Texas
We've been coming to Q.Roo since 1988 when we were in Cozumel on our honeymoon during Hurricane Gilbert. (And yes, we're still married, even though we had to spend 18 hours in a barricaded bathroom together.) We've been to Cozumel about 15 times, Akumal 4-5 times, Puerto Aventuras 4-5 times, and Puerto Morelos 3 weeks ago. One of our favorite places (when we don't catch our own fish) is the fish market in Tulum. That big vat of grease is actually kind of endearing, especially after sipping a 40 from the MiniSuper next door.
Favorite activities are fishing and diving, and snorkeling when our allergies are acting up. But I've grown especially partial recently to sitting on the beach at Xpu-Ha.
Favorite Mexico drink -- cerveza, of course! Uno mas, uno mas, and uno mas!
2005/07/19 13:29:15
I live in Louisville KY
Have been to Cancun but going to the Riviera Maya in February. Bahia Principe Tulum! Can't wait[:D] Will be going there on my Honeymoon...my fiance' has never been...we are both already countin down. Thanks in advance for all the great info
2005/07/19 13:53:35
Sunburned Gringo
Wow this thread keeps growing. Nice to see all the new faces...welcome aboard.
2005/07/19 15:46:38
Hi, been lurking for a bit. Thought I'd say hello. This forum and the great people who hang out on it have provided a wealth of information for me and and my fiance as we plan our first trip to the area.

BTW, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who weathered the recent storm.

1. Morrigan70 (aka Jennifer)
2. Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
3. None - 1st visit will commence on August 8 (honeymoon!)
4. None - will probably be Tulum ruins, knowing me and my prediliction for archeologically-related whats-it.
5. Again none, but will likely be margaritas and beer.
2005/07/19 17:01:11
Fishing Family
from Rockport , TEXAS
2+ times a year for 20 years
Puerto Aventuras for billfishing charters from Capt. Rick's Charters, Las Casitas Akumal favorite abode, La Buena Vida - favorite bar, Zamas Tulum- favorite restaurant and Boca Paila- for bonefish and permit guide trips
favorite drinks:
Cubalibra - rum, diet coke, lime
Modelo beer - with lime
Lemonada - fresh lime-aid
Mexican Wines at Chedruils grocery store are very good.
favorite dessert : Bananas flambe at LOHA.
Favorite romantic restaurant : LA LUNITA @ Hacienda de la Tortuga - table outside
Snorkle everyday in front of Las Casitas. Ride bicycles in old Akumal , we buy them at the Wal Mart or Chedruils Grocery store in Playa , then give them away when we leave . Exploring the area with our rent car, always a Nissan Tisuru ( we call it our NERD MOBILE )from Executive Rent car - Cancun airport main building- get it online for best rates... and Billfishing ! Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, ... arriba !
I love MEHICO ! - adios -
2005/07/19 21:47:16
camden gringo
camden gringo (Lee Tolliver)
Camden North Carolina (northeast NC) but work in Norfolk virginia. Lived in Virginia Beach virginia for 46 years before moving into the country
Been to riviera maya 19 times (all different resorts), returning this december to ABR (if it's reopened by then)
Snorkeling and drinking
cerveza Montejo (Yummy)
2005/07/20 12:24:22
Time to introduce myself, I guess.
1. waterchange, aka Melinda
2. Houston, Texas
3. First visited Akumal in February, 2005. Had never been to Mexico or thought I wanted to go. Went once, fell in love with the place and the people, and now all I can think about is when I can get back there! It's a magical place. Plan to go this winter.
4. Snorkeling
5. Margaritas, wine
2005/07/20 12:50:37
KCYogini - Diann
Overland Park, KS
Been to the Maya Riviera 18 times, Usually Villas del Caribe Xpu-Ha X-4
Just being there, some day want it to be an expat.
Dos XX, Margarita's - Don Julio
2005/07/20 13:43:06
1. Binnie
2. Pennsylvania
3. Bought a condo at Aventuras Akumal 15 years ago
4. being there
5. tequilla sunrise
2005/07/20 16:24:03
1. Steve
2. Prairie Village, Kansas (Kansas City area)
3. 3 visits, 1st time Nov. '88 then twice in the last 3 yrs.
4. Doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the pace and scenery. (Time flies in US, walks in MX)
5. Leon cerveza with lime
2005/07/20 16:55:07
well I've been here for a few months now and have posted a few times so I guess I should write one of these!

1. Kim Capelli- age 17
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Been to Akumal about 10 times and making another trip in Februaryyy!
4. Laying on the beach all day, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and hanging out with my friends down there!
5. Well considering I'm not legal age yet [;)].......
2005/07/20 20:27:47

Just signed on today, but found this board on Monday as we were really worried about all in Akumal. We only vacationed there twice, and have reservations to return in January and hope to spend many more glorious days there in the future!

We expected to hear the worst-- I'm glad to hear that the reports are encouraging.

Can't wait to return in just about 180 days for my:

Favorite drink: Mojito
Favorite place to drink it... anywhere in Akumal - but Half Moon Bay is where you'll find me!
Favorite activity: reading a book on the beach for hours and hours!
2005/07/21 09:19:20
My screen name is Susita (my high school Spanish class name), my real name is Leigh.
I live in West Chester, PA a suburb of Philadelphia.
I have been to Mexico about 25 times in the last 20 years. I stayed in Cancun for my first 10 visits, and have been going to RM for my last 15 trips.
I have 2 favorite things: 1. Inhaling all of the different and wonderful scents: food, ocean, suntan lotion, and vegetation. 2. Snorkeling, anywhere anytime.
My favorite drink is slushy Mango with loooottttsssssts of dark rum in my small (32oz) insulated mug at the Palladium.

Returning in 65 days. Nothing will keep me away!

2005/07/21 09:51:59
RushF1 aka Jerry
Tracy, CA (east of San Francisco, about 70 miles)
Visited the Yucatan in 1990, 2004 and in June 2005
Love to just relax and explore the area
Favorite drink? Usually water!
2005/07/21 11:49:07
My name is Shannon
I'm from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
First visit was to Cancun, second to Playa and the last one was to Akumal, and I can't wait to get back.
Mostly like to relax and a little exploring.
Fav drink - pretty much anything cold
2005/07/21 13:17:25
southeast texas native SETEXnative
beaumont, texas
my wife and I will experience our first visit on July 24, 2005
beach bum, meet new people, discover new drinks, relax
funky monkey, XX[:D]
2005/07/21 14:12:40
Hola LG's - I have been lurking on these boards for some time and thought I'd make the intro. First, it must be said...this is an awesome site! I know if I have a question--someone has "been there, done that". Thanks for letting me play. So, here it goes....

(name or LG board name) ginnygardea

(place you live ie: state/territory/country) Oregon, USA

(number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back)
Our sixsome (sister, her fiance, parents, myself and my husband) stayed in Akumal a couple years back and just this last year at Casa Zamna in at Tulum beach. We are fairly seasoned Mexico travelers, having been all over the interior, Baja, and Pacific Coast. We have an ongoing romance with the country including the beautiful people, places, food and DRINK! We feel so lucky to have all of these fabulous travel experiences. We are especially enamoured with the Mayan Riviera...oh, the soft sands and breezes! We are planning our next adventure for Spring of '06. Thank you for the helpful posts (and the correction on Lol ha ;) I misspoke myself).

(favorite area activity ) Oh..where to begin - there is the snorkeling, cenote spelunking, whipping up batches of fresh salsa, checking out the "hole in the wall" restaurants, sampling the margaritas and Dos X's, sunbathing, napping and the oh so challenging art of doing nothing.

(favorite vacation drink ) Why such hard questions??? Gotta be the boxes of beer straight from the distributor...how can you not love the site of the bottle just beginning to sweat in the sun...just waiting for to be consumed.

Look forward to watching your posts!
2005/07/21 16:12:49
Wow, I've been a lurker for so long and now that I finally registered I realized I don't have any questions. It seems that ALL answers are already here on this board. Anyway, I was so pleased to get my coundown clock and pic up and going, I've got to make some sort of a post:

1. Playakath (Kathleen)
2. Texas
3. I've been to Akumal once before, and I'm headed back Sept. 23 - 30.
4. General ceviche and cold beer sampling
5. If it's cold, I'll drink it. A coozie would be nice, thanks.

Yea my first post!
2005/07/21 16:34:20
Drat. I just thought my pic worked. Hmm.
2005/07/21 16:35:58
1. Barrett Davis
2. Cypress, Tx (NW Houston)
3. 1-3 weeks per year since 88 at our home away from home, Casa Mayanah; be back in June 06 with our new baby (will be 14 months when we go)!!!
4. Sleeping in my hammock in the palapa; diving; or drinking and dancing on our roof at night
5. Tequila Sunrise or homemade fresh margarita....mmmmmmmmm.......
2005/07/21 21:29:07
1. Ryan Cox
2. Virginia, USA
3. With my family for the past 10 years.
4. Beach, Drinking, Food, Scuba Diving.
5. XX, of course!
2005/07/22 09:51:15
Hola all LG's

1) Brian
2) Winnipeg, Manitoba
3) 6 times in past 5 years plus 3 times to Cozumel
4) I, like Playakath, love cold beer sampling; especially with an order of ribs from the Pub in Puerto Aventuras
5) cervesa, cervesa & more cervesa

It has been a wild ride following things over the past 5 days; glad to hear that while the damage is bad in places, overall it wasn't total destruction & most importantly that there were no serious casulties or deaths.
2005/07/22 10:34:50
Who knew there were so many others who loved RM as much as we do? We're always torn about sharing our secret with friends because we don't want to ruin it! Maybe one day we'll be able to live there for good... We can but dream!

1. cnabeachbums
2. Austin, Texas -- not a bad place to live either
3. been visiting Mexico since I was a little girl.
Went to Coz first in 1990 w/ best friend.
Cancun in 1997 on company trip (hey, it was FREE!)
Coz again in 1997 on honeymoon
Playa in 2000
Playa again in 2003
And I think another trip in there too but I forget
And we're coming back to Tankah the end of August with our friends!!

4. Where do I start?? Snorkeling, visiting the ruins and ecological parks, meeting the locals and foreigners, eating conch ceviche and of course sleeping in a hammock -- anywhere.
5. My husband would vote for DosX or any smooth Teq straight up, I go for the fruity drinks, especially mango margaritas.

I love this board!
2005/07/22 11:10:59
1) Roy and Kris
2) New Berlin, WI (plenty of Wisconsinites I see!)
(3) this August will be our 5th. Started out on a cruise, which was ok for a taste of the Western Carribean, 2nd was at Moon Palace (big mistake IMHO - spent most of our time escaping the huge all-inclusive and renting a car to explore other areas- e.g. Akumal!), 3rd was a charter trip (great airfare price with hotel included, couldn't pass up and stayed in Playa, once again explored area via rental car), 4th trip we booked ourselves (yippee finally stayed in Akumal)
(4) #1 Floating on your back in the condo pool at midnight and looking up at all the stars, saying this must be what heaven is like! #2 the warm embrace that every wait staff person has towards your children. #3 bananas flambe at the local restaurants and the presentation which never disappoints.
(5) Modelo, margaritas, mojitos, etc.
I'd like to add number 6 and 7
(6) Reasons we come back to Akumal - we always leave with something we'd like to do, but couldn't quite squeeze in. There is so much to explore. We have yet to see a turtle, we haven't had a Lucy's coconut ice cream and we would like to try diving. On our must do list for this year.
(7) Personal fantasy - buy Miramar and have a huge party for all the locals and visitors in Akumal!
Sorry I'm rambling, but that's us in a big nutshell!
2005/07/22 22:02:16
1. eagleray aka Catharine
2. Lakes Region area of New Hampshire
3. I have been to Quintana Roo three times: once to Xcalak stopping overnight at Ana y Jose's, twice to Soliman Bay and going again (fingers crossed) in February
4. I love to snorkle in Soliman Bay, eat lunch at Maya Tulum and play in the waves afterwards. Also love Lucia's Reiki treatments! [:)] Walking with the dogs along the beach at sunrise and just relaxing under the palapa during the day
5. the lovely delicately flavored rice milk at Maya Tulum

I have lurked here for a few years but haven't been able to register - never could get past my Norton security. No longer have Norton, so now I can join. I have been glued to the board the last week praying that no one would be hurt and damage from the hurricane would be minimal.
2005/07/24 20:01:37
[:D]Shauna & Steve
Regina, Sk. Canada
Only one but just booked our second for mid Feb'06!
Snorkelling! Lots of R&R on the beach and of course walks on the beach.
All the yummy fruity ones and cervasa of course.
2005/07/24 20:55:46
AHHHHH there is so much to read here. Everyone has so much info. to share. Trying to sort thru it all and realized it was about time I intro'd myself, so...

1)Maureen, friends call me "Moe"[:)]
2)Calgary, Canada
3)First time to the Roo and soooooo looking forward to it, Jan '06
4)Beach a lot, drink a few, swim here and there, then start all over again...[:D]
5)anything with tequila

"Old enough to know better ...Young enough to do it again"
2005/07/25 01:08:26
living in Houston, from louisiana, soooo retired
Lived in Colombia 18 yrs, lots of travel in SA, Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico. First time in Cancun was 1969, not much more than a fishing village then and Q Roo wasnt even a Mexican state.
Just finished 4th stay at Xpu-Ha. Friends that worked there say it's pretty much destroyed, sad. Going back in January and June of 06, if rebuilt.
fav drink .......cafe leche.
2005/07/25 11:23:36
1] holaorion AKA. tom........ 2] chicago......3]aug 14 will be our second time to RM .......4] probably snorkeling is our fav.......5]limeade and vodka
2005/07/26 06:44:07
Good morning.
3 times to Akumal
just about anything for a buzz
2005/07/26 06:58:07
1 bill
2 mt prospect il
3 akumal 1 time the roo 4 times @ the gala booking abr for late sept or early oct
4 sitting under palm tree shade with my wife and snorkling
5 cerveza and tequila
2005/07/26 08:10:50

1.) Phitnessphan (love the gym!)- aka Betsy

2.) Mt. Holly, NJ (no, we don't have an oil refinery in our backyard)

3.) 1st timer to RA- leaving 8/14/05!

4.) Spending as much time on the beach as possible

5.) frozen margarita
2005/07/26 11:22:55


I'm just new to the board, so bear with me...

1) LG name is missycejas, real name is Sherwood Anders (and yes, that's my REAL name!)
2) My husband Bob and I live in San Francisco and own a condo in North Akumal/Half Moon Bay
3) I've been to Akumal nine times and Bob has been eight. I have an extra time in because I went to Akumal without him in April 2004 to bring home Mr. Cejas, one of the famous and friendly Akumal beach dogs. He's a Doberman mix... if any of you remember him - he's doing great and we can't wait to bring him back down to visit and stay with us! We have another dog named Missy, which is where my LG name comes from.
4) Favorite activity - hard to pick one... definitely sitting in our condo at night, looking at the stars, watching the waves, watching for turtles nesting... sitting on the beach... visiting with all of the guys at Lol Ha and having them teach us the Maya language (I can say "black water dog white lily house cat and nose...") visiting with our friends down there...volunteering at the vet clinic in Tulum - hard work but very rewarding! - exploring the area and the ruins... JUST BEING THERE!
5) Favorite drink - ok, amateurs only have one. For before happy hour, it's Montejo (beer) with a lime. Happy hour and after - Mojitos at Lol Ha happy hour and margaritas from Cueva de la Pescador (but beware!)

I'm looking forward to meeting more friends of Akumal! Especially ones from California! [;)] Glad to hear good reports coming after Emily! Thankfully, anything that was lost can be replaced or will grow back!

So, how about a thread about how you came to discover Akumal/Riviera Maya? I bet there are some good stories in there!
2005/07/26 20:19:41
Long time lurker, finally decided to join. The board and LG have been great, all of the questions I have, have already been asked. LG has booked both of our trips and have been very accommodating of our last minute changes.

1. Delmar, my given name, has a great spanish translation.
2. Atlanta GA
3. Been to Akumal twice, once just my wife and I, the other with the kids. Looking for a condo to buy right now. Hoping to visit again in February.
4. Lots of sightseeing, driving and snorkeling.
5. Pina coladas on the beach and good sippin tequila.
2005/07/26 20:56:23
Another lurker here. We've been following the Emily events and this place has been most helpful.

1. runswithsnorkel (Hugh, for short)
2. Salt Lake City, Utah
3. Twice to PDC and the area, once in '85 and again in '01. We'll be in Akumal (for the first time) in October
4. Snorkeling with the family
5. I'll have what she's having

2005/07/26 22:45:37
1) dmatt aka David Mattingly
2) Austin, TX, USA
3) Between my wife and I, 20-25 (she used to take groups to the RM, so she 'had' to go down and stay at all of the A.I.'s - tough job, eh?)
4) Chilling on the beach, and watching my kids play.
5) Cuba Libra
2005/07/27 08:55:18
Beach Nut
1. Monica aka Beach Nut
2. Ogden, Utah
3. Visited Akumal in May and can't wait to get back!
4. Favorite activity- snorkeling, exploring ruins
5. Favorite drinks- pina coloada and margaritas.
2005/07/28 08:59:51
What a great site!

1. Shannon
2. Wyoming
3. Went in 04 to the Palladium, going again over Thanksgiving week this year to the Bahia Principe.
4. Snorkeling, the beach, swim up bars!
5. Anything fruity with rum.
2005/07/29 16:33:39
We are going to be there at the same time...what a cowinkeedink.
2005/07/29 23:27:40
Hi, fantastic site!
My name is Belinda
I live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England
Been to Riviera Maya once in Sept 2000 for honeymoon
Love everything from the people, ruins, sun, atmosphere etc etc!
Tequila slammers in a pool bar, also partial to Cointreau and cranberry juice

Going to the Bahia Principe Tulum on 19 August for 3 weeks for a 2nd honeymoon, watching this wonderful site every day for updates after Hurricane Emily.

Keep up the fab info!
2005/07/30 11:14:14
4theboard Hi, I'm Dianne, the other board members are Debbie, Darlene, and Susie
We live in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada and are all dietary aides at the hospital here
Our first visit to the MR will be Nov18 to Dec2/05 (can't wait!)
Favourite activity, golf,beer,shopping,beer,sightseeing,beer....
Favourite vacation drink, you guessed it! beer
Three years ago at a very rowdy Labor Day dinner party, we decided to save for a vacation in Mexico... we are finally ready!
I love the trip reports, and all the info I get from all you LG's!
2005/07/30 23:17:57
4theboard Hi, I'm Dianne, the other board members are Debbie, Darlene, and Susie
We live in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada and are all dietary aides at the hospital here
Our first visit to the MR will be Nov18 to Dec2/05 (can't wait!)
Favourite activity, golf,beer,shopping,beer,sightseeing,beer....
Favourite vacation drink, you guessed it! beer
Three years ago at a very rowdy Labor Day dinner party, we decided to save for a vacation in Mexico... we are finally ready!
I love the trip reports, and all the info I get from all you LG's!
2005/07/30 23:18:42
Allie Deaton = Gotstop
Fairfield, CA
This will be our first time
Snorkeling and snorkeling
All things alcoholic, just kidding (kind of)
2005/08/01 22:14:48

I LOVE your sign in name - I have been cracking up for 5 minutes[:D]
2005/08/01 22:17:33

I'm Syerah (and this is my first post here)

I live in Toronto, Canada

I've never been to Mexico or to an all-inclusive resort but this August (Aug 27) I will be at the Bahia Pricipe Tulum for a week, with my 8 year old daughter. I spent so many months researching the perfect holiday destination and resort and now I have a feeling that with all the damage to the resort - we may not end up getting the holiday that we were both so looking forward to. I was looking for reports and updates and that's how i stumbled on this board. Thank you to everyone that has been kind enough to post trip reports here. It's much appreciated!
2005/08/02 13:56:41
Another longtime lurker here - I just love this site!

