What is the cost for round trip by taxi to Coba Ruins from Akumal?

Alternate to ABR for turtle snorkelling

The snorkel rules in Akumal  are vague at best.  We have been going there for over 20 visits.  I see more restrictions now.  Can you actually see turtles in the areas that are not off limit and is it free range on Sundays?  We are looking for good turtle snorkeling elsewhere.  I would like off shore snorkeling.  Anyone have a good place to find turtles?  We loved the old days, when very few snorkeling and people respected the coral and wildlife.

Quintana Roo State Congress approves single-use plastics ban

From the Riviera Maya Times .... 
Chetumal, Quintana Roo. – The Congress of the State of Quintana Roo approved the Law for the Prevention, Integral Management and Circular Economy of Residues in the State, which will create a new integrated management scheme to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, as well as to regenerate natural resources and the environment.
This law prohibits the use of single-use plastic materials and utensils such as straws, plates, glasses, cups, trays, cutlery, among others, as well as derivatives of extended polystyrene (unicel products) in the whole state of Quintana Roo.
In addition, disposable plastic bags for the transfer of merchandise used in stores and supermarkets, self-service stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, shops and others, will be also be discontinued.
Equipment and materials used for the construction industry, packaging of goods and products used for medical purposes are exempt from this prohibition.
When closing the works of the last day of sessions of the second ordinary period, corresponding to the third year of constitutional exercise, the Legislative Plenary approved the report with the Act for the Prevention, Integral Management and Circular Economy of Residues of the State of Quintana Roo, which seeks to promote sustainable development and consolidate a circular economy, through prevention and a proper integral management of urban solid waste, bio-waste, special handling waste and hazardous waste locally.
It also has the purpose of promoting, inducing and, where appropriate, ensuring the selection and separation of solid waste and its sub-products.
This norm was the result of various legislative initiatives and proposals collected in work tables on the subject, which were carried out in various cities of the state of Quintana Roo.
The replacement of prohibited plastic products must be carried out in the exclusion zones (islands, keys and vulnerable zones) in six months from the entry into force of the aforementioned reform (that is, after 30 days of publication on the official newspaper).
The rest of the state will have 12 months for the application of the new regulation and stop using the aforementioned plastic products.

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CUN to Akumal shuttle

Looking for recommendations on the best shuttle service from CUN to Akumal. Have traveled to Akumal many times, but always by rental car. We have a number of family members joining us the year, some with four or five children. So, we're looking for an economical way to transport families from CUN to Las Casitas. Recommendation?

THANKS for cleaning the webcam

Whoever was tasked with cleaning the grime off the webcam-muchas gracias! I look everyday, even when it's a little dirty :)

Adios Mis Amigos!

I posted this on facebook last week, but I wanted to post here for those who do not use Fb.
After my father died last year, I took the time to reflect on my own life. I knew changes needed to be made. I have lived half of my life in the Riviera Maya, so the decision was not easy to leave Loco Gringo, but necessary.
Oh rest assured it is business as usual at LG, Katie and the crew are are still there with passion and dedication to continue the legacy and with a new manager, making it their own. I have been so blessed to work with amazing people over the years.
I could have never imagined what LG would become to so many and the friendships that were created from a little website started back in 1996. 
I write this with a heavy heart. 
It has been a great journey, thanks to all of you.  
Now, on to the next adventure, vaya con Dios. 
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