My name is Debbie, and I'm from Fort Worth, Texas

My husband and I have been to Puerto Aventuras four times since 2002, but are now branching out and trying ABR in March thanks to all of the great comments here

There's nothing better to me than curling up with a good book at the beach or pool, while watching my little boy swim. I also realized the addiction of snorkeling on my last trip, so I look forward to it at Akumal!

Call me crazy, but I have fallen in love with that carbonated apple drink that you can't get in the states - Manzilla, or something like that?? The rest of the time, definitely Margaritas (all flavors)!
2005/08/04 09:30:00
Oregon Coast
May 2003--cruise stop in Cozumel---1st real trip planned for Sept. 2005
2005/08/04 12:29:35
...yet another "lurker". First, thanks to all the LG's who post here! My family is going to Akumal for the first time on 8/6 and all the great information found here gives me a good feeling that we won't be flying so blind as we might be otherwise.

1. I was dubbed "GringoChino" (aka Steve) by a restaurant owner in Juan El Griego on Isla Margarita in Venezuela because I am asian, but speak only English and a little Spanish - hey, but at least he was laughing every time he said it...

2. Almaden Valley, San Jose, CA

3. Will be visiting Akumal for the first time in 3 days and counting...

4. Exploring, seeing how other cultures live, and snorkeling

5. Ice cold beer on a red hot day

Again, this is a great community and it's really nice to be going somewhere you've never been, yet have a feeling from all the reports of its essential nature that only builds the excitement and anticipation.
2005/08/05 02:05:13
Littleton, Colorado
Have not made it to Akumal/Riviera Maya yet, have experienced all of NeedaBeach's slideshows however!
Anything with Rum!!!!
2005/08/05 13:10:00
El Chupacabra
Long time lurker and admirer of this site. This board is an endless source of useful and interesting information from so many enthusiasts that have a genuine and keen admiration of Mexico itself and the Riviera Maya in particular.

1. El Chupacabra aka Dennis
2. Toronto, ON
3. Been to the RM area twice, once to Club Maeva Tulum in June 2004 and to Akumal Beach Resort in September 2004. My wife and I were fortunate enough to be at the ABR for a turtle nest hatching and were thrilled that the gentlemen from the CEA allowed us to help the hatchlings into the sea. We are totally smitten with the Akumal area and are returning to the ABR in September with a half dozen of our friends so that they too can share in the treasures of this area.
4. Snorkelling, hiking & sightseeing.
5. Ice cold beer under a palapita & pina coladas (in an insulated travel mug) on the beach.
2005/08/06 05:55:35
My kids love your name Dennis! Welcome to the board - lucky you to take part in a hatching!
2005/08/06 21:20:37
1. Pachoysara
2. Denver, Colorado
3. Pancho's been to the Riviera Maya at least 15 times, dating back to 1979. Sara's been going since about 1990. We're going to Akumal next week.
4. Our favorite areas are Isla Mujeres and Akumal. Of course you can't beat Cozumel for diving & snorkling. We like reading and lounging at the beach; snorkling, diving and walks on the beach; and overindulging in great Mexican dinners and drink on the water at the end of the day.
5. Margaritas, con sal!

Sarah likes for the diving and easy days on the beach.
2005/08/12 20:12:39
Forced to Register by Needa Beach, I just want to go to a party!
Never been to Akumal, but have been forced to endure many a Hawk slideshow!!!!

I like booze, I will drink whatever I want on vacation!!!!
2005/08/13 00:11:08
Pat from Ottawa
I can't believe I have been registered on this board for a year and never done this, so here we got.

Name: Well it's Pat (Erskine)
From: You guessed it - Ottawa, Canada
Trips: Been to Cancun once, Copacabana once and ABR once. Wanted to go to ABR last year but couldn't get in week we wanted so hubby talked me into the DR. It was nice but sure no Akumal. Planning 2006 right now, probably two weeks one at Iberostar Lindo with family and a week by ourselves at EDSS or ABR
Activity: Snorkelling; being, walking, reading, eating, drinking, sleeping ON THE BEACH. I miss the beach sooooo much. Grew up just outside of Vancouver, BC and could go to the beach whenever I wanted. I miss the beach sooooo much. Oh, am I repeating myself. I miss the beach sooooo much.
Favourite beverage: How can you improve on an margarita? Mind you pina coladas and drunky (dirty) monkeys also go down good.
2005/08/13 08:48:43
I've been a definite long-time lurker! I constantly check this board for the latest info. on the area.

We absolutely love the MR. When we were there in 2001, we got to release baby tortugas into the sea. It was one of the most amazing things either of us has done in our lives! (We became CEA members last year.) Anyway, here's our info:

1. Randi (& Bob)
2. Chandler, AZ
3. Went in May 2000 to Cozumel, stayed at El Coz'. To the MR in Sept. 2001 and stayed at the Bahia Principe Tulum. Going back this November to the ABR.
4. Snorkeling,snorkeling, snorkeling....the ruins
5. What do you have that's not too sweet? Otherwise, we're not picky!

2005/08/14 13:05:53
1. snorkelgirl
2. Alberta/Canada
3. first time to Riviera Maya & Akumal. Going to ABR Dec 4/05!
4. snorkelling, checking out the area
5. miami vice, a vice indeed! [8D]
2005/08/14 23:32:04
1.name or LG board name - Gabi (Gabriela) aka akumal95
2.place you live ie: state/territory/country - USA
3.number of visits to Akumal-Riviera Maya - 16 o más (16 or more)/when going back – cuanto antes (as soon as possible)
4.favorite area activity – visitando ruinas y pueblos (visiting ruins & small towns)
5.favorite vacation drink – bebiendo Coca Cola de México (drinking Mexican Coca Cola)
P.S. Sorry - I also like to practice my Spanish!! [8|]
2005/08/15 18:01:51
1. mama2h2obabes aka Jen
2. Indianapolis, IN
3. planning first visit 1/06
4. snorkeling
5. rum runners
2005/08/16 09:17:47

1.my name is Nick Shaw (LG Board name nico3049)
2. Living in Birmingham, England (in the Midlands approx 30 mins from where William Shakespeare lived)
3. Have visited the Riviera Maya on 5 previous ocassions. Have booked to go again leaving on 31/01/06 and staying at the Catalonia in Puerto Av. (Can't wait)
4. Love snorkelling, lounging, mayan sites etc
5. Doesn't matter as long as its wet and cold

Soon to be a retired Police Officer hopefully living in Mexico
2005/08/16 13:40:41
1. Mat Stickler (wife - Jennifer, son - Dillon)
2. Lake Oswego, Oregon (Near Portland)
3. Been to Mexico but not the Riviera Maya, that problem will be solved this November.
4. Snorkeling or ruins in the AM, relaxing in the afternoon with my favorite vacation drink, cooking, eating and carrying on in the evening and until the wee hours.
5. A Beach Bum (2 parts pineapple juice, 1 part coconut rum, 1 part dark rum and a splash of ameretto - shaken and strained into a frosty chimney glass with ice).
2005/08/16 16:37:08
1 Arcticwolf - Brett
2 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
3 once but again after July 2006 (honeymoon)
4 lying on the beach, playing sports
5 Beer(hard liquor and i dont mix- it puts me to bed early) lol
2005/08/17 11:24:27
htraenoecaep, jim, aka JB, Art Smart.Plymouth Wi. Work, Milwaukee WI. Four. Total relaxation, moving only when the spirit moves me. Whatta ya pourin? I own, opperate a kite, dart juggling, gag gift, magic, disc golf, air toy and many other goofy stuff type shop. Kind of a big kids toy shop for little kids as well! I to have been a lurker as well on this board since late 2003. If you you ever need a fake pile of crap or a rubber chicken or perhaps some stink bombs, don't hesitate as the hour is getting late!
2005/08/17 13:25:10
1. Brandini- Brandy Rawlings
2. Payson, UT
3. Been once and going back in October!!!!
4. My favorite vacation drink is a banana colada and Kahlua
2005/08/17 15:21:46

Sabin, MN

Been to MR once 3 years ago and had an awsome time. I am planning to go back 12/05 or 1/06.

Scuba, fishing, cold drinks on the beach, exploring, and dancing.

2005/08/17 17:34:09
1. llamaman
2. louisville ky
3 2 baiha and barcello
4 sun and fun
5 beer (any kind)
returning last week of sept , back to the baiha
2005/08/19 12:36:31
1. TheBumbler- Leya
2. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
3. Once, stayed at the ABR for a week last January, fell madly in love with the area and have booked a two week trip in 2006
4. laying on the beach, listening to the sounds of the ocean
5. cappucinos
2005/08/20 01:13:00
1) April

2) Kelowna BC Canada

3) Visits to Mayan Riviera- Barcello in 2001

Other Mexican Vacations:
Cancun 1994
Cabo 1993
Puerto Vallarta,Oaxaca & Puerto Escondido 1990

The Mayan Riviera is my favorite....we're going back in November for 10 days at the Gala!!!

4) Snorkeling, hiking, long walks on the beach, exploring the mayan ruins, relaxing

5) Hmmmm....favorite vacation drink.....Tequila Sunrise.

2005/08/22 11:53:00
1. name or LG board name ***** LuLu
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country*****Ca
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back*** 4 times and purchased a condo in Puerto Aventuras We will be there again Sept/ Dec and for our wedding at the Omni April 1
4. favorite area activity Xcaret, Oscars, what is not to Love!! The People are great Also!!
5. favorite vacation drink
Any mexican Beer
2005/08/22 17:02:36
Another new member...

1. Sandy
2. Nebraska (!)
3. Last visit to this coast in 2003- coming back in 2006 [:)]
4. Snorkeling
5. Don't have just one, but mojitos are great & a cold cerveza is a wonderful thing!
2005/08/23 14:09:53
CdnBride to Be
Oh, I am so sorry, I should have introduced myself properly before posting my original message! My apologies.....

And the answers to those very important questions!

1. Shanlee aka Cdn Bride to Be
2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
3. This will be our first visit to the ABR if it pans out (fingers crossed) been to Playa twice before, and LOVE THE AREA, especially the crystal clear blue water
4. SCUBA/snorkelling/relaxation!
5, Like my other fellow Cdn, BEER[;)] ice cold BEER

Since you are all "experts" on the area, can anyone help us to understand why we might be getting conflicting reports?

The ABR seems to be everything we are looking for, and would hate to have to change plans at this stage.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!


2005/08/23 20:58:21
CdnBride: You are welcome proper or not...we all try to be most of the time...you are welcome here always chica!!!

Let us know what we can do to help!

2005/08/23 21:25:37
CdnBride to Be
Thanks Maggie!

Michelle sent thru a thread...that could be helpful.....

I appreciate everyones super timely responses to my dilemma!
2005/08/23 21:37:17
De Nada: A wedding is not a dilemma.....the marriage is!!

Keep laughing and all will be well....

2005/08/23 21:39:53
CdnBride to Be
I like your advice Mags.......thank you. I'm not a "bridezilla" by any stretch of the imagination. I just would like to know that we can secure our rooms is all, but I'll keep laughing! [:)] I promise, Cheers! Shan
2005/08/23 22:21:58
Chica: I logged back in just for you....I wish you and yours the very best in your marriage...keep in mind that I have been married for eight years...he is still wonderful (hope he doesn't read this post)....my grandmother gave me some great advice...which I will share with you now...


and of course keep laughing....he is your best friend and lover...so treat him well and all will come back to you.....that is year one....

Year two...tell him to get a second job so that you both can retire in the ROO!!!

Best wishes to you both-
2005/08/23 22:33:17
1. wrenandbill - Wren & Bill
2. Cincinnati, Ohio
3. we're virgins. our first time is in December
4. beach chair with a great book
5. Beer for the hubby and any kind of fruity mixer for me
2005/08/24 12:14:54

Following this board for weeks. Time to jump in.

Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
No prior visits. Booked ABR Jan 14-21, 06
Relaxing with feet in the sand
Corona with the odd margarita mixed in
2005/08/25 06:52:42
1. Celeste (Cee-lest-ey en Espano'l)
2. Interior Alaska (North Pole...no joke)
3. Been all over Mexico Pacific Side, went to Q.Roo in '03 and going back in Nov05...so much more to see.
4. Exploring, Fly-Fishing, Snorkeling and hammock siestas (not always in that order)!
5. Negro Modelo, Margaritas (made with Fresca Limones and Contreau ) and Tequila neat.
2005/08/25 09:22:51
Celestep: First welcome to the board....second....what the heck is that pix...an ice sculpture of a frog catching a bug???? Geez that's amazing!!!! Is that your work???

2005/08/25 10:02:38
Golfbag aka Chris (not to be confused with the male Chris)

My husband, two children and I live in Elkhorn, WI

We were in Cozumel and Majuhal in April, 2004 on a cruise and will be going to PA October 21 - a few short weeks!!!!!!!!!!

We love to snorkle, lay on the beach, drink beach drinks and I love planning these trips - really trying to get my cooler but not having too much success.

Gotta love those pina coladas!!
2005/08/25 12:12:47
Sunburned Gringo
Welcome aboard Golfbag
2005/08/25 14:02:48
Sorry to say I have been lurking for months without joining.

I love the message boards and all of the great info. Finally, I belong!


Akumal:Six times
Negro Modelo and mediocre wine from Chedrui
2005/08/25 22:55:09
1) John and Carol
2) Columbus, Ohio home of the Buckeyes (only one week to football season!!).
3) Returning first week of November to RM (EDSS it looks like).
4) Never been to Riviera Maya. Cancun twice (1990 and 1994 before it became quite so commercialized). Went to Ixtapa in 2000.
5) Favorite activity - reading a good book on the beach or by pool with cool beverage in hand.
6) Husband likes cerveza. Myself I've gotten hooked on Mojitos these days but anything with rum or a beer.
2005/08/27 10:23:54
Rugby Princess
1. Rugby Princess aka Dawn. Son plays rugby I do not. In lieu of being called the "team mom" as I've been there done that and I really thought I was past that stage in my life, and in lieu of being the Rugby Queen (that would really embarass my son), my title has evolved from the "Queen Mum" to now they just call me "Princess."
2. Mechanicsburg, PA
3. First time to the RM (Palladium 10/8). Cozumel 2004
4. Favorite beach pasttime no matter what beach I am on: COLD beer or Margarita on ice (a little extra tequila please and none of those frozen kind) with lots of salt -- I'm not picky
5. Sol and really good tequila.
2005/08/28 17:07:22
1. Shaestone (aka Lynne)
2. Alberta, Canada
3. We have never been to Mexico. We are taking our first trip to Akumal Beach Resort on April 15/06.
4. Relaxing!
5. Anything fruity!
2005/08/29 10:04:02

- Calgary, AB Canada
- First time trip in about 26 days (and anxiously counting)
- lounging by the pool with an umbrella in my drink
- Rum and Diet Cola
2005/08/29 16:40:02
1. Drea
2. Connecticut
3. Two so far this year. Planning to return in April 2006 (if not before!) I'm hooked.
4. Dolphin watching, walking on the beach, snorkeling
5. Tequila slammers, preferably on a catamaran :-)
2005/08/29 16:41:21
1 Stout
2 Stettler, Alberta, Canada
3 Twice, going back Dec 4 for 13 days
4 Snorkeling
5 Cerveza
2005/08/30 08:27:23
Lewes, Delaware (pronounced Loo-wis)
going back to ABR in january-LOVE it!; have been to Mexico 6 times, enjoyed every trip
golden margaritas
2005/08/30 13:10:37
Hi there!!!

Name: Nance aka Jick

Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada

First time to Playa Del Carmen in Nov. 5th to the 19th. Can hardly wait!!!

Beach, summer drinks, no cooking!!! and just RELAX
2005/08/30 14:34:26
1. DSR3 aka Eric
2. San Jose, CA
3. 4 trips to the Yuc., other trips to varoius parts of MX
4. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Relaxing
5. Negra Modello

'Been lurking for over a year, thanks for all the great posts.
Booked for the Barcelo Maya October 20-27.
2005/08/30 19:24:44
1. name or LG board name / JAILCOP
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country / EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA USA
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back / 1 / NOV. 2005
4. favorite area activity / SNORKELING
5. favorite vacation drink / CORONA CORONA CORONA
2005/09/02 21:36:37
- from Fernie, BC in the heart of the Canadian Rockies
- booked for our 1st trip in Mar 06 , We've been elsewhere in Mexico a couple of times, last year Hautulco ( very nice ! )
- soak up the sun ! , snorkel , swim, soak up the sun !
- Don Pedro, solo
2005/09/03 00:52:45
2.sherwood park alberta canada
3.first trip was 04/2005 planning for 03/2006 had been to cancun twice before, los cabos twice and purto vallarta once.will only consider ABR from now on
4.SNORKELLING several times daily from beach in front of our bldg 400
5. kahlua colada...chi-chi floats at lunch
2005/09/03 11:09:02
1. GO4 is the Gang of 4...made up of me (Captain Couch Potato), my wife (Friendly Fire Woman), our son (Barca Boy), and our daughter (Pyro Girl).
2. Seattle WA (area)
3. We will be making our first visit in February 2006.
4. We all like to snorkle. FFW likes to kayak, and usually gets us to join in. PG likes the beach, and BB likes to fly. He probably won't be doing any of that in the Roo.
5. FFW likes beer and Mike's Hard Lemonade. CCP likes beer, too. PG and BB like Root Beer and milk shakes.
2005/09/04 00:39:08
Hi everyone!

I'm Phyllis Brashler (PB).... and the 2131 is a baseball reference!

I'm currently living in Somerville, MA with my partner Kevin. We've been here since 1998. He's originally from Iowa, and I started out in California with a detour to Baltimore, Maryland as a kid. We met at Beloit College in Wisconsin. So we've both been a bit of everywhere!

I visited the Yucatan in high school with a youth group. We stayed in Merida in the summer, painting a school in the morning (I still can't quite believe they had us on rooftops in the summer in Merida!!!!!), having a great feast of a lunch provided by the great folks at the school, and then a siesta and other activities in the evening. Took day trips to Uxmal and Chichen Itza while we were there, and at some point we ended up staying on a beach but I have no idea where we were. There was *nothing* around us. We all slept in hammocks, and in my memory it was just a big open cement building with hammocks. Nothing around for miles. It was the best beach I've ever been to!

Now, I'm going back. We're headed to Tulum November 4-14, and staying at Suenos. I can't wait!!!!!! Kevin has never been, so I'm excited to explore with him. We've been together for over ten years, but just married last year in Chincoteague, VA.

My only guess as to our favorite area activitiy --- snoozing in a hammock on the beach. At least, that's what I'm looking forward to. Or swimming under the stars in the pool? For Kev it'll probably be snorkeling. But you'll hear more when we get back. [:)]

As for the favorite vacation drink, for Kev it'll be beer for sure. I'm going to do some research on the boards to find out everyone's favorite, and then he'll have to sample them all and I'll let you know which he liked best. I'm not a big beer drinker, so I'm guessing my favorite drinks will have some kind of fruit and rum in them! [:D][:D]

I can't tell you what a great resource this board has been. Well, I guess you all already know that since you've probably had the same experience! But when I found you all.... well, that's when I knew I was on the right track in choosing the RM for our belated honeymoon. Eager to get to know everybody!

2005/09/04 18:38:47
PB: Welcome to the board, glad to have you along for the ride!!!

Just post a question, comment, concern or just some sort of ridiculas remark....we do it all the time...so you should to!!!

Welcome again!
2005/09/04 18:52:32
Amber & Joe / ajfeld
Tiffin, OH / middle of the cornfield
1st Trip in January 06
Can't wait to snorkle!
Margaritta . . . of course! I hear they are great in Mexico!
2005/09/04 21:57:37
2.Spokane, Washington
3.We haven't been to Mexico before, haven't really been anywhere!! We leave October 5th -12th for paradise for our 25th wedding Anniversary
4.I just want to do it all on this trip! Thats why I hang out here and take lots of notes!
5.Love any drink thats"FLOOFY"!! But have to experience my first drink in a pineapple with an umbrella in it!!!!
2005/09/05 16:13:57
Texas Panhandle (USA)
EDR 1st time in this area of Mexico Aug 2005
Hopefully soon, at least next year sometime
Try new foods, lots of R&R, walks on the beach at night--I know pretty boring!
Pepsi/Coca-cola/coffee----recovered alcholic---I know I'm still boring!
I have visited this website for probably 4-5 months and feel very at home here!!
2005/09/05 22:10:45
Hi locos,

1. Sean and Sinead
2. Ireland
3. 1st timers to Mexico - Can't wait
4. See and do as much as budget allows
5. Nice cold lager and Sineads would be a cocktail
2005/09/06 06:11:26
1. kufan aka Sheryl
2. I'm from Kansas
3. My first time in Akumal will be in February... and I absolutely cannot wait!
4. I'm just going to need a few things to make me happy.....sun, sand, water and rum. I can't wait to snorkel.
5. As mentioned..... rum. [:)]
2005/09/06 08:30:06
Hello, everyone : I am Eric and my wife is KJ we are coming to the Mayan Rivera for the first time on Oct 7th. We are from Albuquerque, New Mexico. We love to Snorkel, Dance and drink Margaritas and I believe we can do all three while we are there. I have been a Lurker for over a year and have learned alot from this forum. Hope to see some of you when I get there.[8|]
2005/09/06 14:43:06
Hi LG's

1. BeachnBrewski
2. Big D
3. 7 times (5 in RivMaya & 2 to that other coast)
4. Enjoy doin' as little as possible! (will sometimes hike, snork, swim, etc...)
5. uhh, Brewski?
2005/09/07 15:56:57
1. ipanema
2. Atlanta, GA
3. first time trip
4. snorkling
5. Miami Vice (actually I had that in Puerto Vallarta and I hope to drink that in Akumal too!)
2005/09/09 16:23:11
Chica aka Tracy
Vernon, BC, Canada
5 times to Mexico, once to the Roo, planned return Oct 8 - yahoo!!
Lazing on the beach, diving, snorkeling, drinking cappuciono while playing cards with friends at sunrise...
Caiparina (sp?) brazillian drink with lots of fresh lime, sugar, rum, topped with soda - yum[;)]
2005/09/09 23:47:08
Hello all Gringos,

I'm Mike Kincaid and sometimes ghost-written by my wife Cindy.

Have been to Mayan Paradise Riviera Playa state of mind 5 times since 99. Love it. Want to live there.

Preparing for next trip to PDC 10/01/05-10/09/05.

Have stayed at: Moon Palace, Gran Porto Real, Villas Saccbe, and the Blue Parrot. Could only say good things about all of them.

Some favorite things to do:
Spend all evening on 5th, including drinks at the Blue Parrot, Om, and Deseo.
Snorkel at Xelha, Xpuha, and Casa Cenote.
The deck and views from Blue Parrot CT301 , GPR#357, and the Villas Saccbe #12.
2005/09/12 14:32:03
CO Diver
1. CO Diver aka Mark
2. Denver
3. Never been to Akumal or Mexico
4. Snorkeling, diving, snorkeling, practicing my high school Espanol.
5. Beam and coke or cervasa, whichever my roommate is fixing!
2005/09/14 22:08:19
Greetings, everyone!

My member name is Nerak936; real name Karen (don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out - the 936 is my house #.)

Live south of Boston, Massachusetts. Now awaiting the beautiful foliage to start - love it!

First time to the Mayan Riviera was in 1990. While vacationing in Cancun, we took a day trip to Cozumel and passed through Playa del Carmen, at that time the true "sleepy fishing village". Boy, has it ever changed!! Back for a week in Cozumel in 2000; took a break in 2001/2002 with trips to Aruba and Punta Cana, Dom. Republic; then back to the MR in 2003 and 2004 with stays at the Iberostar Quetzal in Playacar. This year we stayed non-AI in Playa in February and then back to the Iberostar Quetzal in May. We're now pretty firm non-AIers with our next trip planned for late February 2006 when a large group of us (135 and climbing) from all over US, Canada, and more will descend upon Playa for "Peep Fest 2006". Can't wait!! Met so many nice people last February and really look forward to seeing them again.[:)]

Favorite activity: snorkeling. Saw turtles in Akumal Bay last May which was such a thrill. Also had a 6' barracuda swim right past me in Xel-Ha on the same trip. Almost walked on water when that happened! And get this: I actually got a picture of him!!

Favorite drink in paradise: An ice cold salted margarita, best when served with accompanying shrimp tacos at El Oasis in downtown Playa!!
2005/09/15 06:57:16
Hi Karen. You have quite an attractive cat! Welcome.
2005/09/15 11:17:39
Hi everyone,

My name is Nance and I live in Duncan, British Columbia which is on Vancouver Island. Beautiful here. My husband and I are taking our first vacation to Mexico in November and can hardly wait!! We are staying in Playacar at the Gala Resort for a one week all-inclusive and then to the Hotel La Tortuga for a week of non all-inc. That way we can try the restaurants etc. in PDC and do some touring. We are then staying with my sister who works in Cancun for a week sleeping on her floor!!!! One extreme to the other!!! Anyways, we are really excited about seeing Mexico as we have heard so much about it. We have travelled to Cuba the last two years and love it there. Have also travelled to Barbados and love it there too. I have to say I am enjoying this forum as I have learned so much from other peoples travel stories. Thanks.[:D][:)]
2005/09/15 13:25:39
ORIGINAL: nerak936

Greetings, everyone!

My member name is Nerak936; real name Karen (don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out - the 936 is my house #.)

Live south of Boston, Massachusetts. Now awaiting the beautiful foliage to start - love it!

First time to the Mayan Riviera was in 1990. While vacationing in Cancun, we took a day trip to Cozumel and passed through Playa del Carmen, at that time the true "sleepy fishing village". Boy, has it ever changed!! Back for a week in Cozumel in 2000; took a break in 2001/2002 with trips to Aruba and Punta Cana, Dom. Republic; then back to the MR in 2003 and 2004 with stays at the Iberostar Quetzal in Playacar. This year we stayed non-AI in Playa in February and then back to the Iberostar Quetzal in May. We're now pretty firm non-AIers with our next trip planned for late February 2006 when a large group of us (135 and climbing) from all over US, Canada, and more will descend upon Playa for "Peep Fest 2006". Can't wait!! Met so many nice people last February and really look forward to seeing them again.[:)]

Favorite activity: snorkeling. Saw turtles in Akumal Bay last May which was such a thrill. Also had a 6' barracuda swim right past me in Xel-Ha on the same trip. Almost walked on water when that happened! And get this: I actually got a picture of him!!

Favorite drink in paradise: An ice cold salted margarita, best when served with accompanying shrimp tacos at El Oasis in downtown Playa!!

Welcome to LG, nerak! I have seen you while lurking on PlayaInfo and I love your necklaces...What an AWESOME idea! Gotta say though....I can't believe your cat will wear it and pose! My cat would freak!! Very cute and cool avatar though. WELCOME![:)]
2005/09/15 19:37:05
We want to see pictures of Barry! There is a thread started called Add your favorite photo, please share, and welcome to the board.
2005/09/15 23:46:33
nerak - Like Debbi said, we want to see some pics of the 'cuda in Xel-Ha! Don't want to sound corny but you seem to be an inspiration on the other board. I am excited about seeing you here and look forward to getting to know you!

2005/09/16 00:23:14
Hi Everyone

My name is Ken and yes I'm married to Barbie. We live in Rochester Hills Mi. Our first trip was to the Gala, then last year we went to the Iberostar Quetzal. We took a day trip to ABR for some snorkeling and loved the place, so Jan 28 to Feb. 4th we will be staying there. Nothing like an ice cold beer on the beach. Anyone elese going at that time?
2005/09/16 12:56:12
1. Allison
2. Houston, TX, USA
3. I've visited Q-Roo 5-6x. Going back in mid-November.
4. Lounging under a palapa with a cold drink and a good book.
5. Ice cold Bohemia or Negro Modelo
2005/09/16 15:16:46
1. Michelle & Kim Rushton

2. Kim & I are fom northern Manitoba, Canada. We are both from The Pas and Churchill, Manitoba...right on Hudsons Bay..bbbrrr! We now live in the south...Melville, Saskatchewan...lol..hello to our neighbors "bda" & "venom80"

3. We have been to Mexico many times, but have only been to the MR 1x...we spent a month on HMB at La Joya 1/12 yrs. ago.. We fell in LOVE with the area and are planning our 2nd trip for this winter/06. Watch out b/c I have many questions re:accommodation, so feel free to make suggestions.

4. We Love snorkeling (I can't swim) after spending so much time with the turtles in HMB...totally unreal experience. The other highlite of our trip was spending an afternoon with a Mayan family, in their home, on our way to Chichen Itza with Halario.

5. Fav. beverage..why that would be Kokanee Glacier beer..eh!
2005/09/17 23:22:43
1.Don and Linda in our late 50s
2. We live in Round Rock, TX (suburb of Austin)
3. Been to Cancun starting in 1985 Started going to Akumal in 2002, and have been 6 times to Akumal since then staying at a Villa in Jade Bay which my college roomate built in 2000. He has since sold it but I still go back as the new owner has it for rent. It is on LG web site. Villa Palmeras.
We are going back in December.
4. Favorite activity is dining at La Lunita, Lol Ha, Cueva Pescador, Turtle Bay Cafe also drinks at La Buena Vida and Oscar and Lalos, snorkeling at Yal Ku and Casa Cenote, lounging in the pool at the Villa. This is nuts but we like to shop at Chedraui!!!
5. Favorite Drink is a shot of Hornitos (green label) followed by a frosty Dos Equis!!!!!!!! for me, and Linda loves Margaritas on the rocks with salt and lime!!
2005/09/18 12:34:03
Sunburned Gringo
Welcome aboard new members, thanks for stopping by.
2005/09/18 12:46:19
Sorry, should have introduced myself sooner, guess I just jumped right in with both feet!!

My name is Chris, and I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
(don't see many 'tobans here though)

Our first visit to Akumal was Feb. 2005, and I only regret that I haven't been there sooner! We'll be back with the whole family very soon!

Favorite thing was snorkeling (of course!)

Favorite drink was the Frozen Alexander at ABR.
2005/09/18 21:11:20
Hey Chris...I'm "toban"I might be "northern toban..but...have spent lots of time in Wpg too! Love the Bluenote!
Have only been to Akumal 1x (for a Month)...toured Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Tulum, Isla mujeres, Vallodolid, Chichen Itza... I may be able to help with questions???
we are planning our next trip to Akumal...Jan/Feb. We booked through this site...
2005/09/18 22:46:59
1. Jen and Jason
2. Near Omaha (if anyone knows where that's at)
3. Once, Cancun about 5 years ago. All I seem to remember was lots of tourists, and something called a tequila congo line and the hotel bellman helping them carry me to the room...
Going back in Feb!!!! (Puerto Morelos to get married!!!!)
4. Bumming on the beach, and hopefully learning to snorkel
5. Since the congo line, I like my cervezas!!!
2005/09/19 09:00:01
Hi all! New to the board, but planning on visiting/posting a lot, so I can get a very COOL cooler!! [:D]

1. Barb and Ken..Yes, really.
2.Rochester Hills, Michigan - North of Detroit
3. Jan/Feb. will be our 4th trip to Mexico, 3rd to the Mayan Riviera. Previously we've stayed in Playacar, but fell in love with Akumal, too, so we're visiting the ABR.
4. sunning, funning, and snorkeling!
5. love our cerveza's. I'm a fan of Sol, hub likes the Modesto's (spelling)?
2005/09/19 13:29:07
2005/09/19 21:34:16
Yes, Flin Flon is about an hour drive from The Pas...740 km north of Winnipeg. The City built on rock...it's a mining community. Are u from there? If so, are u familiar with the Abram family...Jack, Alice, Cheryl, Tish & Allison...cuz'ins of mine.
2005/09/19 22:41:02
no my ex-husband is from there
there are 5 brothers i swear were born with curling brooms in one hand and beers in the other!!!
2005/09/19 22:43:53
[:D]LOL...yep...that sounds like the place.Curling is a big thing up north..next to Ice Drinking...I mean Fishing. Definately need some type of activity..er socializing to pass the long hard winters. I took up curling in Fort Smith, North West Territories..never did catch the drift of the game, but sure met some great people.
2005/09/20 01:36:45
Well, a great big OLAH! to my fellow 'tobans!

(Yes, that includes even far north Manitoba)

Hope to run into you in the Roo!

Maybe we should start our own thread... ???
2005/09/20 08:32:08
Welcome to LG, nerak! I have seen you while lurking on PlayaInfo and I love your necklaces...What an AWESOME idea! Gotta say though....I can't believe your cat will wear it and pose! My cat would freak!! Very cute and cool avatar though. WELCOME![:)]

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, everyone!!

Thanks, QRoo, for the necklace comment.[:)] Sure makes it easier to find "strangers who will soon be new friends" at a Peep Meet. Have sold quite a few - people have fun with 'em!

Got the pic of Eli, my kitty, with the Nerak necklace by tossing on him just as he awoke from a nap, and I had the camera ready to snap away. Believe me, that necklace didn't stay on him very long![:D]

The cuda I saw was at Xel-Ha, so it wasn't Barry. I was corrected when I called him "Barry" and was told that Barry is the cuda who lives in Akumal Bay. So to keep things straight, maybe we should call this guy "Elliot" (anyone who lives in the New England area will get the joke on that one). I'll try to post a pic of him. Not used to this forum, so bear with me!

Got pic in, but it's really small. When I have more time, maybe I can figure out how to post a pic from Photobucket (where I have a larger, cropped pic of "Elliot").[:D]
2005/09/20 09:50:29
Kansas City
First time to Mexico will be Oct 17!
2005/09/20 10:54:39
texas yankee
1 "Texas Yankee" - Joe Schweighofer
2. Dallas, Texas, USA (native New Yorker)
3. 4 visits so far - going back on 09/24/2005
4. snorkeling, cenotes, viewing people on the beach, poking around in out of the way places
5. any of the non-alcoholic fruit drinks
2005/09/20 12:06:41
1 - mescal (Michael)
2- Upton, MA (30m west of Boston)
3- End of March will be our 1st trip to Mexico. Have been to Bonaire, Negril (Jamaica), AZ.
4 - looking for good snokeling, exploring and playing some golf
5 - ice cold beer & Patron Silver/fresh squeezed margaritas

?Any recommendations for a nice 1BR condo w/A/C on the beach would be appreciated.
?Anybody else out there like to hit the little white ball?
2005/09/20 13:37:15
1. Tralee (Tara)
2. Vancouver, BC, Canada
3. I've never been to Mexico. My first trip is Oct 1.
4. I plan on snorkeling, reading, tanning, and eating!
5. anything fruity, alcoholic, and sporting a tiny umbrella
2005/09/21 15:58:49
bubba zanetti
Hi there! bubba zanetti checking in.

We live in SW BC in Canada in the fabulous Kootenays!

This year will be our 4th visit to the Q Roo. We are headed to the ABR for the first time as we tend to spend a great deal of time around Akumal and Tulum area.

Our family snorkel ... a lot. Even our 9 year old is very accomplished and can dive down quite deep.

Coco Locos were our favourite drink last time but to be hones, I think the beer generally gets the nod most days (daze?).

First came to the board for our first trip to the Reef Coco Beach. The information and suggestions here are the best in my opinion !!

2005/09/22 10:47:41
Hi - I'm new to the site - but love it so far - great info & laughs!

1. cito - Christine
2. Mississauga / Ontario / Canada
3. 1st visit last February to Oasis Akumal/Tulum & going back Oct.2nd (10 days [;)]!) to ABR with my hubbie Kevin
4. Scubadiving & reading on the beach
5. Mararitas!! [:)]
2005/09/22 12:05:45
Amber (amber3D)

Live in Lancaster, CA (the high desert....lovin' the tumbleweeds)

First visit ever to Mexico in 140 days and counting. Booked it this morning!

I'll get back to you in March, after my trip!

Margarita, on the rocks, no salt

ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Hey there fellow Loco's
I'm pretty new to this site but it seems to be a great group of people who all seem willing to help each other out with info on the Mayan Riviera, so lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink
2005/09/22 17:39:22
1. Rhonda (pager33)
2. From Gloucester, a small city in South West UK near Bristol. Dosent seem to be many from UK on locogringo but you lot are all so friendly.
3. Never been to Mexico before, should have gone to ABR this August but due to hurricane went to Dom Rep, now booked for ABR May 27th 06 for 2 weeks
4. Hoping to learn to snorkel, read and relax!!!
5. Has to be a margarita, hope they are good at ABR.

Thats me!
2005/09/23 17:25:29
Hi everyone!

1. Doctorchip
2. Philadelphia
3. Haven't been to Tulum since 1987 - can't wait to get back.
4. Snorkeling, Kayaking
5. Negro Modelo with lime.

yehaw! [:D]
2005/09/23 20:00:05
lets try my ticker again.

2005/09/23 20:01:48
ok - it worked!

Sorry - newbie, getting used to these kinda posts.


love the Sun, love your beer.
2005/09/23 20:03:49
1. lieveachday AKA Michelle
2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada which is the capital city (Toronto is the capital of the province)
3. never been and going this December to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary - so why are we bringing the teens??? Actually, I have high hopes this trip will have some kind of spectacular effect on them. What, I don't know (we have never been anywhere on a 'real' trip as a family before; just camping, visiting family, moving trips, and frequent daytrips to Disneyland for a few years!).
4. favorite area activity - I have a feeling it will be snorkelling!
5. favorite vacation drink - mmm, I'll have to try a lot and see what fits!

And amber3D - we lived in Ridgecrest for 5 years! Neighbours! Oh ya, in 'merican that would be neighbors.
2005/09/24 20:54:07
1. 1st visit this November ( have been to Cuba x 2, Bahamas, Jamaica,Venezuala, Hawaii)
2. love to snorkel
3. margarita!!!!
2005/09/25 09:16:51
Family of 3 living in the Bay Area of Ca. Making our 3rd trip to RM and can't wait. Love to snorkel, snorkel, snorkel. My husband and son will only be identifiable by the color or their snorkels because i won't see them all day. Noticed that some have been to the Pacific coast of Mexico but we have never bothered, even though it is so close to us, because I heard the snorkeling isn't great and visibility is poor. Any comments?

favorite drinks: Mexican beer and rum punch.

Love to see the photos and posts on this board - makes me feel great to see our favorite place. Also, love the webcam of the beach in playa del carmen - wish there were one for Akumal.
2005/09/25 13:19:44
I am xokscox, living in FOCO, CO lol that means fort collins, I have been to the Roo 3 time and going this spring break. STOKED! My dad told me I should join so yah here I am joining. I am 15 so I am one of the younger ones now [:)]. I love to *SCUBA DIVE* and snorkle oo and I love cenotes, and whatever comes about. Hmm my parents belong to this site, like I am openingly going to say I like Pina Coladas what kind of person do you think I am lol jk. Thats about it for me!
2005/09/25 19:44:39
Welcome to you, xokscox! Hope you have fun reading the posts - Fort Collins, is that a military base town? and we won't rat you out about the Pina Coladas!
2005/09/25 21:55:20
Fort Collins is not a military base hehe. Ahh my parents already read about my drinking problem lol jk!
2005/09/26 17:05:00
ORIGINAL: xokscox

Fort Collins is not a military base hehe. Ahh my parents already read about my drinking problem lol jk!

Luckily my 14 yr old dd was here to translate "jk" as just kidding! MSN and email has created a whole new lingo - do you spend as much time "practicing keyboarding" (read: talking to friends on MSN) as she does? Or do you stop for drinks - I mean meals? jk!
2005/09/26 17:13:34
hehe! I am addicted to messaging on msn and aim...and yes I do stop to get drinks but only non-alcoholic ones...teehee! I am online like 24/7 its bad I need to find a new hobbie!
2005/09/26 18:19:10
1. Me - Bob (robertwa)
2. From - Long Island, NY
3. When we are going - Our first time will be Oct. 29 - Nov. 5 at the El Dorado Royale
4. Favorite Area Activities - Snorkeling, Lying on the beach, sightseeing
5. Favorite Drink - Anything Cold
2005/09/27 07:43:05
1. kimba
2. San Francisco
3. First time - Feb/March 2005, next visit - this winter for a longer period of time. Thinking about trying to find an apartment or something to rent in Valladolid for awhile.
4. Visiting the ruins, visiting the beaches, getting to know the towns, taking photographs.
5. Leon Negra
2005/09/27 17:37:56
Okay, here I am..... Stu_from_fernie told me to get my own login so I did.....

He says I was on here more that he was and I should have my own. Do I get my own cooler?????
2005/09/27 21:25:27
I forgot to answer the questions.

1. Ilovetotravel (I'm Heather!)
2. Fernie, BC - in the Kootenays - on a map its the far southeast corner of BC
3. Our first visit will be to ABR March 19-26 - we were in Manzanillo in 2004 and in Huatulco in 2005
4. Snorkeling and being lazy with a book and a drink on the beach. Also enjoy walking on the beach with my husband and daughter
5. Anything with Rum and Miami Vice
2005/09/27 21:39:11
redhotandgman are the names - from good old Saskatchewan Canada. My 7th time to Mexico - 2nd to mayan.....first for gman. I was more of a Jamaica person but I ammmmmm really missing Mexico. Can't beat the hospitality. Staying at Casita Maria in HMB in Feb 17-March 3, 2006. Only 158 days to go - not that I'm counting.
2005/09/28 10:11:52
1. Suenorm a.k.a Susan and Norm
2. Devon, Alberta, Canada
3. First time
4. Not sure yet, but might be the snorkeling
5. Pina Coladas and coco locos for Susan
Beer and rum for Norm
2005/09/28 19:01:57
ORIGINAL: Ilovetotravel

Okay, here I am..... Stu_from_fernie told me to get my own login so I did.....

He says I was on here more that he was and I should have my own. Do I get my own cooler?????

I thinkyou do, but you could ask Kay (or Maggie, 'cause she seems to know everything!).
2005/09/28 22:08:39
Hey hey hey - Dave here, Boston, MA - coming down alone 10/10 > 10/19 to Playa area - whatup people, PM me if u are around!
2005/09/30 17:54:28
1. paducah a.k.a. tammy
2. from kentucky, live in illinois
3. my first visit is in 4 days
4. i think it will be the swim up bar
5. lots and lots of drinks, any drinks, lots of drinks, [:D]
2005/10/01 21:53:48
first to tankah bay/soliman bay.....3 visits to cancun, 1 to cozumel.
LOVE to snorkel and LOVED Xel Ha.
mexican coca cola
2005/10/02 01:28:50
HI There!!
Gloria from Sunnyvale, CA
Mid Nov will be our third visit to RM - staying in all inclusive favorite place of all. We were told to visit Akumal by a cab driver, but never had the time. So now, for sure it is on the top of our list!!!!!
We love to snorkel, visit ruins, and most of all feel the sand between our toes & relax!!!!. Eating spicy food & meeting friendly people is also[sm=rolleyes.gif] at the top of our list.
My favorite drink is any fruity martini, my husband likes to check out the local beers!!
2005/10/02 15:06:53
Hey there,
Name-Chris and Sheryl
Home-Vail, Colorado
I've been to the Roo 3 times and I think it's the same for Sheryl
Cancun once in college, don't remember much
Tulum for four days and Playa del Carmen for three for Sheryl's birthday
Cozumel last fall
We'll be in Tulum in two weeks baby
Diving, Snorkeling, Coronas on the beach, Diving, Snorkeling, etc.
Wandering up and down the beach finding restaurants, Diving, Snorkeling, Manatee cenote in Tankah, Blue Sky Hotel, being grateful that I'm not at some big all-inclusive, being grateful that I will never ever sit through another Mayan Palace presentation no matter what they offer me, etc....
Corona, Sol, Bottled Water, Red Wine, White wine, Tequila on the last night so we really feel like hell on the drive home from Denver
2005/10/04 12:15:27
Hey all....

This is Darren and Alicia from New Orleans, Louisiana. Alicia and I were there in '96 for our honeymoon and will return to celebrate our 10th anniversary on June 15th. This will be my 3rd time to Roo and my wife's 2nd. Relaxing on the beach would have to top our favorite activities along with diving and snorkling. And when in Akumal, every drink is our favorite. At this point though, the "Hurricane" is not high on our list?![&:]
2005/10/04 16:03:48

Hey all....

This is Darren and Alicia from New Orleans, Louisiana. Alicia and I were there in '96 for our honeymoon and will return to celebrate our 10th anniversary on June 15th. ... At this point though, the "Hurricane" is not high on our list?![&:]

congratulations on your anniversary - and I hope your lives are getting a little more 'normal' [:o]
2005/10/04 19:51:44
Hello, my name is Kevin (my other half is Courtney) , login is LMRBUFF. We live in Lamar, Colorado (very small town in sotheasten Colorado). I have been to ABR once and going back in a couple of weeks! We love it there! We had a great time snorkeling and laying on the beach. DOS XXX makes everything better!
2005/10/06 12:03:55
1. MexiKenny....aka Mike
2. Phoenix
3. 2, just got back from Half Moon Bay last night!
First trip was to Xpu-Ha in May
4. I can think of alot of things, but none are as pleasurable as watching
my 16 month old "explore" EVERYTHING at the beach!

5. With the rain from last weeks storm, I think I perfected the Mango Rita's this go around.
2005/10/07 22:43:58
Hello Everyone! We are new here, led here by capecodanne...palladium addict...O,yea! We are: 1. lundmanzoo...Deke and Erryn
2. Billings, Montana
3. Been to Cozumel about 5 years ago, returning to Palladium Jan 3-10 for our
10th anniv. with another couple (very excited to hit the beach!)
4. Swimming, snorkeling...escaping the 'Zoo' at home (3 very energetic,
talkative girls!)
5. Anything we don't have to share with the zoo members is great! Ha!
2005/10/08 06:54:27
Hi. I am Deb (husband is Steve) from DeWitt, Michigan. Have been to Mex. 8 times, going this year Oct 29. Favorite activities are diving and relaxing on beach. Favorite drink--cerveza.
2005/10/08 08:11:36
Patient Penny
1. Penny
2. Edmonton, Alberta Canada
3. 1 trip last xmas going again in January
4. Snorkelling
5. Pina Coloda
2005/10/08 10:32:08
Amantes de Playa
1. Hola from Amantes de Playa (Beach Lovers) AKA Laura and John Hamilton
2. We live in Lenexa, Kansas.
3. Our first trip to the Riviera Maya was scheduled for 9-11-2001 - trip cancelled of course! We finally got to Secret Beach, south of Puerto Morales in January of 2003. We stayed a week, fell in love with the area, and have been trying to get back ever since. Hoping to visit the Akumal area in the Spring of 2006.
4. Snorkeling, sunbathing, sightseeing, dining in, dining out, and learning all about the Mexican Culture/Language.
5. Margaritas, Cervezas
2005/10/08 13:09:28
AdP: Welcome to the board....this is a really nice space...so feel free to post any questions, comments and useless info that you have!!! we all do!!!

Also, 61 posts gets you a cooler to take to the ROO!!

Welcome again-
2005/10/08 13:15:14
1. Bluefish aka Steve and Lauren
2. Murrieta, California
3. Cancun, Playacar & Cozamel,
4. Snorkeling, looking for good local music and shopping! (Lauren)
5. Capitan Morgan Cuba Libre!!!! Corona too
2005/10/08 17:59:35
1. Sunshine
2. Saskatoon, Sk. , Canada
3. We have been twice to the Mayan Riviers
4. Laying on the beach and enjoying the sand, sun and ocean
5. Pina Colada
2005/10/08 20:33:26
Amantes de Playa
Thanks for the Welcome Maggie! This board seems to be addictive. We keep finding new ways to get information. Really seems to be a diverse and interesting group.
2005/10/09 12:32:47
Paula and Bruce

From Sarasota Florida

2 previous visits:

1: June 2002 3 Days Cancun (relaxation after arrival - was air flight from H___ - took two days!), trip to to Chichen Itza and Valladolid, provisioning for our week ahead. Hated Cancun except the restaurants, which were good, and our hotel (El Presidente - fantastic staff and decent accomodations for the $ - just not our type of place). Then one week at Casa Zorro in Akumal (now Azul Riviera) - We were with 2 other couples. Fell in love with everything in the MR.

2: Late August-mid September 2003 - 2-1/2 weeks (just the 2 of us) at Luna Azul - Paradise and completed our Cavern and Into to Cave dive certifications. Not just in love with the area but lusting to return.

When will we return? Realistically - given work situations - June 2006 for at least 2 weeks. I'm beginning to make plans in that direction. If at all possible though a quick trip at the end of November for our 13th (14th? 15th? I've lost track) wedding anniversary would be great!

Favorite activity :
Can't name just one, but in order they would be:
Cavern and Cave Diving
Reef Diving
Ruin Visiting
Eating - Fantastic food most places!
Meeting the wonderful local people and exploring the region. We love
going to local grocery stores, home improvement stores, etc.,
and jungle is not to be missed.
The Central American Flora and Fauna: geckos, iguanas, curassows,
motmots, peccarys, fantastic bromiliads and orchids, wondorous
and different to us butterflies, grasshoppers and spiders. In the sea:
turtles galore, stingrays, flounder, lobster, nurse sharks, arrow
crabs, hermit crabs, angelfish, parrotfish, butterfly fish, blennies,
sqid, octupi, hogfish, etc. and all the sea creatures above can be
seen on just one dive!
Favorite libation?: Where are we?
Cervesa = La Cueva del Pescador, Pizzera Leo
Strawberry Daquari = Gringo Dave's in Tulum Beach (sorry it is
gone, they had killer ceviche too).
Lime Margaritas on the rocks with salt = Lol-Ha, Casa Cenote
At our local residence = Mexican Rum and Coca Light
Everywhere else = Coca Light, the apple soda (can't remember the
name right now) or cervesa.

Hope we didn't miss anything or go on too long. Have lurked forever on this site, appreciate all the information and have learned to enjoy all the regular correspondants. First time ever on a forum or message board. But, maybe cooler before June 2006? Ya'll seem to be great people and it would be an honor to fit in.
2005/10/09 14:05:57
Falcon aka Kevin
12 times and going back next summer
snorkling, swiming and relaxing
strawberry daquri(virgin) and soda
2005/10/09 18:03:21
Keith / AKA SnorkelMan
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
This will be my second time back to the Riviera Maya
Snorkeling / Drinking / Eating
WOW...hard one... Tequila Sunrise I Guess

Yeeee Haaaa
Here I come chikita's
2005/10/09 23:02:31
1. Westman

2. Walkerton, Ontario, Canada

3. Never been to Mexico, but am going to Sunscape Tulum on Nov 11-18

4. Love snorkeling

5. Lots of beer
2005/10/10 19:16:49
Melisa and Gary from Burlington, WI. Will be visiting the Sunscape Tulum. Nov. 22- 29 with 6 other people from WI.
2005/10/11 06:23:52

My boyfriend and I are leaving in the morning for Cancun. I've been to Puerto Vallarta a number of times, but this will be the first to Cancun.

I'm debatng whether to rent a car and pick it up at the airport or pay a little more to rent for a few days only. I want my own transportation because tours suck, but we also will want to just veg out on the beach near the hotel...won't need a car most of the time. The on-line price is $15 a day. Good rate? Worth booking? Anyone???

I have purchased a good roadmap of the area. What else will we need to navigate?

Time is short. Sorry--I just took today off work to get ready and stumbled on this site.


Mesa, Arizona

Snorkeling, photography
When in California, wine. In Mexico? BEER!
2005/10/14 16:51:34
Angela in Texas
Angela in Texas
North Texas
10. Hopefully before end of '05 and May '06 and several times in between
chillin out under our palm in Akumal and diving with Chepo
2 mojitos followed by several coronas!!!!!!
2005/10/14 23:35:06
Jim and Christine
Calgary, Alberta
First time to Cancun in 87
Usually twice a year
Last 2 weeks for Christmas/New Years 2005-Palladium Colonial
Next 13 Nov, 2005 to get married at the Iberostar
Fav beer - Pacifico
2005/10/15 09:10:14
scubagirl Nicole
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Haven't been to Mayan Area...yet, only to Coz. Planning 1st visit March 06
Diving, snorkelling, unwinding
Foreplay, Love Potion 69 - YES, these are drinks!!!
2005/10/15 10:11:03
Hi we are Joe & Debbie, currently living in Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas Mexico. We have lived here for a year now, and will be relocating to Puerto Morelos the first of the year.
3. Actually, this will be our first trip to Quintana Roo. We have been presented with a business opportunity there and who can refuse living in Pardise?? We will be checking out the area late November, looking for housing etc. Any advice is welcomed.
4. We both love anything near or on the water... Joe has lived in Hawaii and cannot wait to teach me to snorkle, ... He says I am a deprived woman who has lived in Mexico City most of her adult life... I just want to get out into nature and away from traffic!!! Joe and I have always dreamed of living in the tropics.
5. Anything with an umbrella and served to us on the beach.. Joe makes GREAT drinks... Although he's happy with an ice cold beer! or 2, or 3, or 4.....etc....[image][/image]
2005/10/15 10:22:10
Wingsy: Welcome to the board!!!

You will find much usefull information and folks are really glad to help....and we do do quite a bit of just jabbering and joking around....so feel free to join in the fun!!!

My hubby studied in Guanajuato, MX for a time.....how close is that to you?

2005/10/15 10:42:13
Thank you, we just found this website and think it's great! we look forward to participating in the jabbering as much as time permits. Right now we own a restaurant here and time is limited but we get online when we get home. Guanajuato is about 5 hrs from here.

Salud and talk to you later[;)]
Joe & Debbie
2005/10/15 10:54:35
Hi everyone...
I've been lurking about for a few weeks now, and finally got around to registering. We are planning our first trip to PDC in April '06. Me, hubby, & 2 teens. Lots of great info here!
2005/10/15 11:04:33
This is my first post and writing this brings me closer to arriving in PDC.
Everyone here provides such fantastic information that I finally have arranged my trip. I will be in PDC Jan 23 until Feb 6 and can hardly wait.
The hardest part was deciding where to stay because everyone made so many places sound great.
2005/10/15 13:51:06
Our first trip to PDC will be in April...lots of great info on this board! We are from Wisconsin, and I look forward to all of your advice and knowledge about the area!
2005/10/16 08:58:08

Camberley, Surrey, UK

First time will be Christmas this year - I can't wait!

Being able to snorkel right from the beach. Several times I have seen great snorkeling advertised 'just off the beach' but they fail to mention you need a boat to get there! What else? chilling, a bit of exploring and that great feeling of sun on your back which filters through to your soul - made even better by the knowledge that it is cold and grey back home!

My husband is a cerveza man, the children all love the slushies and I'll make my way gently through the cocktail menu...but only in the evening or I'll be fit for nothing!
2005/10/16 12:28:28
1. Stacy
2. Wisconsin
3. 2nd time to Riveria Maya will be in Feb. '06 for our 10 year anniversary
4. Relaxing on the beach
5. Cerveza
2005/10/16 18:58:13
1. Paul & Amanda
2. Wisconsin
3. first timer in Jan.
4. should be the beach
5. Cerveza
2005/10/18 13:08:28
2Mexico jajaja
3. 3 times go to riviera maya and coming soo in my honeymoon
2005/10/18 13:12:26
Debra aka zimskin

Hmm, this question (where are you from) gets harder all the time. Right now we live in MExico, close to Mex city in a leeetle village close to a town called Texcoco! Before that, in Davis CA and very originally in Zimbabwe (!).

Never been! I can tell you some good things about the pacific coast though. We will be in Tulum for New year for what I can see will be an all too short visit. Don't worry, already planning next visit (no more backpacking - next time it will be a villa for TWO weeks!)

Activity - I'm going to guess just sitting in that gorgeous water, but I also look for ward to doing some birding.

Drink... Pina colada has to win, although I am desperately trying to learn to drink beer so that when we end up in some steamy jungle spot on the way to the beach I won't be left out [:D]
2005/10/18 13:17:19
Nuevo Donna
Of course who else but a cold Canuck escapes in the winter to Mexico? We travel every year and take our children with us. Great experiences to PV, Mayan Riveria, Florida and Jamaica!

When I found this site, I knew I wanted to linger and post. Just beautifully done and easy to navigate. Someone is talented!

Happy Holiday everyone!
2005/10/19 11:32:40
Hi I'm the Craig aka Guidemeister (old name from canoe tripping in the BWCAW) I live in Minnesota and I have been to Playa a few times. The most recent trip was last March, however upon our return we found out that there had been a fire at our house and the garage had burned down. We hope to return sometime this winter to the Shangrila Caribe as in the past, BEER!!! or most of any good single malt scotch!
2005/10/19 15:36:37
Cabanna Boy
Cabanna Boy: Brian and Deb
Oshawa, Ontario Canada
Will be our 10th time to the Roo January 2006--fifth time to ABR
people watch
2005/10/19 17:09:51
Hi! I'm posting my intro for the first time - mainly because I'm nervous about Wilma!!

Screen name is Peazil
I'm in Wash., DC
I have 6 visits to "our area" since 1979
I love swimming in those magical waters, snorkeling
I drink rum/coke w/ limone or cerveza

I'm so worried about our beloved place!

OK - I first went to Mexico back in 1979 - was dating a guy from Lima, Peru. It was like that old movie "Same Time, Next Year". We would meet up at a different place for 2 weeks every year for 5 years. Well, this one year, 1979, we met up in Mexico, DF, then went to Cancun to stay at what was then the Camino Real. Cancun was still very quiet. I loved it! After a couple of years our relationship fizzled out. I took my younger sister on many trips in the Bahamas, etc. One year, 1981, I took her to Cozumel and we had a blast at the little Cabanas del Caribe - we loved the little town of San Miguel, rented mopeds, went to San Gervasio, got drunk at some pretty little place on the far side of the island and posed with iguanas on our shoulders, etc., etc. Went to Chankanob and ran into a HUGE rainstorm - on our way back, the streets in San Miguel were flooded, so we just paddled our moped through the water on the streets! Just a complete ball. We went back the following year. Great time again - we took the ferry over to PDC - it was just a sleepy little village. We ended up drinking and swimming all afternoon at a beachside bar with 4 Mexican cops! I never saw my sister swim so fast as when she came up for air and there was one of those bright green BIG EELS right in front of her face. I never laughed so hard. Her legs were still kicking when she hit the beach! What pure fun...

I have been back a few times since - always stay at Cabanas del Caribe on Cozumel.

Well, unfortunately (!) - much time has passed.....

We are now both long married to guys who aren't into beaches and the Roo. However, my husband surprised me last Christmas with a trip to the Royal Hideaway in Playacar. God, it was so great to be back in that water! And the food!!!! Nothing beats the way they cook grouper (mero) there. I'm talking at the little restaurants, not at the Royal Hideaway. The RH was fine, don't get me wrong, but nothing compares to the "real deal" of the Roo. But, if that's what it took to get me and my husband back there, it's ok!

I love this website - next time I go, I will most definitely want to go to Akumal. It sounds so lovely and perfect. Thanks for listening to me.

God bless all in the Yucatan - always, but especially over the next couple of days with this Wilma on the horizon. All of you there, please, please be safe. Love from Peazil
2005/10/19 18:18:23
OK. Since I'm completely unable to work this morning (Wilma's fault) I'll introduce myself officially (cause everyone knows that until you don't know what is someone's favorite drink you can say that you know him/her...)

Name : Méridou = Mériane (and not Myriam... I know It's hard to pronounce for you guys... but let's have a try...)
Home : trying to survive to Montreal's weather every winter by escaping to paradise...
Mexico : Sorry, but no. Never been to Akumal. Have been to Oaxaca when I was student and to Cuba and RD since a couple of years.
Favorite drinks (now we can say we are friends...) : Always starting my day with Pina Colada and switching to Mojitos by the end of the day...

Ciao, M.
2005/10/20 09:35:35
1. Hi, I'm Beachangel, aka: Debbie
2. I live in Santa Cruz, California
3. I have been going to Akumal for 5 years and it is my favorite place in Mexico so far. I'm going back in February 2006 with my two boys who have only been to Puerto Vallarta.
4. I love snorkeling, fishing, exploring caves and ruins and relaxing with a cold drink with my toes in the sand.
5. My fave drink in Akumal is the La Buens Vida...MMMM...
2005/10/20 10:56:03
Organized Chaos
Organized Chaos - aka Lena
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Never been to Akumal but have been to PV and Mazatlan
Swimming, sci fi/fantasy books, learning to snorkel[8D]
Girly slushie drinks

I have been monitoring this site for about 1/2 a year now and obtain some great info for planning our vacation. In fact between this site and other travel forums, I decided to book the family (husband, two girls age 8 and 14) for two weeks at ABR in mid Feb.

Hopefully the damage that Wilma leaves behind is minimum but from monitoring the weather info....it's not look good. I have been monitoring reports from members that are currently down there and hope they keep safe.
2005/10/20 12:00:00
1. Harleyrk1
2. Calgary,Alberta
3. First time booked for Jan,10-20 Beach and Jungle Lounge at Freedom Paradise
4. Beach snorkle visit
5. Not sure yet got to try some stuff first :-)
2005/10/20 15:31:53
1. Margarita88
2. Calgary, AB Canada
3. 8 times - going back "hopefully" Nov 12th
4. snorkelling
5. coconut rum with pineapple juice w/ a splash of grenadine

We love the people and the area so much, it's become our second home. Prayers to everyone while we wait out the hurricane.
2005/10/20 18:23:21
dolphin girl
Dolphin Girl aka Lisa

I live on White Rock (on the beach), BC, Canada
I have been to Mexico twice before (Mazatlan once, Akumal once)
Will be down at Bahia Principe on November 11 for a week
Love kayaking and snorkelling
Dos Margueritas!!!

I love the area - so this time we have planned a trip with 13 of us, and we are bringing the kids.
2005/10/21 00:47:47
Hope all the wonderful people (and animals) of the Roo make it thru Wilma safe and sound.

John and Jeryl from Memphis
Our 8th trip to the area, but first to Akumal (arriving Nov3)
Total beach bums
Rum, tequila, cervesa - anything on the beach
2005/10/21 11:09:10
dave n liz
1. dave n liz
2. Humboldt County, Northern California.
3. One visit to Cozumel previously, going to Akumal on 11/28/2005.
4. Relaxing on the beach.
5. Ice cold Coronas with Tequila chasers, in mass quantities.
2005/10/21 12:52:02
1. Rocker or Scott Rock
2. Tracy, CA
3. Twice so far, maybe next spring [:)]
4. Relaxing, snorkeling, eating, beaching, exploring,.........
5. Pineapple Juice, splash of cranberry, and coconut rum

Please stop sharing this information with the world. We should keep this area a secret to ourselves and enjoy. The Riviera Maya is paradise, and I don't want to share [:'(]!!!

Hopefully Wilma did not cause too much damage and the people of Mexico are save.
I'm willing to help rebuild, I just need somehow to keep my job and get paid.
2005/10/21 13:37:09
Becky Loding
Becky Loding
Wilmington, NC
Been to Cancun and Cozumel
Relaxing, snorkling, scuba diving
Favorite drink, anything that tastes good
2005/10/21 19:42:20

1. treemanjoe = a nickname + first name
2. I reside with my wife and two boys in Eagan, MN (suburb of Twin Cities)
3. RM visits: 1990 Cancun (honeymoon), 1993 Cancun, 2000 PDC (with a day trip to Akumal), April 2006 Akumal (with boys)
4. We love the snorkeling, Mayan ruins, walking the beach, warm sun, warm water, warm hosts.
5. Cervezas and margaritas
2005/10/21 21:53:39
first i must say what a great site this is.
I have not been to Akumal yet but i can wait.
hope everone who is in mexico is weathering the storm safly.

1. bigsteve = Steve & my wife Jenn
2. I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada
3. Never been to mexico, too busy starting a family/buying house/fixing said house..........traveling to Akumal to stay at ABR Jan 3 2006
4. favorite area activity, most likely snorkeling, closely followed by drinking and eating, followed by sleeping then maybe something to eat or drink.
5. favorite vacation drink ......yes please
2005/10/21 22:44:20
Shawn McCarty
Flatwoods, KY (Tri-State area of KY, OH, WV)
Been to Mayan (Copacabana and Xpu-Ha Palace) twice, and Cancun (Avalon Grand and Blue Bay Getaway) twice.
Favorite place in the whole world - Tulum
2005/10/22 00:59:58
1. SoloNoMo
2. Falls Church, Virginia (a beltway insider, but only in the geographical sense)
3. 1st time in '99,solo, then in '04 w/ hubby and we'll be there again in Jan. 06 (first time in Akumal)
4. Snorkeling and swinging (at the beach bars, that is!!)
5. MARGARITAS, of course!
2005/10/22 08:57:01
To pdxbrian: Have been to Akumal twice in 99 and 01. My ex-husband (still friends) and I have a real place in our hearts for the little library there. When we go-he goes more often than I-we take pencils, crayons, paper, etc...school supplies to the children. We even went to the store and brought them drinks and goodies. The kids are learning English-that is a part of what they do. They also loved when we took their pictures and gave them to them. So, I think they will appreciate the English books as well. Enjoy!

Marcia-aka bunny-calif- Madera, CA
2005/10/22 12:17:25
atlantaguy aka John McCay
Atlanta, GA US
Been many times for work (work for a Tour Wholesaler) Have stayed on Cozumel last fall for my birthday, was supposed to be at the Royal Porto Real this coming Thursday for four days - was in Cancun last month for three days (we are also in love with Isla Mujeres)
Socializing, exploring
Margarita, of course!
2005/10/22 13:32:29
Hi there I am travelgirl. I have been traveling the Yucatan for the past two years. I am fortunate enough to have friends everywhere I travel. My favorite places are Isla, Puerto Morelos, Ek Balam and that local area. I try to come in every month and bring what I know is needed and valued. Alex
2005/10/22 17:57:29
Seattle Poulsbo
This will be my 1st visit to the Yucatan, although I've traveled to Europe and Asia. Coming from Washington state I'll be glad to have some sun in the month od November. We're scheduled to be at Tankan bay 11/19 - 11/27. My great sister-in-law traded legal work for a week at a private villa right on the beach.
I'm semi-retired and really enjoy documenting my life permanently on my skin (8 tattoo's on the front and will start the back next year), body building, cooking, chopping wood, conversing w/ women and love my son.
The best drink in the world is a "Brave Bull".

I look forward to sharing information. Best to all.

Oh yea, I'm 50 and married.
2005/10/22 21:25:05
1. georgegmk - George and Maria Knochel

2. Centennial, Colorado (near Denver)

3. lived in Puerto Morelos full time for 6 years, 1998 - 2003, semi-retired,
First went to the Akumal area in 1974. Maria went by boat and train with the Mexican Girl Scouts to Palenque in 1964 to explore, before there were any roads.

4. snorkeling and exploring places, seeing animals and birds

5. Cerveza with a good meal
2005/10/22 22:17:42
Senora T
Molly (& John)
from Boulder, CO
never been to Akumal-
took a train ride to the Copper Canyon once!
all of our activities have been mountain- based, so we look forward to discovering the beach-based variety!
Hmmm... have I met a drink I did not like?
I agree with the member who signs off with "life is too short to drink cheap wine."
2005/10/23 12:04:30
1. Jim (and Donna and Ian)

2. Edwardsville,IL

3. Haven't been yet. Have reservations for next summer

4. The beach, relaxing, sightseeing, the water

5. Anything with alcohol in it!

2005/10/23 13:30:48
1. Cabojack
2. Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
3. Three, sooner than later
4. Sailing
5. Jack and Coke

Have been travelling Mexico and the Caribbean since the 1980's . I am still looking for that "out of the way place to settle."

I was part of the "old board" for a few years before starting my own business and immersing myself into that for the last couple of years. But I'm back and ready to TRAVEL!

< Message edited by Admin -- 1/15/2005 4:51:36 PM >
2005/10/23 14:13:53
1. Bavaria
2. Munich, Germany
3. I have never been to the Riviera Maya - first time is scheduled for 11/7 - 11/15, hopefully...
5. I love all kind of fresh fruit cocktails
2005/10/23 14:21:11
Sea Shell
This is a just a big 'HI' from your newest forum member

1. name or LG board name
Sea Shell aka Michelle, but you seem to already have one of those

2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
Ive been to the area 5 times in the last two years and im going to go back to CMT in January

4. favorite area activity
snorkeling and beach volleyball

5. favorite vacation drink
Piña Colada or Cuba Libre
2005/10/23 19:37:58
Tim and Mary
Palmer Alaska
Been in Akumal 3 times and coming back, hopefully in November for #4
Snorkeling, Walking, Beach Time, and great pico de guyao
Sol Cerveza, margaritas at Lunita Restaurant
2005/10/24 03:17:10
ellie- elbelle

santa monica, ca

been staying at casa mariposa in akumal about once a year since 1985!

scuba diving and doing nothing!

limonadas from lol-ha
2005/10/24 04:31:32
1. luvbeach
2. Michigan
3. Four times (3x to Bahia Principe Tulum, 1x to Palladium) we are supposed to be there 11/14-12/03 (help with a damage report would be appreciated for Palladium)
4. Xel-Ha/Tulum
5. Margarita, of course. and Miami Vice

ORIGINAL: Sunburned Gringo

Hey there fellow Loco's
I'm pretty new to this site but it seems to be a great group of people who all seem willing to help each other out with info on the Mayan Riviera, so lets get to know each other a little better with a simple introduction form, of course your participation is totally voluntary.

1. name or LG board name
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
4. favorite area activity
5. favorite vacation drink
2005/10/24 10:28:57
1. Mainiac - Luana [pronounced Lu-ah-na], Rob - hubby, Ryan - 8yo, Morgan - 6yo [we too are 40 somethings with young kids and loving it]
2. Ellsworth, Maine [you have to be a 'Mainiac' to live here year round, but the up side is that we often have, and did last night, fresh lobster for dinner.... all time fav... never enough! ]
3. Been to Cancun several times on business over the last few years but it was too crowded for me... and the rest of the family's never been. Heading south to Soliman Bay in February while friends and neighbors freeze their bums off here at home. First family trip with the kids to a destination where we don't know anyone.... I'm from California, Rob from Maine so we generally stay here or go to CA and do the friends and relatives 'boogy' and come home ready for va-k... not this time!!
4. my guess will be, play with my 'babies' [not so much babies anymore]never seem to have enough time with them, sipping ice cold Cervesa, diving and exploring.... we'll see....
5. ice cold cervesa for warm climates / 'thigh cream' aka white russian for cold destinations....
2005/10/24 12:05:12
1. name or LG board name ~ Username QC
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country ~ Northern BC, Canada
3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back - 4 prior, hopefully one in a few weeks if our carrier is still flying! (2 @ Eldorado Resort & Spa, one at ABR, one at Sunscape and we are supposed to return in 2 weeks)
4. favorite area activity ~ snorkelling in Yal Ku and Akumal Bay
5. favorite vacation drink ~ Pina Colada!

I found this board through Playaboard, which has unfortunately deteriorated into a load of garbage for the most part.......used to be a person could get REAL information there. I'm much happier reading posts here! [:D][:)]
2005/10/24 12:08:03
Jeff and Ryan Jessen
Morgantown,West Virginia
PDC 6 times visit Cozumel every time
2005/10/24 19:01:07
1 Katchow
2 Michigan
3 Playa, various islands, Akumal(hopefully in 06')
4 Beach Rat
5 Anything with Rum
2005/10/24 19:29:38
Teresa, Terry, Matt and Michael
northwest Nebraska - very small town
been to Akumal (Luna Azul) last summer - loved it so much - whole extended family going June 06 - 20 Huskers in one place - could be trouble -
favorite activity - everything in Akumal - playing BBall in the evenings w/ the local guys
favorite beverage - dark beer
2005/10/24 20:47:34
Rodman and MsMarie will be here on and off, we were in PDC -early Feb 2005, are returning 11/11/2005 to Tulum, yea, we heard about a little storm that blew through there. We are from the Milwaukee Wi. area, and it is getting cold here, need to get that southern sun soon. Our TA told us today the EDSS would be open on Nov 8, so we are going. I am skeptical to a point , but hopeful that our friends to the south will get the joints up and running. A dedicated hotel employee is one of the best employees that can be found. We are 2 of those sorts of people, and appreciate the staff's of all the hotels we have stayed at. Looking forward to being back in the Riviera maya, and exploring even more,
adios, amigos, hasta la vista!
2005/10/24 23:48:00
Ok, I have been visiting this board for about a year or so but, have not posted much. Now that we are actually heading down, here we go.

1. Name: Judy , Board Name JJ, usually go by kokonut but could not get it on this board
2. Live in Wisconsin
3. We (Husband and me) have been to MEXICO every year since 1993, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Ixtapa, Will take our first trip to Playa in December, Can't Wait
4. favorite area activity : Laying in the Sun on any nice beach, Sitting at a beach bar eating Ceviche and sipping a cold Cervesa or margarita visiting with the friendly locals, snorkeling, sailing
5. favorite vacation drink: Sol and strong Margarita, oh my mouth is watering already :-)

Thx, this was FUN [8D]
2005/10/25 15:40:55
1 . Selena

2. Wisconsin

3. My first trip to the Riviera Maya was two years ago and scheduled to leave for my second trip 11/12/05. Keeping my fingers crossed. (and my toes!)

4. Beach, books, booze. Not necessarily in that order.

5. Margaritas, pina coladas, martinis, cerveza, wine, tequila shots (is that too many favorites [;)]
2005/10/25 17:00:46
1. Parkster
2. Vancouver, BC
3. Newbie
4. Beach Volleyball, Snorkelling
5. Mojito
2005/10/25 17:23:59
1: Paverdude aka Brent
2: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
3: Been to AI's in Cuba, Cancun and most recently last Feb @ Paladium
4: Snorkeling and Doing nutin
5: Dos Cerveza or dark rum & coke
2005/10/25 20:14:06
Was suposed to be spending 2 weeks @ Playa Caribe before that BITCH Wilma screwed it up, now a week @ disney land with screeming kids ya ho

I told the wife i'll need 3 weeks next year to get over it
2005/10/25 20:18:14
Hey there:

SRodrigues is Shelly Rodrigues (fellow in the photo is husband, Eddie)
We live in San Francisco, CA
We've been to Akumal many, many times, if the gods of building permits ever shine of us will be buildinga home on the point of Half Moon Bay between NaHa and Jaguar.
We love the beach, the lagoon, the people
And we're pretty fond of a cold Leon!
2005/10/25 21:30:32
1. Martin Johansson/Swede
2. My girl and I live in Sweden
3. Zero visi**** so far, we were/are booked at ABR 11/13-11/27... [&:]
4. Don't know yet, but personaly I like a nice white beach.
5. Beer, always beer!
2005/10/26 02:52:43
2005/10/26 05:58:40
1. Cowboyteacher/Boyd
2. Hill country of Texas
3. Been to the border too many times to count but
have never made it to the beaches
4. Trying to convince my wife we would have the time of
our lifes laying on white sandy beaches
5. My favorite right now is turkey 101 and coke but hey if it gets me there
I'll try anything.
2005/10/26 08:54:35
Dacula, Ga
Every year since 2002, going 12/16-12/24 this year
Palace resorts members
Banana monkey (pina colada with bananas and choc. liqueur
2005/10/26 10:06:39
1. Laurie, LG name Scubado
2. Littleton, Colorado USA
3. Twice, 2004 and 2004 for two weeks. Can't get enough of the place and I always hate to leave.
4. Scuba diving and underwater video.
5. Sex on the Beach of course! Or just a plain old beer in a thermo cup!
2005/10/26 11:34:09
SmilingJack from Denver here. We went to Playa about 5 years ago and this week 10/20-10/27 we were supposed to be in Playacar at the Gala (Sandos Gala now). We do have a credit now with Apple and wish the area a speedy recovery. Cervasas and anejo shots!
2005/10/26 17:21:19
from Canada (west coast)
Fave bevvy: Kyprenia (sp? ask Wisconson Dave!) & Mojito
Been to Akumal once - cut way too short by that b*itch Wilma
2005/10/26 17:28:24
Just came back from some Adventures with Wilma. And can't wait to go back, for a few reasons :)
I love to travel and take pictures. Now I just need to make it more of my profession, so I can quit the "real job."

Pictures of the recent trip can be found here. www.pbase.com/wes242/mexico
2005/10/26 17:37:47
Wes, your pictures are AMAZING....need more!!!!

What an incredible eye you have!

2005/10/26 18:53:57
ORIGINAL: wes242

Pictures of the recent trip can be found here. www.pbase.com/wes242/mexico

2005/10/26 19:10:13

2005/10/26 20:12:01
Xpat2b aka Mark


We've stayed in Akumal on HMB once and 3 times at the Casitas - Love those CASITAS[:)]

Love snorkeling at Xelha.

On vacation - EVERY drink is my favorite[8D]
2005/10/26 22:08:59
kerri dissler
Kerri Lynn
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Every 6 months since I dont know when! Be back in Jan., 05
Forgetting about life as I know it for 7 to 10 days @ La Buena Vida!!
Ice cold Mexican Beer
2005/10/26 22:22:49
Breezygirl a/k/a Julie
Cozumel once, took ferry to Playa and discovered paradise. Took ferry the next 2 days too! Came back on deal to Cancun, too buisy for us so we rented a car, drove to Playa, walked up the beach and checked in to Alambray (sp?) for 2 days and had a blast. First year actual reservations for Playa, Xaman-Ha 12/22-12/29/05. We were sooooooo excited, still waiting on news of Condo's.

We like to hang out on beach about two-three blocks North from the pier area.
Mexico is the ONLY place I drink beer, go figure!
2005/10/27 01:18:05
1. Diane (and my husband Tim)
2. from NJ
3. Never been to Akumal, but have been considering it for a while. Hubby & I go to St Martin every year, and was looking for a family trip w/ 2 daughters on Spring Break 2006. Started corresponding w/ Katie about staying in HMB -- but then Wilma hit. Will resume my planning as soon as Katie is up to it!
4. Beach and snorkeling. Also looking forward to Xel-ha and a visit to some ruins.
5. We're not drinkers... let's talk about sports and food!

P.S. This forum is great. In the short time I've been here, you've all been so helpful.
2005/10/27 07:12:32
hi all,
i first found this site 8 years ago when i ordered a map of the area from kay and gary for $6. i still have the map! lots of changes since then.
1. rita and bill
2. sycamore, illinois
3. we've been about 8 times to akumal
4. march 22 - april 4, 2005
5. snorkeling, floating in the beautiful, warm akumal bay
6. cold beer
2005/10/27 08:55:38
Carl - hubby
SFO Bay Area
Exercise: cycling, then daily workouts which include swimming, spin & classes, weights, power walks & hiking (Alps). Newest adventure will be scuba
Fine Calif. & French Vintage wines
French Vintage Champagnes
margaritas made the Mexican way
Travels: U.S., Germany, Switzerland & France (emphasis on Germany)
Favorite hobby: Gourmet cooking, creative table settings & Fine Wines & champagnes

Rosarita, Mx. & Ensenda have been our only trips to Mexico.
2005/10/27 09:31:54
Dreamer = Gary P.
Deep in the Ozarks
1st Timer, been to Coz Arriving I SWEAR!!! on the 31OCT Cancun,
2Nov in Yalku. I mean it I will be there!!
Floating in the warm boyant salt water and snorkling.
A glass of Reyes red wine. OK a bottle then.[8|]
2005/10/27 11:05:41
greetings! from newsman aka paddy...
newbie to this board..not to mexico...being going since the seventies...but love the yucatan the most. playa del carmen area mostly.hope hurricane wilma didn't destroy those beachfront hotels...the blue parrot et al.however, no hurricane will ever erase the good memories i have in playa maya. paddy
2005/10/27 11:35:15
-Portland, oregon
-snorkeling but look forward to using my new scuba skills.
-My favorite vacation drink depends on the time of day. most of the day it is beer and in the evenings I like a good margarita!
-I hope to go to Akumal for the 1st time on 11/5.
2005/10/27 16:05:22
patricia y daniel
Hi -- we've been coming to Mexico for 20+ years and have visited RM at least 6 times. Last trip was in 2003 to Punta Bete and we're supposed to come to Hacienda de la Tortuga on 11/7 -- just hanging loose to see if American will fly. Any ideas?
2005/10/27 21:16:42
Cherry Hill NJ here
First visit to Roo will be in Jan...just the hubby and myself
Any frozen cold drink that I don't have to make myself
Will be snorkeling for the first time and am very excited!!!!
2005/10/28 07:11:42
1. BelmarGringos aka Paul and Margaret
2. Belmar, NJ
3. First visit to the Roo in 65 days! arraiving 1/1/06
4. beach, tequila, sightseeing
5. Tequila, cerveza, margaritas
2005/10/28 09:36:51
Name: Lisa Reuvers- LG: mngardener
Place you live: Faribault, MN USA
Number of visits: to the Roo, 5, first time in Akumal 12/25/05
Favorite area activity: Snorkeling
Favorite vacation drink: Miami Vice
2005/10/28 11:43:36
canadianyankee - Bryan (texan) and Chantal (canadian)
Live in Fort Worth, Texas
Many visits to the Roo - three visits to Akumal going back February 25th
snorkelling, watching the ocean and sipping cool drinks
Anejo and Coke with Lime
2005/10/28 18:51:17

1). Seekerkl, Kathie from Canada
2) Been 1 once before 2 years ago, with girlfriends, went to D. R. last year with hubby, and now he is hooked. Hubby doesn't like water that much but loved walking the beach. We will be at ABR on Feb 2 for 2 weeks.
3). Favorite past time snorkeling, loved Xel Hal last time. So if hubby can get my butt out the water to walk the beach I love that too. lol.[:)]
4). We enjoy wine with our meals.
2005/10/29 10:15:29

I'm Alanna, from Chicago, IL. I've been to Akumal three times and will return again with my family and a couple of friends on December 9. My favorite activity is sitting on the beach building sand castles with my daughter; favorite drink a margarita.

Any LG's with young children planning to be there around Dec. 9-16? My daughter is almost 4, we usually travel to Akumal with other couples with kids but this year us is an exception. Would love for my girl to have other children to play with.

Thanks for all of the great information on this forum. I am so happy that the RM is bouncing back; the people are wonderful. We can't wait to be back there.
2005/10/29 11:56:40
kr ranch
Hi All
1. Eric and Tammy
from Knights Ferry, Calif. (that's near Modesto made famous by Scott Peterson) yuck!
2. First time to Akumal in 1985 and can't stop! Go at less once a year, if lucky twice.
3. Favorite activity, HAPPY HOUR!!!!! Oh and foreign travel
4. Favorite Vacation Drink. HAPPY HOUR!!!!!

We are headed down in 5 weeks for a wonderful 10 days. Can't wait. hopefully will meet some of you other gringos!
2005/10/29 16:50:21
Hi I was surfing around here and there here on LG and saw this thread "Introductions please" and thought since I'm new I ought to introduce myself in this section too.

First off, let me say hi to you "kr ranch"... Small world! - I lived in Modesto, California for many years when I was a kid, was married there once, years ago, and still have 1 brother & 1 sister plus my mother who all live there... and my last time back to see them was in Feb 2003...oh, and one of my sisters was born there too... (but to tell you the truth, I always thought Modesto was more famous for it's Gallo Winery and Libby's cannery and the Hell's Angels than anything else... that is until Scott Peterson came along). But, all that aside... I guess I better answer the questions since I'm on this thread.

1. name or LG board name:
teritwocats (Teri is my real name and we used to have 2 cats).

2. place you live:
Short answer: Brampton, Ontario, Canada. (now)
Long anwser: Well, I've lived alot of places in my life... I was born in Missouri (on a back road, in a car on the way to the hospital, one evening in October, delivered by my grandmother) and I still have a lot of cousins on both my mother's and father's side of the family who live in Missouri and surrounding stated. My mother remarred when I was 4 and we moved to Texas for a few years, then to (first to Turlock, then to Modesto) California, where I lived for a good many years (have also lived in Milpitas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Altadena and Pasadena), then came to Canada... Toronto... but now live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I've also lived in Oregon and Kentucky, and I've travelled through every state except 9 (I think it's 9 - I haven't been to Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Alabama, Missississippi, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin. I've been though all the rest.) -

3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when will I be back?
One. It was our first trip to Mexico. We just discovered ABR, Akumal and Riviera Maya in October 2005. We went there on my birthday this year (Oct 8th) and stayed for a week at ABR - loved it so much that we already have plans to go back in April 2006. In my opinion, it was the BEST Vacation ever! Loved every minute of it.

4. favourite area activity -
Well, I have to say laying in the ocean was my top favourite thing, going to the ruins at Tulum was my next favourite thing [even though it was just about as humid as it could get, being about 35-40C every day with the Humidex at 45 C (or so I as told) and the sun being so blinding white at you that you had a hard time seeing even wearing your sunglasses], after that was everything else, including: sitting at the Moon Rise Bar (Swing Bar, Rubi's place) talking to people while drinking Cervesa and Tequila Boom-Booms, then eating the awesome food in the dining room - god I love that guacamole and those homemade tortillas (I just couldn't seem to get enough of them, and I even ate them for breakfast if they were available - all the while, my husband, Tom quietly laughed at me while he ate his pancakes), and loved talking to the locals, then I guess my next favorite thing was snorkling and kayaking in between bouts of just laying around on the beach and walking in that awesome sand, and finally going into Playa del Carmen (last on my list - I didn't go to Mexico to a beautiful resort for the shopping aspect, but my husband wanted to go sight-seeing so I went along). I was quite content to just lay in the ocean and off and on throughout the week, sit in the lobby with a couple of cups of Express Coffee that I got from the main bar.

I'm normally an avid reader, and even though I took along 3 paper back books, wondering if that would be enough to last me the whole week, I didn't read one single page this whole trip, and to tell you the truth, I didn't even think aobut reading either. We were just enjoying ourselves at the resort too much.

5. favourite vacation drink:
Well, when we got there, at 11 pm at night, they gave us a non-alcoholic fruit drink when we were checking in at the main reception desk. I found it particularly refreshing. I usually love real fruity drinks, and that would have been just as good with vodka, tequila or gin I'm sure.
The next day I had a drink they called the "Akumal", which I really liked. No idea what's in it. And of course, I loved the ever popular slushy margaritas with a rim of salt on the glass, and I did drink a fair number of those while I was there. Then, on some of the other days, I drank alot of the Dos Equis Cervesa (on tap!!!! the best stuff!!!!) in small glasses - which, of course, kept it cold and wonderful! I didn't mind having to ask for a refill often. If you ask me, the only good beer is a really cold one on a really hot day (and we had plenty of those the week we were there... both beer and heat), and having such a good one on tap, having it really cold made it all the better.
My husband loved the tequila boom-booms. I was content to get Rubi to give me tequila straight with salt and a chunk of lime. In fact, I actually preferred that over the boom-booms, but I never said no to anything, EXCEPT one night they offered us Mayan Coffee... oh my gosh, I nearly gaged!!! It tasted like licorish...and I HATE Licorish!!!! I had to spit it out (sorry everyone for being so graffic). That's the only drink I can truthfully say I hated.

I hope that I'll be an asset to this forum, and hope to meet many of you in the future, either online or at Akumal. Sure love that place!!! and the people there!!!
2005/10/29 17:47:44
Hi locos,

1. Shopgirl AKA Tara
2. Bristol, England
3. First visit to RM June 2004 - going next 5th December 05
4. Getting up in the am, going to bed in the am and everything in between!
5. Cocktails (especially ones with baileys) - cant afford them at home.
2005/10/29 17:53:14
shape shifter 47
Shopgirl: You are up late tonight......getting colder here in the midwest, have to put my clubs away soon and get out the snorkel gearLOL.....January is not far off but you will beat us down to Neverland...Roo.....
2005/10/29 18:23:10
Hi Gary, shift work is a real biatch. Only woke at 7.30pm (GMT) and feeling wide awake. I know cant wait 37 days to go - sounds better if you just count work days which is 21!!
2005/10/29 19:45:17
1. nipper
2. Nova Scotia, Canada
3. Been to Bahia Principe twice and returning the end of February
4. Snorkling
5. Cervesa
2005/10/30 15:06:56
1. Clive
2. Thunder Bay Ontario
3. Fourth visit coming up in January/06
4. Snorkeling, R & R... soaking up the sun... "thawing out"
5. Have to agree with Sunburned Gringo... and go with mucho "big frosty cerveza's"
2005/10/30 15:33:40
Name: Hearon Dickson
Home: Raleigh, NC
Number of visits: 1, to Cozumel 20 yrs ago. Coming to PDC with BIG extended family in December
Favorite activity: fun in the sun....want to do it all. snorkel, fish, sail, nap
drink: ooops, it's a long story....
2005/10/30 17:21:04
shape shifter 47
Diskson5, you want to do it all but don't do itLOL....if you haven't been down to Roo in 20yrs, ease into it....let the mood take you away, kick back, relax and let Roo work her magic on you......you only have so many days and if you rush to do everything, well then Roo will slip through you hands like the white sand on her beaches.....Roo is a gentle lady, take time to caress her and enjoy the beauty she has to offer you.
Have fun.
2005/10/30 17:30:55

Angela, aka Ang
Orange County, CA (you know Micky Mouse)
3nd time coming up December 5th! 2nd time July 4th, 2004, 1st time 1991
Favorite thing...snorkeling
favorite drink...beer or Mai Tai, anything rum related
2005/10/30 17:54:08
1. Dave & Angie
2. Lethbridge, Alberta
3. First Timers! (getting married to boot)
4. Anything that is in Mesico and not in Lethbridge in the middle of January
5. Anyting that happens to end up in my mug

Gotta say that we are soo excited we can't focus on anything else. Pretty sad when its still 2 months away! Feel like kids on Christmas Eve![:D]
2005/10/30 18:43:00
1. AKMary or just plain Mary
2. Though I was born in WI, I moved to Alaska after college and now live in Cordova, Alaska. Cordova is a beautiful, coastal fishing town in the southeast corner of Prince William Sound. We get a lot of rain but the extraordinary surroundings...mountains, ocean, Copper River Delta...make it all worthwhile. Cordova is home to the world famous Copper River salmon; A wild, healthy, well-managed run.
3. Have visited RM and Costa Maya 3 times since last year and have plans to return in March of '06.
4. My favorite activity is sitting on the beach with the hubby, my sister and her husband, drinking pitcher after pitcher of icy beverages (hubby used to bartend) and scheming/dreaming about how to make a permanent move to Mexico. It's gonna happen, we just don't know how or when! Would love to hear your suggestions...
5. Anything from our blender, Xcalak Milkshake aka Pina Colada, or a cold Corona/Sol with lime. [:D]
2005/10/30 21:13:47
Juanita & Warren
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
1st visit to Akumal last Dec., cried when I had to go home.
In Jan '06 we are headed to Playa Del Carmen for a wedding (unfortunately we couldn't talk the happy couple into Akumal)
I actually got to see a sea turtle while snorkeling!! What excitement! I just about drowned!
Sorry can't name just 1 favorite drink, that would be so boring!
2005/10/31 13:41:57
Debbie aka Snowescaper

Ontario, Canada

Been to Mexico 4 times - will be first time to the Riviera Mar 2006 (was supposed to be Nov 2005)

Although an amateur I love snorkeling

Hands down a MARGARITA made with real lime juice
2005/10/31 14:23:50
patricia w
Hello everybody,
My name is patricia
I live near Rotterdam,the Netherlands.
First I want to see thanks for all the info on this board!
This will be the first time in Mexico,
for our 26th wedding anniversary .
favorit activity will be : Beach , and everything relaxing!
favorit drink anything cold.
We hope to be there Nov.29th untill Dec.13th, if the plain will be flying!
Btw is there anybody with info about Cancun Airport?
Thanks and counting the days!!!!!!!!!
2005/10/31 16:39:13
Hello Everyone,

Brisco 330
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Mayan Riveria experience

1. Barcelo Maya
2. Bahia Principe Akumal
3. Akumal Beach Resort
4. Returning to ABR in April /06

Why the return to ABR -- it's all the about the beach, snorkeling and how many paperbacks we can read.

Favorite drink -- have to work on the ABR bartenders. There is nothing better than to start the day with a Michelada!
2005/10/31 17:01:49

1. name or LG board name : PAresident
2. place you live ie: Puerto Aventuras/Mexico
3. number of visits: we came here 5 times, we like it so much that we finally move in last August 2005, just after Emily
4. favorite area activity: diving, diving, and more diving :-)
5. favorite vacation drink: CHELADAS of course! after all this is chelada land
2005/10/31 17:46:46

Barryb is my LG name but my name is Barry.

I live in Whistler, BC

Been to the area 4 times and we're headed there again in 3 weeks. Been to:

Bahia Principe Akumal (x2)
Now headed to Sunscape Tulum

Hanging out with our children and snorkeling are my favourite things to do.

Favourite drink: When I'm on the beach - they're all great!

Very cool thing to do is bone fishing in the Sian Kan Biosphere - can't wait.

Best to all
2005/10/31 18:23:02

ORIGINAL: travelintx

1. LoveTheSun aka Kathy[8D]
2. New London, Wisconsin
3. It will be 4th time in March when we get married at Xcaret! [:o]
4. Always enjoyed going to 5th Avenue and Cozumel
5. Cerveza and Margarita's[:D]
2005/11/01 13:03:43
ghana mom
Okay I finally took the plunge and posted and just read so i guess I should introduce myself.
I'm ghana mom, because my 16 year old daughter is an exchange student in ghana africa for the year.
I live in Minnesota outside st. paul, I have travel the world, I have hosted 10 exchange students and have taken just about all of them too Roo so they go back and spread the word to their country how wonderful Roo is.
I have visit the area many times starting in the early 80s and in Cancun then moved down the coast to PDC then to PA and now on to AKA. I have driven down coast to the far south at least 5 times. I was in Roo 6 times last year.
My favorite activity is to travel and explore, and meet new people.
I don't know the name of the drink my son was feeding last year but I do know that I ended up falling in the swimming pool.
2005/11/01 22:56:05
1. serenac
2. alberta, canada
3. will be first time in April 2006
4. will soon find out!!!!!
5. dos margaritas por favor
2005/11/01 23:23:55
He: Keith; She: Dormie; LG posts as: ToolJoint (a part of a pipe used in drilling)

Reside at: Upton, Wyoming

Number of visits to Roo: 1. Riu Playacar; 2. Iberostar Tucan; 3. Royal Hideaway 4. (on Nov.20) Grand Palladium; 5. (May 06) Akumal Beach Resort. We have also enjoyed Puerot Vallerta and Zihuatanejo.

Favorite area activity: Beach, snorkel, sail, 5th ave PDC, Ruins, practicing spanish and interacting with the locals, culture.

Favorite vacation drink - Stiff Margaritta (strawberry), XX, fine tequilas.
2005/11/02 09:47:12
Hello.. I am new to Locogringo, and I am so happy I found it!!

Ontario, Canada.

Never been to Mexico.

"Supposed" to be there Nov 19 to 26.. for my son's wedding at BPA on the 23rd. Still looking good, but we are all crossing our fingers.

Hmmm.. favorite vacation drink.. must we choose just one? Ask me on the 26th.

I would say my favorite activity would be watching the Speedos, but nobody over the age of three should wear one...hahahaha

Can't wait!!
2005/11/02 10:16:50
You will love Playa, enjoy!
2005/11/02 14:05:05
Lac La Biche,Alberta Canada
twice to mexico, once to Akumal, hope to be back in the spring
Snorkeling & Sunbathing
rum punch & mango dacqueries (spelling)[:)][&:]
2005/11/02 18:38:55
The Agent
1. The Agent – AKA - Paul
2. Long Island, Noo Yawk
3. First visit to Mexico set for March 0f 2006, PDC Grand Xcaret
4. Well have to get there first & see, but usually it is the scuba diving
5. Favorite drinks for vacation are Margarita Rocks w/ salt, and seem to remember liking Miami Vice when I was in Jamacia . “Mon”.

2005/11/03 14:37:08
The Agent
Wow this is a big thread. I cant believe I went through the whole thing. Ok I mostly just scannedit but I hit each page!! Thanks gotta count for something.
2005/11/03 14:38:55
Johnny be bad
Newbie to this site from Ontario.

Been to Cancun twice, Cuba twice (Canadians are allowed), Jamaica 4 times.

Hoping to to to Playa or Akumal January 06

Favourite drink, anything with a kick.
2005/11/03 19:45:53
Pilot Butte, Sask.
2005/11/04 08:06:06
Pescadorito (little fisherman)
West Jordan, Utah
2 past visits returning Feb 2006
Love the people, hammocks, beach & food
Anything that gives me a buzz & won't get me arrested
2005/11/05 00:31:25
Pensacola, FL
10 times - Cozumel (1); Cancun (2); Playa (4); Akumal (3)
Relaxing in the hot sun on the white sand, walking the beach, snorkeling
An ice cold Dos XXX; Strawberry Margarita; Bloody Mary

I found out about this website on my most recent trip to ABR, we met so many LG'ers when we were evacuated from the ABR to Merida. You guys sure know how to party!! I hope I have my cooler by then! We will be back to ABR in April 2006 to finish our vacation and I hope we run into some of you. Until then....
2005/11/05 21:10:17
Hello to all, thanks to all for making this site what it is...fantastic!!!
I as well as my wife and two children(15&12) live in Cambridge,Ontario,Canada. We have bee to Akumal resoprt in 88 honeymoon, RiuTequilla 10 year anniversary, Allegro,Cozumel in 02 and Gran Caribe Real July 10-17 2005. We have also been to Puerto Plata and Punta Cana in DR. We like to do what most vacationers like to do eat, beach, drink, snorkle, drink, eat, excursions, interact, drink, activities, eat, drink, etc... We generally travel last minute ie. book within the last two to four days before departure. We are planning to do this again on the 19th of this month and are looking at the Bahia Principe Tulum as the Bahia in Punta Cana was fantastic. We are traveling with my wife's sister and husband, four forty somethings who think they can act quite younger ( not possible our children say) Our children were with us in Cancun where we celebrated our son's 15th birthday along with my parents. Favourite drink mine will always be ice cold Corona and anything blended, cold and large for my wife. We hope the area is recovering and all the citizens are safe as they make our vacations special. Thanks to all once again. Cheers!
2005/11/06 11:03:41
Hermans2, Sheila and Brian
Western, New York
Never been to Akumal, been to playa de carmen, cozumal and five other carribean destinations.
Drinks...what ever floats our boat for the day....we try em all!
Snorkeling, beachcombing, exploring, partying, etc.
"It's your nickel, do what makes you happy"
2005/11/07 04:35:37
I live in Colorado anfd have been to Akumal/Riviera Maya 4 times.
My favorite activity is sea kayaking. I'm really happy found Locogringo everyone has been very helpful.
2005/11/07 13:02:07
Fort Collins, Colorado
4 times in last 3 years
hoping to go back at Christmas but doesn't look like it's gonna happen
Lounging on the beach and day trips to non-tourist locations
Ice cold Dos XX
2005/11/07 14:16:16
1. name or LG board name
Sarnold actually known as Stacey & Shelley...Tejas Hermanas

2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
Memphis, TN

3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
6 times, going back last week of every April

4. favorite area activity
Spending the day w/ Alejandro, the world's best snorkel guide.

5. favorite vacation drink
Corona on tap at ABR
2005/11/07 14:58:02
1. name or LG board name
Lorelie: Lori also Stephanie
2. place you live ie: state/territory/country
Orlando, Florida

3. number of visits to Akumal/Riviera Maya and when you are going back
In 4 days will be our second. 1st time was Akumal - second time will be Akumal

4. favorite area activity
Besides lounging with a cold one on the beach - has to be catamaran snorkling trip

5. favorite vacation drink
Whatever's free or on special - otherwise hot summer weather and an ice cold beer
2005/11/08 11:03:31
Hello All!!!

Roxanne - roxygrl
Saskatchewan, Canada
1 previous visit and one upcoming in Feb 2006
Just wanna have fun!
Just wanna drink what I want, when I want
2005/11/08 15:25:22
1-diceboy - aka Phil
2-Vancouver, BC, Canada
3-none yet, was supposed to be in Puerto Aventuras Nov 4-11th - now hoping to be there Dec 3-10th (thanks Wilma!)
4-don't know yet. My guess will be golf, drinking, snorkelling.
5-Mojito, Cervesa, Bacardi/coke.
2005/11/09 09:25:35
Kushy (Tammi)[8D]
Camrose, Alberta
Been to Barcelo Maya, Kantenah Palladium, Ifa villa Bravero(Punta Cana)
Going to Dreams Tulum in December (can't wait)
Lime Margaritas & Sol Cervesa
2005/11/09 14:26:46
Ree aka Cheri
Will be visiting for the first time in Feb. 2006!
Looking forward to scuba diving, snorkling, lazing around on the beach.
Frozen Margaritas (heavy on the salt).
2005/11/09 15:49:19
sac_producer; AKA- Jim

>Roseville, CA, USA (near Sacramento)
>1 visit to Gala Playacar in 12/04 LOVED IT!
>Headed to Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar in 12/05!
>Love me some pyramid climbing and snorkeling and drinking.
>Mas tequila por favor!

Hey... anyone... tell me about access to Xaac or (dare I say it?) Chamuyil?
2005/11/09 16:00:44
1. Holiday

2. Texas

3. 4 visits to Mexico! Going back NEXT WEEK fpr THREE WEEKS!!!!! Pure Heaven!
Will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Tulum and Akumal and exploring everywhere else. Just love the Beach, but finding this area last year, well as everyone already has it.....got the ROO FEVER and wish to keep it!

4. Beach, snorkeling, walking the beach at Sunset, exploring beaches and towns, sailing, massages, checking out PA, PDC, Drinking, Eating, listening to the waves, meeting folks and sharing a good time! Hoping to meet some LG's

5. Pina Coladas and always willing to try something new!
2005/11/09 17:40:55
1. Hi I'm Kate (and so great- not modest but it rhymes)

2. Vancouver Canada

3. Going to the Roo for the first time in Spring '06 but I have travelled:
May 2003 (Honeymoon)- Sandals Royal Hicacos- Varadero Cuba
Nov 2004 (hubby +w/trav. bud)Bahia Principe SJ- Puerto Plata DR-
April 2006 (big trip with parents and hubby and friends)- 1 week at
Akumal Beach Resort, 1 week at Iberostar Beach.

4. Sunbathing, drinking, snorkelling, getting culture, and people watching

5. Something with coconut!
2005/11/10 00:55:26
I am new to LG and it was really helpful in us booking our trip to BPT in January....thanks to all who helped!
1) Tanseeker aka Dale
2) Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
3) snorkel, beach, pool, drink.....
4) corona, rum/coke or just about anything cold...
2005/11/10 10:20:39
ooops forgot one part...
- first time to Mayan Coast
1 X Peurto Vallarta
2 X Dominican Republic
1 X Cuba
2005/11/10 10:23:17
Hello everyone! [:)]

1) lyfsabeechinmexico aka Tammy
2) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
3) 3 visits to Mexico; PV, Cancun, and the Mayan Riviera (4th one to BPA in 8 days [:D])
3) Diving, snorkeling, playing volleyball, meeting people and of course relaxing
5) Gin & Tonic, beer, rum & coke with lime, aah heck, we're going to an all inclusive we may just try one of everything!
2005/11/10 15:05:05
Hi everyone.

CruiseFuse - a/k/a Lisa
From Little Rock, Arkansas, although I recently moved to Chicago to get married (Quite the culture shock)
This will be our first cruise and first time in Mexico.
Our goal is to relax on the beach, eat, drink and be merry....
Whatever they're serving - we'll drink it. (Well, hubby will)
2005/11/11 09:11:15
My wife, Kathy, and I are new to this board, but not new to Akumal. On the 26th of November we are making our fourth trip (her fifth) there since 2000. During this time we've also been to Hawaii (Maui) and the BVI's. Akumal, by far, is our favorite tropical get-away.

I registered as an LG yesterday, after reading posts here for the past two weeks. This board has been very helpful and provided us with invaluable information as we worked towards our decision to return to Akumal.

The fine people living and working in the Roo have done a remarkable job since Wilma.

To answer your questions:

1. Ron
2. Pocatello, Idaho
3. five (4 for Ron)
4. Beach & Mayan ruins (for Kathy), Diving and La Buena Vida (for Ron)
5. Cervesas, Margaritas and Chi Chi's.
2005/11/11 10:31:52
1. Terry
2. Grapevine, TX (half way between Dallas and Ft Worth)
3. Numerous visits to Progresso, Cancun, Cozumel, PDC while on cruises, as well as AI resort stays in PV, Cabo, Cancun.
4. Fun in the sun
5. Margaritas, Dos Equis
2005/11/11 11:49:58
Step in
1. Stephan
2. Palm Desert Ca
3. 7
4. Ruins,Beaches,Margaritas,Cervasas,Just about everything!
Cant wait - 11 more days till and it all begins again
2005/11/12 03:40:24
Hi everyone[:D] I've only been on the board for a few days..I love it!! You guys are great fun. I'd like to introduce myself,( better late than never) [1. My name is Melissa (it means honey from the bee...Honeyb) 2.I live in New Jersey, married, great husband(no kids) (no pets) Originally from Bethlehem PA. (Known as the Christmas City) 3.This is actually my 3rd time to RM. Stayed in Playa (differnt resorts) the other times and now (in 3 days) will be in Akumel[:D] 4.Now as far as the activities....This vacation is basically a relaxing one. So.. I'll probably be in the pool, soaking in the sun. Please don't send hate mail but I am not a snorkler. I tried it in Hawaii, and realizes it's just not my thing)[:(] I know alot of you are probably cringing right now. Sorry. 5. Drinks... favorite??? That depend on the time of day and the mooid I'm in it could be anything from a bloody mary, frozen concoction , beer wine, martini (3 olives)...anything but dark hard liquor....yuck. I can't get past the smell[:'(] So, that's my story..hope to meet some of you when we get there!! Oh and by the way..........I just recently ended a job, am now taking care of 2 elderly parents...since i am not a DINK(dual income no kids) am a WINK or an OINK????? (one income no kids)[8|]
2005/11/12 08:18:33
HOLY COW!!!! Sorry everryone for the novel. JEEEZZEE once i get started!!!![:@]
2005/11/12 08:20:27
1) Grump aka Mark
2) The Land of Pleasant Living aka Maryland's Eastern Shore
3) 2 trips to Cancun
4) Eating and Drinking; swimming and snorkeling if I can fit them in beween the eating and drinking
4) Dos Equis, Shots of Tequila
2005/11/13 06:41:34
After months of reading all the info on this wonderful site, my husband and I have decided to make Akumal our destination for our 25th Anniversary in June/July of 2006. This board has been invaluable to us in the planning stages and we can't wait to run across more Loco Gringos!
1) AZDiane
2) Pinetop/Lakeside, Arizona with husband Gary and children 19, 16, and 13.
3) Cayman Islands (honeymoon many years ago!), Maui, Turks and Caicos, and Disney Cruise for Family Reunion. Summer 2006 will be our first time in the Roo.
4) Snorkeling!!! Beach, turtle walks, eating, exploring, etc. Our goal is to become certified divers before the trip.
5) Cervezas, margaritas, and hope to discover lots more favorites!
2005/11/13 11:59:11
Hi there Loco Gringos -

I have decided to quit lurking (at least three weeks a lurker, now) and come out! We are going to Akumal on Nov. 30, staying 'til Dec. 9 our 5th visit. As usual, we're staying at Villas Maya bungalows, but I haven't seen any pics or read any posts about that property. Graciela in El Paso says it's fine, but what do Akumalitos or any of you visiting Locos know?

SunDidi in Baltimore
2005/11/13 18:42:57
Sorry fellow Locos - I didn't do the introductions first
1. Name - Deborah aka SunDidi
2. Home - Baltimore, Md
3. Trips to the Roo - 5 counting this one coming up (17 days and counting) - staying in Akumal, Playa, Merida, Valladolid, Cancun...have been to most ruins including Uxmal
4. Favorite Activity - snorkeling and chilling out under the palm trees in front of Lol-Ha beach bar
5. Favorite Drink - anything from the Lol-Ha Bar at 2 for 1 happy Hour
2005/11/13 19:04:44
1. Roobound
2. SF, CA
3. Only 1..but going back to get married there!
4. Relaxing, eating, drinking, swimming, etc. etc.
5. Rum punch
2005/11/14 00:53:32
2005/11/14 13:12:07
Hey I found this site, it has some new photos about the state of the recovery effort in Riviera Maya. It is run by Funjet, but I think it is pretty informative.

2005/11/14 17:19:43
Hi, I have been posting some questions and giving a little advice to yall but I haven't formally introduced myself. . .
1. My name is Eryn, aka e.mc23
2. I am currently living in Shreveport, LA going to school but from Austin, TX
3. In 27 days I will make my 5th trip to the Mayan Riviera (ABR and Majahual)
4. Love to snorkel and drink cold beer on the beach with a little shopping thrown in there
5. Dos equis, diet coke and bacardii, margaritas with fresh lime and fine tequilla
2005/11/14 18:12:29
Been There
1. Been There
2. Live just south of Toronto, Ontario
3. Cancun once, Iberostar Paraiso Lindo 8 times. Returning in Spring/06
4. Snorkeling at Dzul Ha
5. Cerveza
2005/11/14 19:06:17
1. Charlene
2. Chicago, Illinois
3. First time in Akumal was last February. Stayed at the Cannon house. My boyfriend proposed to me at the cannon's site. We were supposed to get married on Nov. 5th, but do to the hurricane, we had to rescedule our date. We are arriving in 18 days and will be married on the beach of Akumal on December 10th. Can't wait!!!
4. Snokeling, massages on the beach, reading a good novel and of coarse Happy Hour!!
5. Margaritas!!!!!![:)]
2005/11/14 22:51:47
Hello all,

Very new to this site. Made my first and only trip to Yucatan in June 1990 on our honeymoon. We have a trip planned for December 28 to the Catalonia Maya Riviera. 5 couples will be escaping the winter north of Michigan to some sun and fun.

Any travel advise would be appreciated.

-- Scot
2005/11/15 08:59:03

My name is j.abshier (Josie Abshier)
I live in St. Louis, Missouri
I have never been to Quinta Roo, but I did live in Guadalajara for 5 months, exploring the Tapatia region and the Costa Alegre. I also visited Vallarta and GDL a couple times. My first visit to Quinta Roo will be to PDC this Christmas.
My favorite activity would be finding great local eats with my hubby.
My favorite drink in Mexico - virgen pina coladas. Though, beer in a bag sipped through a straw comes in a close second. [:)]
2005/11/15 09:09:14
Greg - Buzz
Terre Haute, Indiana
0 visits, 1st coming up December 10-14 @ BPA
Tequilla, about anyway it comes[:-]
2005/11/15 22:27:53
Hi people.
My name is Carla and we're 6 at home. My husband, my teen girl, my boxer Baska, my cat Simba and a parrot.
We live in Portugal near Lisbon. (just across the ocean).
It will be our first time in Roo in a couple of weeks but I've read so many of your reports it's like I've been there already.
We like to travel, and... to travel... and to travel...!! Mostly in Europe, we go camping in France, England, Italy, etc...and because we can do it with our dog. It's the only thing that breaks my heart is to leave her behind - the cat is a cat.... !!

We like a good fresh drink - it doesn't really matter which one - a beer, a glass of white wine... but it must be FRESH.

Eventhough we are european, we really like LG and you guys - you are fantastic and it's always good to enter the forum and read your reports and talk to you.

2005/11/16 08:32:46
1. Dawn AKA Luv2tvldm
2. Mishawaka,IN home of the Irish!
3. Visits- 1 RM 3 to Cozumel and total in Mexico 17, All around the Caribbean
4.Being a Beach Bum and shopping ,snorkeling
5. mango Margi's and Mai Ti (spelling) [8D]
2005/11/20 07:04:56
Edd AKA Ed (incredible, isn't it?)
Englewood, Colorado (near Denver)
5 to Mexico, 1st to the Roo in 13 days
Laying around, snorkling, scuba (hopefully - getting certified this trip!)
Margaritas, tequila, cerveza
2005/11/20 08:17:23
Hola All!
1.Soapstop a.k.a. Robin Carson
2. Camrose, Alberta, Canada
3. Going for first time to PDC early January '06, hauling the whole family down too!
4. Snorkeling, appreciating Gods handiwork, planning on some BULO lounging in the sun (thats Boobs Up, Lights Out), exploring. Also planning on buying land in the Costa Maya and might try to do some shopping.
5. Beer, um, Beer, um Pina's, but no plans in absorbing in rapid succession. There's always tomorrow.
2005/11/20 09:52:59
Austin, TX.
We (2 Families) are heading to ABP on Tueday and need to know if we should request a area of the resort that is the best. We have reserved Jr stes.

and also some fun excurtions?

Any advise? We stay in Playa a lot but never Akumal.
2005/11/20 16:15:54
[:D] Very first post!!! Here goes!

1. Belray stands for Belinda and Ray (Lewis). We were married in a sweet little chapel in las vegas [sm=kiss.gif] on 5-15-03 (although we are a gently aged couple in our 50s). Little Chapel of the Flowers also has a message board (for brides to be) and Belray is how I signed up there. I have felt like an eavesdropper or a peeping tom lurking behind the monitor this past year and decided to brave it and just jump in the deep end and register! Don't have a picture to post.[:o][:(]

2. We live in Licking, Missouri because we both promoted to the area for the Dept of Corrections. We will be moving when we retire in 2012, maybe Arizona or Nevada.

3. Our plans of visiting Mexico for my graduation[8|] finally and 3rd anniversary [:)] next year created the need for research but now I'm hooked on this web site! Very sad to say, our central air conditioning unit literally blew up and we had to install a new one sooooo no Mexico.[:(][:(][:(][:(]

4. I had planned to visit the eco parks, ruins, mercados, and try snorkeling. We were going to stay at El Dorado Seaside Suites and had spoken to a local travel agent. Well, maybe someday. Until then, I live vicariously through each of you and love the trip reports, especially your photos!!! In fact, I purchased a Pentax digital camera/camcorder for the trip. My pictures didn't look any better than those from my Canon EOS Rebel k2. Would love digital camera input from LGs.

5. Favorite vacation drink is anything fruity. Miami Vice is nice (1/2 Pina Colado & 1/2 Strawberry Daiquiri, vertically) I'm writing down other ideas such as Mojito, pineapple juice and coconut rum, mango kalaan, and Rum Punch to try.
2005/11/20 17:22:08
Hi, This is my first post. I have been reading this forum for about 2 years. I always find very usefull information here.
My name is Lori and I am from Machesney Park, Illinois. We are about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours northwest of Chicago. We live almost on the Wisconsin border.
We have been to Riviera Maya (Akumal Beach Resort) twice. Once in 2004, 2005.
We are currenty booked for February 16-23, 2006. We have also been to Cozumel & Ixtapa in the past.
My favorite thing to do is to take it easy and lay out in the sun and watch my children play.
My favorite drink is a pina colada or anything that tastes good, or a good cold cervasa!
2005/11/20 23:31:36
Hello everyone!!! My first time on a plane and out of the country was in October to Akumal!! My name is Kim, I'm from Portage Indiana. can't wait to go back, hopefully in April 06'. My uncle has a condo at La Serena and invited me to go!!! I can't beleive I almost said NO!!! needless to say I fel madly in LOVE with Akumal. I dream about going back every night!!! I also check the web cam EVERY DAY!!! I don' drink, although I'm a bartender!! Yeah I know it's weird!! Hubby will drink enough for the both of us when I bring him back!!! Hope to meet some of you on my next trip!!
2005/11/20 23:38:20
1. Afterhours (name of my sailboat), Al
2. Aurora, Colorado
3. I have been traveling to the Maya Riv/Cozumel since 1987, have driven down to Belize and across the Yucatan to Merida and Progresso. I have been at least 30 times to this area.
4. Next trip: 14 Dec 05 to Club Maeva Tulum
5. My wife and I are avid scuba divers and have been diving in the cenotes, the reefs and wrecks from Cancun to Akumal and the reefs of Cozumel(200 dives +/-in the area).
6. We enjoy the people and culture of the region (the cold beer/drinks also[:)]
2005/11/22 12:17:00
Northern Virginia
2nd visit coming up on Dec. 22nd
loved the Tulum ruins; snorkeling; eating my way thru PDC
2005/11/22 13:35:11
Joe in Maine
Had no idea there were so many LG's out there. Wow!
Joe and Nancy, live in southwestern Maine, began visiting the Roo in '98. Been back many times staying on Half Moon Bay. Brought a travel trailer down in '03 and lived in Paamul for 5 1/2 months. Love snorkling, visiting the colonial cities, cruising the ruins (Uxmal and Palenque are our favorites), and eating! We are also very good at sitting on the beach and doing absolutely nothing.
2005/11/23 08:48:20
patty may

Edmonton, AB (was a Sask transplant 30 yrs ago)

I've made 5 trips - back again the first 2 wks in Dec/05

favorite activity is waking up and realizing I'm still in MX on vacation!! It just gets better all day long.

like to drink a variety of stuff - sometimes only beer will do, then there are margarita moments, and rum parties....
2005/11/23 10:03:38
Hi! Been checking out this site for awhile so thought I'ld add my 2cents
1. Sandibelle1
2. Rapid City, SD
3. Been to PDC 3 times, Cozumel 5 times on cruises & going over on the
ferry from PDC, 3 times to PV,1 time to Mazatlan
4. first time to PA in 10 days.
5. my husband & I like to walk the beaches looking for seashells,meeting
new people,snorkling,parasailing,trying new things
6. Bahama mama's,frozen daicaris,frozen margaritas,hubby likes rum &
coke,banana mama's
2005/11/23 21:10:44
Ok, where do I start!!!
1.(Lo-Lo nickname Aunt gave me, when I was a child) Laura
2. born and raised in Arkansas
3. The 20th of Nov was my 1st year anniversary and didn't really have a honeymoon so guess what!!! yep this well be real honeymoon trip.
I have only been on one a cruise trip, I have flown all over but my husband has only flown to Dallas, so this will be a new experience for the both of us!!!
I will be going with my Aunt(Sandibelle) and Uncle. They have been to Mexico a few times and know how to get around.... Or I will be to scared to go out!!! lol
For those that are going to the 8th party I will be there and I hope that I will met new friends and drinking buddies while I'm there!!! lol
2005/11/25 14:21:08
My hubby and I live in a small town called Paxton, Illinois. Our little town is about 30 miles north of Champaign (GO ILLINI!!!) and about a 100 miles south of Chicago along the I-57 corridor. Our little town is famous for two things, World champion monster truck drivers and once arresting Sly of the Family Stone for a concealed weapon. That is why I thank god for the ability to travel. Be in the Roo Dec.9-17 (Sunscape Tulum)
2005/11/27 12:43:09
Jacksons Point, Ontario

1st visit to ABR was March 2004

Booked to return Feb 3rd 2006

Can't wait to go back to heaven on earth!!
2005/11/27 14:32:02
2.Oldham U.k.
3.None as yet gearing up for a big one
4.lime and lemonade

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2005/11/29 04:13:36
Hi everyone. Just a quick hello and thanks for all the info we've gained on this site, and a special thanks to Gary (hope you're at Lol Ha on the 26th Dec). Anyways we'll be talking to you all later on other threads.Oh by the way it's cold and snowing here Can't wait to get to the MR SOON!
Here Being Calgary.......
2005/11/29 12:46:48
congrats on your upcoming wedding! I live in Taber with my Fiance and we will be in Akumal Feb 4th for our honeymoon!! Have fun!
2005/11/29 13:22:46
Hi All,

My first post...so here goes.

1. Shannon Wood
2. California
3. 3 times...hope to go back this June
4. Snorkeling
5. Anything cold and containing alcohol
2005/11/29 18:43:07
1. BAAD, my initials but it works well
2. Live in sunny Florida, but willing to try anyplace warm
3, Over 20 visits to MR, Akumal, Cozumel, since 1982 NEVER CANCUN! Too much like Orlando but in Mexico.
4. Love visiting Mayan sites, lots of diving and of course drinking lots of cerveza, always up for a dance.
5. Cerveza with an occassional shot of tequila. NO lime please.
2005/11/29 19:28:04
1. Murray or murf
2. St. Albert ,Alberta, Canada
3. 2nd visit to Mexico, but 1st to MR
4. Snorkelling, lazy on the baech, happy hour
5. Definitely marguaritas
First time to MR, only 79 days to go. Enjoy reading about everyone's experiences and can't wait to get there after a cold winter in Alberta.
2005/11/29 21:43:13
Hi everyone,
My name is Cyndi and I'm from Victoria, BC Canada. I've never been to Mexico (unless you count a quick trip to Tijuana many, many years ago!). We are heading down to the Tulum area in March....the countdown has begun! Okay, it began awhile ago, but once it got under 100 days, it got serious!! As for my favorite activities or beverages, I won't know until I get there, but I can guarantee soaking up the sun with some sort of fruity concoction in hand will be ranked way up there!
2005/11/29 23:38:25
1. Walkergirl (I have Tennessee Walking horses) Debbie
2. Oakland, Oregon (Small town in southern Oregon)
3. First time going to Mexico (Soliman Bay) in January '06 with husband Mel and friends Carrie & Rick
4. won't know till I get there but I can't wait to try snorkeling & see the ruins!
5. it's gotta be a marguarita

This is such a great board. I've been watching it for a few months since we decided to go on our vacation and have learned so much. Thanks for all of your insight and information!
2005/11/30 10:53:45
I'm brand new newbie !!!

1. Sunnytraveller, aka Joanne
2. Georgetown, Ontario
3. Never been to the Mayan, was in Acapulco oh .... over 20 years ago
4. I'll tell you when we get back
5. cerveza, fruity drink .... anything that is wet & cold

Travelling to Gran Bahia Principe Jan 26th for one week. 2 other families coming with us, with kids ranging in age from 4 - 8.
2005/11/30 13:23:25
el Teej
been lurking awhile so finally registered.
1. el Teej aka Tj
2. near Dallas
3. to mayan coast once, PDC twice
4. snorkeling
5. mango margaritas[;)][;)]

headed back in jan for 10 days - woohoo!
2005/11/30 14:26:19
Hola, my screen name, lococentenario, (wonder Why?)
I'm from Medford OR
Been to the area twice now, always staying on Solimon Bay, love it there
Favorite drink would definitely be a cold Corona
Oh, favorite things to do there besides laying in the sun and snorkeling, exploring all the manyyy places there are to see, Xcalak is cool, stop and buy pinas and bananas from the roadside stands, they are delicious.
2005/11/30 20:09:12
John and Kelly Dacey
We live in Fleetwood, New York, in Westchester County just north of NYC where we were both born.
Our first date in 1981 was in Cancun, when it was being built, and we've gone back at least once a year to some part of Mexico ever since, from Zacatecas, Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, DF, San Cristobal, Oaxaca (favorite and hopeful to retire there), to all over the Yucatan. So I think we've been there about 30 times from the early backpack days to the 5star hotel as we get older days. Now we just own our little condo in PDC. Family thinks we're nuts, so we've sprinkled in some Caribbean and Europe over the years, but always back to Mexico in the end. We'll be heading down on Jan 9 for just three weeks this year, other life issues in the way of the usual whole winter.
Favorite activity was always climbing those ruins, from Chich and Coba that first year, to you name it Uxmal Palenque Bonampak Yachilan down to Tikal and Macchu Pichu. Now must admit it's walking the beach and having a cold beer, even though I'm a wine drinker at heart. And it's always about the food. I could use a little taquito right now, come to think of it.
2005/12/01 09:25:32

New Milford, CT

First time to RM was in 98 to learn cave diving.

Been back 3 more times since, will be returning for a week the end of Feb 06.

Love to dive the cenotes, hang out at the beach with my wife and just relax.

Margaritas, frozen drinks, rum punches and just about anything else.
2005/12/02 09:09:24
Have been looking around these boards for a while but just now checking in.

Glenbobboy (aka glenbobboy)

Osler, Saskatchewan (just north of Warman. See. Now you know where it is. Right?)

We've never been to Mexico before. Arriving at ABR on Feb.5/06.

Love to golf, fish, camp, shove snow. (Strike that last one.)

I'm just a basic beer boy.

Have enjoyed reading these intros. Nice to meet some of you that are going to be around ABR when we are. Cheers.
2005/12/05 20:59:21
Holaa a todos.!!
Helo Everybodie!!

this is my first post los register User, lol

I´m mexican but i like a lot interact with foreing people, I learn a lot of you.

1. Juan Pablo Diaz Nick Wölfchen (Little Wolfe on German)
2. Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico
3. 100% Akumalian Native
4. The nature
5. Piñas Coladas
2005/12/06 16:01:02
Helo Everybodie!!

Welcome to the board!

Your English is like my Spanish.....hehehe....we will get along just fine!!![:D]

We look forward to your input and learning about you too!

2005/12/06 16:07:17
1. AmyNYC, you guessed it, I'm Amy
2. Another easy one... New York City (though I've only lived here 2 years, prior lived in London and Boston)
3. I'm new to the board and planning my first ever trip to Mexico - we're honing in on Akumal, Tulum and Sian Kaan/Punta Allen. Can't wait to dig up lots of good tips on these boards...
4. Snorkeling, sipping margaritas at sunset, getting lost...
5. Every drink is my favorite if I'm on vacation!
2005/12/06 18:42:55
Welcome paisano!!
I'm Mexican 2 DF.Mexico

2005/12/07 12:46:28
Hola - I have been lurking for so long...[:o] Guess it's time to come out now! The people truly make this board one of the best I have ever seen.

1. Mexico Jewel aka/Jewels aka/Julie
2. Vancouver, WA
3. 2 trips to PDC/Riviera Maya, going back Jan 2, 2005, been going to Mazatlan, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta since 1997... Love Mexico!
4. Beach walks, Yal Ku Lagoon and just relaxing in the warm sunshine.
5. Margarita en roca sin sal (sp?) or Pina Coladas - as long as I am on the beach, it really doesn't matter which one! [:D]
2005/12/07 21:41:01
Had to come out of the water sooner or later so here we are for post #1.

1. Our login name is Sunkissed which was the name of our sport fishing charter vessel. Our friends call us Fred & Darlene Lazuk.

2. Our home is in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I do contract work for the Oil & Gas Industry throughout Canada and am currently on a project in the GreekBeachGirl's neighbourhood of Sherwood Park, Alberta. We have been here for almost 7 months already and could be here until 2010.

3. Our 1st trip to the Roo was Dec.20/04 to Jan.3/05 when we went to ABR. We were hooked on Akumal so booked a 2nd trip to ABR for Sept.6-18/05. As everyone knows, ABR was badly damaged and reported that they would not be operational until Sept.21 so we were compelled to switch to another AI.

As an avid snorkeler and SCUBA diver for almost 40 years, I recognized Akumal Bay as THE place to snorkel. I wanted to be close to Akumal Beach so we opted to go to CMT. The snorkeling in front of CMT was simply boring. I would not recommend CMT to any proficient snorkeler. Darlene does not swim but she thoroughly enjoyed the beach and the 'wading' at CMT. In fact, she liked it more than ABR. As a nervous non-swimmer, she did not like the frequency of eel grass along the shore at ABR. Fortunately for me, we made a couple of excursions to Akumal Beach just to charge up.

As I said we were so hooked on the Roo that we booked our 3rd trip, again to ABR. We were booked from Dec.20/05 to Jan.3/06 through Signature Vacations. Although reports from ABR claimed they would be up and running 100% by Dec.15/05, Signature cancelled our trip, claiming ABR was not opening until Dec.23/05. Again we were compelled to change our booking so we are returning to CMT.

We had convinced several friends to join us at ABR. One couple booked Dec.18-25/05 and another couple booked Dec.27/05 to Jan.10/06. The Dec.18-25 booking was also cancelled by Signature so that couple is joining us at CMT. The Dec.27 to Jan.10 trip was not cancelled by Signature but our friends wanted to switch their booking to CMT to be with us for New Year's Eve but were refused. I feel a little guilty convincing friends to join us for New Year in the Roo and we end up in different resorts. Bummer. I won't be in a hurry to book again with Signature and I certainly won't use Sun Holidays again, our TA was not very helpful.

Moving right along...

4. As noted above, I'm a snorkeler and PADI diver. I have been a salmon/steelhead sport fishing guide since I was 14. Darlene and I sold our business, Sunkissed Charters, about 2 years ago. We were forced to sell our charter business and fish camp because my Instrumentation Consulting business demanded too much of our time and kept us away from home for extended periods, sometimes 2 years at a stretch. While our family was growing up we always spent vacations at our own facility on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Now that the kids are grown and we don't have the charter business to hold us back, we can go to the Roo. Yahoo!!!

Darlene doesn't swim so of course doesn't snorkel. However she did take a few strokes at CMT in Sept. so now she's feeling brave. Maybe it was the booze but I hope not because she went out and bought $400 worth of snorkel gear (fins, snorkel, prescription lens mask and vest) and is determined to give it a go in 12 or 13 days.

5. My spirit of choice is rum, Darlene's is vodka, in various concoctions. We both enjoy good red wine with meals. On the beach, we like Cervezas and most slushy drinks in frosted glasses.
2005/12/08 23:48:29
I've been lurking on the board since Wilma so I thought it was about time to join!

1. kstarsk / Katie
2. I live in Belmont, Massachusetts, which is just outside of Boston
3. I have NEVER been to the ROO, although I spent the summer of 2000 living in Belize digging up Mayan ruins for college - I majored in archaeology. My favorite times were the weekends we had off and we got to travel the area, the Cayes off the coast of Belize and into Guatemala to see ruins. I didn't have time to make it up into Mexico and I can't WAIT to go, especially to see the ruins. My boyfriend and I are getting engaged soon and we want to either elope or do a destination wedding on the Mayan Riviera - like my FH said, "You know those Corona commercials, let's do that".
4. Sitting on the beach doing nothing, going to see the Mayan Ruins
5. anything with alcohol is great, but margaritas & corona can't be beat when you are on the beach!
2005/12/09 11:30:13
I've posted to the forum a few times but have been reading it faithfully since before our first trip to the Roo last Christmas. Haven't gotten around to introducing myself yet, so here goes!

1. Leadsinger - Lori - nickname is because I sing lead in a women's barbershop quartet.

2. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. Born and raised in Eastern Canada, but love Victoria.

3. Went to BPA last Christmas, took the snorkel trip to Akumal Bay and fell in love! Found the size and atmosphere of BPA a little over the top, so planning to do ABR this time. Why travel to Akumal bay when you can stay on it!

4. Just took my open-water diving certification, so looking forward to diving on my next trip to Mexico. Love snorkeling and seashell hunting on the beach.

5. I don't drink beer much up here in Canada, but when in Mexico love to do cerveza and margaritas.
2005/12/09 13:08:06
addictedto beaches
1. addictedto beaches
2.Moose Jaw, Sask.
3. We are going for the second time Jan 5 - 06
4. Exploring - discovering something new
5. Miami Vice

I am new to the board as well and am having trouble finding my way around. Is there a simple way to save a spot so that I can show my husband at a later time? I am not terribly computer savvy, it probably shows.

Thanks in advance.
2005/12/09 14:31:45
Hi addictedto beaches..make sure you check out the saskatchewan saskatchewan saskatchewan post..maybe you guys can join us.
Gord, a.k.a Gman
2005/12/09 15:28:17
Hello from Goose
I live in Port Moody, B.C. Canada (about 1/2 hour from Vancouver for those unsure)
First time to Maya was in 2003, going back again in March 12, 2006
Favourite activity: I'd have to say the beach - beach - beach ... that turquoise water does something to me.
Fave vacation drink: Toss up between the pina coladas and lime margaritas!
2005/12/09 16:47:21
stressnsun Barb
Canada, Ont.
watching my kids have fun: swimming: ruins and exploring getting more spanish into my head and trying to dance better
Cozumel/Cancun but never so far south Jan 3 06 to BPA I can't wait
Drinks yes oh you mean choose..
2005/12/09 18:27:16
Sunburned Gringo
Wow!!! Looking at the above posts and new members, there seems to be a major rush of Canadians jumping on the LG wagon. Welcome aboard, we are glad to see you[:)]
2005/12/10 14:04:12
Gene & Eileen
Rumford, RI
2nd visit in March 2006
Love to scuba dive
Frozen Margaritas!!!!!!!
2005/12/10 15:41:14
bmac - Becky
Janesville WI
January will be my 2nd trip to the Roo. Several years ago we went for my sisters anniversary. We stayed at the Iberostar near Puerto Moreles. We felt so guilty for leaving the kids so we are taking them all to ABR in January. I think this one will be so much more fun since we can walk off the Resort and snorkel off the beach. We are so excited!!!
Favorite thing to do, anything beach and water. Can't wait to snorkel.
Favorite drink is Margaritas but open to something new. I read about mojitos (?), they sound good.
See ya in the Roo.....................yipeeeeeeeee!
2005/12/10 20:58:44

Going for the first time but my dd and I travel south every year, and pick whatever is on a last minute deal. This year, we got lucky. Usually we end up in Cuba (due to cost) :)

Can't wait to be in the sun :)
2005/12/14 14:34:42
1 - Homer
2 - Gettysburg, Pa.
3 - 12 0r so trips over the past 20 years.(most of Playa's streets were unpaved back then...wow, the changes!)
4 - Snorkeling in Yalku, laughing under the palapa, and seeing people that I don't get to be with the rest of the year.
5 - Cerveza..... are all mexican beers really that good,or do I have to consider my surroundings as part of the equation??
2005/12/14 14:45:33
Hello I just joined yesterday!! This is a great forum board. Okay here goes:

1. LauraTampa
2. Tampa, FL --- I know what a surprise!
3. Akumal twice, Mayan Riviera 9 times. Arriving in Akumal on NEW YEARS EVE!!! What to do where to go?
4. ceynotes/snorkling/meeting people/eating lobster/sunrise
5. The one in my hand!!! No really...ha-ha
2005/12/14 14:54:44
Ok, I guess it's my turn:
I've traveled May-he-co muchos vies. From the western coast to the ROO y puntos intermedios.
My travel companions include: Lefty, el Kid, el Shifty, la Darlin', y el Bandit.
Mi nombre is el Drifter
Vi viemos en Amity, Oregon
No se quantaos viemos Mexico, pero mucho veises.
Carimos muchos el Roo
Carimos muchos el mixla de liquaodos alcolicols de Richardo y Justino!!!!
Hasta la vista en el Roo.....
el drifter
2005/12/15 22:25:15
I log in as norteamericano. Our extended family of 8 are booked at the Gran Bahia Principe Coba from the 31st of December to the 7th of January. Has anybody stayed there? I would also like to know if internet service is only available at the Akumal because my husband is self-employed and has to keep in touch. I'd appreciate any responses. This is our second trip to the Riviera Maya area. We stayed at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya several years ago...loved it. We went to Sunscape the Beach in Punta Cana last year...loved that. I am really looking forward to this vacation.
2005/12/16 20:52:52
1. Snoangel
2. Port Coquitlam, B.C.
3. We were in Puerto Morelos last this past Feb, going to Soliman Bay this Feb
4. Relaxing, meeting other travellers and locals, eating fresh seafood...mmm!
5. cold cervezas and really great Margs

p.s. I just registered after months of reading all [image][/image]your messages - this is my first message[:)][color=#0000CC
2005/12/17 10:46:36

Welcome to the board.....

Ask all the questions you need to.....you will find this to be a fun happy place....take the teasing in stride and tease right back!

2005/12/17 10:54:01